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Bose® Hearphones™

Conversation-enhancing headphones

Item # 018HEARPHN

Talk about a conversation-starter.

Talk about a conversation-starter.

Item # 018HEARPHN

In stock

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About the Bose® Hearphones™

Hearing help from the noise-cancelling experts

Talk about a conversation-starter. Bose recently brought a few samples of their special Hearphones to Crutchfield HQ, and found a receptive audience. Many of our longtime employees have side-gigged in music for years — we have musicians, DJs, and live-sound engineers working here. All that exposure to loud sound can do a number on your hearing. These in-ear headphones help lift conversations above annoying background noise, so it's easier to stay focused in crowded spaces.
Bose Hearphones

The Bose Hearphones use legendary noise-cancellation and directional mics to make it easier to hold conversations.

Hearing help from the noise-cancelling experts

Talk about a conversation-starter. Bose recently brought a few samples of their special Hearphones to Crutchfield HQ, and found a receptive audience. Many of our longtime employees have side-gigged in music for years — we have musicians, DJs, and live-sound engineers working here. All that exposure to loud sound can do a number on your hearing. These in-ear headphones help lift conversations above annoying background noise, so it's easier to stay focused in crowded spaces.

They feature Bose's legendary noise cancellation, along with directional microphones to pick up voices and other important sounds. Artificial background noise was pumped into our vendor training room. Employees took turns wearing the neckband 'phones. There were many surprised faces around the room as we engaged the noise cancellaton and dialed in on the external sounds we wanted to hear.

The Bose Hear app puts you in control

To use the Hearphones, you'll need the Bose Hear app, a free download to your Apple or Android device. This app gives you control over the volume and tonal balance of the world around you — all from your phone.

Choose from sound presets optimized for different situations: music, watching TV, group conversations, or one-on-one chats. These settings adjust the area of coverage of the built-in mics to help you focus your hearing to suit different activities.  Plus, you can adjust the left/right balance, or boost certain hearing frequencies that cause you trouble.

Bose Hear app

Your phone gives you full control of the Bose Hearphones.

Play music and take phone calls, too

Since the Hearphones have built-in Bluetooth, you can listen to tunes, podcasts, or any audio source from your phone. That industry-leading noise cancellation ensures there's nothing between you and the smooth Bose sound. If a call comes through, you can answer it without removing the Hearphones. Conversations will be crisp and clear on both ends of the call.

Light and comfortable

The Hearphones feel surprisingly light, considering all the technology packed inside. The sturdy neckband houses the rechargeable battery and internal circuitry, but also helps keep the headphones stable. I could move my neck and head around freely without worrying about the cord whipping around.

In-ears for those who don't like in-ears

I often recommend Bose® for friends who need portable headphones, but are skeptical of in-ears. That's because Bose® StayHear®+ tips don't fit like most. The soft, cone-shaped tips stay in the outer part of your ear canal, while the stability loops holds them in place.

I can personally listen longer using them than I can with many other ear tips — and that's key if you're wearing them throughout the day. The Hearphones include three sizes of tips so you can find the right fit. The StayHear+ design also helps seal out external noise for better sound isolation.


Product highlights:

  • directional microphones and proprietary processing help pinpoint voices in crowded spaces
    • amplify or reduce volume of external sounds
    • widen or narrow the angle of coverage to suit different activities
  • active noise cancellation uses internal circuitry to block out external distractions
    • control the level of external sound that you hear
  • lightweight neckband fits neatly behind your head
  • built-in Bluetooth for wireless music listening and phone calls with compatible smartphones
Mobile App Details:
  • free Bose® Hear app (required) for Apple® and Android&trade lets you choose and control what you hear
  • optimize your listening for TV watching, music, or one-on-one or group conversation
  • choose the coverage angle of the built-in mics
    • three modes: "Focused," "Front," and "Everywhere"
  • amplify or reduce "World Volume"
  • adjust treble and bass of real-world sounds you hear
Accessories and General Info:
  • three sizes of proprietary StayHear+ tips provide a comfortable, secure fit
  • built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of listening with active noise cancellation
  • in-line remote for music, phone calls, and volume
    • built-in microphone for clear calls with a smartphone
  • USB charging cable
  • zippered carrying case
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # 770341-0010

What's in the box:

  • Sound-enhancing neckband in-ear headphones
  • 3 Pairs of StayHear+ ear tips (Medium pair installed)
  • 12" USB charging cable (Type A USB on one end and Micro-B USB on other end)
  • Padded clamshell storage case
  • Quick Start Guide

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Bose® Hearphones™

Mark G.

Features & specs

Fit Style In-ear/Earbud
Earcup Type Closed
Earcup Width x Height 0.874" x 0.744"
Noise-canceling Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Mic For Taking Calls Yes
Voice Assistant Access
Amazon Alexa No
Google Assistant No
Siri No
3.5mm No
1/4" No
Lightning No
4.4mm balanced No
XLR4 balanced No
2.5mm No
Other None
Frequency Response Not Given
Sensitivity Not Given
Impedance Not Given
Weight 2.3 ounces
Cord Length 8" ea side
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Bose Hearphones are conversation-enhancing, in-ear wireless headphones that help you concentrate on human voices in noisy environments. They use the same Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology found in Bose's QuietControl 30 headphones to cancel noise you don't want to hear. Two directional microphones in each earbud help pick up and amplify voices you want to hear. You can tailor the listening environment with the free Bose Hear app (Android and iOS compatible). Like the QC 30, the Hearphones are great for music playback and phone calls as well. The in-ear Hearphones feature an in-line 5-button remote/microphone, and a lightweight neckband. Three pairs of ear tips are included for a custom fit. The Hearphones can be stored in the supplied zippered carrying case when not in use.

Neckband: The Hearphones have a lightweight contoured neckband that comfortably rests at the base of your neck. The weight of the headphones and cables is transferred onto your neck and collarbone, allowing the ear buds to gently rest in your ears. Each ear bud is attached to the neckband by an 8" cable. The right ear bud cable has an in-line remote to control music playback and phone calls. When you're not listening, you can simply take the ear buds out and let them hang from the neckband.

StayHear+ Ear Tips: The Bose headphones come with StayHear+ silicone ear tips in three sizes (Small/Medium/Large) to help assure a more accurate and comfortable fit. The StayHear+ ear tips are made a soft silicone material with a unique umbrella shape that creates a gentle seal at the entrance of the ear canal.

In-line Remote: The in-line remote on the right ear bud cable lets you control volume, play/pause, skip forward/backward, or fast forward/fast reverse your music, and take/end phone calls while keeping your phone in your pocket. It also lets you increase or decrease the World Volume (environmental sound) level, and select the Directivity setting (Everywhere, Front, or Focused). The remote is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Bluetooth: The Hearphones feature Bluetooth technology to connect to your mobile device. The wireless range is approximately 30 feet (9 meters). You can store up to 8 paired mobile devices in the headphone pairing list, and you can actively connect to two devices at once, switching between them as needed. The Hearphones can pair to your NFC-enabled phone by touching the device to the "N" mark on the back of the remote.

Voice Prompts: The Hearphones have voice prompts that confirm by voice some of the functions you perform. Voice prompts indicate when you power on the headphones, battery level (percentage), low battery warning, and pairing. It also identifies the device(s) that are currently connected. In the Bose Hear app, you can select the voice prompt language, and enable/disable voice prompts as desired.

Bose Hear App: The Bose Hear app is the companion to the Hearphones. You can use the built-in technologies in the Hearphones to amplify soft sounds, and lower the level of distractive noisy environments. Any software updates of the Hearphones will be uploaded through the app. The app is compatible with Android devices with Android 4.4 and up, as well as Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running iOS 10.0 or later. The app features the following pages:

  • World Volume: World Volume is the level of environmental sounds around you. Using the app, you can raise or lower the World Volume to enable you to hear the sounds you wish to hear. The app also lets you adjust the balance of the audio between the left and right ear buds, or mute the sound in one or both ears.
  • Treble + Bass: You can make the environmental sounds clearer by changing the equalization of what you're hearing. The app provides a virtual dial to make the audio brighter (more treble) or deeper (more bass).
  • Directivity: The app lets you change the focus of the sounds you want to hear. Three options are available: Focused (narrow area in front of you), Front (wide area in front of you), or Everywhere (sounds all around you). You can also fine tune the directivity with a touch control.
  • Settings: Numerous settings for customizing your Hearphones, including Connections, In-ear Detection, Auto-off Timer, Voice Prompts, Prompt Language, and Bluetooth Audio Boost.
Note: The Bose Hear app is not compatible with other Bose headphones, including QC30, QC35, SoundSport, and SoundLink.

Rechargeable Battery: The Bose Hearphones are powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery in the neckband. The battery is fully charged with the supplied USB cable in approximately 3 hours. A fully-charged battery provides approximately 10 hours of battery life. You can check the level of the battery charge via the battery LED on the neckband, or by voice prompt.

Storage Case: The headphones come with a carrying case that protects your headphones and accessories when not in use. The case has a small inside pocket for small items, and a zippered closure.

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Bose Quality [ David  Apr 08, 2020 ]
My mother has some and loves them. So I ordered some for my husband. [ Karen  Dec 24, 2019 ]
I read about these in the book "Volume Control" by David Owen. According to the author, these are vastly superior to hearing aides. [ Merrill L.  Nov 09, 2019 ]
noise cancelling , help with hearing [ DOUGLAS  Aug 16, 2019 ]
I lost my previous Hearphones and knew immediately I wanted another set. The wide range of adjustability of the assistance is the attraction. [ Walter  Jul 16, 2019 ]
I have been researching hearing aids for 6 months. Prices have been running from $500 to almost $10,000. I currently have 4 BOSE devices and feel that they know how to process sound and minimize noise. I also hear that in October 2018 BOSE received approval for a smaller direct to consumer device. I decided to try the hearphones to see if I find the user control valuable. In addition, it buys me time until the new device becomes available without forcing me to spend a lot of money. [ Sylvia in Mystic  Feb 16, 2019 ]
Helpful agent River!! [ DAVID  Feb 13, 2019 ]
Excellent reviews (here and elsewhere) on the improved hearing of conversations in different difficult environments (even from longtime wearers of hearing aids)! And of course, the excellent background noise cancelling! [ GERALD M  Dec 18, 2018 ]
Chosen because of features, phone integration and reputation- sealed by numerous reviews. [ Jgator  Dec 14, 2018 ]
Instead of the $1200 hearing aids I was looking at, I will give these a try. I don't intend to wear the hearing aids all the time anyway, and the reviews of this product sound exactly what I'm after. Plus with crutchfield 60 day money back guarantee I can take some time to decide if they are worthwhile. [ David  Sep 16, 2018 ]
Did a lot of research and THE Conversation Feature was the deciding factor to spend the extra $200. [ Gary C  Aug 10, 2018 ]

4 questions already asked

Can you make and receive phone calls on hearphones?
[ Joe  Jan 31, 2020 ]
1 answer
Yes. I do it all the time. Even in restaurants without raising my voice.
[ William  Jan 31, 2020 ]
I understand that Hearphones are NOT designed to get wet but can they be used for exercise?
[ Tom  Jan 04, 2020 ]
6 answers
No, atleast not for core or cardio workouts
[ Andres  Jan 06, 2020 ]
I imagine so, but let me point out two critical issues: first, the neckband is tiny, designed to be worn by a waif, not an average adult male. VERY uncomfortable. Secondly, the earbuds are designed to be worn loose in your ears, so movement even when walking causes some issues with noise. I wouldn't pay this much for something used for exercise, this is a more "sit for dinner" type of device. Hope this helps!
[ Merrill L.  Jan 05, 2020 ]
Depends on the exercise. If you sweat a lot probably not the device for you
[ Ward  Jan 04, 2020 ]
I use them for fast walking, jogging or on treadmills etc. The key is to avoid a lot of moisture i.e., sweat. Another factor is whether you are exercising alone or with someone that may involve conversation. Also, helps to hear cars, bikes etc. Remember to wipe them off when done.
[ HOWARD  Jan 04, 2020 ]
Yes they can. If you have no problem with the ear buds staying in they should do very well for you.
[ james  Jan 04, 2020 ]
Cant say how they will work for running but I use them in all of exercises I do
[ William  Jan 04, 2020 ]
Once the Bose hearphones settings are set up using my smartphone, do they only work when in range of my phone?
[ Doug  May 03, 2019 ]
1 answer
You can use them without a Bluetooth connection for "World volume" conversation enhancement. Certain sound settings are only available via the Bose Hear app however.
[ Cosmo  May 11, 2019 ]  Staff
one of the earbuds doesn't seat properly although I've tried various sizes, it continues to lose contact or fall out. how do I avoid this?
[ marma  Apr 21, 2019 ]
4 answers
I've occasionally had the same problem, usually with the left ear. If you look in a mirror you may find that the "collar" is not on straight. In my case a collar pulling it to slightly to one side. It may be a necklace for you. If this is the case, it pulls your earbuds from your ear..
[ HOWARD  Apr 23, 2019 ]
I have exactly the same problem, but sometimes they work fine and the next day, not! Sorry I can't help??
[ JAN  Apr 22, 2019 ]
I am answering on behalf of my father whom I bought them for, you need to contact Bose directly, they made another fitting Xlarge, My Dad had the same problem, and they should mail those to you free of cost. Just phone Bose directly, that helped my Dad a lot.
[ Darren  Apr 21, 2019 ]
Be sure to have the collar around the back of your neck and when you place the earbud into your ear, have the place where the cord exits the earbud pointed straight toward the front. After the earbud is pushed in as far as you can, comfortably, rotate the unit until the wire points downward. Try this with the most comfortable sized earbud in each ear. I've had my Hearphones about 3 months, use the every day and love them, but still occasionally have a little trouble getting the earbuds in the first time. Good Luck
[ John  Apr 21, 2019 ]

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