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Blaupunkt Bremen MP74

CD player with MP3 playback

Item # 023BREMEN

You say you want sound control? Blaupunkt's Bremen MP74 CD player delivers it with three listening postion settings...

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You say you want sound control? Blaupunkt's Bremen MP74 CD player delivers it with three listening postion settings...

Item # 023BREMEN

This item is no longer available.

About the Blaupunkt Bremen MP74

You say you want sound control? Blaupunkt's Bremen MP74 CD player delivers it with three listening postion settings — the driver's seat, both front passengers, or the whole car — with 27 points of adjustment for each, allowing you to set the output to complement your system and your car. That's some serious hands-on control, and it's what sets the Bremen apart from the pack.

You say you want sound control? Blaupunkt's Bremen MP74 CD player delivers it with three listening postion settings — the driver's seat, both front passengers, or the whole car — with 27 points of adjustment for each, allowing you to set the output to complement your system and your car. That's some serious hands-on control, and it's what sets the Bremen apart from the pack.

Performance-wise, the Bremen brings MP3 playback, the aforementioned sound adjustments, and six tone presets to the party. The player can detect increased noise inside the car — such as road hum when you're on the highway — and raise the volume to compensate. You also get a self-aligning equalizer that uses a special microphone (included) to analyze the acoustic environment inside your car and set the player accordingly.

A strong on-board amplifier is on hand to drive your speakers, while three sets of preamp outputs make it easy to connect your external amps and subs. The center channel preamp output lets you create a 5.1-channel audio system for a mobile surround sound experience. A subsonic filter removes inaudible low frequencies to ensure cleaner performance, and you can even switch off the internal amplifier to cut down on system noise when using an external amplifier.

With optional adapters, you can add two extra inputs for your satellite radio, iPod, or other portable sound source. If radio's your thing, you'll appreciate Blaupunkt's TwinCeiver digital AM / FM tuner and the crisp, crackle-free reception that it provides. You'll even be able to get station titles or genre information displayed right on the faceplate.

The Bremen rounds it out with a variable-color graphic display to light up your dash with a library of more than 4,000 background colors, ensuring your custom sound always looks great.


Product highlights:

  • CD player with built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS x 4)
  • fully animated Variocolour display with 4,096 colors
  • plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW, including MP3 files from disc
  • DSA Max offer three listening position settings, each with 27-band equalizer (one for the driver, a second for both front seats, and a third for the front and rear seats together) and six preset tone curves
  • EQ self-alignment with the included microphone
  • Dynamic Noise Covering raises the volume in response to outside noise
  • high-/low-pass filters
  • subsonic filter for cleaner bass
  • CD changer controls
  • optional dual auxiliary inputs
  • three sets of 4-volt preamp outputs
  • TwinCeiver digital AM/FM tuner
  • 24 FM/18 AM presets
  • remote included
  • CD frequency response: 15-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ratio: 98 dB
  • FM sensitivity: 3 dBuV
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

  • AM/FM/CD/MP3 receiver
  • Sleeve
  • Face
  • Hard plastic face case
  • Trim ring
  • Power harness
  • Speaker harness
  • 6-Channel preamp output harness
  • 13" Radio (cell phone) mute lead
  • 2 DIN radio removal tools
  • 4 Countersunk ISO-mount screws
  • Plastic bumper
  • Bumper extension
  • 2 Right-angle European to Motorola antenna adapters
  • Antenna adapter clip
  • Face security screw
  • 2 Self-adhesive blackout strips (for use in ISO installations)
  • Microphone on swivel base with attached 5" cable (terminating into a male 2.5mm sub-mini plug)
  • 1" x 1/2" Self-adhesive Velcro strip
  • 8-1/2' Microphone cable (male micro-plug on one end and 2 individual metal contacts on the other)
  • RC-10 "Thummer"-type steering wheel remote control
  • Fixing plate (attached)
  • 2 Flexible mounting straps
  • Remote removal tool
  • 2 Self-adhesive foam pads
  • Two "357" Silver oxide button-type batteries (installed)
  • Infrared sensor with 40" cable (terminating into two 6-pin plugs)
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Safety Information sheet (written in German)
  • Plastic 10-pin plug (pink)
  • Windshield antenna with attached 9-1/2' cable and ground tape
  • 2 Windshield cleaning cloths
  • Packet of anti-corrosion grease
  • Note on cleaning windshield
  • Windshield antenna mounting template ("jig")
  • 10 Self-adhesive spacer strips
  • 2 Self-adhesive antenna reception elements
  • Self-adhesive windshield antenna mounting disc
  • Plastic wiper (for pressing down adhesive to windshield)
  • 5 Self-adhesive transparent terminal patches (on yellow backing strip)
  • Windshield antenna mounting screw
  • Grounding clamp
  • Grounding bracket
  • Grounding screw
  • Windshield antenna installation instructions
  • Operating and Installation Instructions
  • Equipment Pass card
  • Warranty sheet
  • Benefits Registration card
  • 2 Blaupunkt Security System window decals
  • "I Love Blaupunkt" bumper sticker

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More details on the Blaupunkt Bremen MP74

Stacey B.

Features & specs

AUX Input Optional
Audio/video Input ---
USB Input ---
Backup Camera Input No
Second Camera Input No
CarPlay No
Android Auto No
Siri Control No
Android Control No
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready No
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
iPhone ---
RMS Power (CTA-2006) 18 watts
RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
Peak Output 50 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
Preamp Outputs 6-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
Video Screen No
Preamp Voltage 4 volts
Screen Size ---
Display Color VarioColour
Key Button Color VarioColour (16)
EQ Bands 27
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
FM Sensitivity ---
European Tuning Yes
Seek/Scan Seek/Scan
Radio Data System Yes
High-res Playback ---

Product Research

Remote Control
Inputs And Outputs Notes


TwinCeiver: The Blaupunkt Bremen MP74 is equipped with dual digital tuners to provide optimum radio reception. The receiver has two antenna inputs, allowing you to use the vehicle's OEM antenna plus the supplied windshield antenna. In the Setup menu, you can configure the receiver for one antenna or two. Note: The FM sensitivity of this unit is 3dBuV.

Radio Modes: You can choose between two modes for FM radio reception--Static and Dynamic:

  • Static: You can store six stations in each of four memory banks (FM1, FM2, FM3 and FMT). There are two modes of Static tuning:
    • PRE Mode: If you have one antenna connected, the receiver uses one tuner to play the tuned station while the other tuner constantly searches for the best available frequency for the tuned station (if the RDS function is activated).
    • DDA Mode: With two antennas connected and configured in the setup, the tuned station will be received using both antennas in a DDA (Digital Directional Antenna) mode. The TwinCeiver continuously analyses the signal from both antennas and uses them to calculate a "clean signal" in order to reduce interference. The DDA mode significantly improves reception quality, particularly in areas suffering from interference due to reflections (multi-path) from buildings, mountains, etc.
  • Dynamic: There are five memory banks for storing stations (DL1-DL5). While a tuned station is being played, the second tuner searches in the background for receivable stations and displays the abbreviated names of all receivable stations beside the softkeys in the display.

RDS (Radio Data System): RDS is a service provided by some radio stations, primarily in Europe (there are very few in the U.S.).

PTY (Program Type): You can scan and select RDS stations based on their program type. Typical program types include: News, Sports, Jazz, Rock, Classics, Pop, and Travel.

HiCut Function: The HiCut function improves the sound during poor radio reception by automatically reducing the treble level to one of two levels: HiCut 1 (minor treble reduction) and HiCut 2 (maximum treble reduction), or turn off the Hi Cut function (HiCut 0).

Adjustable Scanning Time: You can activate the scan function to briefly play all the receivable stations. You can set the scanning time between 5 and 30 seconds.

Ignition Off Turn-On: The unit can be turned on manually even if the ignition is turned off. The receiver will stay on in this mode for approximately one hour and will automatically shut itself off to avoid running down the battery.

Turn-On Volume Settings: In the menu, you can select one of two volume settings when the power is turned on. You can select a preset turn-on volume between 0 and 50, and the volume will always be set to that level when the unit is turned on. You can also set the power-on volume to be the same as the volume level that was active before the unit was switched off.

Navigation Volume: If you connect a navigation system to this unit, you can adjust the volume of the navigation commands as it is mixed with the audio source.

X-Bass: Instead of a traditional Loudness function, this unit features X-Bass which provides a boost in one of 5 available frequencies: 32Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz or 80Hz. The X-Bass gain can be adjusted from 0 to +6.

Vario-Colour Display: The Bremen MP74 features a full graphic display with a Vario-Colour display. You can choose one of four preset colors (Ocean, Amber, Sunset, and Nature), scan through all available colors, or set a custom display color of your choosing. When selecting a custom color, you can use the unit's softkeys to select one of 16 values of Red, Green, and Blue, giving you a possibility of 4096 colors.

Vario-Colour Button Illumination: Similar to the display illumination, you can select one of 16 possible colors for the button illumination. The unit offers 8 values of green and red, and as the concentration of one color increases, the other color decreases value.

Display Options: In addition to setting the color of the display and button illumination, you can activate a spectrum analyzer display providing a symbolic representation of the receiver's output. You can also invert the appearance of the display, letting you select either a negative or a positive display.

Display Brightness: You can independently set the brightness of the display for day and night operation. The brightness for each mode can be set between 1 and 16. Note: Night operation can be activated if the orange illumination wire is connected to the vehicle's headlight circuit.

MP3 Playback: The Bremen MP74 can play MP3 files recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs in ISO 9660 Level 1 or 2 or Joliet formats. When recording the discs, you can create a maximum of 127 directories on a CD. Each directory can contain up to 254 tracks and subdirectories.

CD Changer/Compact Drive MP3 Compatible: This unit is compatible with Blaupunkt CD changers CDC A 03, CDC A 08, and IDC A 09, plus the Blaupunkt Compact Drive MP3. You can assign names of up to 7 characters for up to 99 CDs that are played in the connected CD changer (but not the Compact Drive MP3).

Subwoofer Output: This unit has a single (mono) preamp output for a subwoofer. In the Menu, you can make the following adjustments:

  • Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: set to 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz or Flat (no filter)
  • Phase: set to 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° or 180°
  • Sub-Sonic Filter: Set to Flat (no filter), 20Hz, 25Hz, 32Hz and 40Hz
  • Output Gain: Set between -6 to +6

Center Channel Output: The unit has a single (mono) preamp output for a center channel. The center channel's high-pass filter frequency can be set to 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1600Hz, 3200Hz or Off, and the output gain from -6 to +6.

Front/Rear High-Pass Filter: The front and rear channels have independently adjustable high-pass filters. The crossover frequencies can be set to Flat (no filter), 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, or Auto. When Auto is selected, the frequency is adjusted to suit the value you set for the low-pass filter.

Built-In Amplifier: If you are powering your audio system using all external amplifiers, you can turn off the unit's internal amp, if desired.

Auxiliary Input Capable: You can add up to two auxiliary input sources, such as a portable Minidisc/DVD/MP3 player or a navigation system. You can connect the first external source (AUX 1) instead of a CD changer. You can connect the second external source (AUX 2) in addition to a CD changer or AUX 1 source. The external audio sources will require an adapter cable (023AUXIN1R for AUX 1 and 023AUXIN2R for AUX 2). You can enter custom names for the sources you connect to Aux 1 and Aux 2 to make them more easily recognizable.

Digital Sound Adjustment (DSA MAX): This unit is equipped with a digital sound calibration feature called DSA MAX. It provides you with 3 self-calibrating user equalizers (EQ1, EQ2 and EQ3), each consisting of a 27-band graphic equalizer and four separate channels: front left, front right, rear left and rear right. EQ1 is used for the driver only, EQ2 for the driver and a front passenger, and EQ3 for front and rear occupants. By using the supplied microphone, the equalizers can be calibrated and EQ values automatically set, or the graphic EQ settings can be adjusted manually. The values of the vehicle's acoustics can be viewed with or without equalization.

Sound Presets: Another feature of the DSA MAX is the use of Sound Presets for various music styles. These presets are added to the settings of the active user EQ to give you optimal sound for each music type. You can select from the following music style presets: Vocal, Disco, Rock, Jazz, and Classical.

Stage Effects: You can activate a Stage Effect which repositions the music in front of the driver and/or the passenger. This gives you the impression you are standing right in front of a stage. You can select from the following Stage Effects: Left (driver only), Right (passenger only) or Front (driver and passenger).

Sound Effects: You can choose between five different Sound Effects for your music, each reproducing the ambience and reverberations found in each setting: Cathedral, Theater, Concert, Club, and Stadium.

Dynamic Noise Covering (DNC): The Dynamic Noise Covering feature increases the unit's volume as ambient road or wind noise increases. The volume is boosted by a different amount for each frequency band depending on how noise develops in the vehicle. Noises that last only a short time, such as crossing railroad tracks, are not taken into account. The supplied microphone allows you to calibrate the DNC system and continually monitor the level of sound in the vehicle. You can turn the DNC on or off, and adjust the sensitivity of the DNC by selecting a setting between DNC 1 (least sensitive) and DNC 5 (most sensitive).

Remote Control

RC 10 Remote Control: The Bremen MP74 is equipped with the RC 10 Wireless steering-wheel-mount remote control. It is a "Thummer"-type remote designed to be attached to the steering wheel so it can be operated by the driver's right thumb. The IR emitter is located on the back of the remote. Since the receiver does not have an infrared sensor on the faceplate, the supplied IR sensor needs to be mounted on the dash and connected to the rear input on the receiver. The remote requires two "357" Silver Oxide (watch-type) batteries (supplied).

Functions: The RC 10 remote has the following buttons:

  • SRC: Source select
  • Cursor Buttons: (Left, Right, Up, Down, OK) To navigate through menus and confirm function
  • V+: Volume Up
  • V-: Volume Down
  • Mute: Activates and deactivates mute

Dimensions: Length= 3.997", Width= 1.535, Depth= 1.613"

Inputs And Outputs Notes

Preamp Output Harness: The supplied preamp output harness has 6 female RCA jacks on one end (LF, RF, LR, RR, Sub, Center) and a yellow 6-pin Molex plug plus two loose wires on the other. The metal contacts on the two loose wires are for the subwoofer and center channel outputs, and will need to be inserted into the #2 and #3 pinout slots of the Power Harness plug if you plan to use the subwoofer and/or the center channel outputs.

Microphone Input: If you are using the supplied microphone for the Digital Sound Adjustment or Dynamic Noise Covering functions, the two metal contacts on the wires will need to be inserted into the #9 and #10 pinout slots of the supplied pink Molex plug.

Remote Control Input: The IR sensor has a yellow 6-pin Molex plug and a green 6-pin Molex plug. If you are using the remote control and the preamp output harness, you'll need to remove the yellow plug from the IR sensor and substitute the yellow plug from the preamp output harness before plugging them into the back of the head unit.

Antenna Connections: The unit has two European-style antenna inputs on the back panel for use with the vehicle's OEM antenna and the supplied windshield-mount antenna. There are European-to-Motorola antenna adapters supplied for each input. If you are connecting only one antenna, it should be connected to the lower input. If you are connecting two antennas, the main antenna (OEM) is connected on the lower input.

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