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Yamaha A-S3200

Integrated amplifier (Black)

Item # 022AS3200B

This analog music lover's dream machine delivers pristine, accurate sound, with plenty of power.

This analog music lover's dream machine delivers pristine, accurate sound, with plenty of power.

Item # 022AS3200B

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About the Yamaha A-S3200

Eric A.

Pristine, premium sound

As cool as this component looks, Yamaha doesn't really want you to notice it. The A-S3200 is designed to get out of the way, so it sounds like your favorite artist is performing in the room, just for you. It's an analog music lover's dream, featuring balanced and unbalanced inputs, an efficient toroidal transformer, and solid, vibration-resistant construction. It delivers 100 watts per channel, and it's 4-ohm stable, so it can handle a wide variety of speakers.

Pristine, premium sound

As cool as this component looks, Yamaha doesn't really want you to notice it. The A-S3200 is designed to get out of the way, so it sounds like your favorite artist is performing in the room, just for you. It's an analog music lover's dream, featuring balanced and unbalanced inputs, an efficient toroidal transformer, and solid, vibration-resistant construction. It delivers 100 watts per channel, and it's 4-ohm stable, so it can handle a wide variety of speakers.

If you're a bit nostalgic for the components of the 1970s — I grew up with them and I love the look — you'll appreciate the large level meters illuminated by soft LED light. The switches and knobs on the front panel were meticulously designed to complement the overall visual style of this amp.

Excellent analog connections

These days, it's a bit unusual to see an integrated amp with no digital inputs, but this amp is all about analog goodness. There are five unbalanced RCA inputs on the back, included dedicated inputs for a separate tuner and the analog output of your CD player. There's also a discrete phono stage that lets you connect a turntable with a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge. Two balanced XLR inputs are available for connecting audiophile components, too.

The two sets of binding posts might look a little different than what you're used to. They're made of pure brass and they have a nice "grippy" shape that makes them easier to spin open and closed.


Product highlights:

  • 100 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.07% THD
  • 150 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms
  • 4-ohm capability allows use with a wide range of speakers
  • frequency response: 5-100,000 Hz (-3dB)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 110dB (114dB balanced)
  • analog level meters illuminated by soft LED light
  • large toroidal transformer
  • brass screws and oxygen-free copper terminals for superior connectivity in large block capacitors
  • rugged Mechanical Ground Concept construction reduces unwanted vibration
  • heavy-duty brass feet with spikes or scratch-resistant base for delicate surfaces
  • defeatable auto-power standby
  • detachable power cord
  • remote control included
  • five pairs of unbalanced RCA inputs
    • dedicated tuner and CD inputs
    • phono stage for connecting a turntable with moving magnet or moving coil cartridge
    • line 1 and line 2 inputs
  • two pairs of balanced XLR inputs with attenuator and phase switches
  • RCA main direct input
    • no signal output to pre out, line 2 out or phones
  • RCA line out lets you use an external power amplifier
  • line 2 RCA output
  • two pairs of pure brass binding-post speaker connectors
  • IR remote control in/out
  • 12-volt trigger input
  • USB mini Type B service port
  • front-panel 1/4" headphone jack with trim control
Dimensions and warranty:

What's in the box:

  • Integrated stereo amplifier
  • 6.5' AC power cord (RAS34) Remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Owner's Manual
  • Safety Brochure
  • Online Product Registation Sheet
  • Warranty Information
  • "Yamaha Worldwide Representative Offices" Note

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More details on the Yamaha A-S3200

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Performance Specs
Watts RMS per Channel (8-ohms) 100
Watts RMS per Channel (6-ohms) 120
Watts RMS per Channel (4-ohms) 150
Frequency Bandwidth 20-20k
THD 0.07%
Minimum Impedance 4 ohms
Amplifier Class AB
Signal to Noise Ratio 114
DAC Bit Depth N/A
DAC Sample Rate N/A
Digital Music Features
Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) No
Bluetooth N/A
Wi-Fi N/A
Total Analog Inputs 7
Phono Input Yes
Optical Digital Inputs No
Coaxial Digital Inputs No
USB Input No
Preamp Outputs RCA
Recording Output Yes
Home Theater Bypass Fixed
Pre-out/Main-in Loop No
Headphone Output 1/4"
Removable Power Cord IEC 2-prong
Streaming Compatibility
Apple AirPlay No
Apple AirPlay 2 No
DTS Play-Fi No
Chromecast built-in No
Roon No
BluOS No
Dimensions and Warranty
Width (inches) 17-1/8
Height (inches) 7-1/8
Depth (inches) 19-5/16
Weight (pounds) 54.5
Parts Warranty 2 Yrs/5 Yrs Registered
Labor Warranty 2 Yrs/5 Yrs Registered

Product Research



Low Impedance Amplifier Design: The Yamaha A-S3200 adoptins a low impedance amplifier design concept to minimize energy loss while maintaining absolute integrity in the audio signal. Preservation of the original audio results in an open, natural sound stage.

  • 8-Ohm Rating: 100 watts x 2 channels @ 20 to 20,000 Hz with 0.07% THD
  • 4-Ohm Rating: 150 watts x 2 channels @ 20 to 20,000 Hz with 0.07% THD

Toroidal Transformer: A large toroidal transformer has been used in the A-S3200 in the pursuit of pure musicality. With less flux leakage there is no negative impact on other sensitive audio circuits. Copper wire is directly drawn from the winded core, minimizing energy loss compared to other substitutes, allowing the full emotional energy in the music to be felt by the listener.

Fully Balanced Circuitry: The fully balanced circuitry used in the A-S3200 yields a number of listening benefits. Delivering impressively low signal-to-noise ratio allows for the perfection of silence - gaps in the music and moments between movements are a pure absence of sound. The design also adds to improved channel separation producing a sound stage that almost makes the entire system disappear, giving the listener the feeling of being in the room with the artist, not the CD or vinyl source.

Mechanical Ground Concept: The Mechanical Ground Concept achieves expressive and rhythmic bass by maximizing rigidity and reducing any unwanted vibration. The large power transformer, block capacitors and heat sink are directly bolted to the chassis delivering greater rigidity, while the feet, with bolts directly welded to the main chassis, provide further reinforcement for absolute rigidity.

High Quality Parts Selection: Acknowledged for their musical performance and use in high-end home audio products, high-quality capacitors were selected, delivering an authentically musical sound. Following an intensive forging process, the PC-Triple C speaker wire has an inherently more linear structure, allowing for smoother signal transmission to more accurately present the original musical recording. Adopting brass screws and oxygen-free copper terminals for the large block capacitors contributes to superior connectivity, superbly delivering the additional headroom available in the four large 22,000µF capacitors to produce the open soundstage.

High Rigidity Construction: The A-S3200 features Yamaha's Rigid Streamlined Construction that further suppresses vibration.Completing the rigidity of the amplifier are the heavy-duty brass feet used with either spikes or a scratch-resistant base for delicate surfaces, originally engineered exclusively for Yamaha's flagship C-5000 preamplifier and M-5000 amplifier.


Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Inputs: The Yamaha A-S3200 integrated amplifier is outfitted with both balanced & unbalanced analog inputs.

  • Balanced XLR: The Yamaha A-S3200 features two sets of balanced XLR inputs for connecting high-end audio components, such as Yamaha's CD-S3200 CD player (sold separately). You can adjust the Attenuation and Phase of the XLR input.
  • Unbalanced RCA: The Yamaha A-S3200 is equipped with six unbalanced analog RCA stereo inputs for connecting an external audio source such as a CD player, AM/FM tuner, Turntable, and/or cassette deck; as well a preamp or AV receiver. There is also one analog RCA stereo output for recording through the integrated amplifier.

Main Direct Input: One of the A-3200's analog inputs is labeled Main Direct Input. This input allows you to connect your preamplifier or AV receiver directly to the A-S3200 and use the Yamaha stereo amplifier as a power amplifier to drive a pair of speakers in your system.

Note: Audio signal coming into the amplifier's Main Direct Input is only output through the speaker outputs of the A-S3200. No audio signal will by output from the stereo amplifier's Pre-Out, Rec Out, or Headphone Output.

Discrete Phono Amp: The phono amp is comprised of an MC head amp and an equalizer amp, each of which are discretely configured, resulting in a rich sound with pronounced musicality, when playing vinyl records with both MC and MM phone cartridges. The unit's Phono input consists of stereo RCA jacks and a ground terminal.

Heavy-Duty Binding Post Speaker Terminals: The speaker terminals are the final link in the audio chain of this amplifier, and have also been designed with meticulous obsession. They are screw-type terminals with large handles featuring an original design, and have been crafted by cutting pure brass to enable a secure connection with no reduction in sound quality. Moreover, the shape conforms nicely to the human fingers-not only creating an elegant visual impression, but also allowing users to turn them easily and to firmly tighten them with minimal force.

Note: You can use the A & B speaker outputs to power two pair of separate speakers or you can bi-wire a single pair of speakers. If you use two sets (A and B) of speaker, the impedance of each speaker must be 8-ohm or higher. When only using one set of speakers (A or B), use speakers with an impedance of 4-ohm or higher.

Headphone Amp: The headphone amp is also equipped with fully discrete configuration, for preeminent drivability and damping properties. Included as well is a specialized level trimmer that responds to various load impedances. The unit's headphone amp uses a front-panel 1/4" headphone jack for connecting a pair of headphones (sold separately). Once a set of headphones are connected, the amplifier's speaker outputs mute automatically.

Note: The headphone amp does not function for the amplifier's Main Direct Input.

Pre-Outs: The Yamaha integrated amplifier is equipped with a stereo preamp output for connecting a powered subwoofer or to use the A-S3200 as a preamplifier and connect it to a larger power amplifier to power your speakers.

Remote Connections: The A-S3200 features a 12V trigger input (3.5mm) to synchronize power on /off with another component that features a 12V trigger output. The integrated amp also has remote input and remote output minijack terminals for use with external IR receivers and compatible Yamaha components.


Level Meters: The A-S3200 features large level meters on the front panel, giving a direct visual sense of the dynamics and pulse of the music. These beautiful meters are softly illuminated by LED, lending a warm, lamplight look. The meter indicators can, in addition to the VU display, be switched to peak display, and can be selected according to the user's preference. Moreover, the glass window of the meters is diagonally cut and precision-fit to the back surface of the front panel, leaving no gaps and using no screws for connection-lending an exceptionally elegant appearance to the unit.

Textured, Easy-to-Use Controls: Since the controls-the volume dial, switches, and so on-are the parts of the amplifier which users actually touch and feel directly, their surface texture and design were created with the strictest attention to detail. Individual controls such as the volume or input switching dials, emanate a richly elegant feel thanks to the use of cut aluminum knobs. Switches, including the power switch, were made with obsessive attention to texture in every detail; they were shaped with refined craftsmanship so that when they are raised or lowered, the gap between the switch and panel surface is impossible to see.

Electronic Volume Control: Yamaha utilized a high quality digital volume control specially designed by New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., which consists only of ladder-type resistance, removing the impact of slew-rate decline or coloring of the sound, delivering higher purity in the sound, and excellent, fast response to large volume changes and steep transients.

Tone Controls + Trim Selector: The integrated amplifier provides adjustable Bass (+/-9dB), Treble (+/-9dB), and Balance (L-R). The tone controls do not effect the amplifiers Main Direct Input or Record Output. You can also adjust the volume level when headphones are plugged in to avoid sudden changes in volume; choose from -6, 0, +6, or + 12 dB.

Simple Designed Remote Control: The supplied remote control features a design complementary to the aluminum panel of the amplifier itself, with a simple, easy-to-understand button layout and gorgeous metallic texture. In addition to the basic volume adjustment and input switching controls of the A-S3200, it can also be used for operation of the companion CD-S3000.

Auto Power Standby: The unit enters standby mode automatically if not operated for approximately 8 hours.

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