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Microphone Cables
Microphone cables

Microphone cables carry the signal to your mixing board, so don't forget the old maxim about the weakest link!Go to products
Instrument Cables
Instrument cables

These cables carry the signal from your electric instrument to your amplifier or direct box.Go to products
Pro Audio Patch Cables
Pro audio patch cables

These cables carry signals between rack components like EQs and compressors, or between your studio mixer and powered monitors.Go to products

A snake consists of a stage box with inputs and outputs, a cable carrying multiple mic signals, and assorted connectors that plug into your mixer.Go to products
Pro Audio Speaker Cables
Pro audio speaker cables

These speaker cables carry the signal from your amps to your speakers, some with 1/4" plugs, some with Speakon connectors. Go to products

You'll find adapters here for plugging a computer into a mixing board and other assorted uses.Go to products
Direct Boxes
Direct boxes

A direct box allows you to connect your instrument directly to your mixer or computer audio interface, for clean sound and flexible signal-routing options.Go to products
Power Extension Cables
Power extension cables

Get AC power where you need it for stage setups or audio installations.Go to products