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Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X811

CD Receiver with CD Changer Controls

Item # 113KDCX811

It's no accident that "eXcelon" sounds like "excellent." And that's what you'll be saying when you see the...

Find what Fits your vehicle

It's no accident that "eXcelon" sounds like "excellent." And that's what you'll be saying when you see the...

Discontinued item

Item # 113KDCX811

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About the Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X811

It's no accident that "eXcelon" sounds like "excellent." And that's what you'll be saying when you see the multicolor fluorescent display of the KDC-X811. With a MASK faceplate for security without a detachable face, and a built-in spectrum analyzer, you'll get the high-end features you've always wanted for less $$ than you'd expect.

It's no accident that "eXcelon" sounds like "excellent." And that's what you'll be saying when you see the multicolor fluorescent display of the KDC-X811. With a MASK faceplate for security without a detachable face, and a built-in spectrum analyzer, you'll get the high-end features you've always wanted for less $$ than you'd expect.

This Kenwood eXcelon receiver is equipped with a high-power amp, but you might want to consider adding additional Kenwood eXcelon amplifiers and dB+ subwoofers to the three sets of preamp outputs. That way you can take full advantage of the Bass Management System, PowerSlide door, and System E's+ Advanced Crossover. You can add a CD changer to access up to 10 more CDs. And a wireless remote is packed in the box. Excellent? Yes, Kenwood eXcelon!

Add a Kenwood disc changer to your order and you'll save $$ with our package discount.

  • MASK revolving face
  • viewing angle adjustment
  • multicolor fluorescent display
  • adjustable contrast
  • dimmer level adjustment
  • 3 sets of 4-volt preamp outputs (one set is non-fading with level control)
  • CD Text
  • System E's+ Advanced Crossover
  • CD changer controls
  • Bass Management System (with '99 Kenwood eXcelon amplifier)
  • PowerSlide control (with compatible Kenwood eXcelon amplifier)
  • Dual Zone Audio control (adapter required)
  • remote included
  • 22 watts RMS/44 peak x 4 channels
  • CD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ratio 105 dB
  • FM sensitivity 9.3 dBf
  • 2-year warranty

What's in the box:

  • AM/FM/CD/Changer Controller with attached DC converter and 10-amp blade fuse installed in chassis
  • Sleeve
  • 2 size I/J side brackets
  • Harness with noise filter
  • Trim ring (size "E" installs)
  • Trim ring (size "I/J" installs)
  • RC-500 remote
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 2 radio removal tools
  • 1 trim ring removal tool
  • 4 ISO mount screws (2 panhead and 2 countersunk)
  • Backstrap
  • 1 screw with a flat washer
  • self-adhesive foam sheet (to wrap around DC converter box)
  • Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty card
  • Caution sheet (instructions for pushing unit into DIN sleeve)
  • Warning sheet (warns against inserting finger between faceplate and unit and gives instructions about installing the unit in a vehicle without accessory position on ignition switch)
  • Product Registration Card.

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X811

Stacey B.

Features & specs

AUX Input No
Audio/video Input ---
USB Input ---
USB Port Power ---
Backup Camera Input No
Second Camera Input No
CarPlay No
Android Auto No
Siri Control No
Alexa Voice Control
Android Control No
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready No
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
iPhone ---
RMS Power (CTA-2006) 22 watts
RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
Peak Output 44 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth N/A
Preamp Outputs 6-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs ---
Video Screen No
Navigation App Compatible (iOS)
Navigation App Compatible (Android)
Preamp Voltage 4.0 volts
Screen Size ---
Display Color Multi-color
Key Button Color Red or Green
EQ Bands None
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 2 YEARS
Labor Warranty 2 YEARS
FM Sensitivity 9.3 dBf
European Tuning Yes
Seek/Scan Seek
Radio Data System Yes
File Playback
Music File Playback
High-res Playback
Second Camera Input Lane Watch N

Product Research

Changer Controls


MASK Security: The stealth mechanism on this unit reverses the faceplate so that only a blank panel is visible. When you turn the ignition on, the unit's power turns on and the faceplate reverses. You can also close the unit at any time by pressing the source button for over a second. When closed this way you can re-open the unit by sliding the "Manual Open Switch" to the left. The "Manual Open Switch" switch is located in the lower right hand corner of the panel, and you may select how many times (from 1 to 3) it must be slid to open the unit. You can enter a 4 digit security code which keeps you from turning on the unit without the code when battery power is removed.

Display/Faceplate: The unit has a multi-colored display. The FM frequencies, CD track, "News", "Text", "Dual", clock and dual info portion of the display (see below) are displayed in light blue. The loudness, CD-in and clock indicators illuminate in red. The Auto1/2 indicator illuminates in medium blue. There is an 8 band green colored spectrum analyzer on the left hand side of the display; this can be set to one of two spectrum displays or a character (icon) display. There is a bright blue source button and a red power LED in the upper right hand corner of the faceplate. This unit has dual button illumination. The button markings are illuminated in green and can be switched to red. This changes only the button illumination (except the source button which remains blue), it does not change the display illumination. The finish on this unit is a glossy, ebony black.

Plus/Minus Power Source: Generates higher supply voltages to audio circuits, enabling higher output levels with less noise and distortion. Additionally, the plus/minus power supply isolates the audio ground from the vehicle's chassis ground, eliminating ground loops and interference.

4.0-volt gold-plated front, rear and non-fading preamp outputs.

System E's+ Advanced Crossover System: Allows you to select a high pass filter on either the front or rear output, or both, (preamp outputs and speaker outputs) which can be set to 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 or 220Hz. You can set a low pass filter for the non-fading RCA of 50, 80, 120Hz or through and select the phase for the non-fading RCA of normal or reverse.

External Amp Control: Kenwood also calls this "B.M.S." (Bass Management System). When used with a compatible, Kenwood eXcelon amplifier, you can adjust the bass boost level of the amplifier through this head unit.You can select Flat, or boost the bass of the amplifier by +6 or +12dB.

Dual Info Display: In addition to the standard display line, which displays frequency/track/title info, there is a second display line in the lower center portion of the display window that can be set to display the clock, source, track time (only during disc play) or track number (only during disc play).

Faceplate Angle Adjustment: Using a switch mounted below the CD slot, you may set the unit to hold the display at one of two angles or flat against the front of the chassis.

Black Mask Display Setting: If you desire a less cluttered display appearance, you may turn off the lower part of the display. With the Black Mask function set to "on", only the main display line illuminates.

Display Dimming: This unit is equipped with an illumination wire that dims the display when headlights turned on. Dims to a preset level, you can select a dimmer level of 0-10, not affected by vehicle's dimmer control.

Auxiliary Input "Ready": When used with an optional adapter (KCA-S210A or CA-C1AX) or with the KDC-CX82 CD changer, this unit can accept input from an auxiliary source. This unit cannot accept input from an auxiliary source unless the appropriate adapter or CD changer is also purchased and connected. When the CA-C1AX adapter (item 113CAC1AX) is used, you cannot connect a CD changer to the head unit (the CA-C1AX plugs into the changer control DIN connection on the head unit).

Dual Zone Capability: This feature allows you to play an auxiliary source through the rear channels and the tuner or built-in CD player through the front channels.


  • To use the Dual zone feature you must purchase one of the following items: KCA-S210A, CA-C1AX, KDC-CPS82 or KDC-CX82.
  • When this feature is active, the bass, treble and loudness controls do not affect the rear channels.
  • When the Dual Zone system is on, the CD/MD changer controls are deactivated.

CR2 advanced clear reception tuner.

CRSC (Clean Reception System Control): Eliminates multi-path distortion. It can be turned off for better reception when a  multi-path situation is not present.

SNPS (Station Name Preset): You can assign names (up to 8 characters) for up to 32 FM stations and 16 AM stations. After a name has been assigned, you can press the DNPP button on the remote to display the name of each preset station for 5 seconds. When the name of the desired station appears, you can press the OK button on the remote to select the station. If a name has not been entered for a preset, the frequency will display. You hear the station that was tuned in prior to the DNPP button being pressed, you do not hear the stations as their names are displayed.

RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System): RBDS is used by some FM radio stations to transmit additional data; this unit has the following functions:

  • PTY (Program type) Function: Allows you to seek tune only stations with the desired type of programming. The programming is broken down into: 1) News, 2) Information, 3) Sports, 4) Talk, 5) Rock, 6) Classic Rock, 7) Adult Hits, 8) Soft Rock, 9) Top 40, 10) Country, 11) Oldies, 12) Soft, 13) Nostalgia, 14) Jazz, 15) Classical, 16) R&B, 17) Soft R&B, 18) Language, 19) Religious Music, 20) Religious Talk, 21) Personality, and 22) Public. You can register up to 48 non-RBDS stations as program types. When you register a non-RBDS station as a certain program type it will be found when using PTY seek tune for stations in that particular category
  • Alarm: When in Tuner mode or when the Traffic Information function is turned on and an emergency transmission is made, this unit's tuner will automatically switch to the warning.
  • Traffic Information Function: If a traffic information station begins to broadcast a traffic bulletin while a CD is playing, the unit will automatically play the bulletin and return to the CD when the bulletin ends. This function may be turned on/off.
  • Radio Text: This unit displays text info which might be transmitted by RBDS stations, if the station is not transmitting text, the unit will display "No Text". You can set radio text to scroll  automatically, or it can be set to manual which allows you to scroll one line at a time.
  • Auto Time Set: When set to auto time set, the unit will automatically set the time when tuned to a RBDS station which broadcasts time information.

Selectable Tuning Spacing: You may select U.S. standard or European tuning spacing. To switch to/from European tuning spacing, hold down preset buttons 1 and 5, then press the reset button (while holding down preset buttons 1 and 5). Hold all three buttons in for 3-seconds, then release only the reset button. 3-seconds after releasing the reset button, release the preset 1 and preset 5 buttons.

D.R.I.V.E. Circuit: With 20 bit resolution produces greater accuracy and detail by virtually eliminating digital distortion.  This is especially helpful in soft musical passages.

Zero Bit Mute: Keeps the CD player quiet during sections without music (such as between tracks).

CD Text: This unit will display CD Text for CDs encoded with CD Text. The display is capable of showing 8 characters at a time, and can be set for auto or manual scrolling of titles longer than 8 characters.

CD Changer Control: This unit can control up to two compatible Kenwood CD changers. To connect two changers, a switching adapter is needed (113KCAS200).

CD Naming: Names up to eight characters long may be entered into the memory of this unit for 30 CDs. When a CD changer with disc naming memory is connected names may be entered for CDs in the changer (see CD changer control functions below).

Source Tone Memory: You can store bass and treble settings for each source (CD/FM/AM/CD changer).

CD Pause: You can pause the CD player without having the tuner come on.

Last Position Memory: If the unit is shut off or switched to the tuner mode while a CD is playing, the next time CD is selected as the source, playback will resume from the point where it left off.

Tuning Modes: Besides manual and auto (seek) tuning there is also an Auto 2 mode which cycles through the presets when you press the >> or << buttons.

Tuning Frequency Ranges: FM tuning - 87.9-107.9MHz (87.5-108MHz when set for European spacing), AM tuning - 530 kHz-1700 kHz (531-1611kHz when set for European spacing).

Disc Changer Control Functions

  • Can control up to 2 CD changers
  • Pause
  • Audible search forward/reverse
  • Track search forward/reverse
  • Disc search forward/reverse
  • Repeat track/disc
  • Track scan: scans each track on a disc for 10 seconds.
  • Disc scan: scans the first 10 seconds of each disc in changer.
  • Random play: plays all tracks on one disc randomly, when all tracks on that disc have been played it will start randomly playing tracks on next disc in changer.
  • Magazine Random Play: randomly plays tracks on all discs in changer.
  • Disc Name Preset Play: When used with compatible CD changers will allow you to name discs (maximum of 8 characters per disc). Once a disc has been named, it can be selected by name using the remote. The number of names you can store depends on CD changer you're using; with the KDCC712, and 662 you can store up to 100 names. By using the DNPP button on the remote you can display these names and select a disc to play.
  • CD Text/MD Display: when connected to a CD Text capable CD changer or a MD changer, this unit can display disc and track titles for discs encoded with disc/track information. The unit can be set to manually or automatically scroll text information.

CD Text Display with CD Text compatible changer can be set to auto or manual scroll.

Note:  CD Text display not available when two changers are connected using item 113KCAS200.

Remote Control Functions

This unit comes supplied with with Kenwood's RC-500 infrared remote control (Dimensions: L = 5.695", W = 1.961", H = 0.941").

  • Volume +/- buttons
  • SRC button: selects source (Tuner, Tape, CD, CD-MD changer)
  • Tune/Track buttons |<</>>|
  • ATT button: attenuates output
  • Play/Pause button
  • AM/Disc- button
  • FM/Disc+ button
  • OK Button
  • DNPP (SBF) - Allows you to display all discs name which have been preset in the changer and to select any of these discs to play.


Warranty: Registration card that comes with the unit is a one year warranty. However, if the receiver is registered using the provided SmartCard or at Kenwood's Web Site ( the warranty is extended to two years.

Note: Please allow at least 1.25" in front of the face for the stealth mechanism to retract.

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