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Video: Sony CDX-GT930UI CD Receiver

Crutchfield experts Ken and Ralph discuss the Sony CDX-GT930UI CD receiver. In this short video, they'll demonstrate how easy it is to search through your music files and find the song you want to hear.

Video Transcript

Ralph: Hi. I'm Ralph.

Ken: And I'm Ken.

Ralph: And we're here today in the Crutchfield studios to talk about the Sony CDX-GT930UI CD receiver, or the "930" as we like to call it.

Ken: 930 works for me. One of the strengths of the 930 is how easy it is to access your music files, whether you've got them on an iPod, a thumb drive, or a disc loaded with MP3s. There's a 4-line fluorescent display here so it's easy to read your information. There's also some pretty cool music search features from Sony and you'll talk about those in a minute.

Ralph: I will.

Ken: The control is easy too. You just rotate the knob and push for most functions.

Ralph: Right, sort of like operating an iPod.

Ken: Exactly. Let's take a closer look at it. We're on CD right now. If we want to go to iPod, we'll hit source, there we go. Now to navigate there, we hit here and now we can choose playlist, genres, artists, albums, etc. Let's go to playlist. Here's one of my favorites right here and we can just go down and pick up the song we want.

Ralph: How about that one?

Ken: Sounds good, and here you have it. The song's playing and you make most of your stereo adjustments using the knob.

Ralph: Now Sony also gives you two other tools for navigating through your music. They have something that they call the Quick-BrowZer, which lets you jump through files in 10% increments in the folder. So if you had, for example, say a thousand songs.

Ken: You could go a hundred at a time.

Ralph: Yes you could. They also have something else they call Zappin'. Now this is sort of like the scan button on your FM radio so it plays a short sample of a track and then zap, goes on to the next track.

Ken: Yeah. There's some impressive sound control features built in too. There's a 3-band parametric EQ so you can change the frequency of the high, mid, and low, also seven presets if you just want to hit one and go.

Ralph: Right. And they also have what they call Digital Music Plus circuitry, so if you have, uh, some files that are compressed it sort of restores lost details and just makes the music sound better.

Ken: Also this has Dynamic Soundstage Organizer, or DSO. Sony's had this for a lot of years and it works really well. If your speakers are low in the door, this will artificially raise the soundstage so the sound's in front of you, much better stereo imaging.

Ralph: Right, which makes sense because your ears are here, not down there.

Ken: Exactly.

Ralph: Now if you'd like to learn more about the CDX-GT930UI, just go to

Ken: Or give a call to one of our expert advisors. They'll be happy to help. You can get them at 1-800-555-9408.

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