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Satellite Radio Installation

Satellite Radio Installation

Find what Fits your car

Car Kits
Car kits

A car kit connects a Dock-and-Play satellite radio to your car's radio and provides a handy dock.Go to products
Home Kits
Home kits

A home kit contains everything you need to connect a plug-and-play satellite radio to your home stereo.Go to products
Boomboxes and Compact Systems
Boomboxes and compact systems

Dock your satellite radio in a boombox and use it in your office or on the beach. Compact systems are for table-top use.Go to products
FM Modulators
FM modulators

No aux input? You can use an FM modulator to connect a satellite radio to your car stereo through the antenna.Go to products
Satellite Radio Antennas & Adapters
Satellite radio antennas & adapters

Here you'll find antennas and cables for satellite radio reception in your home and car.Go to products
Auxiliary Input Adapters
Auxiliary input adapters

These auxiliary input adapters allow you to connect a satellite radio directly to your car's factory or aftermarket stereo.Go to products
Marine Antennas & Accessories
Marine antennas & accessories

Accessories you'll need to get satellite radio in your boat.Go to products

Here you'll find tools that may come in handy for your next satellite radio installation.Go to products