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Polk Audio HTS 10

Powered subwoofer (Washed Black Walnut)

Item # 107HTS10

Polk Audio has been one of Crutchfield's best-selling home speaker brands for decades.

Polk Audio has been one of Crutchfield's best-selling home speaker brands for decades.

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Since 1974

Years of experience making people happy.

About the Polk Audio HTS 10

Kramer Crane

Powerful bass from a customer favorite

Polk Audio has been one of Crutchfield's best-selling home speaker brands for decades. And for good reason — they produce high-quality speakers and subwoofers at affordable prices. The HTS 10 is the company's latest offering on the powered subwoofer front. Use it as part of a Polk Audio Signature two-channel stereo or home theater system for excellent bass without breaking the bank.

Powerful bass from a customer favorite

Polk Audio has been one of Crutchfield's best-selling home speaker brands for decades. And for good reason — they produce high-quality speakers and subwoofers at affordable prices. The HTS 10 is the company's latest offering on the powered subwoofer front. Use it as part of a Polk Audio Signature two-channel stereo or home theater system for excellent bass without breaking the bank.

Polk Audio HTS 10 powered subwoofer

The Polk Audio HTS 10 powered sub features a sleek, rounded enclosure and a removable grille.

Ideal for small- and medium-sized rooms

This sleek sub features a hip, updated design with rounded corners and a slot on the bottom that shows off the flared, down-firing port — a bit of a departure from Polk's previous enclosures. Cosmetically, it's my favorite Polk sub design to date.

But the HTS 10 offers more than just good looks. It pairs a 10", front-firing driver with a 100-watt amp for tight, punchy bass in small- or medium-sized rooms. If you have a large room, I recommend considering this sub's big brother, the HTS 12.

Get the most out of your sub

Where you place your sub within your room makes a big difference in how it sounds. Check out our tips for placement and setup to get the best performance out of your system. 


Product highlights:

  • bass-reflex (ported) enclosure with down-firing Power Port® for clear, accurate bass
  • 10" front-firing polypropylene woofer
  • 100-watt RMS (200-watt peak) Class D amplifier
  • frequency response: 30-120 Hz (-3dB)
  • RCA line level/LFE (low frequency effects) input
  • variable low-pass crossover control
  • phase switch to acoustically match the subwoofer's output to your main speakers
  • automatically powers off when it no longer receives signal from the receiver
  • 15-1/8"W x 16-5/8"H x 18-1/16"D
  • weight: 37.75 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years woofer, 3 years amplifier
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # AM7416-A

What's in the box:

  • Powered subwoofer
  • Grille
  • 8' AC power cord
  • Owner's Manual
  • Online Product Registration sheet

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More details on the Polk Audio HTS 10

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Enclosure Ported
Woofer Size (inches) 10
Woofer Composition Polypropylene
Firing Direction Front
Amplifier Output (watts) 100
Frequency Response 30-120 Hz
Preamp-Level Inputs LFE, Stereo RCA
Speaker-Level Inputs No
Speaker-Level Outputs No
Wireless No
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 40-160
High-Pass Crossover Freq None
Phase Switch Yes
App Control No
Remote No
Other Info
Height (inches) 16-5/8
Width (inches) 15-1/8
Depth (inches) 18-1/16
Weight 37.75 lbs
Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 5 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty 3 Years
Amplifier Labor Warranty 3 Years
The Polk Audio HTS 10 replaces these items:

Product Research


10" Polypropylene Dynamic Balance Woofer: The HTS 10 houses a front-firing 10" polypropylene long-throw woofer with rubber surround for deep, accurate bass. The woofer incorporates Polk's patented Dynamic Balance technology and is Klippel optimized to provide clean, clear bass, better linearity, lower distortion, and greater durability.

100W Class D Amplifier: The Polk HTS 10 employs a 100 watt (RMS) / 200 watt (Peak) Class D amplifier for dynamic bass performance.

Power Port Technology: The Polk HTS 10 powered subwoofer utilizes floor-firing patented Power Port Technology for deeper bass response and reduced port noise. The Power Port floor-firing design smoothly transitions air flow from the speaker into your listening area for deep, extended bass impact while minimizing turbulence, distortion, and port noise. At the port tuning frequency, Power Port equipped subwoofers have 3dB less port noise than similarly configured subwoofers without Power Port.

Non-Resonant Enclosure: The powered sub's strong, rigid, and acoustically inert curved enclosure reduces unwanted internal standing waves for less audible coloration. Its non-resonant Meddite MDF construction, with extra bracing and thick baffle, ensures a more lifelike sound.

Controls: Built-in controls for variable volume, low pass filter, and phase let you tune in optimum bass levels. All controls are found on the rear-panel of the powered sub.

  • Volume: The rotary volume knob adjusts the volume of the powered sub relative to the other speakers in the system.
  • Low-Pass Filter: The variable low-pass filter is adjustable from 40-160 Hz. The low-pass filter is only active for the powered sub's stereo RCA inputs. The low-pass filter is deactivated when using the powered sub's LFE input.
  • Phase: The phase switch allows you to select 0-degrees (normal) or 180-degrees (reverse). If the bass sounds muddy or unclear, toggling the phase control can sometimes strengthen the bass attack.

Line-Level Inputs: The Polk HTS 10 powered subwoofer is outfitted with an unfiltered LFE input and filtered stereo RCA inputs (subwoofer cable not included).

  • LFE Input (Unfiltered): The LFE input consists of an unfiltered mono-RCA jack (the LFE input bypasses the powered sub's variable low pass filter). Using the LFE input when connecting to an AV receiver or integrated amp with a filtered LFE output and built-in crossover control.
  • Stereo RCA Input (Filtered): The Stereo input consists of a left & right RCA jack (both jacks are filtered). Use the Stereo input when connecting to a receiver or integrated amp that does not have an LFE output, but does provide a preamp output.

Auto & DC Power On/Off: The powered subwoofer will automatically turn on when an audio signal is received and off when there is no audio signal for about 20 minutes. There is also a 12V trigger input on the back of powered sub which allows it to power on with your receiver or integrated amp that features a 12V trigger output (the 12V trigger provides a faster auto on/off).

Note: There is a switch on the back of the powered sub that indicates which power on/off method you will be using - Auto or DC.

Placement: You may place the powered subwoofer anywhere in your room, but it will perform best when it's on the same side of the room as your system's front speakers. Also, placing the subwoofer near a wall or in a corner will increase its loudness.

Frequency Response: The overall frequency response for the subwoofer is 25-180Hz, and the -3 dB frequency response is 30-120Hz.

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Customer Q&A

13 questions already asked

Do you have to have a subwoofer cable for this sub or does normal cable wiring work?
[ MICHAEL  Apr 27, 2023 ]
1 answer
If you are referring to the "normal cable wiring" as speaker wires, those will not connect to the Polk Audio HTS 10 sadly Michael as there are no speaker-level inputs. You can use a subwoofer cable like the Ethereal 10-foot subwoofer cable in the link below, or you can use a traditional RCA cable if you have one on hand. I hope this helps!
[ Bo  Apr 27, 2023 ]  Staff
Can I connect this subwoofer to an integrated amp with preout using rca cables?
[ CARLOS  Jan 30, 2023 ]
1 answer
You can Carlos, but with some compromises. If your specific preamp output is fixed (100% output all the time regardless of volume) you will need to make sure you adjust the volume independently on the Polk subwoofer while listening. You will also need to adjust the low pass crossover to your liking as the preamp out is most likely a full range signal. If you want to keep your volume control linear you can use the Russound ADP-1.2 speaker-level adapter in the link below. This can convert a speaker tap to RCA to send to the subwoofer if you prefer.
[ Bo  Jan 30, 2023 ]  Staff
Will this stay powered on even with low volume level from the amp? I see it says it will power off when an amp signal is undetected, so wondering if it will stay powered on even with a low level signal.
[ Gary  Dec 07, 2022 ]
1 answer
Yes the subwoofer will still stay powered on even if it is getting a low volume signal. It is only when there is no signal at all that the subwoofer will eventually go into standby mode and power down.
[ ARIELLE H  Dec 07, 2022 ]  Staff
what is the OMS on this speaker?
[ WILLIAM A  Dec 16, 2021 ]
1 answer
I believe you are asking about the resistance of the voice coils on this subwoofer which is measured in ohms. If that is correct, this is a powered subwoofer. The amp is built in to power the subwoofer so the ohms are not a concern for it. Just need to make sure the receiver has a subwoofer preamp output to connect it. We have advisors that can be reached by calling 1-800-324-9695 who can help recommend a system that will work and meet our goals.
[ JASON  Dec 20, 2021 ]  Staff
I have an old Pioneer receiver without sub outputs, but I have A+B speaker outputs. Can I run the sub to my B speaker outputs?
[ Gabe  Apr 23, 2020 ]
3 answers
Only if you run it through a line out converter and probably a low pass filter which are usually seen as two separate things and usually for automotive audio applications.
[ CASEY  Nov 21, 2020 ]
i would not think so but i by no means know for certain. best to call Crutchfield
[ STAN  Apr 23, 2020 ]
I would think not, there is a red/white RCA line-in option if your receiver has outputs other than speaker wire. If not, you're probably better suited for tower speakers which add lows.
[ Chris  Apr 23, 2020 ]
What cable to connect via LFE to my rotel ra -1592 mk11 I need?
[ CARLOS  Dec 01, 2022 ]
1 answer
This connection will require a single-channel RCA cable. We carry several options for this type of cable at various lengths. For help with selecting the correct cable for your needs, please reach out to our advisors via online chat or phone at 1-800-324-9695.
[ ZACHARY  Dec 04, 2022 ]  Staff
What cable to connect via LFE to my rotel ra -1592 mk11 I need?
[ CARLOS  Dec 01, 2022 ]
1 answer
Greetings Carlos, and thank you for your question. You would use a mono subwoofer cable for that set up. We have quite a few, and different lengths.
[ THOMAS  Dec 01, 2022 ]  Staff
What is the input ac voltage?
[ Bigman  Apr 10, 2021 ]
4 answers
I am using 110Vac, 60 hz. Power connection on subwoofer says 110-240Vac, 50-60Hz. May require a different cable for 50 Hz.
[ Donald  Apr 11, 2021 ]
Just plug it in . I'm in US, 110, check specs on the website.
[ JEFFREY S  Apr 10, 2021 ]
I don't know
[ RONALD  Apr 10, 2021 ]
120 VAC
[ DAVID  Apr 10, 2021 ]
So does this not have speaker-level ins like the psw10 has, that it is an upgrade from? if it's being paired with a vintage amp w/o a sub out would I then need an rca line converter that I don't currently need with the psw10?
[ BEN  Dec 25, 2020 ]
3 answers
Forgot to mention in my previous answer, I would also include inline lowpass filters between the vintage amplifier and unpowered subwoofer.
[ CASEY  Dec 25, 2020 ]
Correct. Although, I wouldn't call the HTS10 an upgrade from the PSW10. I would consider them more like different branches. An upgrade, to me, is version 1.0 to 2.0, but I work with software a lot so maybe it is just me. I expect they sound very similar, but I don't have a PSW10 to compare them. I liked the looks of the HTS10 much more, and I also didn't need speaker level inputs. Honestly, if I had a rockin' vintage amplifier, I would get a nice unpowered subwoofer to pair with it.
[ CASEY  Dec 25, 2020 ]
How were you hooking up the PSW10? Through Pre-Amp out on vintage amp to RCA Line in? If so the HTS 10 would work, if not and you do need Speaker level line inputs/outputs you may want to get a Polk PSW125, Martin Logan Dynamo 400, or Definitive Tech PROSUB 800, I have used or installed all of the models, including the one you are replacing and they are comparable in price to the HTS10. I do Hifi Consulting work on the side and have for decades. (Subs are also one thing where a perfectly matched manufacturer is not necessary) Whatever you do get it from Crutchfield, they are the 100% best.
[ ANDREW  Dec 25, 2020 ]
Just set up a new system anchored by a Denon AVR X4500H home theatre amp. After 2 tries, I settled on the Polk RTI A5 towers. They are just fantastic, but I have an older Klipsch Sub12 that seems to dominate the low end. I am thinking it is overwhelming the A5s unnecessarily (boomy and muddy at times causing me to roll the gain back). I am hesitant to get a smaller, less powerful sub but that may in fact be what I need. Thoughts anyone?
[ Steven  Dec 11, 2020 ]
4 answers
I was thinking the sorta the same thing when I was deciding on what speakers to purchase together which is why I bought both the 10 and 12 together even though the room is on the smaller side. I figured I could turn one or the other on and off to fit the sound wanted at a particular time (both on when it is hip-hop or heavy metal time of course!). I'm not familiar with that amplifier, but you should also check to see if it has a level setting for the sub or LFE channel. With that, you can pretty much get the gain set on the subwoofer for the amount of bass you like, then adjust the subwoofer to the loudness of the other speakers using that level adjustment on the amplifier without needing to touch the gain on the subwoofer.
[ CASEY  Dec 25, 2020 ]
You don't need to step down on your sub, adjust it, but first go through the automatic programming with the receiver and the Mic as instructed. The Polk RTI series speakers, (even the 5) are power hungry speakers and always sound WAY better the more power you feed them, if anything get or save up for an external 2 channel amp to power the Polks. Even say a Marantz MM7025, once an external amp is added, those speakers will sing. (No receiver will power better than an external amp) Not even a Denon AVR-X8500H. Plus if you got an external amp with your receiver, you can bi-amp them using an external amp for the low end and receiver for high end (Must be configured PROPERLY in the setup guide and jumpers removed) Ask Crutchfield support to help you if you don't know how.
[ ANDREW  Dec 25, 2020 ]
Hey Steven! I have the Polk Audio HTS 10 and it is perfect for my space (20x15 room) with in wall/ceiling speakers. I only run it at about 50% and it has more than enough to go if you wanted.
[ NICHOLAS R  Dec 11, 2020 ]
Are you using the LFE or left input on the sub? I assume so but it's worth mentioning. I have an older Denon and there is a lot of control you have through the receiver to adjust the sub's output. Replacing the Klipsch should not be necessary.
[ JOHN  Dec 11, 2020 ]
Is this one that much better than the psw-10 that is less than half the price?
[ PAUL  Oct 26, 2020 ]
4 answers
I couldn't tell you if it sounds better than the psw-10 as I don't have one of those, but it does look better to me. The classic brown walnut look I chose matches my other speakers better. Would I buy the less expensive one now that I have experienced the more expensive one? No. I'm sure they both sound good, but "looks" is why I bought this one when you get down to the brass tacks.
[ CASEY  Nov 21, 2020 ]
I can't compare the 2 models since I have not heard the PSW 10. What I would do is download the specs for each off the Crutchfield site and compare the numbers. The HTS has twice the power, lower frequency response and a down firing bass port plus other features that the PSW lacks. This all adds up to a cleaner, deeper bass response. If you are looking for a sub for a starter system or your budget is an issue, then the PSW would probably be fine. However, for the additional price, I believe that HTS is the better unit and Is worth the additional price. In addition, it's tight bass response make listening to music enjoyable without the typical degree of base distortion. Crutchfield staff recommended it to me for just this reason.
[ Susan  Nov 19, 2020 ]
Yes by a long shot, this and the PSW-10 are not even in the same league, this has the latest technology sounds MUCH better, etc. I know a friend who has the PSW-10 and I have heard it, it does not sound great is not sound enough, not very deep, etc. Just because 2 different units have 10" woofers doesn't make them the same. This unit pushes 200 watts at peak, the PSW-10 50 watts. The PSW 10 only goes to 40hz, this 30hz, BIG difference.
[ ANDREW  Nov 19, 2020 ]
Yes, absolutely.
[ DAVID  Nov 19, 2020 ]
Will this Sub work with KEF LS50W wireless speakers directly? Please clarify.
[ Chendur  Aug 29, 2020 ]
3 answers
Don't know specifics, but I'm not aware of using the SW wireless, without a third party adapter. I have mine wired. Good question to ask tech support at Polk or Crutchfield.
[ Donald  Aug 30, 2020 ]
I mean LS50W does not have a dedicated separate amps. They are powered active wireless speakers that have a sub output.
[ Chendur  Aug 29, 2020 ]
It is independent of the speakers. If your amp has a sub output it'll work.
[ JOHN  Aug 29, 2020 ]

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Polk Audio HTS 12
Powered subwoofer
Washed Black Walnut
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Get deeper, stronger bass that's ideal for larger rooms

The Polk Audio HTS 12 offers these features:
  • 12" front-firing polypropylene woofer
  • 200-watt RMS (400-watt peak) Class D amplifier
  • frequency response: 28-120 Hz
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