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Video: Why Alpine Stereos are Great

Alpine stereos are some of the most popular car stereos that we carry. They're a reliable brand and the stereos are built to perform. In this video, we asked a few of our Advisors what is that they like about Alpine car stereos.

Video Transcript

J.R.: I do a little bit of the training, and recently I had a class of new advisors over at our retail store up on the wall of car stereos and one of the things we were doing was taking iPods® and plugging them in and seeing how easy it was to find an artist or a song, and hands down the Alpines, from the ones that are designed around controlling an iPod to the least expensive model that controls an iPod with even a little bit of a smaller display and all that: still easy to find a song to listen to.

It was not hard. It was just a matter of turning the knob and hitting a couple buttons and it was intuitive and we didn't have to crack an owner's manual to figure it out. So, simple, easy to use, high-quality stuff that sounds great. I mean, that's Alpine to me.

Kramer: Part of what makes the Alpine receiver so effective is that they can take this compressed information from the iPod and really bring it back to life for your car stereo experience. You'll be able to hear details that you hadn't necessarily heard with your factory stereo and it'll get you loving that music that you've had on your iPod for so long.

Eva: I typically recommend Alpine to customers who are looking for a navigation receiver because it powers up very quickly, it's very easy to connect and control an iPod and it's got a very user friendly touchscreen.

The end.

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