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AudioSource AMP210VS

Stereo multi-source power amplifier, 100 watts x 2

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Our take on the AudioSource AMP210VS

Looking for a workhorse amplifier that doesn't take up much space? The AudioSource AMP210VS power amp's standard 2U height and included mounts make it ideal for your rack-mounted stereo system. Use it as a standalone amp, or connect it to your home theater receiver's zone 2 output to drive speakers in other parts of your house.

High-quality power for your speakers

Looking for a workhorse amplifier that doesn't take up much space? The AudioSource AMP210VS power amp's standard 2U height and included mounts make it ideal for your rack-mounted stereo system. Use it as a standalone amp, or connect it to your home theater receiver's zone 2 output to drive speakers in other parts of your house.

Easily play music in two rooms

The AMP210VS is a great amp for setting up a two-room music system. It can drive two separate pairs of speakers connected to its A and B binding posts. Play music indoors through one set of outputs, and listen to the same source outside through the other set. When it's time to come inside for the night, simply switch off the outdoor pair and let the party continue inside.  

AudioSource AMP210VS stereo multi-source power amplifier

The AudioSource AMP210VS power amp offers two pairs of high-quality speaker connections.

Lots of power under the hood

The AMP210VS delivers 100 watts of continuous power per channel when connected to a pair of eight-ohm speakers. It also cranks out 125 watts at four ohms.

Want to bridge the channels and use it as a mono amp for a single speaker? You'll get a robust 250 watts of clean power from this amp. 

Multiple source and power-on options

The '210VS offers two pairs of analog RCA inputs for your music sources, and can switch sources automatically when a signal is detected. It can be set up to automatically turn on when it detects a source, or you can turn it on manually.

This amp is also 12-volt trigger compatible, so you can have it turn on when another piece of equipment is fired up. Rear-mounted bass and treble controls provide tone adjustment for your room.

Never worry about blowing your speakers

One of the features I like the most about the AMP210VS is the ability to set maximum volume limits. These let you set a volume "ceiling" for each channel, so even if some over-enthusiastic listener maxes out the volume knob on the front of the amp, there won't be any damage to the speakers.

This is a great way to make sure that guests or kids don't accidentally turn the system up to distortion levels.

Product Highlights:

  • 100 watts x 2 into 8 ohms at 0.2% THD
  • 125 watts into 4 ohms
  • 250 watts when bridged into a single 8-ohm load
  • high-current Class AB amplifier design
  • ideal for use as a second zone amplifier
  • front-panel volume and balance controls
  • front-panel A/B speaker switching
  • rear-panel bass and treble controls
  • main and secondary ("Interrupt") audio line inputs with automatic source switching
  • loop output on the main line input passes that audio signal on to another amp, giving you flexibility in designing a multi-room system
  • speaker-level input allows integration into an existing system where no RCA level signal is present
  • master volume feature allows installer to set maximum volume so connected speakers cannot be distorted or damaged
  • adjustable delay so that the amp doesn't switch to another source at the end of a song
  • signal-sensing "Power On" and 12-volt Trigger modes
  • auto-on select switch allows manual or signal sensing power on/off
  • front-panel dual LED indicator and diagnostic lights
  • rear-panel dual voltage switch (115 and 230 volts)
  • frequency response: 10-30,000 Hz (+0 dB, -3 dB)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
  • binding post A and B speaker connectors
  • rack-mountable with standard 2U height (hardware included)
  • 16-1/2"W x 3-13/16"H x 13-3/4"D
  • weight: 24 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Stereo power amplifier
  • 6' AC power cord
  • 2 Rack-ear mounts
  • 6 Screws
  • Owner's Manual happy with first one ..bought second amp ..both. have 400 rms..of power at my finger tips..the tech great me along..wont be. Sorry..!!!..that you bought...

Michael, Port Saint Lucie, FL


AudioSource AMP210VS Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)

AudioSource AMP210VS

Crutchfield customer from Wilmington, NC on 2/12/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit is powering Eight outdoor speakers on a whole house system! Very easy to install and the separate Bass and Treble controls on the rear panel allow for a more precise sound. Thank you for all the help with this unit!!



I give this AUDIOSOURCE Amp 210VS 5+Stars

Crutchfield customer from Barberton, OH on 1/30/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have an Onkyo TX-DS797 AV 7.1channel receiver, 4 Bose 701 speakers, 2 Bose 301 speakers, that I just purchased, and 2- VCS-10 speakers, for front and rear centers but I needed an Amp, with enough power to insinuate the 7th channel of the receiver. This Amp enabled me to remove the one VCS-10 rear center speaker and move 2 of the 701's to the rear, added the 2- 301's to the surround channels and now I have a truly Awesome 7.1 theater sound system! This house now Rocks and at a lower volume, than I used to have to set my receiver at, I can vibrate the pictures off of the walls!! "WOW", what a Tremendous and Extremely Unbelievable difference!! THANK YOU CRUTCHFIELD! If you are looking for a GREAT and Powerful 2 channel Amp, at a super price, check out this AUDIOSOURCE 210VS Amp! ( I Truly Recommend this Product ! )

Pros: A Super and Powerful Amp, Easy to set up and opperate!

Cons: NONE

AudioSource AMP210VS

Crutchfield customer from Green Bay, WI on 1/29/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great amp for the price and size of my existing speakers.

Pros: Value


AudioSource AMP210VS

Michael from Port Saint Lucie, FL on 12/26/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?) happy with first one ..bought second amp ..both. have 400 rms..of power at my finger tips..the tech great me along..wont be. Sorry..!!!..that you bought...



Mix and match

Billy from Juneau, AK on 1/24/2018

Combined it with yamaha cinema speakers, and my old retired 15" sub and a audiengine D1. Thought I was fried for a bit but the dac helped connect everything. Sounds great, I can crank the yamaha's, and the bass isn't over powering. Really pleased with this mix and match, sounds awesome. My favorite.

Pros: great hifi sound

Cons: Be nice if it worked with the single red cord, wound up using an expensive set

AudioSource AMP210VS

Crutchfield customer from Charlotte, NC on 9/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Using this with Sonarray outdoor speakers.




Hands-on research

Product Research


AudioSource Amp Series: AudioSource AMP series amplifiers are designed for home and commercial audio distribution systems where high quality sound, flexibility, and reliability are essential. The AMP series offers exceptional value and many features that will make their installation and use easy and convenient.

Stereo Power Amplifier: The AudioSource AMP210VS stereo power amplifier is designed for dedicated stereo & distributed audio applications. It offers A & B speaker outputs. The amplifier can be configured for Stereo or Bridged output.

  • Stereo (8-ohm): 100 watts x 2 channel, 10-30kHz, <0.2% THD+N
  • Stereo (4-ohm): 125 watts x 2 channel, 10-30kHz, <0.2% THD+N
  • Bridged Mono (8-ohm): 250 watts x 1 channel, 1kHz, <0.2% THD+N

Front-Panel Controls: The AudioSource AMP210VS stereo power amplifier features the following front-panel controls.

  • Power Switch: The front-panel Power Switch turns the AMP210VS on or off. A red LED indicates connection to AC power while in standby mode and turns green indicating audio signal is present.
  • Volume: The front-panel rotary volume knob allows you to adjust the amplifier's overall volume level.
  • A/B Speaker Selector: You can select Speakers A, Speakers B, or Both for playback.
  • Balance: The Balance control lets you fade the amplifier's speaker output between the Right & Left channels.

Rear-Panel Controls: The AudioSource AMP210VS offers the following rear-panel controls.

  • Master  Level: The Master Level control sets the overall power output level and upper limit of the amplifier's left & right channel outputs, independently.
  • Bass & Treble: Bass (100Hz) & Treble (10kHz) can be adjusted from -12dB to + 12dB.
  • Stereo or Bridged Mode: Select Stereo mode for connecting one or two pair of loudspeakers. When set to Bridged mode, the AMP210VS becomes a single channel mono amplifier for powering one speaker. Only the Right audio input is used during bridged-mode. Only one zone (A or B) can be bridged; not both.
  • Delay Time: Allows for a 3 to 15 second delay to be set when switching between the amplifier's Main and Interrupting line inputs.
  • Power Mode: Set the Auto On switch to Normal for manual power on/off. Set the Auto switch to Auto for signal sensing; the amp will turn on when audio signal (>5mV) is detected at the inputs The front-panel power switch must be in the On position (pushed in) for the Auto On feature to operate. Or, select 12V Trigger which allows the AMP210VS to be powered on by other electronic component or to power on other electronics via a 3.5 minijack cable (between 3-20VDC).

Rear-Panel Connections: The AudioSource AMP210VS digital stereo power amplifier is equipped with the following inputs & outputs

  • Main Input/Output: The AMP210VS Main Input consists of stereo RCA jacks and are used as the amplifier's primary audio inputs. The Main Output also consists of stereo RCA jacks and passthrough the AMP210VS's Main Input audio signal to another amplifier.
  • Interrupting Line Input: The Interrupting Input consists of stereo RCA Jacks. This input can be used if a second source is desired and takes over when signal is present and has at least a 5mV level. When there is no signal, or a signal with less than 5mV level, the amp switches back to Main input after a brief delay.
  • Speaker-Level Inputs: The spring-clip speaker-level inputs can be used to connect a source with speaker-level output instead of line-level outputs. Route this high-level input signal to either the amplifier's Line 1 or Line 2 input.
  • Speaker A/B Terminals: The AudioSource AMP210VS is fitted with binding-post terminals for A & B speaker connection for powering up to two pair of speakers. The minimum impedance for each speaker section is 4-ohm in Stereo mode and 8-ohm in Bridged mode. The binding post terminals will accept bare wire (up to 10AWG), pin-connectors, and banana plugs (single or dual).
  • Trigger In/Out: The 12V trigger input and output allow the AMP210VS to be powered on by other electronics or to power on other electronics via a 3.5mm minijack cable.
  • Power Cord: The stereo power amplifier features a detachable 6' AC power cord (IEC 3-prong).

Front-Panel LEDs: The AudioSource AMP210VS features front-panel LEDs to indicate Power/Standby, Audio Signal, and Clipping.

  • Power/Standby Indicators: Red LEDs behind the faceplate indicate power status. Whenever the amplifier's power switch is in the "On" position the ring around the button is illuminated. During "Standby" status (no signal) the side lenses are not illuminated and the signal LEDs show orange.
  • Audio Signal Indicators: When the amp is "Active" (receiving signal) the side lenses become illuminated and the signal LEDs show green.
  • Clipping Indicator: There are two LEDs on the front-panel of the AMP210VS that indicate signal clipping on the front & left channels of the amplifier.

Mounting Options: The AudioSource AMP210VS stereo power amplifier features four rubber feet and can simply be placed on top of a flat surface; like a table-top, shelf, or stand. It can also be rack-mounted (rack-ears included).

Applications: The AudioSource AMP210VS can be used a remote amplifier, single or dual zone amplifier, rear channel amplifier for a home theater setup, or a stand-alone stereo amplifier.

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Recommendation and fits speakers needs [ Bradly  Jan 03, 2019 ]
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Fit my needs [ ANTHONY  Dec 23, 2017 ]