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Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Full-motion wall mount with articulating arm for 51"-70" TVs

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Our take on the Sanus Premium Series VLF525

The Sanus Premium Series VLF525 is a full-motion wall mount so you can precisely position your flat-panel TV. A wall mount cover hides ugly screwheads, giving your installation a finished look. The mount can support TVs with screen sizes from 51" to 70" and weighing up to 125 lbs. The articulated arm extends your TV up to 25" out from the wall. You can swivel your TV from side to side, and tilt it up or down for optimal viewing.

The Sanus Premium Series VLF525 is a full-motion wall mount so you can precisely position your flat-panel TV. A wall mount cover hides ugly screwheads, giving your installation a finished look. The mount can support TVs with screen sizes from 51" to 70" and weighing up to 125 lbs. The articulated arm extends your TV up to 25" out from the wall. You can swivel your TV from side to side, and tilt it up or down for optimal viewing.

Sanus VLF525 full-motion TV wall mount safety latch The mount's safety latch snaps shut with an audible click, so you know the arm is securely attached.

A safe design for mounting

Once you've secured the brace to the wall, the arm just slides into position. A safety lock that closes with an audible click lets you know the arm is securely in place. And once you've positioned the arm the way you want it, a sliding tab locks it for stability. The provided stud finder and plastic template ensure mounting hardware is properly spaced.

Fine-tune your TV's placement

After installation, the mount's "roll" adjustment lets you fine-tune your TV's position to ensure that the screen is perfectly level. The arm assembly can also be shifted slightly left or right on the wall plate so the TV is centered, even if your wall studs are off-center. Finally, the mount's hollow arm lets you thread cables through it, keeping them out of sight and free from tangles.

Will this mount work with my TV?

Use the Sanus MountFinder™ to see a list of mounts that work with your specific TV.

Where do I drill the holes?

Tell the Sanus HeightFinder™ Installation Assistant how high you want your TV, and it tells you exactly where to drill.

Product Highlights:

  • designed for TVs 51"-70"
  • supports up to 125 lbs.
  • pivoting arm extends TV up to 25" away from the wall
  • tilt range: +5° to -15° (may vary with size of TV)
  • roll adjustment: +3° to -3°
  • in-arm wire channel conceals cables without inhibiting movement
  • stud-mounting required
  • 30-7/8"W x 18-5/8"H x 3-5/8"D (up to 25" with arm extended)
  • warranty: 10 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 2 Horizontal TV brackets
  • Vertical TV bracket
  • Wall-plate
  • Arm assembly
  • Four M4 x30mm bolts
  • Four M5 x 30mm bolts
  • Four M6 x 35mm bolts
  • Four M8 x 35mm bolts
  • Four M4/M5 washers
  • Four M6/M8 washers
  • 4 Spacers
  • Four 5/16" x 3-1/2" lag bolts
  • 4 Anchors
  • Stud-finder/level
  • Wall-Mount Template
  • Instruction Manual
  • Online Product Registration
  • Stud Finder/Level note

Great mount and easy to install. I mounted a Sony XBR 65 inch with this unit.

Lyle, Georgetown, TN


Sanus Premium Series VLF525 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(23 Reviews)

Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Crutchfield customer from Pleasanton, CA on 2/3/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Overall, a sturdy solid mount that was easy to install. They include nice little touches (magnetic stud finder and probe, nice template for marking, etc.) Only complaints are that the online placement tool ended up setting everything 8" higher than it should have so I needed to reposition, and there's a bit of the bracket that's visible hanging down behind the TV, but this is a side effect of LGs positioning of the mount position super low on the TV.



Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Crutchfield customer from Allentown, PA on 10/19/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I already own one and purchased a second for an outside addition. After several years, this is still the best on the market with regards to being able to make subtle changes without any need for tools to tighten and loosen fittings. I would buy this again in a heartbeat and I did.



Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Crutchfield customer from Orlando, FL on 2/13/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Product! Works as described and exactly what I needed. I needed the lateral arm movement due to the placement on the wall and the desire to place into the corner (one solid wall butting up to a glass wall). This does exactly that with ease. The mount also allows me to take the TV down and up with no one else around which is a great feature to have for an out door TV. Highly recommend to anyone

Pros: Easy to install TV mounts easy to stand Easy to slide laterally

Cons: Tilt takes a bit to lock down.

Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Crutchfield customer from MD on 2/10/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The mount is well made and easy to install. The instructions are very good. All necessary hardware is included. My main issue is that the mount cannot achieve a 90 degree swivel for an OLED TV that is 48 in wide. The mount specs state 25 inch extension and 90 degree swivel, which suggests that a TV with a half-width of 24 inches should swivel 90 degrees. After contacting Sanus they advised that this mount could only achieve 81 degrees of swivel for my specific TV. Of course, it would have been good to know this during the selection process rather than finding out after mounting the TV. Their mount selector recommended this as the best full-motion mount for the particular TV model.



Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Lyle from Georgetown, TN on 2/2/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great mount and easy to install. I mounted a Sony XBR 65 inch with this unit.

Pros: Easy to install. Great movement.

Cons: Hard to keep unit level.

Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Thomas from Brentwood, TN on 8/9/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My only beef with this product is that the wire management leaves a lot to be desired. It installs easy enough, and provides a very secure mount.



Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Richard from Idaho Falls, ID on 4/26/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very easy to install. Instruction are easy to follow with good pictures.



Great Mount

Clifton from Waunakee, WI on 2/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a great mount, very easy to install. I really liked the app to give you exact measurements to install the wall mount for the tv perciesly where I needed it without the tv even being present. The mounting hardware for the tv is well made and also very easy to install. The instructions are very straightforward. I would definitely recommend this mount especially if you need to turn your large tv on extreme angles .

Pros: Easy install, quality product

Cons: None

Never use a stand again!

Jim from OH on 1/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I will never use a stand again! This thing makes my 65 inch OLED TV look like we are in a movie theater! Tilt, swivel, full rotation!

Pros: Works great!

Cons: A little hard to put tv on mount.

Great if you need lateral shift

Kerwin from Brooklyn, NY on 1/21/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I used this to mount my LG OLED65B6P. My tv is almost directly centered behind one of the studs I need to use for mounting, so the lateral shift capability of this mount let me put the wall bracket where it needed to be and let me shift the tv about 8" back to its center. Fantastic! Since the mounting holes on this particular tv are quite low, I e-mailed Sanus support to see if the bracket would be visible from the bottom. Indeed it would be visible, but they promptly sent me an adapter bracket for this particular mount (PIABL) free of charge. The adapter lets the vertical tv bracket be completely centered to the tv and prevents it from being visible from the bottom edge. I did encounter a problem with the provided screws. They were a bit short, but this was easily solved by a trip to the hardware store.

Pros: Lateral shift ability; Single-arm mechanism looks less bulky than other mounts I've seen;

Cons: Might require an adapter bracket if your tv's mounting holes are not centered; Provided screws might not be long enough for your mounting holes;

Reliable wall mount

Melissa from Yorktown Heights, NY on 1/11/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very sturdy wall mount for our 70 inch Vizio TV. Works perfectly in moving the TV from left to right, tilting up and down, and moving out away from wall. My husband simply stated: this thing is awesome! Would definitely purchase again!



Won't keep TV level if you move it frequently.

Tim from Birchwood, TN on 1/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Good: Ordering through Crutchfield. Customer service from Sanus. Beautiful and heavy-duty mount. The Bad: Poor design of the feature that maintains the TV at level. Avoid this unit if you want to change the TV position frequently. Everything else about this mount 5 stars. The level feature is two very small phillips machine screws that are supposed to clamp onto a flat metal surface that is parallel the TV screen in order to maintain the TV in a level position. This may work if you never move the TV, but we bought a full-motion mount for the purpose of being able to move the TV frequently to where we want it or out of the way against the wall. The level changes every time we move the TV. I am very mechanically inclined and a strong guy. No amount of cranking on these screws will hold a new (light) 55" TV level if you put any pressure on it ... i.e. move it. I called customer service at Sanus about some replacement screws. Even though the threads were not stripped, the phillips head was starting to wear from me cranking on it. Sanus immediately sent me an entire front arm assembly (that attaches the TV to the main mount on the wall). Yay for them, but the problem is obviously a design issue that can't be solved by replacing it. I'm going to reengineer a wedge or shim to permanently set the TV to level and prevent rotation.

Pros: Ordering through Crutchfield. Customer service from Sanus. Great looking and study unit that mounted very nicely.

Cons: Poor design of the feature that maintains the TV at level. Can not move the TV position without affecting level.

Sanus Premium Series VLF525

bernz from Carver, MA on 12/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very easy to install. Great price. Delivered in a few days.

Pros: Went up in less than 15 min. All the hardware I needed was incl.


Needs add'l screws and updated instructions

Clark from Atlanta, GA on 11/16/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Needs aditional screws not included to mount samsung curved tv. Had to go to hardware store and search. Also the instructions are misleading and need updating. I've mounted at least 3-4 TVs in the past with no problem. Luckily the people at Crutchfield are amazing and helped me over the phone. Overall construction quality is excellent. This is a really heavy-duty peice of metal. Make sure you have good wall/studs to support it.

Pros: Solid quality parts

Cons: Not universal, needs more screw/washer/spaced options.

Easy to operate

Bill from Nellysford, VA on 11/5/2016

Very easy to work with & adjust our tv

Pros: Adjustment made easy!

Cons: None

Great reach!

Bruce from Orlando, FL on 9/25/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great model. This Sanus wall-mount has the flexibility and the reach to dramatically improve flat screen TV placement and viewing. The extra reach with this model allows optimum TV positioning. It was also easy to install and customer service was helpful when the correct screws could not immediately be located to mount the frame to my Samsung 65" TV (they were in a different bag than the other TV- to- frame mounting hardware). Be sure to check the Sanus website first, however, to determine the correct wall mounting dimensions (wall bolt locations) for each model TV. That will depend upon the height you want the TV above the floor (or potentially the height above a shelf).

Pros: Great reach mount extension (i.e. distance out from the wall). Good flexibility in side to side positioning and tilt.

Cons: No TV height adjustment (higher or lower) once the wall mount height location is finalized.

Sanus Premium Series VLF525

Crutchfield customer from St Joseph, MO on 8/22/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought two-the movement is smooth and easy



Full motion at its finest!

Bob M from Branson, MO on 7/18/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very complete kit even included a stud finder/level. Hardware is top notch instructions include template. Saved a few bucks with open box but there was nothing missing. Arms move effortlessly with a full load. Pricey but quality components.

Pros: Easy install, complete in every way.

Cons: Price, but comparable units lack quality flexibility.

Sanus wall mount

Amy from Tampa, FL on 7/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We mounted to this to an exterior wall in our home. Works great so far. I would recommend this product



Sanus Premium Series VLF525

David from Dysart, IA on 3/19/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Well made it was worth the higher cost. Mounted a 65" Samsung TV in corner at 45 degree angle. I would recommend this bracket!

Pros: Well made, easy adjustment, easy mount of TV. It has releases for taking the arm apart or removing the TV.

Cons: None

Excellent product!!

Chad from Minnesota on 8/20/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Meant all of my expectations. The long extension of the arm was really helpful with the built in cabinets.

Pros: Easy installation. Took less than 10 minutes.

Cons: Absolutely nothing !!

Good, but need to clarify "full motion"

Sharon from Oregon on 4/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to assembly, seems well made, but the term "Full-motion" is tilts up and down, and moves from side to side, but can't really be raised or lowered.

Pros: Solid design, easy assembly,adjusts horizontally easily

Cons: "Full motion" doesn't include vertical movement.

Heavy Duty

Jack M from Texas on 2/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Picked this out with the assistance of a Crutchfield advisor. I buy whatever I can from these folks. Always helpful, shipping is fast and free and service after the sale is always excellent. I hung a 55" Sony Bravia on this mount. Weighs 88 pounds. Probably could have used a lesser mount but I was afraid. Turns out, you can do pull ups on this thing. Bought it for the Heavy Duty capability and the fact the it pulls out far enough from the wall to swivel the TV almost 90 degrees. Amazing that this will support that weight approx 28 inches out from the wall. Have used Sanus products before. Never disappointed. If you're going to hang that kind of weight, it's critical that you get the installation perfect. The template helps do that. I'd recommend buying a very good stud finder. The one included in the Sanus package is no where near adequate. You don't need a professional to install this but you've got to get the lag bolts dead on in the studs. .

Pros: Solid as a rock.

Cons: It's pricey.


Hands-on research

Product Research


Full-Motion Design: The Sanus Premium Series VLF525 full-motion, wall-mount bracket provides a 3-points of movement for an optimal viewing position. The VLF525 extends from the wall (3.625"-25"), tilts up/down (+5°/-15°), and swivels left or right (+/-90°) for easy viewing anywhere in the room.

TV Capacity: The Sanus Premium Series VLF525 wall-mount bracket is designed to support flat-panel TVs from 51" to 70", weighing up to 125 lbs.

VESA Bolt Pattern: The VLF525 full-motion, wall-mount bracket accommodates a horizontal hole spacing on back of the TV of 300mm-700mm and a vertical hole spacing of 200mm-400mm. The Sanus VLF525 comes with M4, M5, M6, and M8 size bolts of differing lengths to mount the bracket to your TV. It will accommodate the following VESA hole patterns in accordance with industry standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association:

  • 300mm x 200mm
  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 400mm x 300mm
  • 400mm x 400mm
  • 500mm x 300mm
  • 500mm x 400mm
  • 600mm x 400mm
  • 700mm x 400mm
Note: Additional hardware may be required for your specific model of TV. For example; shorter or longer screws, thicker or slimmer washers or spacers. These additional accessories can often be found at your local hardware store.

Construction: The bracket is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and high-impact plastic with a durable powder-coated black finish.

Perfect Positioning: The TV brackets and arm assembly let your television slide from side-to-side on the wall-mount plate for perfect positioning of the TV on your wall. There are also two level adjustment screws on the TV bracket to raise or lower (+/-3°) the sides of the TV.

Note: The wall plate must be mounted to wall studs or anchored to a brick, block, or concrete wall using the supplied lag bolts (and wall-anchors). The slots in the wall plate can accommodate wall studs 16" and 24" on center.

Safety Tabs: Once the wall plate is anchored to the wall studs, the arm assembly can be hooked into the wall bracket. An integrated safety tab on the TV bracket provides a safe and easy connection to the wall bracket you can hear. The TV brackets are then attached to the back of your television and then mounted to the assembly arm; a safety knob & tab secures it in place.

Cable Management: An in-arm cable management channel protects and conceals cables the length of the arm for a clean appearance, while decorative covers conceal assembly and mounting hardware of the wall-plate for a finished appearance.

Installation Tools: The following tools are recommended for mounting the VLF525:

  • Tape measure
  • Stud finder/level (included)
  • Drill
  • 7/32 Drill bit (for wood stud)
  • 3/8" Drill bit (for masonry)
  • 1/2" Socket wrench
  • Screw driver
  • Hammer
  • Pencil


  • Horizontal TV Bracket:
    • Width = 29.5625"
    • Height = 2.25"
    • Depth = 1.25"
  • Vertical TV Bracket:
    • Width = 4.5"
    • Height = 19.0625"
    • Depth = 0.9375"
  • Arm Assembly (retracted):
    • Width = 14.9375"
    • Height = 15.75"
    • Depth = 2.1875"
  • Wall Plate:
    • Width = 30.875"
    • Height = 15.75"
    • Depth = 2.625"

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

have one, works great [ Robert  Dec 07, 2018 ]
Quality brand [ Edward Todd  Nov 08, 2018 ]
High quality, has range of motion required. [ Timothy  Jun 25, 2018 ]
Needed a mount that I could move the TV over to one side. The studs are 24" and one is right behind the center of TV. Based on a few reviews I should be able to move the TV back to the center. [ MICHAEL  Jun 21, 2018 ]
best reviews of tv wall mount [ Norman  Jun 20, 2018 ]
Highly recommended, plus i have one all ready [ James  Apr 05, 2018 ]
Purchased one before, for use in my previous home. I like the clean design and sturdy construction. [ W  Mar 13, 2018 ]
range of motion [ Michael  Jan 31, 2018 ]
Excellent reviews, quality vendor. [ Andrew Richard  Nov 12, 2017 ]
Looked at them a while seems to be a good one will find out shortlly. Looking for quality. [ Robert  Feb 13, 2017 ]
Mounting a Samsung TV! [ Tom  Jan 09, 2017 ]
Recommended by installers. [ Anthony  Jan 07, 2017 ]
needed the least expensive option to mount a TV in built-in shelves in the corner of the room, that would be easy to pull/swing out for best viewing angles. [ Clark  Nov 03, 2016 ]
My research leads me to believe that Sanus is a high quality mount and this particular mount has the flexibility of movement I am looking for. [ Andrew  Oct 10, 2016 ]
Needed the 25" extension, prior brand experience, excellent pricing. [ Robert  Sep 07, 2016 ]
Great price [ Kenneth  Aug 18, 2016 ]
Kevin's recommendation - extends out 25", moves left and right to center in my cabinet opening, open box item Kevin's Bio: [ Larry  Aug 03, 2016 ]
hanging tv on a wall [ Robert  Jul 22, 2016 ]
great price for this item.....actually went with a larger model Sanus mount due to the price point of Crutchfield vs. Best Buy / Walmart / Amazon, et al [ Joseph  Jul 18, 2016 ]
Brand reputation, weight load, and ability to extend TV out from wall as needed. [ NEAL  Feb 18, 2016 ]

3 questions already asked

Every Sanus mount has specs for weight limit - however they are so well made I would go over their "max" weight by 20% with no concern. It has carried my weight fully extended - I have 3 of them with 100 pound TV's attached. I added wall support for my heaviest TV. I removed Sheetrock, added 2 x 4 studs, and also used longer and stronger lag bolts than were supplied. Remember bolts are graded by quality. The best are expensive, but I think worth the extra money. That said, I wouldn't be concerned about 100 lbs mounted with the enclosed hardware into normal studs --- (DEAD CENTER) if only one stud. RY [ RAYMOND  Nov 24, 2018 ]
I bought this for my Brother who has a 75 inch television, I really do not know. [ DAVID  Nov 24, 2018 ]
It will handle all the sizes you mentioned. I have a 2016 Samsung 75" on mine and it handles mine with no problem, even when fully extended. My Samsung weighs 80 lbs. [ RANDALL  Mar 12, 2018 ]
Yes, the mount is over built. Save all info from new mount and use largest fasteners for your location. I move my tv around for cleaning and it never changes . [ ROBERT  Mar 12, 2018 ]
The mount is adjustable so you should be able to get it set to where the brackets are not exposed. Once you adjust it to where you want you can then lock it in. [ Kenny  Feb 18, 2017 ]  Staff
Thanks for your question. Yes it will. On the TV product page check out the "Accessories" tab for compatible mounts and you will see many different options. Hope this helps. [ Kenny  Feb 16, 2017 ]  Staff

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