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Video: Alpine Type-S Series car speakers

Outstanding Alpine sound at an affordable price

Learn about some of the features that make Alpine Type-S car speakers an excellent choice if you're looking for great sound at an affordable price.

Video Transcript

JR: Hey, I'm JR.

Ken: And I'm Ken. We're here today at the Crutchfield video studios with the Alpine Type-S speakers.

JR: These are affordably priced so you're gonna get quality Alpine sound without breaking the bank.

Ken: Right. They're gonna work well for a lot of different applications. For example, they're high efficiency; they'll sound good even when you've got them hooked up to a low-powered factory system.

JR: And they'll handle plenty of power. For example this six-and-a-half will handle up to 80-watts RMS, or continuous, power. So they work well with an aftermarket stereo or even the power from an external amplifier.

Ken: That's right. That power handling gives you extra headroom so they're going to sound good even when you crank 'em up.

JR: And headroom's good because I like to crank it, and then crank it some more.

Ken: Well, crankability isn't everything. You need good clarity too.

JR: True.

Ken: I like the silk dome tweeter on these models. They give you a nice smooth high that's not tinny. You can listen to them for a long drive and they're not gonna hurt your ears.

JR: And you know the polypropylene-mica woofer is nice. It's lightweight and yet strong so it can be controlled by the amplifier for loud clear sound with really good lows.

Ken: I ought to point out too that it's got a rubber surround around it. The rubber surround will last a long time. It also gives you plenty of cone excursion. Move the air for good sound. Even though you're moving the cone a lot this is a pretty shallow speaker, and that's good. You know, a lot of cars these days have really confined spaces for speakers. These are going to fit into a lot of areas that other speakers might not.

JR: Smart. So to find out which Alpine Type-S speakers will fit your car, go to

Ken: Or give one of our expert advisors a call. They'll be happy to help. You can get them at 1-800-555-9408.

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