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Video: Rosen Navigation Receivers

In this Crutchfield video, we discuss how Rosen navigation receivers are designed to be a direct replacement for your factory stereo. Rosen stereos look good and pack a lot of handy features that your factory radio doesn't.

Video Transcript

We're here today to take a look at Rosen Navigation Receivers. If you want a stereo that looks like it came from the factory but offers all the features of a really good aftermarket stereo, take a look at Rosen.

Their in-dash multimedia and navigation systems are designed to be direct replacements for your factory stereo. Each model from Rosen is custom designed to integrate into a specific type of vehicle. That gives you the seamless look because it's designed from the ground up to be mounted in that vehicle, but that also means you have an easier installation. There are no dash kits to fill out the empty space and no extra wires to connect. It just plugs right in to the wires in the car. As an added bonus you also maintain your steering wheel controls so everything works just like the old stereo did.

Rosen stereos are loaded with features. It starts right up front with the hi-res display. Everything on the stereo just looks good whether you're watching a video, using the navigation system, or bouncing around on the user interface. And by the way the user interface is responsive. It's really fast — there's almost no lag time when you're moving from one menu to another.

You also get built-in Bluetooth® for hands free calling while you drive, and the stereos offer dual zone capability. That's a great feature that lets you listen to one thing up front while the passengers in the back can listen to something else entirely. They also have an optional iPod® cable which allows you to take advantage of the really cool user interface for your iPod.

The stereos have USB and auxiliary inputs for adding other sources and you can play MP3s on disc along with regular CDs and DVDs. My favorite feature — you can store the music from your favorite CDs right in the stereo itself. You just slide in the CD, push a button and the music is ripped into MP3 form and stored in the stereo's internal memory.

To learn more about Rosen video systems, check them out here at or if you have any questions, feel free to call, e-mail, or chat with one of our experts.

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