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All Microphones
All microphones

Here you'll find all the microphones we offer, made for just about every in-studio or live performance situation.Go to products
Dynamic Microphones
Dynamic microphones

Dynamic mics are extremely durable, making them ideal for the rough handling of live performances.Go to products
Condenser Microphones
Condenser microphones

Condenser mics are extremely sensitive, ideal for studio recording. They're also useful for miking cymbals to get clean sound.Go to products
USB Microphones
USB microphones

USB mics let you record straight to your computer, a great option for home studio recording, podcasting, and voice-over work.Go to products
Wireless Systems
Wireless systems

Here you'll find the wireless mics and instrument systems that allow guitarists, vocalists, and TV hosts to roam free!Go to products
iPad/iPhone Microphones
iPad/iPhone microphones

Use an add-on microphone to turn your Apple device into a capable portable audio recorder.Go to products
Microphone Bundles
Microphone bundles

A microphone bundle is great for setups where more than one mic is required, like miking a drum kit or recording in stereo.Go to products
Microphone Preamps
Microphone preamps

Microphone preamps do the crucial job of cleanly boosting microphone-level signals before they can be fed to your mixer, recorder, or computer.Go to products
Microphone Accessories
Microphone accessories

Windscreens, shockmounts, and other mic accessories can help improve your mic's performance by eliminating unwanted sounds.Go to products
Direct Boxes
Direct boxes

A direct box allows you to connect your instrument directly to your mixer or computer audio interface, for clean sound and flexible signal-routing options.Go to products