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Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands

Steel Foundations® series — 26" (Black)

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Our take on the Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands

If you're serious about sound, but aren't willing to compromise on style, Sanus Steel Foundation® speaker stands were made for you! Combining form and function, each gorgeous stand has a contoured 10-gauge steel base plate with two 2" diameter pillars solidly supporting a steel top plate. Both pillars and top plate feature a handsome black powder-coated finish.

If you're serious about sound, but aren't willing to compromise on style, Sanus Steel Foundation® speaker stands were made for you! Combining form and function, each gorgeous stand has a contoured 10-gauge steel base plate with two 2" diameter pillars solidly supporting a steel top plate. Both pillars and top plate feature a handsome black powder-coated finish.

But these stands aren't just about good looks. The base plate's stable platform minimizes energy loss from your speaker, giving you better performance. The rounded pillars minimize diffraction, and can be filled with shot or sand for added mass. A resonance-damping ring placed between the top plate and the pillars further improves the speaker's sound.

The top plates are equipped with adjustable speaker isolation studs and neoprene isolation pads to dampen unwanted vibrations. The stands come with the Sanus Foundation Mount® system, so you can easily secure bolt-style speakers to the top plate.

Priced per pair

Product Highlights:

  • black powder-coated finish
  • stand height: 26"
  • top plate measures 6" x 6-1/2"
  • base plate measures 11-11/16" x 14-5/8"
  • supports 35 lbs.
  • rubber feet to protect wood or tile floors (adjustable carpet spikes also included)
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 2 Bases
  • 2 Top-plates
  • 4 Upright posts
  • 2 Isolation blocks
  • Four 1.5" pan-head bolts
  • Eight 5/8" pan-head bolts
  • Two 5/8" speaker bolts
  • 4 Flat-head bolts
  • 16 Rubber isolation pads
  • 8 Plastic feet
  • 8 Spikes
  • 8 Speaker studs
  • 8 Hex-nuts
  • 4 Lock-washers
  • 4 Cork washers
  • 4 Wire guides
  • 2 Allen-keys
  • Instruction Manual

Sanus SF26 speaker stands are very attrative and solidly built, however the directions are awful and that why I gave it 4 star instead of 5 star. Great product and I use it to display my Wharfedale 225 diamond speakers.

Richard, Fishkill, NY


Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(16 Reviews)

Sansus SF26 speaker

Crutchfield customer from Sturtevant, WI on 1/17/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These stands took about 45 mins to put together. They look great and we are using them for our Polk Rtia 3 shelf speakers. The Sansus SF26 is the perfect height. Don't go shorter or taller. They are right at ear level when these speakers are attached and you are sitting down. Only down fall is it isn't easy hiding a thicker speaker wire, they should have drilled a hole in the base. Great stability too. Bought them on sale around Christmas.



Heavy, look good, cable guide

Patrick from Bonney Lake, WA on 1/8/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to set up. The instructions are not that great but if you study the pieces for a bit and look at all the parts it's pretty self explanatory. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble them and I assembled by myself and used the wire guides as well. It is easier to assemble if you have someone to help you. I did mine on the kitchen island. Sturdy, not using any shot but I don't see any reason to use shot. The speaker fit on the top very nicely and stay put. You can knock them off if you bump into the speakers. They speakers that I am using cannot be attached to the top plate but I don't see that as an issue. I don't have kids at home so I don't worry about them getting knocked off the stands. They look good, are very heavy and do the job well. I like the cable guide because it gives the setup a finished and professional look and it keeps the cable aligned with the upright. It just looks like a cleaner install. My wife likes the way the cable stay near to the stand uprights and that is a good thing. I would not hesitate to buy these again. The speakers I am using the stand with are Klipsch RP-500M. They stand look like they are made for these speakers.

Pros: They look very good. Pretty easy set up, cable guide, can put shot in them if you want. I don't think they need it. Nice black color.

Cons: I really can't find any fault with these.

Solid build!!

Richard from Fishkill, NY on 12/15/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sanus SF26 speaker stands are very attrative and solidly built, however the directions are awful and that why I gave it 4 star instead of 5 star. Great product and I use it to display my Wharfedale 225 diamond speakers.

Pros: Outstanding value and construction!

Cons: Directions for install setup very poor

Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands

Damon from Ogden, UT on 12/6/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great stand for the money. Rock solid once assembled, and assembly took less than an hour.



Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands

Pedro Miguel Ne from Dorado, PR on 12/2/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Requested specific assistance to ensure that it could be easily mounted to the Klipsch 160M which is not the case. The product itself is good quality but not meant for what I needed.



Crutchfield response on 12/4/2018 Pedro, we're sorry you're disappointed with your stands. Whenever you are not completely satisfied with anything you purchase from Crutchfield, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-955-9091. Purchases from Crutchfield can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the purchase.

Speaker stands do their job

Eli from Kent, WA on 10/29/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A little pricey for what it is. But the stands don't look bad or detract from your entertainment system. One disappointment was that the plastic corners that bolt on the edges of the baseplate are unevenly cut so some are angled differently. Other than this they seem sturdy.

Pros: Looks good. Solid and sturdy

Cons: Plastic corner pieces not uniform

Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands

Crutchfield customer from Clarkson, NY on 10/17/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great stands got my Polk speakers on them.

Pros: Great stands

Cons: None

Sanus SF26 Speaker Stands

Crutchfield customer from Aiea, HI on 9/19/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The speaker stands arrived as stated. They were easy to assemble and quite sturdy. I filled the tubes with sand to dampen any possible vibrations, though it took a while as the holes are small. I haven't found anything that I dislike about them.



Sturdy, unobtrusive speaker stands

Justin from Hopkinton, MA on 9/13/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I really like and am pleased with these stands. As others have mentioned, the instructions are not particularly helpful. I did not fill them with sand and find them very stable - I have not yet put on the carpet spikes; I'm not sure if I will or leave them as is. Assembly did not take too long - it's fairly intuitive in spite of the instructions. I also did not use the optional wire management they provide, but rather I used black velcro cable ties to tie the speaker cable to the rear-most post. Everything blends and isn't noticeable. As someone else mentioned, an internal option would have been great. I bought these stands because they were recommended for the bookshelf speakers I purchased, SVS Ultras, and the height is indeed perfect for my set up (currently 3.1). The powder-coated black is a fine look, and certainly hides dust better than the glossy Ultras. They have a relatively small footprint given the stability they offer, or maybe I'm spoiled by having a large enough space that their size is a non-issue (these are my first speaker stands; up until now I have had floor-standing tower speakers). Also, I like the steel construction; it gives a comforting heft as compared to a MDF stand. Again, the ability to add sand to add weight is a nice option, but I find them plenty sturdy even without the weight of the speaker.

Pros: Construction, design, stability, foot options (default flat; carpet spikes; hardwood-friendly feet), easy to move. Price.

Cons: Instructions are not very helpful. Wire management did not seem particularly useful

Sturdy construction but large footprint

Blake from Waukee, IA on 6/28/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased these to use with a set of Monitor Audio Silver 50 bookshelf speakers. The stands are very sturdy and look pretty nice for speaker stands. I made the mistake of looking at the instructions...they are terrible. It is common sense to put them together so I would just skip reading them. I'm not sure if it was designed this way, but it appears there are 3 holes in the top for different mount options. I set these up using one of the offset holes which allows me to keep the base close to the wall and the speakers pointed in towards the listening area about 30 degrees. This helped minimize the footprint a little. However, the footprint is pretty big compared to my old stands. If I wasn't moving speakers I would have kept my old stands just for the fact the size is better.

Pros: heavy duty

Cons: large footprint

Great stands!

EDWARD from Richmond, TX on 6/4/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Initially, I was a bit concerned because of the assembly problems people were having. I found no such problem, and I am a senior citizen! I had them together in less than one hour. I was also a little concerned about the size of the top plate for my Monitor Audio Gold 100s'. Again, not a problem. These stands are rock steady and support them wonderfully. They are also very heavy, and I decided not to fill them with any filler. Great stands!



Top shelf stands

Duane from Hartland, WI on 4/22/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Beautiful well made stands. Very sturdy platform for my bookshelf speakers.

Pros: Beautiful and well made.

Cons: Instructions need some corrections.

Great stands

Martin from Chico, CA on 8/18/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Unintimidated by the other reviewers who mentioned difficulty with assembling I decided to order these because I was drawn by their looks. They were also the perfect height to get my speakers at ear height when sitting down, and from what I could tell they were well constructed. I was not disappointed. Yes, assembly takes a couple of minutes, but if you lay out all the parts and go through the instructions carefully it all fits together logically and, more importantly, beautifully and sturdily. The adjustable carpet spikes and brass studs mean that my speakers stand solid as rock. The only thing I had wished for was an internal cable guiding mechanism, instead of the external plastic guides. Once I get my hands on a drill to make some holes in the rear pillar I will do so and then these will be perfect.



Great speaker stands

Mark from Canton, MI on 3/25/2008

Even though the instructions aren't that great, I was still able to figure out the assembly quite easily. It took about 20 minutes to put them together. They are incredibly sturdy and can also be filled with sand or steel shot to make them even less tipsy, but I don't think this is necessary. These stands work perfectly with my Polk RTiA6 bookshelf speakers and I am completely satisfied.



Good stands once they're assembled

Jonathan from Wailuku, HI on 3/21/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The instructions for these stands are indeed vague and poorly written. The amount of individual parts for these stands seems to be a little excessive. However, if you remove all of the parts from the box and lay everything out, the stands assemble quickly and in a logical fashion. Assembly time was only about 10-12 minutes per stand. I used an electric drill to speed things up, but you can still assemble the stands quickly with only a Phillips screwdriver. These well made stands are definitely worth the money; they are heavy and rigid, sand fillable, and improved the sound of my speakers (bass response in particular). I would have given these stands 5 stars were it not for the vague instructions. Buy these speaker stands without hesitation.



Terrible assembly instructions

Stephen from Walnut Creek, CA on 6/7/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The speaker stands arrive completely unassembled, which wouldn't have been a problem, except that for some reason Sanus speaker stands seem to be made of a huge number of parts -- easily upwards of 100. (My last set of speaker stands, easily equal to this in quality, required assembling perhaps 10 parts total.) <BR><BR>Even the large number of parts wouldn't have proved forbidding, except that the assembly instructions were incomplete, badly organized, and barely discernable as English. <BR><BR>I likely could have figured out how to assemble the thing eventually, given enough time, but how can Sanus ship you an utter mess in place of a real product? I figured it would be easier to return this product to Crutchfield now, when the amount of disassembly required to fit it back in the box was still minimal, rather than take the dubious chance that the product would prove to be of adequate quality when/if I finally managed to assemble it.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Compatibility: The Sanus Steel Series SF26 is a 26" stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 35 lbs. The 6" (w) x 6.5" (d) top plate offers adjustable brass studs and neoprene pads for speaker alignment. Some speakers have a threaded insert in the bottom of the cabinet to accommodate bolt-mounting. These stands have a hole in the center of the top base and include a 5/8" bolt for securely attaching these bolt-mounted speakers to the stands.

Steel Construction: The Sanus Steel Series SF26 features heavy-duty 10-gauge steel construction. The extra-large steel base provides superior stability on practically any surface. The twin heavy-gauge steel pillars can be filled with sand or shot for added mass.

Resonance Damping Rings: The top plates and pillars are separated by self-adhesive cork resonance damping rings. These rings eliminate speaker resonance from passing through the stands causing distortion.

Wire Management: The steel pillars feature a concealed wire path to hide your speaker wire for a clean and neat installation.

Rubber Pads or Spikes: The stands feature plastic feet and have threaded inserts on the bottom that allow you to use the included isolation spikes or rubber feet. The isolation spikes are adjustable and designed for carpeted floors. The rubber pads are safe for hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring. The spikes add 1" to the overall height of the speaker stands. The rubber pads add 0.25" to the overall height of the speaker stands.

Note: The isolation spikes are very sharp, and will scratch floors or furniture.

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Customer Q&A

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Why did you buy this?

These speaker stands were recommended by crutchfield for the Polk audio rtia3 bookshelf speakers. Hopefully they fit. [ Cheri  Dec 21, 2018 ]
As speaker stands for ELAC Uni-FI UB5's. Hope they are a good fit. [ ADAM  Dec 18, 2018 ]
Recommended size for bookshelf speakers like mine (SVS Ultras), and high quality steel build. [ JUSTIN  Aug 21, 2018 ]

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