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Car Subwoofers & Boxes

A good sub will of course sound fantastic with Hip Hop, Dub Step and Techno, but a lot of people are not aware of the clarity and intelligibility it will bring to all types of music.
Car Subwoofers & Boxes

Find what Fits your vehicle

All Component Subwoofers
All component subwoofers

Drop a component sub into an enclosure, power it with the right amp, and enjoy a new dimension to your music. Go to products
Powered Subwoofers
Powered subwoofers

Powered subwoofers combine a matched subwoofer and amplifier in a compatible enclosure. Go to products
Subwoofer Boxes
Subwoofer boxes

Eliminate the guesswork — these loaded boxes feature a sub and enclosure perfectly matched at the factory for maximum bass. Go to products
Custom Subwoofer Boxes
Custom subwoofer boxes

These custom-fit loaded boxes (some with built-in amps) bring big bass into unused spaces in specific vehicles. Go to products
8 Inch Subwoofers
8 inch subwoofers

An 8" sub is great for big bass in smaller vehicles, or for multi-sub arrays where space is an issue. Go to products
10 Inch Subwoofers
10 inch subwoofers

Nimble 10" subs deliver powerful punch, thanks to their super-fast cone speed. And today's models can handle plenty of power. Go to products
12 Inch Subwoofers
12 inch subwoofers

12" subs offer a great combination of power handling and extended low-frequency punch. Go to products
15 Inch Subwoofers
15 inch subwoofers

If you're into extremely low bass, a 15" sub will deliver that lowest octave without compromise. Go to products
Empty Subwoofer Boxes
Empty subwoofer boxes

Choose from our selection of sealed and ported boxes to house your subwoofer. Go to products
Custom Empty Subwoofer Boxes
Custom empty subwoofer boxes

Load a sub into one of these vehicle-specific boxes for big bass without losing space. Go to products
Bass Packages
Bass packages

You'll find a variety of bass packages here, from a simple sub/amp combo to an amplified multi-sub setup. Go to products
Subwoofer Installation & Accessories
Subwoofer installation & accessories

Building it yourself? We have grilles, hardware, port tubes, carpet, Dynamat, installation tools, speaker wire, and more. Go to products
Replacement Subs
Replacement subs

Want to install subs in the speaker openings in your car? We'll show you what fits here! Go to products

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How to shop for subwoofers and boxes

Adding a subwoofer to your car audio system will let you hear the music that your other speakers can't reproduce — the low notes from the bass and the power of the kick drum.

Sure, a lot of people like subwoofers for the boom, but any music fan will appreciate what a sub can add. If you like classical music or jazz, a subwoofer is a must if you want to hear the full impact of the performance.

Here we'll explain the different types of subwoofers that you'll find on our website. For advice and tips on choosing your subs, read our subwoofer buying guide.

Component subwoofers

Also referred to as "raw drivers" or "subs", these are all the actual bass speakers we carry. You can see them all or shop them grouped by size, from 5-1/4" to 18". The larger the woofer, the deeper the tones that it can play.

Subwoofer boxes

This category contains enclosures already loaded with subwoofers. The advantage? The box is perfectly matched to its sub, which eliminates all the science involved in finding the right enclosure. Just add an amplifier, and you'll have great bass.

Powered subwoofers

Powered subs are a popular choice for people who want an easy route to adding bass. The subwoofer is mounted in a perfectly matched enclosure, and powered by a built-in amplifier. These all-in-one solutions usually take up less space than the average subwoofer box, so they're a great choice for smaller vehicles.

Bass packages

Here's another way to make shopping for a bass system easier. You'll find a variety of packages here, from simple sub and amp combos to complete systems with the sub(s) already mounted in the box.

Empty subwoofer boxes

Many people prefer the fun of creating their own bass systems. Pick out the sub (or subs) you want and we'll tell you which boxes they'll work in. Ditto if you already have your subs. We'll help you find the right box to make them sound their best.

Custom subwoofer boxes

These boxes are custom designed to fit in existing locations in specific vehicles, like in the rear panel in the back of SUVs and hatchbacks, or under the rear seats of a crew cab truck. The boxes in this category all have a factory-installed subwoofer and some of them even have a built-in amplifier. The easiest way to see if we have a custom subwoofer box for your vehicle is to tell us what you drive.

Custom empty subwoofer boxes

Just like the custom boxes above, these are designed to fit in specific vehicles. They'll be out of the way so you don't lose much storage space, if any. The difference is that the boxes in this category are all unloaded. You can pick the sub you want to install.

Replacement subs

Some people don't want to install a sub box, and choose to install smaller subs in the speaker openings in the back of their vehicle, like 6-1/2" subs on the rear deck, for example. Or, if you have a factory subwoofer that just doesn't do it for you, and let's face it, they rarely do, then this category is for you. Tell us about your vehicle, and we'll show you which subs will fit in your stock speaker locations.

Voice coils

Subwoofers have either one or two voice coils. This is an important feature that greatly impacts the sub's performance in your audio system.

Shallow mount

Some subwoofers are designed to work in tight spaces.

Ported or sealed

A ported box will sound louder and boom. A sealed box delivers tighter, more-focused bass. This is an important detail for getting your music to sound the way you like it.

Subwoofer installation & accessories

Whether you're building your own box or just need a few accessories to finesse your installation, this is where you'll find everything from speaker wire to box terminals and port tubes.