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Video: Focal Access Speakers

Audiophile-quality speakers from a company obsessed with sound

Focal offers some of the best speakers on the market. This brief video discusses some of the benefits of Focal Access speakers.

Video Transcript

Focal stopped by today to demonstrate their incredible line of car audio products, and if you're like me and you really like to listen to your music, I mean really listen to it, this is the kind of stuff you want. One thing I came away excited about after today's training session was the performance of these Access speakers.

Access is what Focal considers to be their entry level product, but other manufacturers would probably call it the top of the line — it's that good. The reason is Focal has spent decades designing and building audiophile-grade speakers, amplifiers, and everything for your house and your car, and they've taken everything they've learned over that time and applied it to these speakers.

One thing that makes them sound great is this inverted dome tweeter. The inverted dome allows the sound to be focused in a certain direction, which is great for your car. A normal dome tweeter will spread the sound out; good for your home, but not so good in the car because the sound starts bouncing around everywhere and doesn't sound very good.

They're also built to be very efficient, and that's good because they don't need a separate amplifier to sound great. A separate amplifier never hurts, but these will run and sound great off of just the car stereo power that's built into your stereo. They're also designed to be a drop-in replacement in most cars.

If you're like me and you really appreciate music, really want to listen deep to it and hear all those nuances, all the dynamics, and just hear music how it was originally performed, you need to get to know Focal. They're a company truly obsessed with doing the same. If you want to learn more about Focal, go online and check it out or give one of our Advisors a call.

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