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Articles & Videos: Smart Pet

Would you love to take your dog to work with you? Check out these tips for creating a dog-friendly office environment where human and canine coworkers can enjoy a productive workday together.

Studies have shown that certain kinds of music have a calming effect on dogs and cats. You'll find music composed for dogs or cats on CDs and streaming services like Spotify. There are portable pet speakers pre-loaded with relaxing music. And there's a musical dog collar that plays soothing tunes.

We humans use GPS to find our way, and activity monitors to optimize our daily health routines. Now, we can do the same for our beloved pets. Learn about wearable technology that can track how much your pet eats, when and how often she exercises, and help you reunite if you get separated.

Clever electronic devices have given pet parents new ways to understand and control pet behavior. Let's take a look.

Learn how Smart Pet products can help you keep your dog from running away, and help you track him down if he does manage to get out.

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