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Polk Audio DXi 112

Ported enclosure with one 12" DXi Series subwoofer

20 Reviews

Item # 107DXI112

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Our take on the Polk Audio DXi 112

Go ahead, circle the parking lot till your favorite song is over. The bass from this DXi 112 loaded enclosure will make you want to hit "repeat" so you can hear it all over again. Polk uses a high-tech approach and ideal materials to give your tunes an exciting new edge.

Go ahead, circle the parking lot till your favorite song is over. The bass from this DXi 112 loaded enclosure will make you want to hit "repeat" so you can hear it all over again. Polk uses a high-tech approach and ideal materials to give your tunes an exciting new edge.

Exacting standards — precise engineering where it counts
The enclosure houses a DXi Series 12" sub with a stiff polypropylene cone and Santoprene rubber surround, so you can ride the bass wave for years to come. Engineers at Polk analyze drivers in motion to ensure that cone movement is even and precise, so you'll get impressive thump with minimal distortion. Polk also uses laser imaging to craft woofer cones that are perfectly balanced to resist distortion-causing resonances.

Sturdy housing for your bass beats
The enclosure features advanced internal bracing that reduces distortion-causing resonances so you'll get nice, clean bass. Specially engineered slot ports limit air turbulence and let your sub play louder and stronger when you're in the mood. Pair it with the right amp and wiring, then strap yourself in for a serious low-frequency ride.

Product Highlights:

  • ported enclosure with one 12" DXi Series subwoofer
  • 3/4" MDF construction with front-panel ABS trim
  • polymer composite woofer with Santoprene rubber surround
  • 2-ohm impedance
  • frequency response: 26-200 Hz
  • power handling: 50-360 watts RMS (720 watts peak power)
  • sensitivity: 100 dB
  • 17-3/8"W x 15"H x 18-1/2"D1 x 15-1/2"D2
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Single black subwoofer enclosure loaded with a 12" DXi subwoofer
  • Owner's Manual (Eng / Fren / Span / + 3 other languages)
  • Online registration sheet

this sub is kick ur butt loud iam runnin 4 sets of rockford 5 1/4 components with a kicker 700.5 amp and polk dxi 112 sub all in a ford f150 excab,it rocks loud and clear and crisp very awsome buy one you will luv it

bob, lyman maine


Polk Audio DXi 112 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(20 Reviews)

Great sub!!!!

Crutchfield customer from Watervliet, NY on 7/14/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product looks and sounds great, great power handling and all in all great sub




Brandon K from Omaha, NE on 6/9/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

All around, this seems to be a good sub. I see some reviews below about it emitting an odor after playing it and blowing out. I smell something interesting after playing it for about 20 minutes +, after breaking it in for 2-3 hours too, so I hope I'm not suffering the same fate as others with this, but it hasn't blown yet. It sounds great, looks great, and is an incredible value. At peak RMS, the thing shakes pretty good for just being one 12". Might upgrade someday so you can really feel it in your chest too, but for now, this is definitely sufficient.

Pros: Great value. Looks and sounds great.

Cons: Dear God I hope mine isn't blowing out because of the odor it's emitting.

polk audio sub

patrick from Brooklyn, new york on 5/30/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub pounds hard! I haven't installed it in my car yet since its at the shop. I installed it on my surround sound and use it instead of the original sub that came with it. Feeding it 350watts rms. Vibrates my toilet lol. Not bad for the price and shipping was fast. Following the break in period is a must.

Pros: everything absolutely love it

Cons: none

Quality Speaker

Noles1 from Lakeland, FL on 5/9/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had 2 Polk db 12's about 10 years ago and loved them. The quality then and now are the same. I've been out of the car audio scene for awhile and decided to start back with a basic system. I decided to go back to Polk audio and chose the ported enclosure with the 12" DXi subwoofer. I have it hooked up to an Alpine MRP M500 amp. The only thing I have to say is WOW! So glad I chose Polk Audio! Thank You once again Crutchfield for always having top notch Quality and Service.

Pros: Quality Made! Hit's hard and low with zero distortion.

Cons: None

Do not buy

Cpslo from Menlo Park, CA on 4/20/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this sub and it broke within the first ten minutes. It sounded great till it broke. Buy a nicer sub like a JL audio or kicker that will actually last the first day.

Pros: None

Cons: Broke within 10 minutes of using it


Cinkoo19 from Cranston,RI on 4/4/2013

i bought this sub a couple months back i loved it, i fryed my old amplifier, and i didnt have enough money for a better or same amp. so i got a 500 watt dual amp. the sub was only pushing half power, if not less. IT WAS AMAZING. Me and my friends could feel the bass go through our ribs. AHHH. always got yelled at by neighbors and people knew when i was coming. YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE SUB IN. IF YOU DONT YOUR GONNA BLOW IT AND THATS YA FAULT



Can't go wrong with this bad boy!!!!

Brian from Scranton, PA on 3/1/2013

This sub is just great. If you take the time to tune this with the proper amp wattage it is a great addition to your stereo. I bought this to round out my sound and I really didnt want to have a huge sub box consuming my whole trunk. This thing sounds clean, hits real hard and is just beautiful. I listen to the every genre of music and it really can hang with any type from rock, rap, country, electronic, etc... But make sure if you can't tune it, pay the money for someone who knows what they're doing to tune it for you. You'll get your moneys worth, plus!!!! Running mine with JL Audio 500 watt mono amp.

Pros: Great, clean bass and sound........Period.

Cons: Not a thing.


P H from Tampa FL on 1/30/2013

After spending most of 2012 upgrading my audio system with component speakers and amplifiers, I decided to round out the entire sound stage with a subwoofer so I could finally hit the low notes well. This popped up first because it came with an enclosure and would keep the cost down. Let me tell you, this thing pounds hard. Do listen to the manual as well as other reviewers and break in the sub with 20-30 hours of MODERATE volume before changing the gains on the amp and turning the bass up.

Pros: Hits hard, good response, solid build

Cons: The break in keeps teasing me for more

Best sub for the money

DavidL from Wisconsin on 12/11/2012

When i first looked into buying a sub for my car, i automatically checked out Kickers because everyone seemed to have them. The ones i tested were two 12s. The salesman told me to check out a single polk 12". I couldn't believe how much better a single Polk Dxi112 sounded compared to two 12" kickers. I had to buy it. The one reason why this sub is getting one star in a review, is because the owner didn't properly break it in. Once its broken in, the sound and quality of this sub is off the charts. It hits all the highs and lows perfectly and it completely shakes my car. I'm extremely happy that I went with Polk, and extremely happy that I chose the Dxi112. I didn't notice how loud the sub was, until people started telling me that they could hear me coming down the road, a couple blocks away. This sub sounds good with hip hop, rap, rock, country, and anything else you want to listen to. I recommend that anyone looking for great sound for a great price buys this product. Polk for life!

Pros: solid, clear bass. Amazing brand. Amazing price.

Cons: Noise complaints! Not being able to see through my rear view mirror!

Polk Audio DXi 112

C 'n' B audio from columbus, OH on 8/2/2012

Love the dxi series, I have a honda civic coupe an it just ratles the damn car an, grandmas wigs lol. I'm pushing the dxi with a polk audio amp 880 amp bridged an professinaly tuned an, a jvc head uint an only two rear speakers the lighting fosgate also amped up. When i pull up to a coustomer house they know tht the pizza is here.



Put one in a Jeep!

Tyler from Lynchburg, VA on 5/27/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For what I paid for this unit, which wasn't $199, I'm more than happy! This thing will really pound! And I probably don't have it maxed/amped properly! I'm using a 760W 4-way Pioneer amp bridged to power it, which isn't ideal, but this eats it up anyway! AND produces beautiful tones! I was tuning up in the driveway with 40oz. To Freedom and the neighbor TWO HOUSES AWAY came to ask me to turn it down!!!! More than you need for a Wrangler, but when was more more than enough?

Pros: Weather proof, solid construction, bulk.

Cons: Still looking for one!

Great sub, but follow break-in instructions

cbrook from Stevens Point, WI on 3/1/2012

First things first...The negative reviews you read are negative because evidently the user failed to break in the sub before playing at high volume. READ THE OWNER'S MANUAL!! After following the recommended break-in procedure, this sub has proven to be durable, loud, and clean for a vented enclosure. I have run it with about 250 watts from an Infinity Kappa amp and about 400 watts from an old school Rockford amp. This sub takes the power distortion free - incredibly loud! I doubt you'll have any problems if you follow instructions - resist the urge to make it pound right away!

Pros: Looks great, sounds better.

Cons: Quite large.


Brian from Philadelphia,PA on 2/16/2012

I brought this for my 2011 Lancer Ralliart and running it with an Alpine Mono Amp in addition I also replace the speakers with Polk Audio Dxi as well also running a four channel amp for the speakers.All I gotta say from here is WOW !!!!! BEST SOUND I EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE !!!!! With these Polk Audio is pure real music quality sound from BASS,MIDs,HIGHs.These Polk Audio Speakers makes me now wanna drive my vehicle if I don't even have to cause of these Polk Audio Sound Quality.Box fit right and great in my trunk and facing the sub towards the back seats is the best way to get pounding BASS TONES !!!!!!! POLK AUDIO is to go for speakers and subs and Alpine is to go for amping them.




Mario from Yalaha FL on 9/1/2011

I bought this sub because the size of my trunk eliminated using a dual sub box ( I have a 97 Sentra ) I hooked this sub up to a SSL 4 channel amp ( bridging rear two channels ) giving it only 225 watts RMS, but with an Efficiency of 100db ( better than most high end manufactures ) they sound incredible! OMG was I surprised not only is this sub clean and crisp sounding but with only 225 watts it thumps hard. I am so amazed at this box and sub I've decided to buy Polk component speakers for the rear deck and front doors replacing my Infinity's already installed. If you are wanting to build a system on the cheap or are limited by space you could do no better than this Polk Sub/Box saving you money and transforming the sound in your car or truck




cohen from Temple Hills, MD on 8/9/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was excited to get this sub but it just didn't cut the mustard. Once installed and on my way home and it not tuned that powerfully it started emitting an awful odor which appeared to be something burning within 40-45 minutes of use. Had my install shop check things out the next day and found that the sub had indeed blown out. I couldn't believe it. Crutchfield was great on letting me return this thing.



Great, versatile sound

OKCthunder from OKC,OK on 5/9/2011

I bought this package along with a Polk 300w amp for my 2010 Denali. The sound is perfect. I have the Bose Premium speaker option to complement the versatile sound this sub puts out. I didn't want a system that every car around me could hear or one where music not meant for shaking mirrors sounds terrible. so I thought this sub, and the 300w amp, would fill all of my expectations. It surpassed my expectations. Keeping the amp/bass turned down I can listen to jam bands, classic rock, news radio, and just everyday music (and it sounds amazing); but with playing the right song (hip-hop, jamtronica, etc) and turning the bass up a couple of notches (on the head unit) I can get that bass your whole body feels- and it sounds great. Only con I can complain of is that the amp I have gets VERY hot very fast. I'm currently trying to create a set-up where the amp will stay cool and keep its longevity.



butt kickin

bob from lyman maine on 2/28/2011

this sub is kick ur butt loud iam runnin 4 sets of rockford 5 1/4 components with a kicker 700.5 amp and polk dxi 112 sub all in a ford f150 excab,it rocks loud and clear and crisp very awsome buy one you will luv it




Dylan M from Christiansted, USVI on 2/12/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Hands down the best money I've ever spend. I got 2 and hooked them up to a 1000 watt rms amp and they bump really hard. My 1999 suzuki esteem station wagon shakes everytime the breakdown in a song hits. Best bang for your buck, with amazing sound quality as well



Thumbs Down

Chris from Long Island, NY on 2/10/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was so excited to get this sub put it because it looked promising. Once i put it in, it was almost impossible to tune right to my alpine amp. After driving with it it not tuned that powerfully it started emitting an awful odor which appeared to be something burning. I quickly got this out of trunk and returned it. Sorry polk, not your best work. Thank god crutchfield has great service and has quick shipping and a very good return policy.




KS from Hartford, CT on 12/4/2010

Initially I wanted to put a stealthbox into my Xterra I then realized that for the price of the stealth box I could buy an amp, this thing, and an amp kit and still be a hundred dollars under the stealthbox. I paired it with a Polk PA880 mono. This sub sounds huge and clear. I am still breaking it in but I have to say that the only qualm is the low end frequencies are hard to distinguish at low volume levels. The gain knob that came with the amp is great because the sub does have a sweet spot for different kinds of music. It hits harder with the gain tuned properly. I definitely will invest in copious amounts of dynamat because the sub shakes the entire SUV. The Polk PA880 gets extremely hot, but hasn't gone into protection mode; yet. It has an output connect for a fan or light bar, so a fan it will be. I am still astounded of the value of this sub+enclosure package, it is very refined looking yet the power shakes your hair and is definitely under-rated 360rms @ 2 ohms although I have it paired with an over powered amp. The box design has played a role in the overall sound this sub produces. I have this paired with an alpine head unit, alpine head amp, alpine 6by9's in the front, Polk 6 1/2's in the rear. I'm really digging Polk audio right now. Most likely going to replace those alpines with some six and a half, tweeter combos. System really sounds great.




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Woofer Size (inches) 12
Speakers Per Box ---
Woofer Material Polypropylene
Enclosure Type Ported
Color Black
Pieces in System 1
Width (inches) 17-3/8
Height (inches) 15
Depth (inches) 18-1/2
Second Depth (inches) 15-1/2
Connector Type Spring Posts
Frequency Response 26-200 Hz
Power Range (Watts RMS) 360
Maximum Wattage 720
Sensitivity 100 dB
Impedance 2 ohms
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The Polk Audio DXi112 is a single enclosure, loaded with a 12" DXi subwoofer.

Enclosure Design: The enclosure is made of heavy duty 3/4" MDF (medium-density fiberboard), internally braced for strength and to eliminate resonance. The enclosure is covered with high quality, automotive-grade black carpet.

Front Baffle: Instead of a grille, the DXi112 has a heavy duty front baffle to protect the woofer. The baffle is made of rigid, automotive-grade ABS, which can be painted to match your vehicle's styling. In front of the baffle is an Elastomeric damping material to isolate the ABS trim from the baffle, and to act as a gasket to seal the woofer.

PowerPort: The enclosure's internal PowerPort venting with a slot-loaded port reduces air turbulence at the mouth of the port. This design provides high bass output and less noise and distortion than conventional tube-style ports.

Driver: The DXi112 is loaded with a single 12" DXi subwoofer. The polypropylene woofer cone is stiff for quick-responding, punchy bass. It is built to withstand the demanding automotive environment. The woofer's Santoprene surround can withstand humidity, extreme temperatures, and long exposures to sunlight to give you years of performance.

2-ohm Rating: The woofer is rated at 2 ohms to bring out the best performance from high quality Class D subwoofer amplifiers.

Note: You should make sure your amplifier can operate safely at very low impedances before bridging the amp to a 2-ohm load.

Woofer Design: The DXi112's woofer is designed using a state-of-the-art Klippel laser analyzer. The perfect alignment of the voice coil, motor structure, and suspension provides optimum performance with low distortion and a flatter response. The high-temperature, 4-layer voice coil is well ventilated for better power handling. The speaker's flat Nomex spider allows extended linear motion for higher output and better reliability.

Preconditioning Period: The DXi112's performance will achieve optimum performance after a short break-in period. It is recommended to play the DXi112 at moderate levels for 20 to 30 hours to reach the highest level of performance.


  • Frequency Response: 26 Hz - 200 Hz
  • Power Handling (RMS): 360 watts
  • Power Handling (Peak): 720 watts
  • Efficiency: 100dB

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