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Infinity Kappa K2

2-channel car amplifier with Bluetooth® connection — 100 watts RMS x 2

Item # 108K2

Infinity's Kappa K2 2-channel car amplifier can supply a set of high-performance speakers with 100 watts RMS each...

Infinity's Kappa K2 2-channel car amplifier can supply a set of high-performance speakers with 100 watts RMS each...

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Item # 108K2

About the Infinity Kappa K2

High tech and stylish

Infinity's Kappa K2 2-channel car amplifier can supply a set of high-performance speakers with 100 watts RMS each — good news for all you music fans out there. Even better, you can stream music directly from a Bluetooth device to this amp, while its built-in processing restores the excitement in your music that data compression removes. Plus, the dancing, signal-level LEDs on the cover add to the amp's high-tech look and overall coolness factor.

High tech and stylish

Infinity's Kappa K2 2-channel car amplifier can supply a set of high-performance speakers with 100 watts RMS each — good news for all you music fans out there. Even better, you can stream music directly from a Bluetooth device to this amp, while its built-in processing restores the excitement in your music that data compression removes. Plus, the dancing, signal-level LEDs on the cover add to the amp's high-tech look and overall coolness factor.

Connectivity is the name of this game

You can stream music from your compatible Bluetooth device directly to the K2, for convenient, wireless play that bypasses your car's radio. The amp's preamp outputs let you connect a subwoofer amp, like the matching Infinity Kappa K1000 or Kappa K600, for better-sounding bass in your music. The Party Mode feature allows up to three different sources to stream, so more people can join in the fun. The included wired remote gives you handy controls for Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling, Party Mode, and Clari-Fi signal processing.

Powerful and versatile

Need some bass power? You can switch the K2 into bridged mode and drive a subwoofer with 250 watts RMS. A high- or low-pass filter matches the amp's output to your speakers, increasing the efficiency of the system. The Kappa K2 can accept low- or speaker-level inputs so it'll work in almost any system, and Infinity includes RCA-to-speaker wire adapters so you'll make the right connections.

Decompression saves the sound

Downloaded digital music and streaming services apply data compression to their files so you can store more of them on your devices, but compressed music sounds noticeably duller than uncompressed files. Harman's Clari-Fi™ sound restoration technology improves the sound quality of your digital music by analyzing the data and then reconstructing the parts that were removed during the compression process. You get crisper highs, increased dynamics, and clearer vocals.

Infinity Kappa K2

Kappa K2 input and control panel


Product highlights:

  • 2-channel car amplifier
  • 100 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms (120 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms)
  • 240 watts RMS x 1 in bridged mode (4-ohm stable in bridged mode)
  • variable high- and low-pass filters (32-320 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
  • wired remote unit has controls for Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling, Party Mode, and Clari-Fi signal processing
  • preamp inputs and outputs
  • speaker-level inputs (speaker wire-to-RCA adapters included)
  • fuse rating: 30A x 1
  • 8-gauge power and ground leads recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
  • 8-7/8"W x 1-3/4"H x 6-15/16"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # K2

What's in the box:

  • 2-Channel amplifier
  • Two 30A ATO fuses (1 installed)
  • Control panel with attached 19.5' cable
  • Control panel flush mount sleeve
  • Control panel mounting bracket
  • 2 M4 x 10mm bracket screws
  • 2 Bare wire-to-RCA adapters
  • Remote plug (Euro or Phoenix connector)
  • 4 Mounting screws (M4 x 52mm)
  • Quick Start Guide

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Crutchfield response

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Product Research


Overview: The Infinity Kappa K2 is part of the Kappa series of high-performance amplifiers. This full range Class D 2-channel amplifier will accept both high-level and low-level inputs. Class D amplifiers are highly efficient and compact, generating lots of power without drawing much current or generating heat. The Kappa K2 includes Clari-Fi, an audio restoration feature that improves the sound of compressed digital files. The amp also includes a cabin-mounted control panel to give you amplifier control at your fingertips. The unit comes with spare fuses, speaker wire-to-RCA adapters, and mounting hardware.

Power Output: The Kappa K2 delivers the following power output:

  • 100 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms (<0.1% THD+N)
  • 120 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms (<0.1% THD+N)
  • 240 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms bridged (<0.3% THD+N)

Clari-Fi: Clari-Fi is a proprietary technology that analyzes compressed digital music files and improves them in real time. Using a predictive algorithm that restores audio content that is lost during the compression process. Clari-Fi provides extra bandwidth, especially in the high frequencies, widens the sound stage, and gives vocals a natural warmth not found in compressed files.

Control Panel: The amplifier comes with a wired control panel that provides numerous features not typically found with amplifiers. It has Bluetooth technology, and an omni-directional microphone for accepting and ending phone calls from your cell phone. Party Mode lets you pair multiple Bluetooth devices for streaming music from anyone's phone. The control panel also lets you activate the Clari-Fi feature. The panel is 4-7/16"W x 15/16"H, and has a 19.5-foot cable. It can be flush- or surface-mounted with the supplied brackets.

ADAS: The Kappa K2 has an interface for the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that can override the audio source input to deliver a message or other audio from a connected ADAS accessory. On the amplifier, you can designate which speaker the ADAS signal is output: Front left or front right.

Protection Circuitry: The amplifier features protection circuitry for thermal overload, over- or under-voltage (<9V or >16V), and short circuits. The LED on the top of the amp glows red if the amp goes into protection mode.

Controls: The Kappa K2's controls are located on one side of the amplifier. The rotary controls require a small screwdriver (not included) to make adjustments. The amp controls include:

  • Gain: The rotary gain control lets you match the amp's input sensitivity to the output of the source unit. The input sensitivity range of the amplifier is 0.2V and up for a low-level input, and up to 20V for speaker-level input.
  • Input Level: The Input Level switch lets you select the type of input you are using. For high-level input, there are two settings: Hi1 and Hi2. If the audio system fails to play with an amplifier connected to its output, or you get a "speaker disconnected" message on your factory stereo, set the switch to the Hi2 position. The Hi2 position includes a circuit design to fool this type of factory system into "seeing" a speaker connected to its output.
  • Crossover: The amp features a switchable crossover that can be set to low pass (LPF), high pass (HPF), or Full Range. You can adjust the cutoff frequency of the crossover from 32Hz to 320Hz using the rotary control.

Connections: The Infinity Kappa K2 uses set screw terminals for the +12V power, ground, and speaker outputs. The screws can be tightened/loosened with a Phillips-head or flat-head screwdriver (not provided). The amp connections include:

  • Power/Ground: The +12V Power and Ground terminals will accept up to 4-gauge wire. It is recommended that you use a minimum of 8 AWG power wire to the battery, with an in-line 30A fuse (or higher) installed no more than 18" from the battery terminal. An 8 AWG ground wire (minimum) is also recommended, and attached to a metal area close to the amplifier.
  • Remote Turn-On: The Remote turn on wire connects to the supplied plastic 2-pin Euro or Phoenix connector. The connector has tiny set screws to tighten the wire, and requires a precision screwdriver (2.4mm or 3/32"). The connector has "IN" and "OUT" terminals, allowing you to daisy chain the turn-on signal to another amplifier, if needed.
  • Speaker Outputs: The amp features screw terminals for connecting two speakers. There are markings on the terminals for bridging the amplifier.
  • Speaker-Level Input: The amp includes two bare wire-to-RCA adapters for connecting the amp to a factory radio or aftermarket head unit without preamp outputs. You should attach the left and right speaker wires from the head unit to each adapter and plug the adapter's RCA plug into the amp.
  • Line-Level Inputs: The amplifier is equipped with one pair of RCA inputs for connecting stereo RCA patch cables from the head unit to the amp.
  • Pre-Out: A second pair of RCA jacks is provided to output the audio signal to a second amplifier, if desired.

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Needed preamp out and I am interested to see how the Clari-Fi works [ Steve Camper  Feb 28, 2019 ]
I have a little Miata and only have two speakers in the car. I like my music loud, so I looked for some speakers that would produce the volume and power I want. This amp was a good companion to power the speakers I chose. [ Jonathan  Dec 21, 2018 ]
I have a Infinity car System, that make sense [ Peter  Dec 14, 2018 ]
recommended by Crutchfield associate. [ Cameron  Mar 13, 2018 ]

7 questions already asked

Do i need to hook the rca's up when using a bluetooth amplifier?
[ Eric  Apr 29, 2019 ]
6 answers
Not if you are going to just use Bluetooth.
[ Randy  May 07, 2019 ]
The RCA ports only need to used if running a pre out to separate amp for woofers or other situations of such. The amp will run a speaker system just fine from the speaker connections which have screws to hold wires, then the RCA ports can be left open in this style system.
[ James  May 06, 2019 ]
no it works , if you want, only with bluetooth,
[ Peter  May 06, 2019 ]
Hi No. the rca is only for audio of your stereo.
[ Enrique  May 06, 2019 ]
I hooked mine up because I wanted to run my Sony Stereo and be able to run off my smartphone. You should be able to run it BT direct to your phone if that's all you're hooking up. I liked the flexibility of running the stereo with the flash drive and FM stations, but find I'm very happy just running the smartphone with the K2.
[ John  May 06, 2019 ]
No , rca' dont need to be connected you can still play all your music from iphone via bluetooth
[ elias  May 06, 2019 ]
If I install this in the trunk and hook it up to two 6x9 speakers with no receiver or head unit, can I control the unit and its volume just using Bluetooth on my phone? I want to avoid needing a wired control unit.
[ Paul  Apr 05, 2019 ]
4 answers
The control unit doesn't have any volume controls. You adjust the volume only from your phone. Although I'm not sure if the bluetooth receiver is on the head or control unit. Worst case you can connect the control unit and place it in your trunk.
[ Christos  Apr 06, 2019 ]
Yes you can without anything else. I would recommend to connect your radio by wiring the loudspeaker output to the amplifier input, there is an adapter for it. Also if you want to have a hands free unit I would recommend to put the base unit close to the driver. Because it has a few buttons for control and a microphone. Have fun with your kappa. It sounds great by the way.. !-_-! :-))
[ Peter  Apr 06, 2019 ]
Yes. Your cellphone controls the volume. You do not need a receiver or head unit. Bluetooth works perfectly with this amp. I also have the bass amp K1000. Works seamlessly.
[ Bob  Apr 06, 2019 ]
I'm running my k2 with the Sony DSX-A415BT unit and my android phone to power my 6×9 speakers and it works great. I switched seamlessly to my android and run everything off the phone. Both units are small and fit perfectly in the Cobra trunk. I have an IR to control the sony. I think you should be able to just run it with just your phone.
[ John  Apr 05, 2019 ]
I am looking to put this in the cab of my tractor which has no radio, Is it necessary to connect this amp to a receiver or can I just connect it to the battery and hook up my speakers and play music from my phone?
[ calin  Jan 21, 2019 ]
2 answers
You do not need any wires to stream music. You will need the head unit if you want to add more users into the bluetooth stream. If it is only your phone you will need nothing, but only with the head unit you can answer calls. The microphone is in the headunit. !-_-! :-))
[ Peter  Apr 06, 2019 ]
You do not have to have a stereo or a receiver to use this amp; you can use the wired remote and Bluetooth to stream wirelessly from your phone. I hope that helps My bio:
[ Ryan  Jan 24, 2019 ]  Staff
What are the dimensions of the remote?
[ Leathan  Jan 07, 2019 ]
3 answers
hight 50mm Width 110mm Depth 30mm
[ Peter  Jan 13, 2019 ]
It doesn't have a remote. It has a wired control that has to be mounted on the dash or center console. It's about three inches wide by one inch long.
[ Ivan  Jan 12, 2019 ]
4 inches by 1.75 inches
[ Bob  Jan 12, 2019 ]
My factory radio has Bluetooth will this amp connect and keep me from running wires ??
[ Jim  Oct 21, 2018 ]
1 answer
No. Bluetooth is only for phone connection to the amp. You can use it for phone calls and play music from your phone to the amp. but you cannot play music from your car stereo head unit to your amp unless it is wired to the amp. Unless car stereos have changed and allow for music to be broadcasted to remote sources, which I have never heard of, but it could happen someday I am sure. NO matter what you will have to run some wiring. Positive and negative, turn on lead, speaker outs to speakers.
[ GoderajGWAR  Oct 25, 2018 ]
I would like to run this AMP on AC mains with a 12 V DC -10A adapter. Would 10A DC sufficient to drive Definitive Technology AW6500 speakers?
[ Arun  Jun 11, 2018 ]
4 answers
These are 8 Ohm Speakers. Because of the naturally limited output voltage you definitely want 4 or 3 Ohm speakers. P=UxI, I =U/R, --> P=U^2/R.... less R more P, mor P more fun Ok we also have inductiviti and reactors. But the formula makes sense. Have fun with it. !-_-! ;-))
[ Peter  Apr 06, 2019 ]
Equipment still in box getting the cab and front painted. May be months before installed. Tks
[ WILLIAM  Jun 17, 2018 ]
Best answer is teck help from cruthfield
[ NICHOLAS G  Jun 15, 2018 ]
Me personally, I would run the 30 amps that the amp is fused for. But I run my amps and speakers hard and loud. I run a set of alpine components with 1 amp and a set of JBL components with another amp.
[ Steven  Jun 15, 2018 ]
How do you open or gain access to the center panel to get to the terminals?
[ Carl  Feb 15, 2017 ]
1 answer
The Kappa K2's controls (gain, input level and crossover) and terminals for the +12V power, ground, remote turn-on and speaker output are located on either sides of the amplifier. If you would like to discuss further, feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. Hope that helps!
[ Larry  Feb 28, 2017 ]  Staff

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