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Video: Sound Ordnance Subwoofers

Car audio systems need a subwoofer to fill out the bass in your music and give it a full-bodied sound. Watch this short Crutchfield video to learn about the selection of powered and non-powered subwoofer options available from Sound Ordnance.

Video Transcript

Jo: Today we're going to tell you about your options for adding Sound Ordnance bass to your car.

Zak: They offer two types of products to choose from. First is powered subwoofers — an all-in-one solution with a built in amplifier, or non-powered loaded enclosures with the subs built in.

Jo: And as always with Sound Ordnance, you'll get a quality product at a reasonable price.

Zak: First we'll talk about powered subs. A powered sub is the easiest and least expensive way to add bass to your system.

Jo: It's meant for anyone who wants to add a sub without worrying about choosing a separate amp. Sound Ordnance offers two different powered subs. Both are covered by a 3-year warranty so you can depend on them to last a long time.

Zak: The first option is this 8" sub mounted in a bandpass box. It's designed for loud, hard-hitting bass and it puts out 80 watts RMS, which is plenty of power for this design. Now given how big the sound that comes out of it is, plus the $120 price, it's one of our best deals in powered subs.

Jo: The other powered sub is an 8" compact model. This is ideal for vehicles with limited storage space, like trucks or small cars. It's designed to fit under your seat and it still packs lots of power.

Zak: It's quickly becoming very popular. It's rated five out of five stars by our customers, some of whom put it into large trucks or SUVs.

Jo: In fact, Benjamin from Reston, VA, said that it "by and large" exceeded the sound he thought a flat sub could produce, and he was happy that he didn't have to sacrifice any floor space.

Jo: Now let's look at the non-powered options. These subwoofers will work for you if you're looking for an easy and reliable solution for loud bass. There are three different models and they're all 12" subs in different enclosures.

Zak: The first one is loaded in a ported box and that gives you loud forceful bass. It's great for rock, metal, or any other music that hits really hard.

Jo: A second option is a sub in a bandpass box. Bandpass boxes are designed to give you maximum impact.

Zak: Yeah they put out boomy, aggressive bass; great for hip hop, reggae, and hard rock. The third one is this dual bandpass for even more slam.

Jo: Power handling on these subs is 250 watts RMS, meaning the dual box handles 500 watts RMS.

Zak: So all you have to do is add an amplifier and you'll have some serious bass.

Jo: All three of these are covered by Sound Ordnance's 3-year warranty.

Zak: And to find out more about all of them, go to, or you can contact our advisors online via chat or e-mail.

Jo: Or just give us a call: 1-800-555-9408.

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