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Polk Audio RM6900

5.1 home theater speaker system

4 Reviews

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Our take on the Polk Audio RM6900

Experience incredible home theater thrills with Polk's sleek, stylish RM6900 speaker system. The five carefully designed satellite speakers and slim-line powered subwoofer deliver precise, high-energy sound, while blending effortlessly into your décor. It's a great match for a plasma or flat-panel TV.

Experience incredible home theater thrills with Polk's sleek, stylish RM6900 speaker system. The five carefully designed satellite speakers and slim-line powered subwoofer deliver precise, high-energy sound, while blending effortlessly into your décor. It's a great match for a plasma or flat-panel TV.

The surround speakers feature a 3/4" Dynamic Balance® tweeter and 3-1/2" Dynamic Balance woofer, while the front and center speakers include the same tweeter with dual woofers for a powerful front soundstage. All the satellites are constructed with heavy-duty, non-resonant aluminum, and feature rounded cabinets that break up internal standing waves — you'll get pure, clean surround sound.

The included powered sub features a slender, low-profile design, but packs a wallop. It sports a 100-watt amplifier and a massive 12" driver for high-impact bass performance. It adds extra oomph to your music and room-rattling thrills to home theater, while still being compact enough to fit in a corner or behind a couch where it won't intrude on your space. And to be sure you're getting the best bass possible from the RM6900 system, Polk has outfitted all five satellites with their exclusive Power Port technology. It allows the satellites to produce deeper, cleaner bass for better blending with the sub.

Polk has paid close attention to the details. The front and surround speakers sport keyhole slots and threaded inserts for easy wall-mounting. Plus, the front speakers come with handsome table stands in case you prefer to set them on a table or bookcase. All five satellites feature 5-way binding posts for secure speaker wire connections.

The front speakers, center speaker, and surround speakers of the RM6900 are all sold individually. You can piece together your own home theater speaker system, or add an extra speaker or two to the RM6900 and create a voice-matched 6.1 or 7.1 speaker package.

Product Highlights:

    Front speakers:
    • bass-reflex
    • each handles up to 150 watts
    • 3/4" dome tweeter
    • dual 3-1/2" woofers
    • keyhole slots and threaded inserts
    • 5-way binding posts
    • 4-1/2"W x 12-1/2"H x 5-1/8"D
    Center channel speaker:
    • bass-reflex
    • handles up to 150 watts
    • 3/4" dome tweeter
    • dual 3-1/2" woofers
    • center speaker cradle included
    • 5-way binding posts
    • 12-1/2"W x 4-1/2"H x 5-1/8"D
    Surround speakers:
    • bass-reflex
    • each handles up to 150 watts
    • 3/4" dome tweeter
    • 3-1/2" woofer
    • keyhole slots and threaded inserts
    • 5-way binding posts
    • 4-1/2"W x 7-3/16"H x 5-1/8"D
    Powered subwoofer:
    • bass-reflex
    • 100-watt RMS amp
    • 12" side-firing Dynamic Balance woofer
    • 8-1/16"W x 16-1/2"H x 23-5/8"D
    System specs:

    What's in the Box:

    • 12" Powered subwoofer
    • Two RM6901 front speakers
    • One RM6902 center speaker
    • Two RM6801 surround speakers
    • 2 Desktop stands
    • 1 Center channel cradle
    • 2 Small bolt-on keyhole wall brackets
    • 3 Large bolt-on keyhole wall brackets
    • 8 Screws (1/4"-20 x 7/16")
    • Sheet of 8 self-adhesive rubber feet
    • Owner's Manual
    • Template for Wall Mounting for surround speakers
    • Template for Wall Mounting for front and/or center speakers
    • Online product registration sheet

    These are great speakers. My suggestion would be to buy the RM20's (5 speaker set without the sub) and upgrade to a better sub.

    Stephen, Atlanta, GA


    Polk Audio RM6900 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (4 Reviews)

    Own them, love them & advice about subwoofer hook-up

    Kristin from Buffalo, NY on 3/19/2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I heard all good things about the satellites, but I've read good and bad things about the subwoofer. I bought the system & figured upgrade the base later. After now owning them... hears me take on things. The manual rots, by the way... go to Polk's website for info that the manual fails to provide. Basically (in plain english) Polk is worried consumers will overload the sub and blow it out. They recommend that the sub is connected to the Front R&L connections on the receiver, instead of to the sub outlet (LFE). Then change your receiver Sub setting to "OFF" & change the front setting to "Large" (which gives the fronts the base range) and the sub uses it. This seems to cause the sub to loss it's oomph on purpose, so that you can't blow them out by accident. I had the sub to max and we could hardly hear or feel it. I believe that's why some might have given the sub a bad review. Afterward, I tried hooking it up to the LFE instead. Huge difference. I turned down the sub volume dial to 0%, then raised it slowly. At about 15%-20% volume, it surpassed the base level that it had before. I kept it around the 25% volume (according to personal preference, receiver & room size). It sounds awesome now. If your not big on base, hook it up the way the manual states, to the Front L&R. Or... do what I did..... hook up the sub, the traditional way, the from the Sub out on the receiver to the LFE on the sub.... (just remember to lower the volume on dial, on the sub, BEFORE first). Personally.... I love the system. They are very seek with a kick-butt sound that's worth the money.



    Polk Audio RM6900

    Stephen from Atlanta, GA on 5/17/2006

    These are great speakers. My suggestion would be to buy the RM20's (5 speaker set without the sub) and upgrade to a better sub.



    Polk Audio RM6900

    Justin from Denville, NJ on 12/19/2005

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    These are VERY GOOD speakers for a sub/sat system. I don't imagine getting a fuller sound from sat's. They are true and powerful hooked up to my Denon 2805. My lone beef is with the sub. I find it average at best. I will be replacing it soon. Overall, a very good system for the price. <BR>



    Polk Audio RM6900

    Brian from Homer,Alaska on 7/22/2005

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Over-all this is a very good set up for a small-medium size room.My only beef's are the connection/control placement.The unit has these features placed on the righthand side of the enclosure instead of the back.This somewhat limits placement of the unit if you don't want to have the wires and hook-ups being seen.The other beef would be that Polk only gives you two hook-up options on the directions.For my application,the LFE hook-up works far better than the recommended hook-ups.But,in order to use the LFE plug,your receiver must have a sub pre-out connection and be sure to configure your receiver speaker sizes correctly(otherwise you may get little or no output from your sub).Crutchfield has a very good book on home theater installation that breaks down what can be a very confusing process in simple,easy to understand instructions.It even has pictures!All of this aside, I'm very happy with this system.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Enclosure Bass Reflex
    Video Shielded Satellites
    Pieces in System 6
    Color Titanium/Gray
    Tweeter Dome
    Midrange size (inches) 3-1/2
    Woofer size (inches) 12
    Woofer Composition Mineral polymer
    Woofer Surround Rubber
    Impedance (Ohms) 8
    Connector Type 5-way post
    Mounting Bracket Included Yes
    Recommended Stand Height (inches) 32
    Parts Warranty 5 Yrs Drivers, 3 Yrs Amp
    Labor Warranty 5 Yrs Drivers, 3 Yrs Amp
    RMS Power Range (watts) 20-150
    Subwoofer RMS Power (watts) 100
    Main Speakers (inches) 12-1/2H x 4-7/16W x 5-1/8D
    Center Speaker (inches) 4-7/16H x 12-1/2W x 5-1/8D
    Surround Speakers (inches) 7-1/8H x 4-7/16W x 5-1/8D
    Subwoofer (inches) 16-1/2H x 8-1/16W x 23-5/8D

    Product Research

    Satellite Features
    Subwoofer Features

    Satellite Features

    System Components: The Polk Audio RM6900 home theater speaker system is a 5.1-channel speaker system that gives you an option for adding additional matching satellites for 6.1- or 7.1-channel surround. The system includes two tabletop speaker stands, a center channel cradle, and 5 bolt-on keyhole wall mounting brackets.

    Materials: The satellite speaker enclosures are made of stylishly curved anodized aluminum with gray trim. The shape of the heavy-duty non-resonant aluminum enclosures breaks up internal standing wave resonance to give you pure, lifelike sound.

    Drivers: The drivers used in the RM6900 speaker system are as follows:

    • Satellite Midranges: The satellites feature 3-1/2" Mineral-filled Polymer Dynamic Balance midrange drivers for clear, distortion-free midrange, even at high volume levels. The front stage speakers use two midranges per enclosure, while the rear surround satellites use one midrange driver per enclosure.
    • Satellite Tweeters: The satellites feature high-performance 3/4" Dynamic Balance Silk/Polymer Composite dome tweeters for sweet highs and more lifelike imaging.
    • Subwoofer: The powered subwoofer uses a 12" Mineral-filled Polymer Dynamic Balance woofer with a rubber surround.

    Power Port: The satellites and center speakers feature Power Port Bass Vents hidden under the grilles to extend and strengthen their lower-midrange performance for a seamless blend with the subwoofer output.

    Satellite Mounting Options: The satellite speakers can be mounted in a number of ways:

    • Front Speakers: The two RM6901 front speakers can be mounted on the supplied tabletop stands, wall-mounted using the supplied bolt-on keyhole slot brackets or optional wall mounting brackets, or mounted onto optional floor stands that attach to the threaded inserts.
      • Note: The front speakers do not have a flat base, so they cannot be placed on a shelf or tabletop without a stand.
    • Center Speaker: The RM6902 center speaker can be wall mounted using the supplied bolt-on keyhole slot bracket or an optional wall mounting bracket, or placed in the supplied center speaker cradle.
    • Surround Speakers: The two RM6801 surround speakers can be placed on a shelf or table top without a stand due to its flat base. (Self adhesive rubber feet are supplied). The speakers can be wall mounted using the supplied bolt-on keyhole slot brackets, or optional wall mount brackets. The speakers can also be placed on optional floor stands if desired.

    Note: The system includes heavy-stock paper templates to assist you with marking the screw holes for the wall mount brackets.

    Tabletop Stands: The front satellites can be mounted to the supplied tabletop stands using the supplied hardware and the speaker's two threaded inserts. The stands are 10-1/8" high and the base is 6-3/4" in diameter. The overall height of the speaker on the stand is 15-11/16". The stand includes an integrated speaker wire channel for a clean look.

    Bolt-on Keyhole Slot Brackets: The RM6900 system includes 5 wall-mount brackets for the satellites (three 2-hole brackets for the front satellites, and two 1-hole brackets for the surrounds) that hang on the wall using keyhole slots. These brackets bolt onto the back of the speaker using the supplied hardware and the built-in threaded inserts. On the wall, the screws should be firmly screwed into a stud or used with a wall anchor (for the large brackets, two screws spaced 2-1/4" apart, or one screw for the small brackets.). The large brackets can be oriented vertically or horizontally. The speaker can be angled up to approximately 15° in either direction while wall-mounted on these brackets. The brackets have speaker wire guides, and mount the speaker approximately 3/8" away from the wall.

    Center Speaker Cradle: The center speaker can be placed horizontally below or above the TV or monitor using the center speaker cradle. While on the cradle, the speaker can be aimed up or down toward the listening area.

    Speaker Terminals: The satellites each feature high-quality 5-way binding post speaker terminals for a secure and convenient connection. You will need to remove a plug that's inserted in the center of the binding post if you wish to use single or dual banana plugs.

    Video Shielded: The RM6900 satellite speakers are magnetically (or video) shielded for safe placement near your TV or computer monitor without causing picture interference.

    Additional Speakers: If you wish to use the RM6900 for a 6.1- or 7.1-channel surround sound system, you can purchase additional RM6901 (107RM6901) single satellites, RM6902 (107RM6902) single center channel speakers, or RM6801 (107RM6801) surround speakers to fill out your speaker requirements.

    Subwoofer Features

    Materials: The RM6900 subwoofer is made of durable MDF with a gray vinyl finish.

    Recommended Hookup: The subwoofer can be connected several different ways, utilizing the speaker level inputs and outputs, or the Line or LFE input. The subwoofer features spring clip terminals for the speaker level inputs and outputs, plus a stereo RCA line input and a mono LFE input. The recommended hookup methods are as follows:

    • Recommended Hookup A: Polk Audio recommends connecting the amplifier's left and right front channels to the speaker level inputs of the subwoofer and the front left and right satellite speakers to the subwoofer's speaker level output. The center and surround speakers are directly connected to the amplifier. The amplifier's bass management/speaker setup should be configured with the front left and right speakers set to "Large" and the Subwoofer set to "Off" or "None".
    • Recommended Hookup B: An alternate hookup method is for the subwoofer and front speakers to be connected in parallel directly to the amplifier's front outputs. The center and surround speakers are directly connected to the amplifier. The bass management setup is the same as Recommended Hookup A.
    • Line Inputs: If you choose to connect the subwoofer using the RCA line inputs, you have two choices:
      • LFE: This mono RCA input allows you to connect the subwoofer to the LFE (low-frequency effects) channel in a 5.1-channel surround system. This input is unfiltered, meaning it bypasses the subwoofer's built-in low pass filter. The upper end of the subwoofer's frequency range is determined by the receiver's low-pass filter.
      • Stereo Line Level: This stereo RCA input allows you to connect to an unfiltered subwoofer output on a receiver. The subwoofer's built-in low pass filter is used to fine tune the subwoofer to the rest of the speaker system. You will need a "Y" adapter to connect a mono subwoofer cable to the stereo line input.
        • Note: Connecting a "filtered" subwoofer signal to the line level input, causing the signal to also be affected by the subwoofer's low-pass filter, will likely cause irregularities in the frequency response.

    Low-Pass Filter: The subwoofer has a built-in low pass filter which cuts the top end of the sub's frequency range. The "Frequency" rotary control on the back panel lets you adjust the cutoff frequency. When adjusted toward the "higher" end, the bass will have more warmth, and when adjusted toward the "lower" end, the bass will sound thinner and tighter.

    Note: The frequency range of the low-pass filter's adjustment is not indicated.

    Phase Switch: Speaker positioning can sometimes cause subwoofers to work against satellite speakers instead of with them, creating frequency canceling and a dramatic loss of bass. When this occurs, you can switch the "phase" of the subwoofer driver from Normal (0°) to Reverse (180°), to enhance the bass "attack".

    Volume: The subwoofer has a separate volume level, allowing you to adjust the subwoofer relative to the remainder of the sound system.

    Slot-loaded Bass Vent: The powered subwoofer features a slot-loaded bass vent on the side panel just beside the woofer. The slot, 12-1/16" x 1", dramatically lessens turbulence, noise and distortion, enabling the subwoofer to play precise, thunderous bass.

    Subwoofer Positioning: The RM6900 subwoofer is not magnetically shielded and may cause picture interference if it is placed in close proximity to a TV or computer monitor. For best performance, the subwoofer should be placed at least six inches away from a wall.

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