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Yamaha A-S701

Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC (Black)

37 Reviews | 14 questions - 33 answers

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Our take on the Yamaha A-S701

It's not hard to find an amplifier that will promise 100 watts per channel of power. But few amps can match that number with such incredibly low distortion as the Yamaha A-S701. This well-built integrated amplifier offers plenty of power to drive bookshelf or tower speakers, including more demanding loads. As you turn up the volume, this amp's anti-resonance construction, symmetrical circuit layout, and high-quality components ensure your music remains clean and clear. By minimizing distortion and interference, your music will sound more listenable with fine details shining through.

Potent power, with vanishing distortion levels

It's not hard to find an amplifier that will promise 100 watts per channel of power. But few amps can match that number with such incredibly low distortion as the Yamaha A-S701. This well-built integrated amplifier offers plenty of power to drive bookshelf or tower speakers, including more demanding loads. As you turn up the volume, this amp's anti-resonance construction, symmetrical circuit layout, and high-quality components ensure your music remains clean and clear. By minimizing distortion and interference, your music will sound more listenable with fine details shining through.

Connect your TV and Blu-ray player

The A-S701 has six pairs of analog RCA inputs, including a phono input for connecting a turntable. But music sources aren't the only possibilities: optical and coaxial digital audio inputs let you bring video devices into the fold. Connect a TV or Blu-ray player to these inputs, and enjoy movie sound through your stereo speakers with this amp. It's a cost-effective way to build an excellent two-channel rig in your TV room that offers dynamic sound with a wide stereo image.

Tone controls and direct modes

If you need to make some adjustments as you listen, the A-S701 has front-panel tone controls for bass and treble. There's also a loudness control, for bringing out more detail and depth while listening at low volume. If you prefer a more purist approach to listening, you can bypass these controls with Pure Direct mode, which eliminates signal degradation as your music travels a more direct circuit path. For listening to CDs, engage CD Direct Amplification — it matches the input levels of the source with the amp to further minimize noise introduced at the amplification stage.

Product Highlights:

  • 100 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.019% THD
  • 4-ohm capability allows use with a wide range of speakers
  • ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) combines a symmetrical circuit layout along with anti-resonance construction for high-quality sound with minimal distortion
  • Pure Direct mode allows music signals to travel the shortest possible route through the unit's circuitry for cleaner sound
  • CD Direct Amplification mode matches input signals from CD players for higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • optical and coaxial digital audio inputs
  • 6 RCA audio inputs, including MM (moving magnet) phono input
  • Bluetooth®-ready with optional Yamaha YBA-11 adapter (not included)
  • subwoofer output
  • two pairs of RCA recording outputs
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 99 dB (CD)
  • two pairs of gold-plated binding-post speaker connectors with front-panel switching
  • 1/4" headphone jack
  • detachable power cord
  • remote control
  • 17-1/8"W x 6"H x 15-1/4"D
  • weight: 24.7 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Stereo integrated amplifier
  • 6.5' AC power cord
  • Remote control (RAS14)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Owner's manual (En/ Fr)
  • Warranty information (US/CA)
  • On-line product registration information
  • "Yamaha Worldwide Representative Offices" note

I throughly Pleased with this product/purchase. This is a replacement of my old Sansui integrated amp for 37 years. The music/sounds that this Yamaha is absolutely incredible !!

Ron, Mesa, AZ


Yamaha A-S701 Reviews

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(37 Reviews)

Yamaha A-S701

Crutchfield customer from Akron, CO on 2/14/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Exactly what I was looking for. I've had a pair of Martin Logan speakers for years and now I finally have an amp that can drive them to their potential.



C. Wilson, Frisco, Tx. : This amp is just what the Doctor ordered...

Steven from Frisco, TX on 1/30/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding amplifier. I am upgrading my system from an A/V setup back to a true stereo for all my CD's and records. I am powering a pair of Polk Audio TSi500 speakers, bi-wired with 12 AWG speaker cable with banana clips. I have been very happy with the Polks, but I felt there was more in the speaker. This Yamaha amp does exactly what it is supposed to do and delivers clean, uncluttered power to the speaker. Now the speakers sing like they are supposed to. My wife came home from work and all she had to say was WOW! My cd's have never sounded better, and the Pure Direct feature on this amp delivers what is on the recording, good or bad. The amplifier does not produce a lot of heat and has the power to rattle your windows if that is your thing. I have put the A-S701 through it's paces with Dark Side of the Moon, Green Grass and High Times Forever, B.W. Stevenson, Joni Mitchell, and Little Feat. The vocals coming through my speakers now are pristine and the stereo separation is excellent. If you are looking for an integrated amplifier, do not rule out this puppy. It works for me.

Pros: Pure Direct and CD Direct

Cons: None

Yamaha A-S701

Crutchfield customer from Bethesda, MD on 12/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product - very clear sounds and lots of volume. Sounds great at low as well as at high volume.



Awesome amplifier

Ron from Mesa, AZ on 12/2/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I throughly Pleased with this product/purchase. This is a replacement of my old Sansui integrated amp for 37 years. The music/sounds that this Yamaha is absolutely incredible !!

Pros: None

Cons: None

No regrets

Crutchfield customer from Midway, GA on 10/24/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had either Onkyo or Denon AV receivers over the past 25+ years so i was reluctant to get a Yamaha plus I never had an integrated amp. Since i rarely utilized a surround system setup but instead played music through my floor speakers and subwoofer i opted for the much simpler IA setup. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I still use it for TV but my music sounds incredible. No regrets at all!!! I love the Yamaha and how simple it is to set up. I know there are far superior units but for the money i cant see anyone being disappointed. I also added a bluetooth receiver and ipod dock to it making it perfect for my needs

Pros: Simplicty Great sound Nice bang for buck

Cons: Could use a light on volume knob The loudness feature seems irrelevant since the FLAT position is at max. You should be able to go beyond flat to get better sound at lower volume but dont let this scare you off

Yamaha A-S701

Crutchfield customer from Trappe, MD on 10/10/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was surprised by the actual size and weight of the unit. It is solid and serves my music listening needs quite well.

Pros: Solid solution

Cons: None - yet

crutchfield and yamaha are where it`s at

bill from Syracuse, NY on 4/30/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i`ve had fine equipment for many years and my system has always sounded great! being a musician i want great sound! i`ve had it before and now, with this yamaha A-S701 amp it sounds even better. i love the pure direct, cd direct and loudness controls. great, clean sound with plenty of power. as a bonus, the amp is a great looking unit(i got the silver version). marshall is great and helped me through every step along the way. very professional and friendly service(we had quite a few laughs during our encounter)! all in all, a pleasant and enjoyable not to mention rewarding experience. bill g.

Pros: great sound, looks and service

Cons: none yet!

Simple sexy amp

Vincent from Sardis, MS on 3/25/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great amp, very clear, very loud, well worth the money!!!

Pros: Very simple.

Cons: Why do they not have tape loops for EQ anymore???

Fidelity and Power

Nicholas from Ransomville, NY on 3/4/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This integrated amp is amplifier first, integration second. Yamaha brings the perfect balance of controls paired with excellent audio quality. I use this amp to power my Polk RtiA9 towers (biamped) which are quite power hungry, the 701 never waivers, never runs out of oomph, and maintains clarity even at high volumes. I am absolutely pleased with this amplifier. For those who are curious as I was, the 701's DAC is a Texas Instruments PCM9211 (24-Bit, 216-kHz capable of 24-Bit, 96-kHz output).

Pros: Excellent sound quality, plenty of power, very well engineered audio controls, good DAC (not advertised by Yamaha, but present)

Cons: The volume dial indicator is back (on black), so it becomes impossible to see from where I sit. A future iteration should have an LED light indicator.

Sound Investment

Thomas from Hilo, HI on 2/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was upgrading a twenty year old system (Denon receiver, Technics carousel CD player, Technics speakers) and decided to go with an integrated amp instead of a receiver, since I hardly ever used the tuner function. I wanted something where power would never be an issue, and which would support a CD player, turntable and digital broadcasts. The Yamaha A-S701looks like it will serve me well for the next twenty years.

Pros: More power than I'll ever need, classic looks, quality build.

Cons: Prices have gone up this century.

Excellent even with demanding speakers

Crutchfield customer from Las Vegas, NV on 1/17/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For driving AR-9's, which are 4 ohm tower speakers, the Yamaha A-S701 is even better than the Yamaha M-80/ C-80 it replaces; which when the 80 series were new cost many times as much.

Pros: Clean and dynamic

Cons: none

Sounds as good and clean as it looks!

Crutchfield customer from Forest Park, IL on 9/20/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It's a solid quality amp. It is considered entry level, but it's all I'll ever need. 100watts, any amp delivers 100w, but this one is very clean compared to my AV receiver. I ordered the Silver model and looks amazing. Love the vintage look and simplicity. Using a Pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers and a SVS PB-1000 Sub. Weird Combo, but it's what I like.

Pros: 100 watts of Clean power No useless features Digital inputs Sub Preamp Out

Cons: Plastic EQ knobs. I would have paid a little more for stainless steel knobs.

Thrilled with my purchase

Jeff from USA on 9/13/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This amp is just what I was looking for. Plenty of power and great detail and dynamics. I gave up on a 35 watt integrated because I found myself wanting to turn up the volume and there was nothing left from the amp. From Clapton to Steely Dan and Diana Krall, everything I play performs nicely. I don't think you will be disappointed.



Decent amp

Leigh from Highland, CA on 8/2/2017

I searched for amps for months. I finally decided on this one and Im very pleased with my choice. I didn't buy it here and Im sorry Crutchfield. If you buy this amp, You wont be disappointed. It sounds excellent and enough power for my speakers. It needs broken in but out of the box it sounds fine. I do hope it lasts.

Pros: Has all the inputs I need Plenty of power for my Klipsch RF-82 speakers Love the silver face

Cons: The only con is the volume control. The volume doesn't start coming in till about 1/4 turn of the control There is no light on the volume control and its hard to see the position its in

Yamaha A-S701 Integrated Amplifier

Steve from Eureka, CA on 5/29/2017

I purchased the Yamaha A-S701 to replace a Denon AVR-1613 home theater receiver for the simple reason that I missed RCA and phono inputs, and hated having to jump through multiple menus just to adjust the tone controls! I am absolutely blown away by how great this amplifer sounds!! My first test was Carol King's "Tapestry" through my Onkyo C-7030 cd player. This is not a particularly good-sounding recording, or at least it didn't sound all that good until I played it through the Yamaha. The piano and vocals come across so well through this amplifer; in other words, Carol King sounds like...Carol King!! The turntable preamp also sounds excellent, breathing new life into my ADS turntable. I am running this amplifer with two Infinity Reference R162 bookshelf speakers and a Sunfire 10-inch powered sub. It has so much power that I have never had to turn it past 11 o'clock to fill a large great room with sound. For those sitting on the fence about going from a noisy home theater receiver back to cleaner two channel stereo....don't put it off any longer!! You will not be disappointed with this super clean sounding amplifier. I use this amp mainly for CD and vinyl. I am also amazed at how good the built-in DAC sounds with my Sony Blu-Ray player using the coxial input. The Sony DAC sounds terrible next to the Yamaha's. All in all a truly audiophile-grade amplifer at a very reasonable price!!

Pros: Very powerful amplifer that makes music sound like music. Very simple design with no menus to jump through!! It sounds excellent with or without the direct mode.

Cons: None. Contrary to what other's have said, the plastic knobs do not feel cheap.

Yamaha A-S701

Crutchfield customer from New York, NY on 4/10/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After all the glowing reviews I frankly expected more from the Yamaha A-S701. It does everything competently but is under powered. It replaced a Denon integrated amplifier near the same price range I'd had for thirteen years. Compared to the room filling crystal clear sound with so much power I never had to turn the knob past one quarter for CD's, the Yamaha offers less brilliant, non-room filling sound, and needs to be turned almost to one half to achieve that.

Pros: Decent sound, plenty of jacks for all your components

Cons: Under powered, CD Pure and Direct settings do not improve the sound, poor power cord that doesn't snap in solidly, no additional outlets for other components, cheap feeling knobs

Crutchfield response on 4/11/2017 We're sorry you're disappointed with your amp. Whenever you are not completely satisfied with anything you purchase from Crutchfield, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-955-9091. Purchases from Crutchfield can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the purchase.

Left AND Right

Christian from Brooklyn, NY on 3/26/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Ever since I bought a Sound Bar from Crutchfield for my Home Theatre needs (can't recommend this switch enough), my A/V receiver has been an over complicated annoyance. Sure it was beautifu, had a million inputs and did everything and the world (come pick it up, it's yours), but it was like the circus came to town and what I really wanted was pure stereo left and right for my turntable, reel-to-reel and, yeah, CD player. This one is perfect. Super perfect. Going strictly stereo? Look into this series. The minimalist design is lovely. Great tactical knob feel. Sounds amazing. Extremely happy. The unit is deep and wide enough to put a turntable on. I do wish the matching Yamaha CD player came in silver faced. Apparently there is one but it is a Japanese only model. It would be nice to have them match.

Pros: Uncluttered, minimalist design (in terms of knobs and buttons and lights) Powerful stereo sound Sufficient inputs (including optical) Outputs for tape recording

Cons: No silver faced matching CD player available in USA Yamaha Bluetooth module seems to be EOL'd.

Yamaha A-S701

DOUGLAS from Campobello, SC on 3/17/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

great amp. compact but heavyweight quality



Great sound

Terry s from Tallahassee, FL on 3/12/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound for the money

Pros: Very clean sound easy to hook up and use

Cons: None yet

Welcome Replacement for My Old Receiver!

DC from Salem, OR on 2/20/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love it. Great replacement for my 32 year old receiver. Sound is crisp and flawless, with power to spare. Superb clarity and separation. And the tuning options are enjoyable to experiment with, producing welcome varieties through my music-dedicated setup.

Pros: Design. Appearance. Sound is crisp and flawless, with superb clarity, separation, and power to spare. Tuning options accurate and highly functional.

Cons: None yet discovered.

Yamaha A-S701

robert from Providence, RI on 1/7/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

very happy with this, enough power, crystal clear and beautiful. makes my music come alive, paired with my Klipsh reference speakers and my new Pro-ject turn table, I am loving vinyl all over again

Pros: more than enough power

Cons: wish I could hook up an equalizer to it, but alas, no line in/out

Yamaha A-S701

Paul from Bothell, WA on 10/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A replacement for my 33 year old Tandberg 3012 Amp. All good so far



Yamaha A-S701

Frank from Largo, FL on 6/14/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

An absolutely outstanding sounding amplifier. Much better sounding than the Marantz I had. Electric guitar, cymbals & piano sound much more realstic. Much lower distortion up & down the line. Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising since Yamaha also makes musical instruments.

Pros: Sound Quality

Cons: Speaker terminals could be more rugged.

Powerful Amp

Tony from Miami, FL on 5/4/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Powerful and clean. When playing a CD no noise in between songs just silent. I've pair the amp with a pair of Klipsch RP280F and a Sub R-110SW for a 2.1 system and its being very satisfiying how clean and clear the music sound. I've also added my old Technics SL-D1 turntable and no complains there also.

Pros: Powerful, Low distortion, simple



Chuck67 from Dallas, TX on 4/22/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

At the recomendation of a Crutchfield advisor, I purchased a Yamaha A-S701 integrated amp. After connecting my Polk Audio RTiA7 speakers, also from Crutchfield, and putting an Alan Jackson CD on, my first impression was WOW! This is first class sound all the way. The Yamaha has the punch to drive the power hungry Polks to perform like they were meant to. The high quality is evident when you get an amazing pure sound without even using the Pure Direct or CD direct functions. I recomend this product highly and it is definitely a good value.

Pros: Clean, pure sound. Plenty of quality power, Very well built

Cons: None that I have found


John M from Davenport, IA on 4/13/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I decided to stay with 2.x stereo for music and TV, so I selected the A-S701 hoping it would have the ability to properly drive the 15" woofers in my Heathkit AS-1348 floorstanders. It does so without any strain or color that I can hear . I haven't noticed any extra heat from the heatsinks when played a bit loud. I agree that the volume control taper is a bit different, but it works fine. The mute button actually just lowers the volume, so switching to an unused input is my way to mute it. The round knobs are metal, the others are plastic, but the overall package seems solid. The DAC works well. There is the A-S801 for those who want USB audio and don't already have a good DAC for that. The non adjustable subwoofer output seems to roll off sharply at 100HZ. I also would like to have had switched ac receptacles on the back, and preamp to amp jumpers as well. If a universal remote is to be used it will need to be one of the "learning" types to pick up the power on/off and some other functions. Haven't yet tried the phono input. The 8/4 ohm speaker output selector does not use a series resistor, it is connected to the power supply. Overall, a worthwhile amp to own!

Pros: Conservatively rated clean power.

Cons: Nothing significant.

Very nice sounding.

Stereo 2 Channel from arlington heights, IL on 3/1/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A very nice amp

Pros: I Like the separate treble and bass controls they adds nice rounded sound compared to pure direct. You can add Bluetooth capabilities and it works great.

Cons: None at this time

Amazing Sound for Phono and CDs

ChrisJS from scituate, MA on 2/18/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased the Yamaha A-S701 to replace a vintage integrated receiver/amplifier. Decided on the A-S701 after reading reviews of this and other products with the over-riding need being to select a amplifier with an integrated quality phono input for our audiophile turntable and enough power for our large stereo speakers. The 100 watt output certainly does the job with ease and there is undetectable distortion even at very high volume. My wife listens to a wide variety of music including classical and opera. Our LPs have a new lease of life with this new amplifier. The "Pure Direct" and "CD Direct" options both enhance the listening experience, especially with CDs played on our Onkyo C7070, also from Crutchfield. I did consider the Yamaha A-S801before purchasing the A-S701 but since the specifications were almost identical I went with the 701, and lucked out by buying a "Dent & Scratch" that was as new except for damaged Styrofoam packaging. I must admit to having put off the upgrade of our vintage receiver in the mistaken belief that older stereo equipment had a better tone with the turntable. But I stand corrected since, as when we upgraded the to the Onkyo CD player, there definitely is a major improvement in sound quality compared to the older equipment. Overall I am very pleased with the new Yamaha amp. The only things Yamaha might consider would be to make the USB 12V power take-off a universal outlet, and also adding at least one switched 110V out

Pros: Excellent sound quality for both LPs and CDs. Connects to TV for enhanced stereo sound. Good-looking minimalist design. Planty of power (100watts) for large floor speakers.

Cons: USB 12V power take-off is dedicated to 2 specific functions. This meant i was not able to connect my Blink directly to the USB power and needed yet another 110V outlet. At least one switched 110V outlet would also be appreciated.

Smart Investment

john from chicago, IL on 1/31/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit is everything promised, and then some.



Yamaha A-S701 Paired with Bowers and Wilkins 683 Floor Speakers

Ken from Connecticut from Milford, CT on 1/23/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased my Yamaha A-S01 at a nice discount from Crutchfield as a 'scratch and dent'. Well there was no scratches or dents. But the remote did look a little 'used' but not too bad and certainly worth the discount. As for the amp... I considered it an audiophile integrated amp, but I don't think this amp gets the love and respect from the audiophile community that it deserves. This is a very powerful amp that delivers clean sound with little to distortion***(see my comments at end). It also has a built in DAC so it excepts optical and coaxial digital cables which, to me, is a huge plus since all my music is digitally streamed. I paired this Yami up with a Chromecast Audio optical dongle and it works great! Very high-fi and way better than bluetooth. This amp also has a RCA-Line sub level output which I think is also a big plus. The A+B speaker select allows you to run your speakers bi-amped--- but I choose not to. If you are looking for a high power amp that can move big speakers to shake the house... this is a good choice. But don't get me wrong, this Yami performs awesome at low volumes also. ***my only complaint is that at very high volume there is noticeable distortion to the mids in piano solo songs.

Pros: Power Retro Look Digital Inputs

Cons: No meters Piano Mids distortion at high volume

!!! Yamaha A-S701 Integrated Amplifier

Norm from Colorado on 12/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Well engineered product, clear powerful sound. Another excellent Yamaha product and I own several.

Pros: Clear detailed sound, excellent control layout, sufficient power to drive my speakers.

Cons: None

Very pleased with my purchase

Angel D. from North Carolina on 12/20/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking to build a solid entry level audio system to play music on. I am a newbie at this but after reading a lot into the different types of audio systems, much of which was on the crutchfield website, I decided on this integrated amplifier. I have nothing to compare it to, but i am very happy with the purchase. I would also recommend getting the Yamaha YCB-11 so you can connect your Bluetooth device (e.g. iPhone) wirelessly and play music.

Pros: Bluetooth connectivity (with Yamaha adapter).

Cons: None.

Very Happy

EdgeTrigger from Charlotte, NC on 6/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have not had the Amp long, but so far I love it. 100 watts per channel @ 8 ohms 20-20,000 hertz, real power, not a bogus 4 ohm 1k rating. I have it connected to a pair Polk Monitor Series 75T's 275 watts, 90 db sensitivity and a power sub. It is hooked to my computer through a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium board using the optical connection, so all digital for music to speakers. Sounds crystal clear with great low, mids and highs. Cranks up insanely loud, shaking my the whole room, but no distortion at all. Love the old school look with modern tech inside. Exactly what I have been looking for.

Pros: Great sound quality, very powerful, old school look and fell, optical links

Cons: high price, plastic knobs (wish I could have paid a extra $50 and had a metal knobs installed)

clean, but

Mike G from Hamilton,Virginia on 5/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was extremely excited about the purchase of the is new Yamaha amp. My Denon DR 685 gave up and I was thrilled that Yamaha was making a two channel amp. Let me say that the Yamaha is a quality piece. It is impressive visually. The features of this amplifier was exactly what I was looking for. My Denon had the same power rating the THD on the Yamaha is better so whats not to like? Well I can say that this Yamaha is very crisp and accurate in my opinion. Where I am struggling with the Yamaha is on the bottom end. The bass is there but it does not carry. I know this sounds odd but if you sit close to my speakers ( NHT ST 4 towers) the bass sounds accurate and defined. The problem is when you get about 6-8 ft. in front of the speakers the bass almost seems to disappear. Being a bass player I am probably a little sensitive to this but even my friends noticed the same issue. This was definitely NOT the case with the Denon. I like the Yamaha, I feel a little disappointed in its bass response. I am not sure if the Yamaha is accurately representing the bass or if the Denon was exaggerating it. I know what I like and I prefer the Denon as it sounds a little warmer to me. Another issue is the volume control. Nothing really happens until the volume is a minimum of a quarter engaged. I enjoy my music at high volume levels and I listen to most of my music at the halfway point of the volume control dial. I find this calibration odd. The power is there, you have to crank it to hear it.

Pros: High quality looks and features. Crisp highs. CD direct and Pure direct are interesting Silver finish looks great!

Cons: Volume control calibration is odd. Would also benefit from an indicator light on the volume control. Bass response is disappointing with a flat setting. I guess that why they have bass and treble settings? Only had for a few weeks but at this point in time I prefer the warmth of my Denon Dr 685 receiver. The Yamaha does sound great just different. It is growing on me.


Desert Dawg from Phoenix, AZ on 3/5/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Had for a few weeks and very pleased. Good to see manufacturers focusing once again on two-channel amps. Drives two indoor Bowers & Wilkins 685's and two outdoor Definitive Technology AW-6500's simultaneously. I also consider a similar unit from Rotel (RA-12) that has a 5 year warranty, but went with Yamaha because of a slightly better DAC, sub out and more juice. Also considered a higher priced Onkyo (A-9070) with more juice and dual DACs, but they refuse to sell the silver version in the U.S. market (and Crutchfield strangely discontinued the model...)

Pros: Silver finish; Texas Instruments 32bit/192kHz DAC (according to Yamaha customer service 2/15); beefy capacitors, sub-out

Cons: Knobs don't have a quality feel; only two digital inputs; only a 2 year warranty

Awesome Amp

Franklin from Pennsylvania on 1/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very happy with this amp lots of power driving polk tsi200s i did a lot of research before this purchase. i own a NAD 326 after listening to both i prefer the yamaha 701 better highs and i also own a yamaha as 500 this 701 is a huge stepup like the detachable power cord 100 watts power someof the buttons are metal such as the volume knob and input selector overall nice amp very happy i tried all types of music all sounds very good

Pros: Power at 100 watts, metal knobs ,optical input ,

Cons: None

yamaha a-s701

mark from fairfield,ca 94533 on 1/5/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Have two pairs of speakers hooked up to unit and it sounds great! Music from the unit seems to have more clarity.

Pros: Handsome unit that produces great sound.

Cons: None the I can think of.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Performance Specs
Watts RMS per Channel (8-ohms) 100
Watts RMS per Channel (6-ohms) 120
Watts RMS per Channel (4-ohms) Not given
Frequency Bandwidth 20-20k
THD 0.019%
Minimum Impedance 4 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio 99
Digital Music Features
Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Yes
High-resolution Audio Playback No
Bluetooth No
Wi-Fi N/A
Total Analog Inputs 6
Phono Input Yes
Optical Digital Inputs 1
Coaxial Digital Inputs 1
USB Input No
Preamp Outputs Sub
Headphone Output 1/4"
Dimensions and Warranty
Width (inches) 17-1/8
Height (inches) 5-15/16
Depth (inches) 16-5/16
Weight (pounds) 24.7
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research



"Natural Sound" Concept: Yamaha, with a long history of over 125 years as a musical instrument maker, also has a high reputation for HiFi components. Yamaha's A-S701 integrated amplifier takes advantage of this rich experience and high technological expertise. Based on the concept of "Natural Sound", for reproducing all music as it really sounds, and built with scrupulous care from circuit design to basic sound production, the A-S701 reproduces high sound quality and musically rich sound.

Proprietary Yamaha Technologies: The Yamaha A-S701 integrated amplifier employs proprietary Yamaha technologies for optimum performance and sound reproductions.

  • ToP-ART Design: When processing and transmission of the audio signal is simple and direct there is less chance of it being affected by noise and distortion. Yamaha's amplifier design technology called "ToP-ART" features an I/O (input to output) Direct Symmetrical Design, with left and right channels organized in a straight, symmetrical layout for highest signal purity.
  • ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough): In addition, the ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) Base bottom chassis and a solid center bar provide high-rigidity support and vibration damping.

High Current Amplifier: The Yamaha A-S701 features a dynamic, high current stereo amplifier with low impedance drive capability. The amp is rated at 100 watts x 2-channels, measured from 20-20 kHz into 8 with 0.019% THD (120 watts x 2-channels, measured from 20-20 kHz into 6 with 0.038% THD).

High Quality Parts: Custom-made power transformer, custom-made block capacitors, two direct signal path speaker relays, one-point grounding system, aluminum-extruded heat sinks and other top-quality parts effortlessly handle demanding audio signal conditions. The quality of each individual part, as well as how they work together, basically determines the sound quality of any component. Yamaha uses only very high quality parts, carefully selected and tested.

CD Direct Amplification + Pure Direct Mode: With a straight connection to the CD input, CD Direct Amplification maximizes the CD source's signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, engaging the Pure Direct mode causes the music signals to travel the shortest possible circuit route, bypassing the buffer amp, the tone, loudness and balance controls to virtually eliminate any signal degradation for the purest sound quality.

Sophisticated Front-Panel Design: With a beautifully simple and unique design inherited directly from Yamaha's HiFi audio components, this amplifier also boast an easy-to-operate button layout. The aluminum front-panel has a richly textured silver hairline finish (the rotary knobs are plastic). The rotary encoder makes it quick and easy to select input sources. The luxury hairline finish material offers a nice tactile feeling. LEDs clearly show which source is selected, so you can easily switch sources even in a dark room.


Variable Loudness Control: The A-S701 also feature a new analog loudness control on the front-panel that uses electronic volume for higher sound quality, which lets you adjust the loudness effect as desired. Separate from the overall volume, this controls the balance of the low- and high- frequency sounds, providing full tonal range at any volume level; compensating for the natural loss in the human ear of high and low frequencies at soft levels.

Tone Controls: The integrated amplifier features independent bass (20 Hz) and treble (20 kHz) controls so you can increase or decrease the low and high frequency response (+/-10dB). You can also adjust the output balance of the left and right speakers.

Impedance Switch: The integrated amplifier features a rear-panel impedance switch to match the impedance level of the speakers connected. Choose High or Low:

  • High: Select High if using one set (A or B) of speakers with impedance of 6-ohm or higher; when bi-wiring the impedance of the speaker must also be 6-ohms or higher.
  • Low: Select Low if using one set (A or B) of speakers with the impedance of 4-ohm to 6-ohm; if using two sets (A and B) of speakers simultaneously, the impedance of each speaker must be at least 8-ohms; when bi-wiring the impedance of the speaker must also be 4-ohms to 6-ohms.

Simple Remote Control: The clean, simple design of the remote control provides easy-to-understand one-hand operation. The easy-to-use design makes it simple to adjust song volume and order. The remote has a sophisticated looking hairline finish that matches the design of the amplifiers. You can also use the remote to control a Yamaha CD/SACD player.

Auto Power Standby: The amplifier has a power management function that detects when it hasn't been used for a long time (about 8 hours) even though the power is on, and automatically shifts it into standby mode. So even if you forget to turn it off, power consumption will be minimized.


Gold-Plated Terminals: The Yamaha A-S701 has gold-plated terminals for all of its inputs and outputs. These gold-plated terminals ensure a high quality connection that prevents signal loss.

Analog & Digital Inputs: The Yamaha A-S701 integrated amplifier offers analog & digital inputs for connection of a variety of home audio components.

  • RCA + Phono: The Yamaha integrated amplifier is equipped with six analog stereo (RCA) inputs for connecting external analog audio sources, including a turntable. The Phono input can be used to connect a turntable with an MM phono cartridge to play vinyl records. The unit's Phono input also features a ground terminal.
  • Optical & Coaxial Digital Inputs: The A-S701 is equipped with both optical (toslink) and coaxial (RCA) digital audio inputs. The optical and coaxial inputs will accept 2ch PCM (not Dolby Digital/DTS). The audio stays in the digital domain, giving you pure, pristine dynamic sound for all your entertainment sources, from sports and other programs to movies and concerts.

Recording Outputs: There are also two pair of RCA outputs for recording audio through the amplifier to recording device.

A & B Speaker Terminals: The Yamaha integrated amplifier features binding post terminals for its A & B speaker outputs. You can use the A & B speaker outputs to power two pair of speakers, or bi-wire a single pair of compatible speakers. The terminals are not 5-way binding posts because a plastic collar prevents their use with spade lugs and they are too far apart for dual banana plugs.

Sub Output: A terminal for connecting a subwoofer is provided, allowing you to increase the bass output of your system for a more powerful sound with better overall sound quality

Headphone Output: The A-S701 integrated amplifier is equipped with a front-panel 1/4" headphone output for connecting a pair of headphones (sold separately). The headphone output and speaker outputs will work simultaneously; you will need to rotate the speaker selector switch on the front-panel to the Off position to turn off the sound from your connected speakers.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Features I've been looking for, excellent reviews [ Ron  Feb 05, 2019 ]
noisy neighbors beware the A-S701\RTi-10 combo [ Ronald  Nov 28, 2018 ]
based on needs/wants quality and price were selected for choosing this amp [ Larry  Jun 13, 2018 ]
I was looking for a intergrated amplifier to replace a 25 year old Onkyo AV receiver. I decided to dust of my vinyl and needed something with a phone input. Tim, my service advisor, was very helpful. [ EARNEST M  Mar 13, 2018 ]
Has class A/B power amp and linear power supply. Replacing a 20 year old NAD integrated. [ wendell  Jan 08, 2018 ]
Simple, Output wattage, digital audio input [ J  Apr 25, 2017 ]
Bang for the buck. [ John  Mar 02, 2017 ]
Wattage and price [ John  Jan 30, 2017 ]
Advice and quality of product. [ Gregory  Aug 29, 2016 ]
quality and power [ dan  Aug 26, 2016 ]
I choose this amp after research of the great sound and quality build. Also this unit has the treble, bass and loudness controls on front should I choose to use them. All the connections on rear that I need and want was also a determining factor. [ Victor  Feb 17, 2016 ]
Superb specs for stereo hifi and has phono input. Yamaha product quality reputation. Also like Onkyo but no product matches specs and has phono input. [ ChrisJS  Feb 05, 2016 ]
My 35 year old Kenwood amp was losing it's punch. I did a whole lot of research before deciding on the Yamaha A-S701. I like the specs, the power rating, and there are a whole lot of positive reviews, from professionals, and consumers. [ Steven  Jan 17, 2019 ]
I have had Yamaha amplifiers in the past and had no problems. For the past 12 years I switched to two "high-end" product brands and both of them failed miserably. So I'm going back to Yamaha. I like it's simple lay-out and excellent specifications. All the bells and whistles of an AV receiver would never be used, strictly 2.2 music. [ W  May 11, 2018 ]
Has 100watts of clean(low noise) power per channel, digital optical inputs and subwoofer output. [ Jose  Sep 07, 2017 ]
The features or this amplifier meet my needs. [ J  Nov 28, 2016 ]

14 questions already asked

Bob, This amp is set for 120 voltage @ 60 hz . I purchased this unit a few months ago and love it, reminds me of old school pioneer & maranz units. [ LAWRENCE  May 27, 2018 ]
My amp is not switchable from 110-240. [ MICHAEL L  May 25, 2018 ]
No it is not [ Steve  May 24, 2018 ]
I'm not at home to look at it right now but most high-quality Fidelity equipment is the one thing I can tell you is you will enjoy it sound I have a few different stereo systems I bought this one exclusively for my shop and don't take that wrong when I say shop I spend a good majority of my time there so I need good quality sound [ Robert  May 24, 2018 ]
If I'm not mistaken a you 99 as a microphone and I don't remember seeing any microphone inputs but I can tell you that I've owned a lot of stereo equipment a lot and this is one of the best sounding amplifiers I've had in a long time [ Robert  Feb 02, 2018 ]
No there is definitely not a USB port. We run ours through our CD player USB port. [ DENNIS  Nov 16, 2017 ]
There is no direct port on the 701 hang out but I have a Yamaha CD player that does and it makes my ipod sound awesome through that amplifier [ Robert  Nov 15, 2017 ]
No. [ John  Nov 15, 2017 ]
Yes, you'll need an adapter, 3.5mm stereo plug to 2 RCA plugs on one of the line level inputs. [ NORMAN K  Feb 18, 2017 ]
Yes you can, there is a usb plug-in. It's a great amp with clean, crisp sound [ Don  Feb 17, 2017 ]
Unfortunately my amp is very difficult to access the rear of the amp and looking at my manuel I do not see a usb port. However, I play my I pod nano through the amp with my I tunes and it works perfectly. I believe it is the Aux jack. Hope this helps, by the way, what an outstanding amp. As clean as it gets with excellent power. [ MICHAEL  Feb 17, 2017 ]
Not through a USB port but you can get a stereo input cable that has an earphone adapter at one end and play from a laptop or a phone that way. [ John  Feb 17, 2017 ]
This receiver does have a phono input. The Phono input can be used to connect a turntable with an MM phono cartridge to play vinyl records. The unit's Phono input also features a ground terminal. [ Jeff  Feb 22, 2016 ]  Staff
The Yamaha A-S701 is designed to produce cleaner sound with a custom-made power transformer, custom-made block capacitors, two direct signal path speaker relays, one-point grounding system, aluminum-extruded heat sinks and other top-quality parts. That along with proprietary Yamaha technologies allow the A-S701 to reproduce high-quality and musically rich sound. I hope that helps. My Bio: [ Larry  Feb 19, 2016 ]  Staff
I have no experience with this tuner. However, the remote works fine with my Yamaha CD changer. [ David  Feb 05, 2016 ]
Sorry....I purchased only the amp and not the tuner. I don't have the remote handy even to look at the controls. [ James  Feb 04, 2016 ]
I can't answer that question I have a Yamaha sa 701 integrated amplifier backed by a pair of Cerwin Vega XSL 12 they have awesome Bass a little muddy in the mids but I can definitely wait the neighborhood if I want [ Robert  Nov 15, 2017 ]
This will partly depend on the type of speakers you are connecting, and the distance you are running the speaker. You can click on the Accessories tab to see recommended cables. [ Jeff  Aug 31, 2015 ]  Staff
According to the operating manual, "Connect the supplied Power Cable to "AC IN" after all other connections are complete". Remember, this is the AMERICAN manual, and may not apply to India. This manual contains some information for North America, China and Australia, but I see NOTHING for India. My suggestion to you is to contact Yamaha's distributor in India, or see if you can locate this unt in an electronics store where you can look at it.. They can give you a definitive answer. Good Luck!! [ ED  Aug 28, 2015 ]
Great product but ask crutchfield or yamaha abut the use in India power requirements [ PAUL  Aug 24, 2015 ]
It will work. It can be configured to accommodate 220 quickly and efficiently. This is a great amp. [ stump  Aug 24, 2015 ]
You will want to contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat to discuss compatibility with your equalizer. They will be able to pull up this amp and see if it will work. If it does not, then they will also be able to discuss other options with you. [ Jeff  Dec 03, 2014 ]  Staff
Yes - External DAC to Analog input will bypass the internal DAC. Which input to use will depend on what kind of source you are trying to connect. [ Michael  Oct 04, 2018 ]
Yes, the AS-701 is rated at 100 w per channel, the RTiA7 speaker is rated to take up to 300 watts. Physically the connections are compatible as well but make sure to get high grade cable and match the connectors (banana plugs) on each end, my Polks have banana receptacles and the AS-701 I own has them as well. Be careful though if you are expecting to use the speakers at full rated power of 300 watts as the amplifier will probably begin to clip at the the top of its output range. Also, I've noted that my Polks aren't quite as efficient at low power as other speakers I own but they sound great. [ NORMAN K  Dec 17, 2016 ]
I Would think so , I used it with cerwin Vegas [ Keith  Dec 17, 2016 ]
Yes [ DENNIS  Dec 16, 2016 ]
Yes you can add those speakers to the amp. May I add that A-S701 is quite a piece of equipment, the first that hit me is the clarity. Excellent choice [ Don  Dec 16, 2016 ]
Sandy, I am not familiar with the Polk RTIA7's but I have NHT Towers connected to mine. I can tell you that initially after receiving this amp and having replaced a Denon with identical power I was a bit underwhelmed. Its now been two years later and I have really grown to LOVE this Yamaha. At first I felt its bass response was a tad lacking compared to the Denon but I can honestly day that was a mistake. I would describe this amp as precise. I cant imagine why these Polks would not work well although I do not know their OHM rating. As a bass and guitar teacher I consider myself extremely picky as to the performance of my stereo gear. I have many friends who are serious audiophiles who have EXTREMELY expensive high end gear and they all have been blown away by this amp. I find it to be exactly what I was after in an two channel audio only amp. I am completely satisfied with the performance and quality of this amp. I can only imagine that your Polk towers will sound great with the Yamaha. The one thing about the Yamaha that took some getting used to compared to the Denon was the way the volume control was calibrated. The Denon displayed most of its power between the first half of the dial. Once past halfway not much changed. The Yamaha is more conventional as I use it past the halfway point on occasion and it keeps getting louder and stays remarkably clean doing it. I use this amp quite often , I am partial to two channel amps and I would definitely by it again if anything happened to it. Extremely pleased. Good luck. [ MICHAEL  Dec 16, 2016 ]
Absolutely. 8 ohm speaker rated for 300 watts. Amp is rated for 100 watts into 8 ohms. You won't have the headroom of a bigger amp. Based on the sensitivity of the speaker, 89db, you'll hit just over 107db at full volume which is typically enough for most people. [ A  Dec 16, 2016 ]
absolutely. This amp takes either banana connections or bare speaker wire, the other end of the speaker cable would, of course, have whatever connectors are compatible with the Polks. [ Penguiy  Dec 16, 2016 ]
If you are asking if this will have enough power to move the Polk RTiA7s.... I would say absolutely yes. It is a very powerful amp with little distortion. This amp also has A/B channels which will allow you to bi-amp those speakers if you desire. I my opinion... this amp is in a 'better class' than your speakers. And pairing it up with those speakers might be doing the amp an injustice. However, dollar for dollar, I can not imagine any other amp that can make the Polks sound the best they can sound. [ Yelitza  Dec 16, 2016 ]
I'm am not running Klipsh but I am running NHT towers. When I first received this amp I somewhat felt that it didn't have the warmth my Denon had. Now that I have owned it for over a year I have gotten to appreciate just how clean this amp is. Wish I could help you with the specific speakers but this maybe of some use. I am pleased with the amp though. Extremely clean. [ MICHAEL  Oct 24, 2016 ]
I have this amp paired with Martin Logan 60XT floor-standing speakers. I think the 60XTs are a bit nicer than the amp...but the sound quality sounds great. I particularly like the amp...i spent a lot of time researching integrated amplifiers and finally settled on the A-S701. I much recommend this amp. [ Angel De Jesus  Oct 24, 2016 ]

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