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Yamaha RX-V661

Home theater receiver with HDMI switching

7 Reviews

Item # 022RXV661

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Our take on the Yamaha RX-V661

Yamaha's RX-V661 lets you enjoy movies, music, TV shows, and video games in rich, room-filling surround sound. It combines seven channels of high-current home theater power with Yamaha's sophisticated digital processing to deliver an enveloping home theater experience. You also get convenience features like HDMI video switching and automatic speaker setup, plus cool entertainment options like XM Satellite Radio capability and iPod® integration.

Yamaha's RX-V661 lets you enjoy movies, music, TV shows, and video games in rich, room-filling surround sound. It combines seven channels of high-current home theater power with Yamaha's sophisticated digital processing to deliver an enveloping home theater experience. You also get convenience features like HDMI video switching and automatic speaker setup, plus cool entertainment options like XM Satellite Radio capability and iPod® integration.

Quick, accurate auto setup
The 'V661's automatic speaker setup feature takes the guesswork out of getting great sound. Just plug in the included microphone and place it in your favorite seat. The receiver takes care of the rest, individually adjusting the volume, delay, and EQ settings for each of your home theater speakers. In minutes, your system is configured for optimum performance with your specific speakers and their placement within the room.

Preset "SCENE" buttons for easy operation
Yamaha's special SCENE modes let you get to your entertainment sources in a hurry. Just press one of the four preset SCENE buttons on the receiver's front panel or remote, and the 'V661 automatically switches to the correct input setting and sound mode for DVD viewing, disc listening, TV viewing, or radio listening. Plus, you can individually reprogram each button for different activities of your choice, such as playing video games, listening to records on your turntable, and more.

Versatile video connections
This receiver boasts 1080p-compatible HDMI digital video switching, too. It lets you hook up two high-definition video components via HDMI connections and switch between them easily, while maintaining the best possible picture quality for both. And component video conversion means you can route all your older video sources to your TV via a single component video connection.

Multi-room audio and a powerful remote
Dual-room/dual-source output lets you listen to home theater in your main room while a housemate enjoys stereo music in another room. Plus you get a multibrand remote for controlling your entire home theater system, and an on-screen display that lets you view the receiver's menus and settings on your TV.

Product Highlights:

  • 90 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.06% THD
  • Dolby® Digital EX, DTS-ES®, DTS Neo:6, Pro Logic® IIx, and DTS 96/24 processing
  • YPAO sound optimization for automatic speaker setup (microphone included)
  • SCENE presets for easier source switching
  • XM Satellite Radio Ready (requires XM subscription and optional XM Mini-Tuner package)
  • Neural Surround decoder for XM's HD Surround channels
  • iPod integration (requires optional Yamaha YDS-10)
    • music, video, and photo playback with on-screen menu
    • control your iPod with the receiver's remote
  • Compressed Music Enhancer for MP3s and other digital music files
  • dual-room/dual-source audio (powered and fixed line-level stereo audio output for 2nd room; using powered 2nd-room output allows 5.1 home theater in main room)
  • 192kHz/24-bit Burr-Brown DACs for all channels
  • high-current, low-impedance amplifier construction
  • Pure Direct mode for better sound from stereo sources
  • selectable subwoofer crossover frequencies and phase switching
  • Silent Cinema for simulated surround sound via standard stereo headphones
  • on-screen display (requires TV with direct video input)
  • 40 AM/FM presets
  • multibrand remote
  • 17-1/8"W x 6-3/4"H x 16-1/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI switching (2 in, 1 out)
  • HDMI version 1.2a
  • component video switching: 3 in, 1 out
  • digital audio outputs: 1 optical
  • 2 sets of main speaker outputs

What's in the Box:

  • Black AM/FM/Dolby Digital/DTS receiver
  • Wireless remote control (RAV326)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Acoustic Optimizer microphone with attached 19.75' cable (has 3.5mm miniplug on the end)
  • AM loop antenna
  • FM wire antenna (with push-on "F" connector)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Product Registration sheet
  • Front panel and remote diagram sheet
  • Manual correction sheet

Bottom line: This receiver is easy to hook up, easy to operate, runs cool, puts out great sound and has a huge amount of features not found on other receivers in its class. I am completely thrilled with it and would highly recommend it.

Joe, Winter Park, FL


Yamaha RX-V661 Reviews

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(7 Reviews)

Yamaha RX-V661

Guest from New Hampshire on 3/23/2008

got to give 5 stars for quality and ease of use sound awesome with me polk rm 95 speakers



amazing sound

rodney from Grove, OK on 3/11/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Being a novice i had little trouble setting up the receiver from different components because i didn't really understand the upconversion factor. the speaker part was easy, it was my old DVD that was giving me fits. Also finding signals on the TV can be challenging as well. Crutchfield helped through all of it. i have it hooked to 4 Klipsch reference series speakers and a mirage subwoofer. the sound is absolutely amazing. i love this receiver, but i wish it did the upconverting, other than that i am totally happy with my purchase.



Yamaha RX-V661

Joe from Winter Park, FL on 1/15/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bottom line: This receiver is easy to hook up, easy to operate, runs cool, puts out great sound and has a huge amount of features not found on other receivers in its class. I am completely thrilled with it and would highly recommend it.



Yamaha RX-V661

Nicholas from Rancho Cordova, CA on 7/23/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This receiver strikes a great balance between being moderately priced and having features I'll use. Specifically, I wanted a 7.1 receiver with multiple HDMI inputs and didn't want to pay more for a receiver that had a bunch of features I wouldn't use (such as upconverting video, since my DVD player performs that function well).<BR><BR>This receiver's auto-setup was surprisingly accurate (although, being a perfectionist, I manually adjusted the settings after running the auto-setup). A couple of handy features are that the receiver retains your settings for each input (for example, if you listen to the tuner in 2-channel stereo with no sound fields selected and then switch to a different input, the next time you select tuner, it will default to 2-channel stereo with no sound fields) and it allows common functions (such as watching a DVD) to be programmed into user-defined &quot;scene&quot; buttons so that you don't need to worry about switching to the proper input. You can even make up your own descriptive titles (such as &quot;Watch a DVD&quot;) for each scene button to help the not-so-technologically-advanced members of your household do what they want to do.<BR><BR>This receiver has plenty of power and has enough of the latest and greatest technology that I&#8217;m not worried about it becoming obsolete any time soon.



Yamaha RX-V661 receiver

Todd from Glendale, CA on 7/5/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy set up and intuitive to use. Nicely organized and logically organized rear panel for the various cable connections. The front panel is not cluttered and the switching between functions is as easy as turning a dial. Check out the images Crutchfield provides. The only modification I would have liked is the clamp style speaker terminals rather than the 'nut' type that this unit comes with.



Yamaha RX-V661

Brian from Los Angeles, CA on 5/10/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The RX-V661 is very easy to set up. I am using it with Boston Acoustics speakers and it sounds great. I have a 50&quot; SONY HDTV and upconverting Sony DVD player. I would recommend banana plugs for the receiver hookups, it just makes it easier to plug in and unplug if you have to do it a few times. The value of the receiver is outstanding, especially if you are using all HDMI inputs. No reason to pay for some of the higher priced receivers. The receiver runs fairly cool, I understand Onkyos run hot, which was my next choice. For a novice such as myself the set up for the Yamaha was very easy. The remote works well also, the preprogrammed sound choices make it easy to customize your listening.<BR>



Yamaha RX-V661

steve from Canandaigua, NY on 5/1/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Originally purchased the Sony FX900W system and ended up returning it due to the lack of inputs/outputs and rear speakers not being truly wireless. Returned that and purchased the new Yamaha RX-V661 receiver along with Infinity TSS-450 speakers and WOW, this system really does a nice job filling my 15' by 24' living room, especially with my 51&quot; Sony HDTV on newer DVD's. This receiver is definitely something you can start a very good all purpose system around and build from there as time and money allows.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Number Of Channels 7
Stereo RMS Power (watts) 90
THD in Stereo 0.06 %
Frequency Bandwidth (stereo) 20-20k Hz
Minimum Impedance L/R 4 ohms
Minimum Impedance Center 6 ohms
Minimum Impedance Surround 6 ohms
General Features
Internet-ready ---
Bluetooth No
Apple AirPlay ---
Alexa-compatible No
Google Home-compatible No
Chromecast built-in No
DTS Play-Fi No
App Remote Control No
USB port for iPod/iPhone No
FM Sensitivity Not Given
HD Radio Tuner No
On-Screen Display
Auto Speaker Calibration ---
HDCP 2.2 for 4K Video No
HDR-compatible No
HDMI Standby Pass-through ---
4K Video Upscaling No
HDMI to HDMI Upconversion ---
DLNA Certified
MHL-compatible ---
Multibrand Remote Control ---
Learning Remote No
LCD Remote
Width (inches) 17-1/8
Height (inches) 6-3/4
Depth (inches) 16-1/16
Weight (pounds) ---
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years
Multi-room Audio--Video
Powered Multi-room Audio Output No
Preamp Multi-room Audio Output No
Multi-room HDMI Output No
Surround Processing
Dolby Digital Yes
Dolby Atmos N/A
Inputs & Outputs
Phono Input 1
Audio-Video Inputs 5
Audio-only Inputs 3
Component Video Inputs 3
Component Video Monitor Outputs 1
Optical Digital Inputs 4
Coaxial Digital Inputs 2
Optical Digital Outputs 1
Coaxial Digital Outputs None
HDMI Inputs 2
HDMI Monitor Outputs 1
Subwoofer Outputs 1
Discrete Subwoofer Outputs No
Multi-Channel Analog Input Yes
Multi-channel Preamp Output Yes
Main Speaker Output Pairs 2
Main Speaker Terminals Posts
Ethernet Port ---
USB Connections None
Removable Power Cord ---

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs Notes


Cinema DSP Digital: Yamaha's proprietary Cinema DSP (Digital Soundfield Processing) Digital technology goes beyond Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, which uses relatively simple matrix and steering techniques to create surround sound effects. Cinema DSP Digital draws on a huge memory of real-world data from actual venues, especially for the music programs, and input from movie sound technicians to deliver a more realistic surround experience.

Quad-Field Cinema DSP: Yamaha's latest technology, Quad-Field Cinema DSP creates four independent soundfields (Front, Surround Left, Surround Right, and Surround Back) that merge to envelop you in an unmatched surround sound experience. Movies and music have accurate sound localization, smooth movement across the sound space, exceptional clarity, and realistic presence.

SCENE: The RX-V661 features four SCENE buttons on the front panel and remote to make operating the receiver easier. These buttons are initially set to default settings for DVD viewing, Disc listening, TV viewing, and Radio listening. You can also program a SCENE button for iPod listening, XM listening, TV sports viewing, or Action Game playing. There is a total of 18 SCENE templates that can be used for various situations.

Simplay HD: The Simplay HD Testing Program represents a standard of excellence in testing for a premium-HD "plug and play" consumer experience, and to maximize user's access to HD content. This receiver bears the Simplay HD logo, meaning it has undergone stringent quality testing related to the HDMI and HDCP specifications, as well as compatibility testing with a suite of other devices that have been Simplay HD verified.

Silent Cinema: The Silent Cinema mode allows private listening of multi-channel music or movies, with an accurate simulation of surround sound, through ordinary stereo headphones. Silent Cinema activates automatically whenever you connect headphones to the receiver while listening to Cinema DSP or HiFi DSP sound field programs.

Night Listening Enhancer: During low-volume listening, such as late as night, dynamic range suffers and some sounds are missed. The Night Listening Enhancer offers two modes, Cinema and Music, each with three levels of effect, to ensure you don't miss movie dialog or quiet passages, or lose overall surround spaciousness.

Compressed Music Enhancer: Compression formats such as MP3, WMA, and AAC generally remove sounds that are undistinguishable to typical human hearing, resulting in a loss of fidelity. The Compressed Music Enhancer regenerates the missing harmonics in compression artifacts and compensates for the loss of low- and high-frequencies to provide improved performance.

YPAO Technology: This unit employs the YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer), which helps you automatically achieve highly accurate sound adjustments. Using the supplied Optimizer Microphone, YPAO performs the following checks and makes appropriate adjustments to give you the best possible sound from your system:

  • Speaker Wiring: Checks which speakers are connected and the polarity of each speaker.
  • Speaker Distance: Checks the distance of each speaker from the listening position and adjusts the timing of each channel.
  • Speaker Size: Checks the frequency response of each speaker and sets the appropriate low-frequency crossover for each channel.
  • Parametric EQ: Adjusts the frequency and the parametric equalizer level of each channel to reduce coloration across the channels and create a cohesive sound field. This is particularly important if you use different brands and sizes of speakers, or if you have a room with unique sonic characteristics.
  • Volume Level: Checks and adjusts the volume level of each speaker.

Digital ToP-ART/High Current Amplification: Yamaha uses the Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) design concept, which combines the latest and best technologies, parts, and circuit designs, to maximize sound quality. High Current Amplification uses superior quality components from input to output to achieve high current power with low impedance.

Wide-range Frequency Response: The receiver's wide-range frequency response, 10Hz to 100kHz, allows you to enjoy the full fidelity of DVD-Audio and Super-Audio CD players.

On-screen Display: You can display the operating information of the receiver on a video monitor, through the composite, S-video, or component video monitor jacks.

Presence Speakers: The receiver has a pair of speaker terminals that can be used for Presence speakers, Front B speakers, or for driving a pair of speakers in Zone 2. The presence speakers supplement the sound from the front speakers with extra ambient effects produced by Cinema DSP. These effects include sounds that the filmmakers intended to locate a little farther back behind the screen in order to create more theater-like ambience. The Presence speakers should be placed at the front of the room about 1-3 feet outside the front speakers. Note: You must select in the menu whether the speaker terminals are being used for Presence, Front B, or Zone 2.

Dialog Lift: When Presence speakers are in use, you can activate the Dialog Lift feature, which assigns some of the front and center channel elements to the presence speakers to "lift" the dialog to a higher position. The effect of the Dialog Lift can be set between 0 and 5, with the higher adjustments reflecting a higher position of the front/center channel sound.

Dual Zone Capability: The RX-V661 allows you to play two different sources in two zones. The receiver has a pair of stereo preamp outputs and a pair of speaker terminals for Zone 2. Only sources that are connected via analog audio inputs can be output to Zone 2. You can control the receiver from the second zone using the supplied remote control when an infrared signal repeater system is used. If you're using the Zone 2 preamp outputs, a separate amplifier or stereo receiver with a pair of speakers, or a powered speaker system are required.

iPod Universal Dock: With the optional YDS-10 iPod Universal Dock (item # 022YDS10), you can connect your iPod digital music player to the RX-V661, and control playback using the remote control. Only iPod (Click Wheel), iPod nano, and iPod mini are compatible with the YDS-10.

XM Satellite Ready: You can listen to XM Satellite Radio by connecting the XM Mini Tuner and Mini Tuner Home Kit to the RX-V661's proprietary plug. A 50' extension cable is available if the Home Kit's 25' cable is not long enough. XM Satellite Radio offers over 150 commercial-free channels of music, news, sports, comedy, talk, and entertainment to choose from--all in digital quality. During XM playback, you can display the channel number and name, category, artist name, and song title on the front panel. Note: A subscription is required in order to receive XM Satellite Radio.

Neural Surround: Neural Surround has been adopted by XM Satellite Radio for digital radio broadcasts of XM HD Surround recordings and live events in surround sound. Neural Surround employs psychoacoustic frequency domain processing which allows delivery of a more detailed sound stage with superior channel separation and localization of audio elements.

XM HD Surround: XM and Neural Audio Corp. have developed XM HD Surround, which provides content with six discrete channels of digital full fidelity audio. Only a handful of XM channels are offering programming in XM HD Surround.

192kHz/24-bit DACs: The RX-V661 uses high quality, audio-grade Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters for all channels to maximize sound quality.

Surround Modes: The RX-V661 offers the following Surround Modes for movies and music:

  • Decoding Formats:
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Digital EX
    • DTS Digital Surround
    • DTS 96/24
    • DTS-ES Matrix 6.1
    • DTS-ES Discrete 6.1
    • Dolby Pro Logic
    • Dolby Pro Logic II (Music, Movie, and Game)
    • Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Music, Movie, and Game)
    • DTS Neo:6 (Music and Cinema)
    • Neural Surround
  • Hi-Fi DSP Modes:
    • Classical: Hall in Vienna, Hall in Munich, Chamber
    • Live/Club: Cellar Club, The Bottom Line, The Roxy Theatre
    • Stereo: 2-channel stereo, 7-channel stereo
  • Cinema DSP Modes:
    • Entertainment: Sports, Action Game, Roleplaying Game, Music Video
    • Movie: Standard, Spectacle, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama, Mono Movie
  • Compressed Music Enhancer: 2-channel Enhancer, 7-channel Enhancer

Virtual Cinema DSP: Virtual Cinema DSP is an algorithm that allows you to enjoy DSP soundfield surround effects while using a minimal two-speaker system.

Audio Delay: You can delay the sound output up to 160 ms to synchronize it with the video image.

Pure Direct: The Pure Direct mode turns off the video circuitry and the front panel display, allowing sources to bypass the decoders and DSP processors of this unit so you can enjoy pure hi-fi sound from 2-channel PCM and analog sources. During Pure Direct playback, tone control and sound menu settings are not available, no sound is output from the subwoofer, and the front panel automatically dims.

Subwoofer Crossover: You can select a crossover frequency for the subwoofer, or for any speaker set to "Large" in the Speaker Setup menu. Selectable low-pass filter frequencies are 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, 100Hz, 110Hz, 120Hz, 160Hz, or 200Hz. In addition, you can switch the phase from Normal to Reverse if the bass sounds are lacking or unclear.

Multi-brand Remote Control: The receiver comes with a multi-brand wireless remote control (RAV326). In addition to the receiver, the remote can control multiple brands of cable TV receivers, cable/PVR combos, DBS/PVR combos, satellite receivers, HDTV receivers, TVs, PVRs, VCRs, DVD player/recorders, LD players, CD player/recorders, MD player/recorders, tape decks, and AM/FM tuners. The remote has a combination of back-lit and glow-in-the-dark keys.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Assignable Inputs: You can assign the HDMI, component video and digital inputs to the component being used with that input. You can select DVD, DTV/CBL, V-AUX, or DVR for each of the HDMI and component video inputs. You can select PHONO, CD, MD/CD-R, DVD, DTV/CBL, V-AUX, or DVR for the two optical and the two coaxial digital inputs.

HDMI Inputs/Output: There are two HDMI inputs on the rear panel, and one HDMI output. These HDMI jacks can be used for 2-channel and multi-channel linear PCM (CD, DVD-Audio), Direct Stream Digital (SACD), and Bitstream (Dolby Digital, DTS) digital audio formats as well as digital video signals up to 1080p resolution.

HDTV-compatible Component Video Outputs: The RX-V661 offers three component video inputs and a component video monitor output. These inputs and outputs have a frequency response of 5 Hz to 60 MHz, which is capable of switching High Definition video sources.

Front Panel Input: The front panel's Video Aux input features analog stereo RCA and optical digital inputs, plus composite and S-video video inputs.

Multi-channel Analog Input: This unit has a discrete 5.1-channel analog input for accommodating DVD-Audio and Super-Audio CD players or an external decoder. You can convert the input to 7.1-channels, and use an assigned pair of input jacks along with the 5.1-channel input to connect the 7.1-channel device.

Digital Inputs/Outputs: Digital audio signals input at the optical or coaxial input jacks can be output at the optical digital output.

Speaker Terminals: The receiver has binding post speaker terminals for the front A, front B/Zone 2/presence, center, surround, and surround back channels. The binding posts can accept bare wire, pin connectors, and single banana plugs. The terminals are spaced too far apart for using dual banana plugs. The collar surrounding the binding post terminals prevent the use of spade connectors.

Preamp Outputs: The RX-V661 offers preamp outputs for all channels: front L/R, center, surround L/R, surround back L/R, and subwoofer for connecting to separate amplifiers if desired.

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