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Polk Audio 620-RT

In-ceiling speaker

Item # 107620RT

Your home theater proposal got the "green light" but free-standing surround speakers were given the...

Your home theater proposal got the "green light" but free-standing surround speakers were given the...

Discontinued item
2 questions - 18 answers

Item # 107620RT

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About the Polk Audio 620-RT

Your home theater proposal got the "green light" but free-standing surround speakers were given the kibosh by a major stakeholder. Don't despair. Grab a pair of the Polk Audio 620-RT speakers. They install discreetly overhead, so you can keep your surround sound speakers out of sight or add music to rooms where conventional speakers just won't cut it.

Your home theater proposal got the "green light" but free-standing surround speakers were given the kibosh by a major stakeholder. Don't despair. Grab a pair of the Polk Audio 620-RT speakers. They install discreetly overhead, so you can keep your surround sound speakers out of sight or add music to rooms where conventional speakers just won't cut it.

Great quality + a vanishing profile = consensus
The 620-RT speakers uses a 6-1/2" woofer and a 3/4" pivoting silk-polymer dome tweeter for outstanding lifelike sound. Polk's patented port design delivers full range so you'll sacrifice nothing but an obtrusive outline. Paintable magnetic speaker grilles fit flush in the ceiling. The only time you'll be aware of these 'RTs is when you hear the whoosh of a jet engine overhead or shouts from behind you from a favorite film soundtrack.

Might as well invite the whole family over
Complete your system with other members of Polk's Vanishing RT series of speakers. You may also want to peruse their renowned, sonically matching RTi speakers. Build a home theater that will thrill and delight for years to come.

An optional in-wall bracket is recommended for installing the 620-RT speaker in a home with new construction.

Got wire?
Most speakers don't include any. Learn more about in-wall wiring.
Shop our selection of in-wall speaker wire.

Product Highlights:

  • sold individually
  • frequency response 52-23,000 Hz (-3dB)
  • 3/4" pivoting silk/polymer dome tweeter
  • 6-1/2" Dynamic Balance® woofer
  • Infinite Baffle Tuning for improved bass response
  • handles up to 100 watts
  • sensitivity 89 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • paintable Sheer-Grille™ for stealth installation
  • cutout: 7-15/16" diameter
  • mounting depth: 4-1/4"
  • lifetime warranty
  • MFR # AW0620-A

What's in the box:

  • Round in-ceiling speaker
  • White metal grille
  • Mounting template
  • Owner's Manual
  • Sheer-Grille Painting instructions
  • Online Registration Card
  • Polk Audio product brochure

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More details on the Polk Audio 620-RT

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Quantity in Package Single
Tweeter Dome
Aimable Tweeter No
Woofer Composition Polymer composite
Woofer Surround Rubber
Connector Type Spring posts
Bi-Amp Inputs No
Built-in Back-box No
Moisture Resistance
Indoor (Moisture-resistant) No
Outdoor (Partial Exposure) No
Outdoor (Full Exposure) No
Tweeter Size 0.75
Midrange Size N/A
Speaker Shape 7.904
Woofer Size 6.5
Cutout Width ---
Cutout Height ---
Mounting Depth 4.6875
Power Range (Watts) 10-100
Sensitivity 89 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency Response 52-23kHz
Parts Warranty Lifetime
Labor Warranty Lifetime

Product Research

Vanishing Series In-Ceiling Loudspeakers: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series 620-RT in-ceiling loudspeaker features a precision-engineered, minimally flanged design. Polk's exclusive Sheer-Grille protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings, and installs virtually-flush in your ceiling. Mounting the speaker is simple with a one-cut, drop-in installation and the rotating cam stabilizing system. The speaker provides superior high-performance sound from its 6.5" woofer and aimable 0.75" tweeter with Reflective Room Compensation control.

Driver Technology
Infinite Enclosure Design
Mounting Options

Driver Technology

Dynamic Balance Technology: Laser-imaging technology allows Polk Audio engineers to see the entire vibrating surface of a driver and tweeter. This allows the engineers to actually see performance-robbing distortion develop on the speaker cone. Using this data, they can determine the Dynamic Balance of their high-tech materials, and alter the geometry and construction of the speaker to effectively tune out the offending resonance. Exclusive Dynamic Balance Composite Material Technology delivers sound that is effortlessly clean and clear, even at lifelike volume levels.

Klippel Optimized Motor Structures: The Klippel Distortion Analyzer allows Polk engineers to optimize each driver's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension to insure smooth, unimpeded movement even at extreme listening levels. This is especially important in the shallow depth area afforded an in-ceiling loudspeaker.

Polymer Composite Woofer: The 620-RT in-ceiling loudspeaker employs a 6.5" Dynamic Balance polymer composite cone woofer with a rubber surround for a smooth, consistent frequency response. The driver features a lightweight, strong composite basket that works in conjunction with Klippel Optimization to keep moving parts in rigid alignment while further damping performance-robbing resonances.

Silk Dome Tweeter: The speaker employs a 0.75" Dynamic Balance silk polymer composite dome tweeter for crisp, clear imaging. The high-performance tweeter features a 15° swivel housing, for more direct high frequency control, excellent off-axis imaging and more placement flexibility.

Timbre-Matched: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-ceiling loudspeakers are timbre-matched to Polk Audio's high-performance RTi bookshelf and floor-standing loudspeakers. This allows you to match them to an existing Polk Audio home theater speaker system and enjoy seamless blending from speaker to speaker. Timbre-matched speaker components will insure the same true response throughout your system.

Frequency Response: The overall frequency response of the in-ceiling speaker is 35Hz to 25kHz, and the -3dB frequency response is 52 to 23kHz.

Infinite Enclosure Design

Infinite Baffle Tuning: Infinite Baffle Tuning uses the virtual enclosure of the in-ceiling space for deep bass response and superior overall sound.

Wafer-Thin Sheer-Grille: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-ceiling speakers feature Polk's exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically secured grille that protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille can be painted to match your décor, making it virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille has nearly transparent, ultra-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.

Note: When painting the grille, it is highly recommend that you use a can of spray paint matched to the color of the surrounding ceiling. Brushes or rollers should not be used to paint the grille, as this will clog the perf holes.


Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded Posts: The 620-RT has a pair of gold-plated spring-loaded binding posts that can accept single banana plugs, pin connectors, or bare wire up to 12-gauge.

Mounting Options

Applications: You can use the Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-ceiling loudspeaker as in-ceiling rear surrounds to complete an RTi Series speaker system, or for superior dynamics in practically invisible multi-zone music systems.

Rotating Cam System: The speaker utilizes a rotating cam system to ensure a secure, vibration-free installation. There are six rotating cams to hold the speaker securely to the ceiling.

Installation: The 620-RT can be installed in new or existing construction:

  • Existing Construction: In existing ceilings, use the included cardboard template for one-cut, drop-in simplicity.
  • New Construction: Pre-construction brackets (sold separately) are available for new-build or open-ceiling retro-fitting.


in-ceiling Dimensions Model # 620-RT
Overall Dimensions Frame Diameter: 8.915"
Grille Diameter: 9.589"
Mounting Depth: 4.6875"
Cutout Dimensions (using 1/2" drywall) Cutout Diameter: 7.904"
Mounting Depth: 4.1875"

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Customer Q&A

2 questions already asked

Does this speaker work well as a surround unit or it is overkill for the function intended?
[ Nehro H.  Nov 18, 2014 ]
8 answers
I purchased 4 of these to act as my surrounds: two front surrounds and two rear. I'm not sure what you mean by "overkill", but I was told that the surrounds typically only make up 10-15 % of the total audio on a surround sound audio track, so I was looking for a nicer than bare bones in-ceiling speaker but didn't want to spend too much money. The 620-RT's have met that need nicely for me, though could I do it over again, I probably would have spent slightly more on the LS-model surrounds, because my front 3 channels are from Polk's in-wall LS line. Polk suggests that so that the timber of sound between front/back speakers be more consistent.
[ William  Nov 19, 2014 ]
Thank you Gentlemen, I appreciate your input very much, it is decision time on my part, however I must say I am leaning towards the purchase for Aesthetics purpose as Dan mentioned, plus my front ones are the more expensive 700-LS so this should provide some balance if anything.
[ Nehro H.  Nov 19, 2014 ]
I was a little skeptical about over head rear surrounds. These ended up working fine, not as well as a book shelf speaker but I did not have much choice in our new home as it's a open floor plan. Just be careful on the placement and put them about 4 to 5 feet behind your sitting area. If your receiver can support a 3rd rear center speaker with 6 to 1 or 7 to 1 then go for it , it's worth the cash for the upgrade.
[ JOEY  Nov 19, 2014 ]
It works very well as a surround speaker but it may be overkill depending on how critical or particular you are. These speakers sound really good - i'm very pleased - in my present configuration. I use them both as front and rear speakers depending on whether we're watching a movie vs watching a concert DVD vs watching a ballgame. I have two TV's on opposite ends of the basement so sometimes these function as rear surrounds and sometimes they're in front. Clear as mud? Either way, it's a strong performer. For dedicated / full-time rear surround speakers, many would consider it overkill. Just my opinion. Rich
[ Rich  Nov 19, 2014 ]
Hello Nehro R, The 620 -RT is overkill for surround speakers. I used them for surround to match my front speakers (620-RT) mostly for ceiling aesthetics in my family room and sound. Check the following for surround speakers: Polk Audio RC 80i $139.99 pr. Polk Audio RC 60i $119.99 pr Hope this helps, Dan P.S. the 620-RT's are awesome---
[ DAN  Nov 19, 2014 ]
Speaker works well for my setup; I have them setup as rear surround speakers behind my sitting position in my 7.1 setup. I do not believe they would be over kill .They are mounted approximately 4 FT from my sitting position and when a surround signal is sent to them I have no trouble hearing them.
[ NATHAN  Nov 19, 2014 ]
Its actually perfect for surround, I have 32 of them throughout my home and I absolutely love them.
[ GEORGE  Nov 19, 2014 ]
I bought it to use as surround speakers and I think they are great. I also like them because when I play music they sound terrific.
[ JOHN  Nov 19, 2014 ]
Should this be protected from Insulation?
[ Donald  Jan 15, 2014 ]
10 answers
I will be installing these today. I will be building a small enclosure to protect from insulation, as I feel the speakers will preform better with he enclosure.
[ Steve  Jan 19, 2014 ]
I do not think any 'isolation 'is needed. I just pushed back/cut out so that the insulation did not physically touch the speaker.
[ DONALD S  Jan 18, 2014 ]
Hello Donald,I did purchase the Polk Audio 620-RT speakers form Crutchfield. I do was concerned about ceiling mount speakers. Speaking to a helpful Crutchfieldadviser, I was told to that I would have know problem with the insulation in the ceiling interfering with the speaker sound.Hope this helps Donald,Dan L
[ DAN  Jan 17, 2014 ]
When I installed my speakers, my insulation had paper backing so it should present no problem, but if its blown in you will have a problem.The question is what kind of insulation do you have.
[ BENJAMIN  Jan 16, 2014 ]
The wall that I put my speakers in didn't have insulation. They are interior walls. The speaker takes up all the room in the 3 1/2" space, so there isn't any room for insulation. I would like to add that you will probably need to add drywall screws to make the structure tight. My wall vibrated like crazy until I fastened the wall to the nearest 2x4s tightly. I am happy with their performance after that. Hope this helps
[ DANIEL W  Jan 16, 2014 ]
Donald, my speakers are placed in a drop ceiling so I didn't have any insulation problems to deal with, but I don't feel that the insulation would hurt the speaker though.
[ NATHAN  Jan 16, 2014 ]
There is nothing in the installation manual about protecting the speaker from insulation and nothing is included in packing that could be used for protecting the speaker. I have boxed the area above the speaker and between ceiling beams with half inch plywood. I don't want the fiberglass insulation to contaminate the speaker and I don't want the speaker opening to allow outside air to infiltrate the air-conditioned space.
[ DONALD  Jan 16, 2014 ]
I think it depends on the type of insulation (paneled or blown). I don't see a reason why the paneled insulation couldn't work. The blown insulation (loose fibers might be problematic). We installed our Polk speakers in the kitchen ceiling with NO insulation but the one thing I did notice is that the sound is very clearly heard in the bedroom above and having no insulation doesn't help matters. Just some things to think about...not really an "answer" however.
[ DAVID  Jan 16, 2014 ]
When I installed the speakers, I made sure there was at least 6" of space around the speaker that was free of insulation or other items. I installed these in the ceiling.
[ MIKE  Jan 16, 2014 ]
Insulation, will not bother the unit. it actually helps it.
[ GEORGE  Jan 16, 2014 ]

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