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Receivers & Amplifiers

I'm very satisfied, both with the service from Crutchfield and the quality and performance of my receiver.
Receivers & Amplifiers
Home Theater Receivers
Home theater receivers

A home theater receiver powers five or more speakers for enveloping surround sound and provides connections for your A/V gear. Some connect to the Internet for endless listening options.Go to products
Stereo Receivers
Stereo receivers

Putting together an audio system just for music? Stereo receivers leave off multi-channel surround sound and complicated video processing, but deliver good, clean, stereo power.Go to products
Integrated Amplifiers
Integrated amplifiers

An integrated amplifier is essentially a receiver without a built-in AM/FM tuner. You get power to drive your speakers, audio controls, and inputs for music source components.Go to products
Power Amplifiers
Power amplifiers

Power amps have a simple job — to deliver clean power to your speakers. Our selection includes 2-channel amps for stereo and multi-room amps that power several pairs of speakers.Go to products
Stereo Preamps
Stereo preamps

Use a stereo preamplifier with a separate amp for high-performance sound. The preamp handles source switching and signal processing, and allows you to make tonal adjustments. Go to products
Surround Sound Preamp/Processors
Surround sound preamp/processors

These preamps are specifically designed for audiophile-quality surround sound. Use a "pre/pro" with one or more amplifiers for killer home theater performance.Go to products
High-resolution Audio
High-resolution audio

Learn how to get more from your music with lossless, studio-quality digital files and high-res gear.Go to products
Bluetooth Home Theater Receivers
Bluetooth home theater receivers

These receivers come with Bluetooth technology for streaming music wirelessly from your compatible phone, tablet, or computer.Go to products
Multi-zone Receivers
Multi-zone receivers

These receivers can play music in at least one extra listening room — great for enjoying tunes out on the deck, in the basement, or a bedroom.Go to products
Multi-zone Amplifiers
Multi-zone amplifiers

These amplifiers have special features to help you install speakers in multiple rooms of your home.Go to products
Cables & Installation
Cables & installation

Complete your system with wiring, furniture, and moreGo to products

Remotes, batteries, blank tapes, and moreGo to products
Add-on Modules
Add-on modules

These modules work with specific integrated amplifiers to expand the unit's capabilities. Go to products
Professional Installation
Professional installation

Don't want to install your new gear yourself? Find an installer near you.Go to products