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Video: Alpine eX-10 iPod Controller

Heads up!

Welcome to this article from the Crutchfield archives. Have fun reading it, but be aware that the information may be outdated and links may be broken.

Crutchfield experts Todd and Ken take a look at the Alpine ex-10 iPod® controller and Bluetooth® adapter. It's a single solution for adding both features to any car stereo.

Read video transcript

Ken: Hi, I'm Ken.

Todd: And I'm Todd. And we're here today in the Crutchfield studio. We're going to talk about the Alpine eX-10 iPod controller and Bluetooth adapter. This little device will work with any car stereo — factory or aftermarket — as long as it has an FM radio. And you'll need a power port or a cigarette lighter in your car to plug it in. It will give you fast, full control of your iPod.

Ken: Now, when this first hit the market, there were a few teething problems.

Todd: And we heard about those from our customers, as I recall.

Ken: Yes, that's right. And Alpine's worked very hard to correct this. They've added a much better Bluetooth microphone. They've improved the echo cancellation. They're confident their customers are going to be happy with this, and so are we.

Todd: As far as compatibility, this works with any iPod that has a dock connector, and this includes the iPhone as well. One point there is that if you have a new iPod nano or a new iPod touch, it will connect and play the music from it — it just won't charge those.

Ken: That's right. If you have any questions about compatibility of your iPod with this, or any other adapter, just check our website.

Todd: As far as installation, there are three pieces here. You have a hideaway module here, where you make all your connections. There's a cord that comes out of here and will plug into your cigarette lighter adapter. Now, you also have a 2.4" display that you can mount on your dash. This will tilt and swivel. And it also allows you to release the display and take it with you when you leave your car. And you have this great little remote here, about the size of a nano. It has some cool functionality on it — some nice little controls on the side that you can use to scroll through your albums, your artists. You basically use this just like you would your iPod.

Ken: Yeah, it's easy to use. Now, it gets the music to your car one of two different ways. It's got a built-in FM transmitter, so all you need is an FM radio to receive it.

Todd: That's convenient.

Ken: Or, if your car has an auxiliary input, it has an aux out. So you can make that wired connection. That will give you better sound, of course.

Todd: Right. Now, as I mentioned before, it does have built-in Bluetooth, which is great if your cell phone supports Bluetooth. That means that if you get a call on your cell phone that has Bluetooth capability, you can answer it hands-free with this device. You have a microphone here that you'll mount in your car. All the information will appear on the screen — whatever you have entered into your address book — the name of the person, the phone number. And if your phone also supports audio streaming via Bluetooth, you can play your music straight off your cell phone into your car with this device, which is pretty cool.

Ken: Built-in Bluetooth is a nice feature. I've got a receiver with Bluetooth in my car, and I love the convenience of the hands-free calling, and the music streaming. You just can't beat it. It's a great way to go. So if you're looking for some way to add iPod control into your car, maybe add Bluetooth, or hey, let's go for both.

Todd: Yeah, get two in one.

Ken: Two in one, right there.

Todd: Now, obviously we've just covered the highlights today. If you'd like to get all the details on this product, you can head over to

Ken: Or give us a call. 1-800-555-9408.

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