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Video: Eclipse AVN4430 Navigation Receiver

Crutchfield experts Ken and Zak present an overview of the Eclipse AVN4430 navigation receiver. This stereo features navigation delivered via a removable TomTom navigator. So, along with a great-sounding stereo, you get a portable navigator that you can use in any vehicle.

Video Transcript

Ken: Hi, I'm Ken.

Zak: And I'm Zak and we're coming to you today from the Crutchfield video studio with the Eclipse AVN4430 navigation receiver.

Ken: Now Eclipse is known for great sound quality and no exception here. This has a 24-bit D-to-A converter for great sound. It's got a 3-band EQ for tuning the tone the way you like it. It also will play DVDs, CDs, there's an aux input, a USB input, and there's even an optional adapter for your iPod.

Zak: The big feature of the AVN4430 is this: the navigation actually comes from a TomTom portable that docks into the stereo.

Ken: Now that means the nav is portable from car to car. You can even slip it in your pocket when you're on the road.

Zak: Oh yeah and with TomTom you get some great nav features. In particular this one features text-to-speech and voice recognition, meaning that it talks to you and you can talk to it. And it also has built in Bluetooth® so you can carry hands free calling wherever it goes.

Ken: Now together all these features deliver navigation that lets you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The 4.3 inch wide-screen nav display is a touch screen and it also serves as your stereo's display and shows song titles.

Zak: Over here on the left you can see the stereo controls including a helpful sub-menu that shows what source is playing. And it's very easy to adjust your EQ.

Ken: That's the Eclipse AVN4430 navigation receiver.

Zak: You'll find out more about it at

Ken: Or give us a call at 1-800-555-9408.

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