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Escort Solo S4

Cordless radar detector

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Our take on the Escort Solo S4

I'm not what you would call a speed demon, but I've been known to camp out in the left lane on occasion. And my wife and I do swap cars fairly often, so I'm thinking I'd want something cordless that could move between vehicles easily. Escort's Solo S4 cordless radar detector really fits the bill, as it offers long-range protection without the clutter of a cord. It covers a wide range of laser and radar signals, and it's invisible to VG-2 radar detector detection.

Reliable radar detection without messy wires

I'm not what you would call a speed demon, but I've been known to camp out in the left lane on occasion. And my wife and I do swap cars fairly often, so I'm thinking I'd want something cordless that could move between vehicles easily. Escort's Solo S4 cordless radar detector really fits the bill, as it offers long-range protection without the clutter of a cord. It covers a wide range of laser and radar signals, and it's invisible to VG-2 radar detector detection.

Escort Solo S4 cordless radar detector

Power for miles

The Solo S4 features an advanced high-efficiency battery design that consumes only a fraction of the power used by conventional corded detectors. Slip in the included pair of "AA" batteries and enjoy months of protection with normal driving use. A low-battery warning circuit gives you audible and visual alerts before the batteries need to be replaced. The programmable AutoPower feature shuts off the detector when not in use to further conserve battery life so the Solo S4 will perform when you need it most. The detector also includes a 12-volt power jack in case you ever decide to switch things up.

Easy-to-read display

Escort went the extra mile to ensure the Solo S4's display delivers plenty of info in a hurry. It features a graphic OLED screen which shows you the radar band and signal strength as soon as an alert sounds. It also conveys urgent highway safety warning system messages via text. Sensitivity modes keep the false alerts to a minimum, while different mute settings let you keep things quiet. The Solo S4 features nine programmable features for convenient customization — and it'll remember your presets when you change the detector's batteries. Convenient power, volume, and sensitivity buttons let you make adjustments on the fly.

Sorry, but we cannot ship radar detectors to Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Product Highlights:

  • detects X, K, and Ka-band radar
  • audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and safety warning systems signals
  • front/rear laser protection
  • digital signal processing
  • 9 programmable features
  • VG-2 immunity (invisible to radar detector detectors)
  • 64-character OLED alphanumeric display
  • 3 city/highway sensitivity modes
  • mute, AutoMute, SmartMute and dark modes
  • low-battery warning circuit
  • AutoPower feature turns the detector off automatically when not in use

What's in the Box:

  • Cordless radar detector
  • 2 "AA" alkaline batteries
  • EasyMount bracket with 2 suction cups
  • Semi-hard storage case
  • Quick Reference
  • Important Notice
  • Customer Service card

Escort Solo S4 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(3 Reviews)


Crutchfield customer from Nacogdoches, TX on 3/13/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've won escort products for years. Works great!



I Hate Cords

Crutchfield customer from Monroe, NC on 3/7/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works as expected. On auto mode I get the usual false signals but it seems to catch the radar traps quickly. It alerted me to two Ka band traps so far. Have not been by a laser trap yet. The laser alert did go off in front of a Tesla dealer. Don't know what that is about. Most new cars have collision sensors that can mess with it. Might have been that. I like the fact that it is cordless. It is worth the price in my eyes. I have my phone charging and I didn't want another cord hanging nor did I want to go through the hassle of hard wiring it. Suction mount sticks to the window well. Has not fallen off. Battery life seems good. Drive every day 3 hours and after 5 days still have 2 out of 3 bars. Good buy.

Pros: Cordless Battery life Bright screen

Cons: Large Some false signals No pretty multi colored display

Escort Solo4

Crutchfield customer from Little Mountain, SC on 1/27/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works great. Long battery life. Very pleased.

Pros: Good range No cords

Cons: None so far


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

X Band Radar Yes
K Band Radar Yes
KA Photo Radar Yes
KA Wideband Radar Yes
Laser Front/Rear
Pulse Warning Yes
VG-2 Protection Yes
Display & Alerts
Dimmer Yes
Dark Mode Yes
Visual Alerts Bar
Audible Alerts Yes
Mute Yes
Earphone Jack Yes
Visor Clip No
Straight Cord No
Coiled Cord No
Case Included Yes
Battery Powered 2 AA
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Cordless Radar Detector: The Escort Solo S4 provides superior protection from radar and laser encounters with the convenience and portability of a cordless detector. Its cordless design is ideal for use in rental cars, or if you move your detector from vehicle to vehicle. The Solo S4 comes with a suction cup mount and semi-hard storage case, and operates on two "AA" batteries (supplied).

High-Efficiency Battery Design: The Solo S4 is designed to give you the longest battery life possible. It uses only a fraction of the power used by conventional corded detectors. The Solo S4 keeps constant watch on the condition of the batteries, and provides you with both audible and visual low-battery alerts before they need to be replaced.

AutoPower: The programmable AutoPower feature conserves battery life by automatically causing the Solo S4 to "go to sleep" after the vehicle has stopped moving for 25 minutes. If the vehicle starts moving within the next 30 minutes, the unit will "wake up" and prompt you visually and audibly to see if you want it back on. If you do not respond within 15 seconds, the unit will shut down completely.

Optional SmartCord: The Solo S4 has a modular jack input for the optional SmartCord 12-volt power cable. Not only will the SmartCord power the detector, saving battery power, but it has a Type A USB for charging your smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered device.

Long-Range Radar Detection: The Solo S4 provides long-range warning on all radar bands including conventional and "instant on" X-Band, K-band, and Superwide Ka-band. Digital Signal Processing provides the longest warning possible without constant false alarm.

Ultra-Performance Laser Detection: The Solo S4 uses multiple low-noise laser sensors to provide long-range warning, and the widest field of view against laser encounters.

Programmable Features: There are 9 user-selectable options so you can customize the Solo S4 for your own preferences. The options include:

  • Pilot Light (when using 12-volt SmartCord): Program the unit's display from full word description, letter, letter with scanning dot, symbol, symbol with scanning dot, or scanning signal.
  • Auto Power: Select Auto Power modes--motion, time, or off.
  • Power-on Sequence: Select standard or fast power-on
  • Signal Strength Meter: Select standard or ExpertMeter (see description below)
  • Auto Mute: Turn on or off
  • Audio Tones: Choose standard or loud tones
  • City Mode Sensitivity: Set to Standard, Low X-band, or No X-band city mode
  • Brightness: Set the brightness to auto (based on ambient light), minimum, medium, maximum, or dark
  • Bands: You can set the radar and laser bands to: Default (all bands monitored), X-band on, K-band on, Ka-band on, Laser on, SWS off, VG2 off, or Modify (turning off unused bands).

High-Resolution Graphic OLED Display: A new, brilliant OLED display makes the Solo S4 intuitive to use, and easy to understand. Each radar, laser and SWS signal is identified and communicated to you with clear messages. Signal strength is provided using two different types of meters (programmable), while the backlit display automatically adjusts for optimum viewing.

SmartShield VG-2 Protection: If the VG-2 band is turned on, VG-2 units (radar detector detectors) will be detected with an audible and visual alert. Once detected, Solo S4's internal oscillator will shut down for a period of time, making it undetectable. The oscillator will then periodically turn back on to see if the VG-2 unit is still present.

Safety Radar Signals: The Solo S4 provides unique audible and visual alerts for Safety Warning System (SWS) signals. These alerts (up to 64 messages) will keep you informed of road hazards in areas using this technology.

Signal Strength Meters: The Solo S4 gives you the option of two signal strength meters:

  • Standard: The standard alphanumeric graphic display provides an intuitive display of signal strength and text messages. The standard bar-graph signal strength meter only displays information on a single radar signal. If there are multiple signals present, the internal computer determines which is the most important threat to show on the bar-graph meter.
  • ExpertMeter: The ExpertMeter simultaneously tracks up to 8 radar signals, and shows you detailed information on up to 2 Ka-band, 2 K-band and 4 X-band signals.

Brightness Control: The Solo S4 provides four levels of brightness including Automatic, Minimum, Medium, Maximum and Dark. The Automatic setting adjusts the brightness automatically based on the ambient light in your vehicle. In the Dark mode, the display will not provide any visual alerts when it detects a signal. Only an audible alert will be heard.

Audible Alerts: When you encounter radar, a distinct audible alert will sound and increase in rate as the signal gets closer. When the signal is very strong, the audible alert will blend into a solid tone. Since laser signals are a possible threat no matter how weak, the Solo S4 alerts you to all laser signals with a full laser alert.

AutoSensitivity Mode: The AutoSensitivity mode provides long-range warning, while virtually eliminating false alarms. In this mode, the Solo S4's internal computer continuously analyzes all incoming signals and intelligently determines which signals are real threats.

Mute: The Mute button allows you to silence the audio alert during a radar encounter. The mute button is mounted right on the top of the unit within easy reach.

AutoMute: After the Solo S4 alerts you to a radar encounter at the volume you have selected, the AutoMute feature will automatically reduce the volume to a lower level.

Mounting: Using the supplied EasyMount suction cup bracket, the Solo S4 can be mounted on your vehicle's windshield. The EasyMount bracket has 4 position settings, allowing you to choose the position that best fits the angle of your vehicle's windshield.

Travel Case: The Solo S4 comes in a semi-hard travel case with elastic bands that hold the detector, the EasyMount bracket, and extra suction cups.

Inputs and Outputs

Right Side of Detector:

  • Ear Phone: standard 1/8" (3.5mm) jack
  • 12-volt Power: RJ-25 (telephone-type) connector for use with optional SmartCord


Operating Bands:

  • X-band 10.525 GHz +/-25 MHz
  • K-band 24.150 GHz +/-100 MHz
  • Ka-band 34.700 GHz +/-1300 MHz
  • Laser 904nm, 33 MHz bandwidth

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
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Good detector for traveling [ David  Mar 07, 2019 ]
Good brand [ Pat  Mar 02, 2019 ]
Battery powered, no cord hanging down the middle of the windshield causing a distraction to the driver and letting an oncoming police officer know you got something up there. Most states do not allow items hanging from the mirror, however this law is seldom Inforced [ PETER  Feb 15, 2018 ]

1 question already asked

It does feature VG-2 immunity (invisible to radar detector detectors) if that's what you mean. [ Ryan  Sep 06, 2017 ]  Staff