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Polk Audio CSi A6

Center channel speaker (Cherry)

Item # 107CSIA6C

The Polk CSi A6 anchors clear, crisp movie dialogue to your TV screen and delivers thrilling special effects,...

The Polk CSi A6 anchors clear, crisp movie dialogue to your TV screen and delivers thrilling special effects,...

Discontinued item
17 questions - 58 answers

Item # 107CSIA6C

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About the Polk Audio CSi A6

Loren Barstow

Enjoy detailed sound from this solidly built center channel

The Polk CSi A6 anchors clear, crisp movie dialogue to your TV screen and delivers thrilling special effects, thanks to its advanced driver technology and solid construction. Polk carefully designed the woofers and tweeter using laser testing to help identify and eliminate resonance points. The acoustically inert MDF cabinet fights internal vibrations that can compromise performance. It all adds up to smooth, accurate sound with DVDs and multichannel music sources. And a real wood veneer finish gives the speaker a warm, refined look, making it an attractive addition to just about any room.

Enjoy detailed sound from this solidly built center channel

The Polk CSi A6 anchors clear, crisp movie dialogue to your TV screen and delivers thrilling special effects, thanks to its advanced driver technology and solid construction. Polk carefully designed the woofers and tweeter using laser testing to help identify and eliminate resonance points. The acoustically inert MDF cabinet fights internal vibrations that can compromise performance. It all adds up to smooth, accurate sound with DVDs and multichannel music sources. And a real wood veneer finish gives the speaker a warm, refined look, making it an attractive addition to just about any room.

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Product highlights:

  • video-shielded
  • bass-reflex (ported) design
  • frequency response 55-26,000 Hz (-3dB)
  • handles 20-200 watts
  • 1" Dynamic Balance® silk/polymer tweeter
  • dual 6-1/2" Dynamic Balance polymer composite woofers
  • PowerPort® technology improves bass response without introducing distortion
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • sensitivity 90 dB
  • 5-way binding post terminals
  • real wood veneer finish
  • 24-1/16"W x 7-13/16"H x 14-1/4"D
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # AM6612-B

What's in the box:

  • One cherry center channel speaker
  • One 9.5" kickstand
  • One 5.5" kickstand (installed)
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Owner's Manual
  • Online registration sheet
  • Polk Audio product brochure

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More details on the Polk Audio CSi A6

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Ported
Color Cherry
Tweeter Type Soft-Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange size (inches) ---
Woofer size (inches) 6-1/2
Connector Type 5-Way post
Power Range 20-200
Sensitivity 90 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency Response 55-26k Hz
Height (inches) 7-13/16
Width (inches) 24-1/16
Depth (inches) 14-1/4
Weight 29 lbs
Wall-mountable No
Bracket Included No
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years

Product Research

Driver Technology
Enclosure Design
Mounting Options

Driver Technology

Dynamic Balance: Dynamic Balance is a proprietary Polk Audio technology using laser imaging to determine what combination of speaker materials create the least amount of resonance. Eliminating resonance in speakers results in a wide, smooth response and low distortion.

Polymer Composite Woofers: The speaker features two 6-1/2" polymer composite woofers for smooth wide-range response with low distortion. For high performance durability, each woofer uses a butyl rubber surround and an acoustically inert stamped driver basket.

Silk/Polymer Tweeter: The speaker has a 1" silk/polymer dome tweeter that provides clear, detailed highs. The tweeter uses a heat sink on the Neodymium magnet for superior heat dissipation, power handling and reliability.

Mylar Bypass Capacitors: Mylar bypass capacitors in the speaker's crossover network extend high frequency response and improve detail and transparency.

Frequency Response Note: The overall frequency response is 45Hz-27kHz and the -3dB frequency response is 55-26kHz.

Enclosure Design

Acoustically Inert Cabinet: The speaker cabinet features all-MDF construction with extensive internal bracings that virtually eliminate sound-muddying resonance.

Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC): Internal cabinet resonance can impart a "thick" character to voices. Polk's patented Acoustic Resonance Control port system overcomes this problem. In addition to the Power Port venting system, the speaker has a front-firing port that is tuned to suppress the internal cabinet resonance, resulting in smooth, natural midrange reproduction.

Power Port Venting System: The speaker has two rear-firing Power Port vents built into its two-piece back plate for precise deep bass response. This venting system allows air velocity to slow gradually, vastly reducing air turbulence, and delivering greater bass efficiency than conventional ports. The center channel speaker also features a front firing port for added efficiency and bass response.

Anti-Diffraction Grille: The floating anti-diffraction grille minimizes grille diffraction for spacious, 3-dimensional imaging.


Dual 5-Way Binding Posts: The speaker has two sets of gold-plated 5-way binding posts connected by gold-plated jumpers. Using the dual 5-way binding posts, you can bi-amp or bi-wire the speaker. The gold-plated 5-way binding posts will accept bare wire, pin connectors, spade connectors, banana plugs, and dual banana plugs.

Mounting Options

Reversible Design: If the speaker must be positioned below ear level, you can turn the cabinet upside down, allowing the drivers to fire upward.

Adjustable Kickstand: The speaker features a unique Adjustable Kickstand for secure balance on shallow-depth TVs and monitors.

Magnetically Shielded: The speaker is magnetically shielded, allowing you to place it on your television without distorting the picture.

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Customer Q&A

17 questions already asked

I had a Denon receiver with 150W per channel. Can I connect Bi-amp for this CSI A6?
[ Paul  Jan 01, 2020 ]
2 answers
With the center speaker rated at 200 watts (jumper brackets installed). Removing the jumper brackets and bi-amping, you will need to keep your power at 100 watts or less per set of input terminals. This is the same 200 watts from a single channel to the speaker with jumpers installed. Example: My front main towers are rated to handle 400 watts. I have them bi-amped at 140 watts per input terminal to equal 280 watts power. This is still well below the upto 400 watts they can handle. Exceeding the rated power can lead to driver damage if you ever get tempted to turn it up. However, higher power amplifiers will give cleaner sound as the amplifier doesn't need to strain to deliver power.
[ GARY  Jan 09, 2022 ]
That is an odd way of phrasing a question. I am not sure why a receiver you "had" has anything to do with this but, yes, the Polk Center has dual binding posts and you can, indeed, bi-amp that speaker.
[ Thomas  Jan 30, 2020 ]
Should this speaker be set to small or large on my Sony STR-DH790 receiver? Or is it more of a personal preference?
[ Joe  Jan 02, 2019 ]
4 answers
On my Yamaha RX-A3070 the YPAO calibration suggests speakers with mid-range/woofer size >6 inches be set to large.
[ THIENG  Jan 03, 2019 ]
If you have a Subwoofer, your center should be set to "small" so that the bass frequencies are crossed over to the subwoofer. If you run it as "large" it will put unnecessary strain on your receiver and potentially sound worse as the center speaker tries to produce frequencies lower than it is capable of doing in addition to possibly causing phasing issues with your subwoofer.
[ RYAN  Jan 02, 2019 ]
I am not familiar with the Sony receiver mentioned. I assume that the Sony is a surround sound receiver. My suggestion would be to try it on both to see which you like. Please note that small might mean that you have compact surround sound speaker combinations. This speaker is not a compact center channel speaker.
[ JAMES M  Jan 02, 2019 ]
I set mine to small at 60hz. That's what sounds best for myself and seems to blend best with my other polk speakers.
[ Jonathon  Jan 02, 2019 ]
I am interested in the csia6, but I've read a lot about center speakers where the 2nd sub is a radiator and produces no sound. Plz explain this and if this occurs with the csia6? Thx...grok4rock yahoo.
[ George  Oct 26, 2018 ]
3 answers
I bought this speaker last year. It has great sound no problems. It is however about twice as big as the picture so it takes up a lot of space but makes up for it with the sound. If you can get it at the price shown it's a steal. Hope this helps you. Bill
[ William  Nov 08, 2018 ]
I have had no issues with this center channel. I have a home theater and before I had a small Boston center channel and the sound was poor. When I changed over to this speaker the sound and sound quality was a huge difference. I highly recommend this speaker. I have a large subwoofer and no issues. I hope that answered your question.
[ JOEL  Nov 03, 2018 ]
A center channel speaker is not a sub woofer. A passive radiator in a speaker box does not have current going to it, but it is a speaker with out a magnet. the cone produces sound because of the sound wave from the active speakers and helps in most cases to add a little bottom.
[ JAMES M  Nov 02, 2018 ]
what is a good mount for this speaker?
[ PAUL  Dec 18, 2017 ]
5 answers
Yes, this is a great center channel speaker it really projects voices and other sounds so they are not lost among the L&R Main and Subwoofer output.
[ FRANK  Jan 01, 2018 ]
I bought a shelf kit from a local hardware store. You can then mount the shelf above or below the TV.
[ JACK L.  Dec 20, 2017 ]
I used B Tech center mounts. You may also want to use a board cut to measure the speaker to sit on. If it is under your TV you are fine. If it is above your TV mounted closer toward the ceiling you may want to screw an "ibolt" in the back of the board and then use one or more electrical ties to secure the speaker. It may not be necessary, but that is what I did.
[ JAMES M  Dec 18, 2017 ]
We have it on a shelf right above our receiver. I'm not sure if there is a good mount for this other than a shelf of some sort.
[ DAN  Dec 18, 2017 ]
My polk unit sets on top of cabinet.Under a 65 inch flat wall mounted TV.??????Tom
[ TOM  Dec 18, 2017 ]
Hello, I have a Yamaha RX-V1700 with limited xover options. I can only set my set my rears and center to the same frequency. My rears are set at 120 Hz which means my center is set to the same. So my question is . If I run this center set at full range how much frequency response will i really loose since it is not capable of say 30 hz? Thank you in advance for your time. Cheers Bob
[ Robert G Sprout  Jul 22, 2017 ]
2 answers
120hz would not be a bad crossover point. You don't want it to get anything below 80hz anyway. I'm assuming all your frequencies at 120hz or below are handled by a subwoofer. In that case, the real question is how your sub sounds going that high. If it still blends well, you'd be OK.
[ GARY  Apr 05, 2021 ]
I'm no expert, but I run my center at full range since the receiver's sound processing is going to send the proper frequencies to the right places. I, too, have a Yamaha receiver, the RX-V671, and I simply set the rear speakers to small and the center to Large and the system sounds just fine. Hope this helps.
[ STEPHEN M  Jul 22, 2017 ]
Is this speaker voiced match with RTi10s? Is this speaker better than the older CSI30/40 center channel?
[ Albert  Aug 24, 2016 ]
1 answer
Thanks for your question. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget.
[ KENNETH  Aug 24, 2016 ]  Staff
Can anyone give the exact shipping dimensions/size of the box this speaker comes in? And also the boxed weight?
[ Luisd  Sep 16, 2014 ]
2 answers
I dont know the exact dimensions of the box but its pretty much the same exact size of the speaker, the speaker fits snug in the box. and the dimensions of the speaker a rite on crutchfields site
[ STEVE  Jul 04, 2015 ]
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
[ KRISTINA  Sep 19, 2014 ]  Staff
I have Klipsch Heresy IV speakers... and currently a Klipsch center channel that I"m not satisfied with for the price I paid... I'm wondering, since the Heresy are surprisingly neutral and smooth, could I get away with the Polk Audio CSi A6 as a center...? My movie watching doesn't have to be "perfect", for that I'd need a bigger room and another Heresy for the center, but the DIALOGUE must be rendered with clarity.
[ Curt  Jan 18, 2022 ]
1 answer
Hello Curt, I personally don't have any complaints with any of my Polk speaker's. I absolutely love the sound profile they bring. I however have some hearing loss in the higher frequency range so I can't say that they will have the clarity you are seeking. My wife however has perfect hearing and she has said that they sound very clear I hope this helps somewhat.
[ PAUL  Jan 18, 2022 ]
Can the CSIA6 center speaker be used as front L/R speakers if rotated 90 degrees like typical towers?
[ Camille  Jan 18, 2022 ]
4 answers
I guess that you could,however, I'm not sure you would achieve the same quality of sound by not using smaller bookshelf speakers!
[ ULYSSES  Jan 20, 2022 ]
I wouldn't! You'd be missing bass while there are some speakers of the same size and weight that would make much front speakers.
[ MATTHEW  Jan 19, 2022 ]
Sure you could but it might not sound as good as a bookshelf speaker.
[ MARC  Jan 19, 2022 ]
No, if you try to stand these speakers on their sides, they will easily tip over. I do place this center speaker upside down under my TV, so that they are pointed directly toward the listener.
[ JOHN  Jan 18, 2022 ]
I have a pair of polk TSI400s for my front speakers and a CS10 for the center. Would the CSi A6 be a good upgrade and how would it match with the TSI400s?
[ VANCE  Dec 20, 2021 ]
2 answers
Vance, it is a great speaker but it is big. Just make sure you have a large enough space for it. It is a beautiful speaker and a bargain.
[ DANIEL  Dec 20, 2021 ]
The A6 is a great upgrade
[ JOSE  Dec 20, 2021 ]
Does the Polk audio Csiab have a standard audio jack?
[ Jerrold S  Feb 13, 2021 ]
2 answers
Yes, it has dual banana plug connections for bi-amping if desired.
[ DAVID H.  Feb 14, 2021 ]
It has the 5-way binding post and you can use bare speaker wire or banana plugs.
[ JEANNE  Feb 13, 2021 ]
Hi Jim, thank you for your question! The Polk Audio CS series speakers are the best matched with the Monitor Series by Polk! The CSi A6 would be a great pairing with your existing speakers.
[ JESSICA  Feb 09, 2020 ]  Staff
Can someone confirm the depth? I find it hard to believe it's 14 as stated in the Crutchfield specs.
[ Steve  Apr 03, 2018 ]
14 answers
Yes, 14"
[ Robert  Apr 18, 2018 ]
13 inch without the grill cover 14.5 inch with
[ Paul  Apr 14, 2018 ]
It's actually 14.5 inches deep.
[ SAMUEL  Apr 10, 2018 ]
14" - as per spec
[ IAN  Apr 10, 2018 ]
24" wide, 9" tall, and 14 1/4 deep
[ TODD  Apr 10, 2018 ]
13-3/8 inches deep, rear baffle to front, without grill...14-3/8 inches deep with grill.
[ Kirk P.  Apr 09, 2018 ]
Yes, with the grille on it is 14 inches deep. 13.5 with the grille removed.
[ JASON  Apr 09, 2018 ]
With the speaker grille, 14 5/16 inches, without 13 5/16.
[ Timothy  Apr 09, 2018 ]
I measured mine at 13.5 without the grill on the speaker. I'm thinking with the grill on, it will definitely be right at 14" deep. It is a sizable center speaker but I have no complaints on the sound quality at all.
[ Randall  Apr 09, 2018 ]
The dimensions listed on Crutchfield are correct. Great speaker, I have matched it with A7's, and A1's as my rear surround.
[ STEVEN  Apr 09, 2018 ]
Yes it is. I thought the same thing until it arrived.
[ CHRISTOPHER  Apr 09, 2018 ]
The specs on the depth are correct based on my measurements of the speaker.
[ VINOD  Apr 09, 2018 ]
From the front face with the black speaker dust cover removed to the back measured 13 and 1/4 inches and with the speaker dust cover in place, would be no more than 14 inches deep. The depth measurement checks out.
[ Stephen  Apr 09, 2018 ]
Steve, the speaker is 14 1/4" deep, 24" wide, and 8" tall.
[ CODY A  Apr 09, 2018 ]
Could you give me the exact width of the speaker? It says 24â?? Iâ??m placing it inside a tight dimension of 24â??. Thanks
[ RICHARD  Jan 14, 2018 ]
8 answers
Richard, The exact dimensions are 14.5 " deep, 24.125" wide, and 8.25" high. It sounds really good. Jeff Jeff
[ Jeff  Jan 16, 2018 ]
The exact width of the CSI A6 is 24-1/16 W.
[ MOHAMMED  Jan 15, 2018 ]
24 inches exactly.
[ Eric  Jan 15, 2018 ]
I can't predict width variations of different CSi A6 speakers, but I can tell you than my particular speaker with the cherry finish measures exactly 24 inches in width
[ STEVEN  Jan 15, 2018 ]
24 1/16 inches
[ Luis  Jan 15, 2018 ]
14x7.8x24 is the dimensions
[ CHRISTOPHER  Jan 15, 2018 ]
It's 24 1/4 inches wide
[ SAMUEL  Jan 15, 2018 ]
Twenty four (24") inches or sixty point nine six (60.96) cm centimeters is the center channel speaker width.
[ Stephen  Jan 15, 2018 ]
Designing my entertainment consul, and was wanting to place center speaker in consul below tv. But wondering if due to the ported bass on rear of speaker if it would be best to position on top of consul below the tv?
[ Eric  Mar 30, 2016 ]
4 answers
I put my speaker below the TV and on top of the console. If you put it inside the ported bass speakers will reflect sound inside the console instead of out into the room. I have a cherry console and the speaker looks great sitting on top. Furniture quality cherry. Everyone is impressed with the size and sound of my center speaker. Enjoy. I own two for different systems.
[ GARY  Mar 31, 2016 ]
i put my center speaker directly below the screen on top of the consul so i could get the voice souhds as close to the people on the screen and be realistic as possible. it is perfict at that location for me.
[ MARK  Mar 31, 2016 ]
If space is an issue, I would highly recommend the Polk Audio CSi A4. The CSi A4 is just as good and will save you money and space in console for the ported bass on rear speaker.
[ ROGER A  Mar 31, 2016 ]
I have mine on a shelf in a cabinet below my tv and am satisfied with the sound.
[ ALAN B.  Mar 31, 2016 ]

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