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Polk Audio 265 RT

In-wall speaker

Item #: 107265RT

This Polk speaker practically disappears No, it isn't magic.

This Polk speaker practically disappears No, it isn't magic.

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Item # 107265RT

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About the Polk Audio 265 RT

This Polk speaker practically disappears
No, it isn't magic. But it's close. A member of Polk's "RT Vanishing" series, the 265 RT offers stellar sound in an inconspicuous design that hides in your wall. Close your eyes, and you might just think you're listening to a bookshelf speaker. The 265 RT is voice-matched to Polk's renowned RTi series, so you can put together a system mixing in-wall and floor-standing or bookshelf speakers — whatever suits your room and your decorating sense best.

This Polk speaker practically disappears
No, it isn't magic. But it's close. A member of Polk's "RT Vanishing" series, the 265 RT offers stellar sound in an inconspicuous design that hides in your wall. Close your eyes, and you might just think you're listening to a bookshelf speaker. The 265 RT is voice-matched to Polk's renowned RTi series, so you can put together a system mixing in-wall and floor-standing or bookshelf speakers — whatever suits your room and your decorating sense best.

A terrific trio of drivers
You can bank on great performance. Dual 6-1/2" woofers and a pivoting silk-dome polymer tweeter deliver wide frequency response, from deep bass to crystal-clear highs. Built-in switches let you tailor the sound to match your specific room and installation. Finish off by painting the magnetic Sheer-Grille™ to match your wall color and the '265 is ready for showtime.

An optional in-wall bracket is recommended for installing the 265-RT in-wall center channel speaker in a home with new construction.

Got wire?
Most speakers don't include any. Learn more about in-wall wiring at the Crutchfield Learning Center.
Shop our selection of in-wall speaker wire.


Product highlights:

  • 1" swivel-mount silk/polymer dome tweeter
  • dual 6-1/2" woofers
  • sound-shaping controls
  • frequency response 45-25,000 Hz (-3dB)
  • handles up to 200 watts
  • sensitivity 91 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • paintable Sheer-Grille™ for stealth installation
  • cutout: 7-1/4"W x 19-3/16"H
  • mounting depth: 3-1/4"
  • warranty: limited lifetime
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # AW6265-A

What's in the box:

  • Rectangular in-wall speaker
  • Foam rubber port plug
  • White metal grille
  • Mounting template
  • Owner's Manual
  • Sheer-Grille Painting instructions
  • Online Registration Card
  • Polk Audio product brochure

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Polk Audio 265 RT

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Quantity in Package Single
Tweeter Dome
Midrange Size ---
Woofer Size 6.5
Cutout Size 7.25 x 19.1875
Woofer Composition Polymer Composite
Woofer Surround Rubber
Power Range (Watts) 10-200
Sensitivity 91 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency Response 45-25kHz
Connector Type Spring post
Bi-Amp Inputs No
Built-in Back-box No
Parts Warranty Lifetime
Labor Warranty Lifetime

Product Research

Vanishing Series In-Wall Loudspeakers: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series 265-RT in-wall loudspeaker features a precision-engineered, minimally flanged design. Polk's exclusive Sheer-Grille protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings, and installs virtually-flush in your wall. Mounting the speaker is simple with a one-cut, drop-in installation and the rotating cam stabilizing system. The speaker provides superior high-performance sound from its dual 6.5" woofers and aimable 1" tweeter with Reflective Room Compensation control.

Driver Technology
Infinite Enclosure Design
Mounting Options

Driver Technology

Dynamic Balance Technology: Laser-imaging technology allows Polk Audio engineers to see the entire vibrating surface of a driver and tweeter. This allows the engineers to actually see performance-robbing distortion develop on the speaker cone. Using this data, they can determine the Dynamic Balance of their high-tech materials, and alter the geometry and construction of the speaker to effectively tune out the offending resonance. Exclusive Dynamic Balance Composite Material Technology delivers sound that is effortlessly clean and clear, even at lifelike volume levels.

Klippel Optimized Motor Structures: The Klippel Distortion Analyzer allows Polk engineers to optimize each driver's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension to insure smooth, unimpeded movement even at extreme listening levels. This is especially important in the shallow depth area afforded an in-wall loudspeaker.

Dual Woofers: The 265-RT in-wall loudspeaker employs dual 6.5" Dynamic Balance mineral composite polypropylene cone woofers with rubber surrounds for a smooth, consistent frequency response. The drivers feature a lightweight, strong composite basket that works in conjunction with Klippel Optimization to keep moving parts in rigid alignment while further damping performance-robbing resonances.

Silk Dome Tweeter: The speaker employs a 1" Dynamic Balance silk polymer composite dome tweeter for crisp, clear imaging. The high-performance tweeter features a 15° swivel housing, for more direct high frequency control, excellent off-axis imaging and more placement flexibility.

Reflective Room (Tweeter) Compensation Control: An easily accessible Reflective Room (Tweeter) Compensation switch allows you to make detailed adjustments to optimize the sound for any installation. The switch can be used to digitally compensate for harsh reflective surfaces. The switch doesn't merely reduce high frequencies, it actually allows you to "notch-out" a specific area of the spectrum (3500-6000Hz) where room acoustics most often interfere with performance. The switch has two settings:

  • Filter Setting: If your listening room is very reflective, with smooth sheetrock walls, hardwood floors, and non-cushioned furniture, the sound will be overly "bright" and unnatural. Selecting the "Filter" setting compensates for the effect of reflectivity in a hard room. Tweeter attenuation flattens room response, without hindering higher frequency response, for warmer, more realistic sound and more accurate imaging.
  • Normal Setting: If your room is not reflective, with curtains, artwork, lots of cushioned furniture and carpeting, sound will be absorbed by the room, resulting in more realistic reproduction and more accurate imaging. In this case, select the Normal setting.

Timbre-Matched: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-wall loudspeakers are timbre-matched to Polk Audio's high-performance RTi bookshelf and floor-standing loudspeakers. This allows you to match them to an existing Polk Audio home theater speaker system and enjoy seamless blending from speaker to speaker. Timbre-matched speaker components will insure the same true response throughout your system.

Frequency Response: The overall frequency response of the in-wall speaker is 30Hz to 27kHz, and the -3dB frequency response is 45 to 25kHz.

Infinite Enclosure Design

Infinite Baffle Tuning: Infinite Baffle Tuning uses the virtual enclosure of the in-wall space for deep bass response and superior overall sound.

PowerPort Bass Venting: The 265-RT features Polk Audio's patented PowerPort Bass Venting. The oblong-shaped port has rounded edges which smooth air turbulence at the mouth of the port to eliminate distortion. A foam rubber port plug is included, and should be inserted when the speaker is installed in an area larger than a standard open stud bay.

Wafer-Thin Sheer-Grille: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-wall speakers feature Polk's exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically-secured grille that protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille can be painted to match your décor, making it virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille has nearly transparent, ultra-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.

Note: When painting the grille, it is highly recommend that you use a can of spray paint matched to the color of the surrounding wall. Brushes or rollers should not be used to paint the grille, as this will clog the perf holes.


Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded Posts: The 265-RT has a gold-plated pair of spring-loaded binding posts that can accept up to 12-gauge wire, single banana plugs, or pin connectors.

Mounting Options

Applications: You can use the Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-wall loudspeaker as main left and right speakers mounted alongside your flat screen TV, or for superior dynamics in practically invisible multi-zone music systems.

Rotating Cam System: The speaker utilizes a rotating cam system to ensure a secure, vibration-free installation. There are eight rotating cams to hold the speaker securely to the wall.

Installation: The 265-RT can be installed in new or existing construction:

  • Existing Construction: In existing walls, use the included cardboard template for one-cut, drop-in simplicity.
  • New Construction: Pre-construction brackets (sold separately) are available for new-build or open-wall retro-fitting.


In-Wall Dimensions Model # 265-RT
Overall Dimensions (with grille) Width = 8.875"
Height = 20.875"
Cutout Dimensions Width = 7.25"
Height = 19.1875"
Product Depth (including grille & wiring) Depth = 3.75"
Mounting Depth (using 1/2" drywall) Depth = 3.25"

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Reviews on Crutchfield and others. Price was right, particularly w/ sale. [ Robert  Nov 14, 2017 ]
Great price for great speakers! [ Scott  Nov 24, 2016 ]
Polk equals quality, and I needed a vertical center channel to mount next to a 2x4 that runs vertically in the wall. This will offset slightly from the center, but it blends so well into the wall, you only notice if you're looking for it. Plus, the grill is paintable. [ Joshua  Nov 13, 2016 ]
Choose this from past experiences with this brand name plus the specification of this product. [ anh  Nov 09, 2016 ]
Recommendations [ John  Sep 21, 2016 ]
Performance and wanted to avoid towers with surround sound application in mixed use room. [ Dean  Mar 06, 2016 ]
I purchased these speakers based on the specifications, reviews and reputation of Polk. They installed easily and I'm very happy with the sound they produce. [ Larry  Dec 18, 2015 ]

6 questions already asked

What is the difference between the 265 RT and 265 LS?
[ PAR02  Feb 04, 2018 ]
2 answers
$200! That's all I know.
[ COLBY  Feb 05, 2018 ]
The frequency response is different between the two. You can compare specifications of both on the Crutchfield website. They stock both of these items.
[ JACK  Feb 04, 2018 ]
Bi-amp able?
[ John  May 14, 2016 ]
1 answer
No it is not.
[ Randy  May 14, 2016 ]
What is the minimum required distance from the studs to accommodate the screw clips that secure it to the wall?
[ Guest  May 03, 2015 ]
5 answers
Typical 2X4 wall studs are spaced 16ins. on center (OC) (measured from center of one stud to center of second stud). Anything less than that gets tight in a hurry; just check the speaker dimensions for exact measurements. You can go a little beyong 16ins. OC; the clips catch about 1-11/4 ins. of stud when tightened.
[ STANLEY D  May 05, 2015 ]
Sorry Sam I don't recall and we have moved.
[ ken  May 04, 2015 ]
I'm not suite as I had them installed by a professional.
[ TERENCE G  May 03, 2015 ]
The Install on these are very easy and straight forward and these speakers are awesome !!! Good luck
[ julian  May 03, 2015 ]
You need at least 1/2 Clarence from the stud to allow the clips to drop down
[ julian  May 03, 2015 ]
Can these in wall speakers be used in a wall that backs to an open storage room (meaning that the space behind the speaker will be open)? An installer is telling me to avoid these and any other speakers that are not "sealed" because too much sound will be lost to the open room behind the speaker.
[ Dan  Jan 20, 2015 ]
10 answers
Thanks for the helpful response
[ Dan  Jan 21, 2015 ]
Thanks for the helpful response
[ Dan  Jan 21, 2015 ]
I spoke with a Polk technician prior to my install and the mfg.'s recommendation is an enclosure having a MINIMUM of 1 cu.ft. area (after subtracting the volume consumed by the speaker itself). These speakers are designed (presumed to be installed in) for in-wall placement, which typically is 2x4 or 2x6 studs on 16in. centers. The speakers have a couple of settings/buttons/adjustments/ports that can improve performance if your enclosure is too large - but nothing can be done for an undersized enclosure. Bottom line: 1) Use an enclosure (you can buy ready-made for a ceiling install or make you own using 3/4in. MDF) 2) You will not be happy with these speakers if installed in an "OPEN" configuration as you outlined. I had my enclosures custom-built as part of an entertainment cabinet I designed. I am happy with sound quality (SQ) and acknowledge an in-wall speaker will never have the SQ of a floor-standing reference speaker. Due to space constraints I had to go with an in-wall install, though my perference was component speakers.
[ STANLEY D  Jan 21, 2015 ]
Hi Dan. Is your stud bay enclosed? If so, you are good to go. Just add about 2" of insulation behind the speaker in the wall and they will sound great. If there is no back on your wall, that could be a problem. I would recommend putting drywall on the back of the wall in which you are installing the speakers to enclose the bay. This will create your speaker "cabinet". Without, you will lose a lot of the sound. I hope this helps. I love the speakers. I paired them with a polk subwoofer and some Polk bookshelf speakers for surrounds. Sounds great! Feel free to ask any other questions that may come up.
[ MARK  Jan 20, 2015 ]
You could enclose the speaker yourself or purchase unit from Crutchfield- Russound flexbox
[ ALFREDO  Jan 20, 2015 ]
I'm not sure because mine have a closed space behind them. I actually made enclosed boxes behind the drywall to get the best sound response possible. Have you consideree building small enclosures out of particle board or MDF wood?
[ AARON  Jan 20, 2015 ]
I would not use these with an open air backing unless you can find some baffles that would close off the back of the speaker.
[ EZEKIEL  Jan 20, 2015 ]
Yes. I belive it can be use. Even if you have closed back sides are not sealed in middle of wall and you not loose sound. But alwas you can do a boxes from mdf.
[ DARIUSZ  Jan 20, 2015 ]
I installed them with an open room behind. I addressed this issue by just building an enclosure for the speakers. I put a 2x4 above and below the speakers and then put a piece of plywood over the opening where the speaker is. It sounds awesome.
[ JAMES W  Jan 20, 2015 ]
Dan, The installer is right. I installed my speakers in a built cabinet, sealed from behind with insulation. You will lose sound especially bass. I would build a box that would seal the back. You will get better sound. These speakers rock. You wont be disappointed. Hope this helps.
[ John  Jan 20, 2015 ]
I see these speakers can handle 200 watts. My receiver delivers 100 watts.. Will the receiver drive these ok?
[ Ron Hoogenakker  Oct 31, 2014 ]
4 answers
I am using this speaker as the center channel which is being driven by a Denon 3313ci AV receiver that is rated for 125 watts per fine and very clear.
[ ken  Nov 03, 2014 ]
Your receiver will drive these speakers just fine , unless you like to listen at ear-damaging levels. I'm using a Denon AVR 2310ci, which can output 105 watts per channel, and I am extremely pleased with the sound quality that results.
[ ROBERT J  Nov 03, 2014 ]
A 100 watts should drive these. I have an Onkyo TX-NR636. It has 95 watts per channel and it rocks these speakers. I love these speakers. They sound great! You won't be disappointed.
[ John  Nov 03, 2014 ]
Should work just fine. I believe the range is between 10 and 200 watts for this model speaker. My receiver is pushing 100 watts as well and the sound is awesome.
[ DANNY  Nov 02, 2014 ]
Can I use this as a center speaker installed horizontally?
[ MARCOS  Dec 02, 2013 ]
3 answers
I would recommend getting a horizontal mounted or positioned speaker verses using the vertical configuration on its side. The cones are not the same either which would cause inaccurate dispersion within your sound envelope.
[ JACOB  Dec 09, 2013 ]
You can, and it may actually sound better that way (although it will reduce vertical dispersion. Virtually all center speakers that lack a vertically arranged tweeter and midrange have compromised horizontal dispersion due to phase cancellation effects from the two outer speakers. By placing the speaker vertically, this moves the effect vertically. Because of this you may have to tilt the speaker a bit so the tweeter is aimed at your seated ear level. But horizontal dispersion should be fine.
[ ROBERT  Dec 04, 2013 ]
I used these as left and right. For a center I would not as the two cones are not identical.
[ EZEKIEL  Dec 03, 2013 ]

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