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Video: Dual XHD7714

Heads up!

Welcome to this article from the Crutchfield archives. Have fun reading it, but be aware that the information may be outdated and links may be broken.

Deb, a Crutchfield car audio expert, describes why she loves her Dual XHD7714 CD receiver. Loaded with features, including Bluetooth® connectivity and an HD Radio™ tuner, it's a great value for the price.

Read video transcript

Ken: Hi, I'm Ken. We're here at the Crutchfield studios with Deb.

Deb: And I'm the proud new owner of a Dual XHD7714 CD car stereo. When I got it, it was $200, chock full of features.

Ken: Yeah, you've been telling everybody about this, and you know, as I look at it, I see it looks like it does a lot. Care if I quiz you on it?

Deb: Feel free.

Ken: All right. I see you've got Bluetooth. Are you using Bluetooth?

Deb: I'm using Bluetooth like mad, because when my phone rings, the radio mutes, and then on the display it tells me the phone number of who is calling. Instead of reaching around for this [cell phone], all I've got to do is hit this one button, and I can answer my calls.

Ken: Oh, that's nice, and you get the number like you said, so you know who to take a call from, and —

Deb: Who to ignore. I'm sorry — call back later.

Ken: That's important sometimes, right? And over here, you've got a nice set of inputs. You've got the USB and the aux input. Are you using those?

Deb: Yes, those are for my iPod. You get the two connector — you use both inputs when you're playing your iPod, and it gives you full control.

Ken: Okay, and what about the display? Do you see what's on the iPod?

Deb: Yeah, you get title and artist information. It's really cool.

Ken: Great. And I notice we've also got an HD Radio slot. Is that built-in?

Deb: Yes. You don't need an extra adapter box. It's built into the radio. And I've got preset 1 as an HD station for me; preset 2 I set for a regular station.

Ken: Now, how about the sound quality difference.

Deb: Sound quality is phenomenal. The sound quality for the HD station is practically CD. I'm using factory speakers, and I can tell the difference.

Ken: Nice. And I hear a lot of HD stations have different programming on different channels. Have you found that to be the case?

Deb: Yeah, on the lower end of the public radio stations, you get as many as three stations per station, basically.

Ken: Nice. And I've got to ask you about this one. I've been looking at this. It's got this button that says tag. What is up with tag?

Deb: You're it! No, actually tag is iTunes tagging. When you're on an HD station, when you hear a song that you like — instead of, you know, trying to fumble through your purse, fumble for a pen to write down the song — you just hit the tag button. It remembers title and artist. When you plug in your iPod, it transfers the info. When you go to iTunes, it transfers the info there and you can buy the song.

Ken: At your convenience.

Deb: At your convenience.

Ken: Pretty neat. Well, we've covered a lot — Bluetooth, HD, tag, inputs. Am I forgetting something?

Deb: Yeah. Does one thing — still plays CDs. I have a ton of CDs and it still plays CDs.

Ken: All your favorites, right?

Deb: Everything.

Ken: Sounds like a winner. Well, as you can see, Deb's a pretty happy camper. If you want to find out more about this receiver, you can go to

Deb: Or you can give us a call at 1-800-555-9408.