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Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110

SACD/CD player

Item # 033DCDA110

Denon celebrates their 110th anniversary with a disc player that offers exceptional CD and SACD performance.

Denon celebrates their 110th anniversary with a disc player that offers exceptional CD and SACD performance.

Item # 033DCDA110

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About the Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110

A special anniversary edition SACD/CD player

This special-edition player from Denon treats you to detailed, high-fidelity sound with your disc collection. The DCD-A110 plays both CDs and high-resolution SACDs, plus a wide array of homemade data discs loaded with digital music files. Its built-in 32-bit/384 kHz DAC (digital-to-analog converter) consists of four separate Burr Brown chips working together to reveal an immersive soundstage. Denon's patented drive mechanism makes sure each disc loads quickly and spins precisely.

A special anniversary edition SACD/CD player

This special-edition player from Denon treats you to detailed, high-fidelity sound with your disc collection. The DCD-A110 plays both CDs and high-resolution SACDs, plus a wide array of homemade data discs loaded with digital music files. Its built-in 32-bit/384 kHz DAC (digital-to-analog converter) consists of four separate Burr Brown chips working together to reveal an immersive soundstage. Denon's patented drive mechanism makes sure each disc loads quickly and spins precisely.

The player has a solid, vibration-resistant chassis. Pure Direct mode switches off the display and digital output to ensure clean audio playback, and the Ultra AL32 Processing algorithm smooths out digital audio signals for a more accurate and detailed listening experience.

Denon spent hours tuning their special 110th anniversary components to rigorous standards, resulting in enhanced musical fidelity. Plus, these special-edition components are backed by a 5-year warranty.

My hands-on experience with the Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110

I recently had the opportunity to build a top-notch stereo system to listen to at home. My main purpose was to demonstrate the Rotel RC-1572 MkII stereo preamp and Rotel RB-1552 Mk II power amplifier, but I have a pretty decent collection of compact discs at home, so I knew I wanted an excellent CD player as one of my sources. I chose the DCD-A110, and I'm glad I did.

This player is HEAVY — it weighs over 35 lbs. — which is unusual for a disc player. I attribute that solid feel to Denon's patented, high-precision Advanced S.V.H. (Suppress Vibration Hybrid) mechanism, at least in part. Whether it's weighty or not, it works fantastically well. I immediately noticed that the action of the tray is smooth and relatively fast — discs load and are ready to play almost immediately after the tray closes. I'm definitely guilty of getting annoyed with even the shortest of waits, but that was never an issue with the DCD-A110.

There were a couple of other details I liked. The front panel has a button that allows you to choose which layer of a hybrid SACD to play, which I found handy, since I was testing SACDs at the time — it allowed me to compare the Red Book layer to the HD layer, pretty much in real time. I also enjoyed the solid remote, which featured raised and rounded buttons that were easy to operate.

The sound is very crisp and present. My system included a pair of ELAC Carina BS243.4 speakers on Pangea Audio DS400 stands, and the resulting soundstage was very wide and detailed. I felt like I was sitting at the center of a world of ultra-clear, pristine audio. The player's Pure Direct mode helps ensure that no noise creeps in.

I've used other high-end players that include streaming capability, but I give this one the edge when it comes to doing one job and doing it extremely well — it just plays discs, and it does so with presence and authority.


Product highlights:

  • stereo playback for SACDs, CDs, CD-Rs & CD-RWs, plus AAC, MP3 & WMA CDs
  • compatible with DSD, WAV and ALAC data discs
  • program up to 20 tracks for custom playback
  • Denon's patented, high-precision Advanced S.V.H. (Suppress Vibration Hybrid) mechanism loads discs quickly and spins them accurately
  • built-in 32-bit/384 kHz quad DAC supports high-resolution digital audio
    • four mono Burr Brown PCM1795 DAC chips for deeper soundstage
    • DAC master clock for jitter-free audio
  • Ultra AL32 Processing algorithm smooths out digital audio signals
  • Pure Direct mode turns off the display and digital output for the cleanest audio playback
  • connections:
    • optical and coaxial digital outputs
    • stereo analog RCA outputs (cable included)
  • separate digital and analog power supplies
  • remote included
SACD specs:
  • frequency response: 2Hz-50kHz
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 122 dB
  • dynamic range: 118 dB
  • THD: 0.0005%
CD specs:
  • frequency response: 2Hz-20kHz
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 122 dB
  • dynamic range: 101 dB
  • THD: .0015%
Dimensions and warranty:

What's in the box:

  • SACD player
  • 6' AC power cord
  • Remote control (RC-1237)
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 42" Stereo RCA cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Information
  • Safety Instructions

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Disc Capacity 1
CD Transport Only No
Disc Exchange N/A
Track Programming 20
Random Play Yes
Direct Track Access Yes
Direct Disc Access N/A
Networking Features
Network Music Streaming No
Ethernet Port No
Wi-Fi No
Remote Included
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
CD-R Playback Yes
CD-RW Playback Yes
Stereo SACD Playback Yes
CD Frequency Response 2-20k Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 122 dB
SACD Frequency Response 2-50k Hz
SACD Dynamic Range 118 dB
SACD THD 0.0005 %
Digital Optical Input No
Digital Coaxial Input No
USB Type-A Input No
USB Type-B Input No
Analog RCA Output Yes
Analog XLR Output No
Digital Optical Output Yes
Digital Coaxial Output Yes
Headphone Output No

Product Research


Advanced S.V.H Mechanism: The Denon DCD-A110's disc drive is equipped with the Advanced S.V.H. (Suppress Vibration Hybrid) Mechanism inherited from Denon's most high-end models. Signal paths have been shortened to an absolute minimum and circuits have been miniaturized to ensure that excess current and noise will not occur. The various parts are made with different materials such as a copper plate for the top panel to strengthen rigidity, diecast aluminium for the disc tray, and 2mm thick steel for the mechanism brackets. Improvements in high-mass, vibration-resistant properties and the dispersal of resonation points contribute to a high level of vibration resistance. In addition, the mechanism’s low centre of gravity suppresses any vibration occurring inside the mechanism due to disc rotation, and the mechanism structure also effectively suppresses external vibration. By eliminating unwanted vibration, servo-related operations are minimized, and by also minimizing unnecessary controls and current consumption, digital signals can be read from the disc with optimum accuracy under stable conditions.

Disc Compatibility: The Denon DCD-A110 supports playback of CD Audio and Super Audio CD discs. It also supports playback of a wide variety of compressed and high resolution audio files recorded onto CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/-RW. and DVD+R/+RW. Music files must be formatted in ISO9660. The player can recognize up to 1,000 folders and 2,000 files per folder on one disc. The unit supports 5" (12cm) and 3" (8cm) discs.

Resolution Compatible Audio Formats Sampling Frequencies Bits Extension
Hi-Resolution WAV (PCM) 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16/24-bit .wav
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16/24-bit .flac
AIFF 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16/24-bit .aif/.aiff
ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) 32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz 16/24-bit .m4A
DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz 1-bit .dsf/.dff
Compressed MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .mp3
WMA (Windows Media Audio) 32/44.1/48 kHz 48-320 kbps .wma
AAC (MPEG-4) 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-320 kbps .aac/.m4a

Note: When there are multiple folders containing music files, the playback order of folders is automatically set when this unit reads the media. The files in each folder are played back in the order in which the files were recorded on the media, from the oldest date and time.

Simple & Straight Circuitry: DCD-A110 circuits have been thoroughly designed to adhere closely to the "simple & straight" design philosophy. Circuit patterns have been reworked from the ground up to make the signal paths as short as possible and ensure that the original sound is faithfully reproduced across the sonic spectrum. As a result, interference between circuits and between left and right channels as well as adverse influences on audio signals are minimized, producing clean, highly transparent sound.

Quad DAC Configuration: The DCD-A110 introduces a new Quad DAC configuration (Burr Brown PCM1795 x 4) for a more powerful and better spatial expression of the sound stage. Each DAC converts the large amount of data coming from the Ultra AL32 processing for both left and right signal dispatch. This allows the current output bundling to achieve the best sound, and also surpass the operating frequency limit of the DACs, for an outstanding audio performance. This improves the low noise level, improving S/N ratio by 4dB to 6dB depending on the sampling frequency of the content (6dB for PCM and 4dB for DSD), as well as the Total Harmonic Distortion accordingly. Lastly, the DCD-A110 does not use a traditional OP-Amp’s Post Filter Circuit. It is equipped with full discrete filter stage with carefully selected custom tuned audio parts selected by the Denon sound master to achieve outstanding audio performance and an expansive sound stage.

DAC Master Clock: Because accuracy is the key to performance, the DCD-A110 is equipped with two clock oscillators, one for each sampling frequency (44.1-kHz and 48-kHz), that can be switched between the frequencies to thoroughly suppress jitter. The high-quality clock is the reference for the four-audio DAC operation and ensures that the digital audio circuitry performs at its maximum potential. To supply a cleaner master clock directly to the DACs, the DCD-A110 is equipped with tri-state buffer type multiplexers. The Master clock signal supplied from the crystal oscillator passes through the buffer circuit only once to the DAC, impacting the jitter of only 18 fs (femto second = 1 quadrillionth of a second).

Ultra AL32 Processing: The DCD-A110 is equipped with Ultra AL32 Processing, the latest in analogue waveform reproduction technology from Denon. Ultra AL32 Processing utilizes data interpolation algorithms and supports Hi-Res 32-bit/384kHz PCM signal input. These algorithms interpolate points that should exist before and after the points in large quantities of data to achieve a smooth waveform that is close to that of the original signal. These algorithms up-sample the bandwidth from the original content, smoothing out the waveform and improving the sound reproduction. Ultra AL32 Processing doubles the processing bandwidth from the previous generation up-sampling 384-kHz/32-bit content to 1.512-MHZ. By carefully restoring data that was lost during digital recording, the resulting playback sound is highly detailed, free of interference, accurately localized, richly expressive in the lower range, and beautifully faithful to the original sound.

Fully Discrete Power Supply: To eliminate mutual interference and noise, the power supply units for the digital and analogue circuits are fully independent even though the signals have different characteristics. The DCD-A110 analog power supply circuit features a fully discrete design that is optimized for audio with the original Denon large-capacity (3300 µF) block capacitor used for the power unit of the analogue audio circuitry after the D/A converter. The DCD-A110 boasts custom parts, such as High-Power Bipolar Junction Transistor, Fully Discrete Voltage Regulator Circuit, high-sound-quality electrolytic capacitors and polyphenylene sulfide capacitors. These specially designed parts have been co-developed with select manufacturers through an extensive regimen of repeated listening tests. These parts enable a clean, yet robust, stable supply of power, resulting in a sound that is delightfully balanced between a strong foundation and delicate details.

Direct Mechanical Ground Construction: The integrity of musical signals deteriorates when they are subject to internal vibration caused by disc rotation or the power transformer or to airborne vibration caused by sound pressure from the speakers. To guard against such influences, Denon engineers designed a vibration suppression structure called "Direct Mechanical Ground Construction". In this design, the power transformers (themselves a source of vibration) have been placed close to the feet of the DCD-A110 where unwanted vibration is funneled directly to the ground and prevented from affecting nearby circuitry. Also, by placing the drive mechanism ( the part with the greatest mass) low in the centre of the chassis, the low centre of gravity effectively absorbs internal vibration caused by disc rotation and also protects the mechanism from external vibration. To further shut out external vibration, the 1.2mm thick main chassis has been reinforced with two 1.6mm thick steel plates to produce a highly rigid three-layer structure with sufficient vibration-resistant mass.

Pure Direct Mode: Listen with Pure Direct Mode on the DCD-A110. Pure Direct Mode feeds sound directly from the SACD player to your integrated amplifier or AV receiver, bypassing any DSP processing that might otherwise color the signal. What you hear is clean, detailed, accurate sound. In Pure Direct mode, the display turns off and digital audio output stops. This reduces the source of noise that can adversely affect sound quality, enabling high quality playback.

Analog & Digital Outputs: In addition to its analog stereo RCA outputs, the DCD-A110 features one optical (toslink) and one coaxial (RCA) digital output to connect to the digital input of an integrated amplifier or AV receiver.

Note: Digital audio output stops during playback of the HD layer of Super Audio CDs, DSD files, and files with a sampling frequency of 32kHz.

Front-Panel Display: The front-panel display indicates the disc's total tracks and total time, as well as the track number and track time, and the song title, artist name and album name (depending on the source format), along with icons for random mode, repeat 1 and repeat all modes, and a folder icon for data discs. The dimmer function features 3 levels of display brightness that is adjustable via the remote control.

Front-Panel & Remote Control: The supplied IR remote control features an ergonomically-designed layout that includes a cursor keypad, number keypad and dedicated function buttons such as random, repeat, info and program. There are also push-button controls on the front-panel of the SACD player to operate Power, Eject, Play/Pause, Stop, and Previous/Next Track.

  • Program Playback: From the remote control you can program up to 20 tracks for playback.
  • Direct Search: You can enter a song track or music file directly using the remote's numeric keypad.

IR In/Out: The Denon DCD-A110 is outfitted with an IR input (3.5mm) and IR output (3.5mm) for installing an optional IR repeater system (sold separately).

Auto-Standby: If there is no input signal or operation for approximately 30 minutes, the Denon SACD player will automatically go into Standby mode.

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Customer Q&A

5 questions already asked

Is the Pure Direct mode accessible from the remote?
[ michael  Mar 15, 2022 ]
2 answers
[ OSCAR  Mar 15, 2022 ]
The front panel buttons turn pure direct on and off, but no amount of button pushing on the remote did anything to that mode even though there is a mode button. Very good sounding cd player nonetheless.
[ Frank  Mar 15, 2022 ]
I was looking at the Denon DCD-110 How is this compared to the Marantz 30N Sacd, I'm deciding between these 2 units. Will be used mainly for CDs and SACDs?
[ Bill  Sep 07, 2021 ]
1 answer
Thanks for your question. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget.
[ Krissy  Sep 08, 2021 ]  Staff
I was on Crutchfield looking at the Denon DCD-110 How is this compared to the Marantz 30N Sacd, I'm deciding between these 2 units. Will be used mainly for CDs and SACDs?
[ Bill  Sep 07, 2021 ]
3 answers
I have the Denon player and it does a good job with CD's and SACD's. It does not give you access to the DAC for streaming or file playback. The Marantz does offer DAC access and steaming capability at 500 bucks less, but I haven't heard it. Neither unit offers balanced outputs.
[ WILLIAM  Sep 07, 2021 ]
I looked at the Marantz before i decided on the Denon and for me the Denon was the better option. For starters i liked the design of the Denon, the Marantz has usb and Bluetooth which i did not want or need. I prefer less bells and whistles my main concern is sound quality and to my ears the Denon excelled in this area. I have very high end equipment and the Denon fit in well. In my opinion if you're going to be listening to sacd and cds the Denon is a great choice. Im sure that the Marantz is a good deck as well as when you get in this price range the all sound pretty good but for me the Denon won out.
[ james  Sep 07, 2021 ]
They are both great. The Denon is more neutral, where the Marantz is warmer, maybe a little darker sounding. The Denon will be more transparent, but no harshness or grain. The Denon is pure dedication to 2 channel CD and SACD. The internal build quality of the Denon is more on the highest of high end territory. From what I gather Denon was given a blank check to make this player as good as a CD/SACD could possibly be. This would compete more with the Marantz SA-10 ($7,000) and in absolute truthfulness to the music probably be better. If you're primarily going to play CD and SACD it sounds fabulous and I would highly recommend it. --- One caution, if your speakers or amps or cables are bright sounding then I would get the Marantz to warm things up a bit, but if your system is warm or neutral, get the Marantz. Hope this helps in your decision.
[ David  Sep 07, 2021 ]
How does Denon A110 compare to Denon 5910?
[ David  Apr 21, 2021 ]
3 answers
This is the first Denon player I've ever owned, so I don't know how it compares to the 5910. I can say it is one of the best High End, CD - SACD Players I've ever owned. It's better than my Esoteric X-05. Based on the design, parts selection, and sound, I'd say it is one of the finest Pkayers made, regardless of price.
[ David  May 21, 2021 ]
Sorry but I can not answer this because I have not heard the 5910. The A110 is a really great sounding cd player and I am happy with my purchase.
[ Frank  Apr 22, 2021 ]
Hi this is the first Denon CD player I own, the 5910 was also a DVD player. So I can't really say? The DCD-A110 is strictly for CD fans. The sound quality is fantastic. I'm enjoying mine.
[ OSCAR  Apr 21, 2021 ]

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