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Kenwood KNA-G510

Add-on navigation system ("New Stock")

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Item # 113KNAG510

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Our take on the Kenwood KNA-G510

You'll give your Kenwood in-dash mobile video system a potent extra dimension when you connect the KNA-G510 navigation system. You'll drive with confidence as it guides you to your destination efficiently and accurately. The system can even keep you up to date on what's happening with traffic flow along your programmed route.

You'll give your Kenwood in-dash mobile video system a potent extra dimension when you connect the KNA-G510 navigation system. You'll drive with confidence as it guides you to your destination efficiently and accurately. The system can even keep you up to date on what's happening with traffic flow along your programmed route.

Accurate navigation, great features
You control the navigation functions with your Kenwood DVD player's touchscreen controls. To choose a destination, just enter a specific street address or intersection, or choose one of the five million points of interest, like hotels, restaurants, and much more. You'll see the preloaded road maps of the U.S. and Canada on your DVD player's video screen, as they show you where you are and where you're going. Voice prompts delivered over your car speakers also help out, telling you whenever a turn is coming up.

You can customize your route options, in case there are roads you'd like to avoid, and enter intermediate points of interest that you'd like to visit along the way. If you miss a turn, the system will recalculate your route quickly. A trip computer gives you handy data about your average speed, distance traveled, and more.

Garmin, a satellite navigation pioneer, provides the built-in road maps that feature impressive detail, 2-D and 3-D views, and extensive points of interest. The KNA-G510 also includes a Secure Digital™ (SD) slot, which you can use to upload new maps as they become available.

Traffic information services
The KNA-G510 also offers compatibility with two different traffic-information services: Clear Channel's Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and XM Satellite Radio's Traffic and Weather service. With either, you'll receive updates on accidents, construction, and other traffic incidents, giving you plenty of time to avoid them — particularly handy if you have a long work commute. The XM service also gives you the option of subscribing to XM Satellite Radio for some of the best radio entertainment around. Each system requires an extra component and a subscription. For XM's service, add the NavTraffic antenna. For Clear Channel's service, add the NavTraffic antenna.

Product Highlights:

  • add-on navigation system for compatible Kenwood in-dash DVD players
  • GPS satellite antenna
  • built-in road maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • over 5 million points of interest
  • maps displayed on your DVD player's video screen
  • voice prompts offer turn-by-turn guidance
  • compatible with Clear Channel Traffic Message Channel and XM Satellite Radio traffic information services (subscriptions and extra components required)
  • multi-destination route planning
  • automatic rerouting for missed turns
  • route customization options
  • 2-D and 3-D map views
  • trip computer
  • SD card slot for map updates
  • 12-channel WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • 4-1/2"W x 4"H x 1-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Hideaway navigation unit
  • Wiring harness with 6' 8" cable to display unit and 19' 8" power harness with in-line 2 amp fuses
  • GPS antenna with attached 20' cord
  • 3-1/4" diameter ground plate
  • Self-adhesive gasket
  • Two pieces of 4" x 5/8" adhesive backed hook and loop fasteners
  • 4 Self-tapping mounting screws
  • Instruction Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • Installation Manual (English/French/Spanish)

After getting the module correctly installed it picked up the satillite and the signal was fine. I had some getting volume straighted out so when the giving the XM radio volume would lower so I could hear the instructions being given.

Omar, Kansas City MO


Kenwood KNA-G510 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(15 Reviews)

Excellant GPS for KVT 617

Marvin from Garden City, Michigan on 8/29/2011

Like most consumers with internet access i did hours of research on the kna 510 and almost did not buy even tho most reviews where excellant reason being crutchfield said the gps module would not work for my radio but the kenwood site said it did,,,,boy was i happy and purchased it for a super reasonable price install real easy and i always have a 1oo% signal and boot time is like 30 sec.. I had been a magalan user for years garmin blows them out the water also sound was set factory low but settings on your radio and the kna module should change that it did for me i get surround sound now i love that it lowers your radio volume and gives the gps directions ..just buy it you want be sorry ..



Top Notch

Frank from Indy, Indiana on 5/11/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Top Notch....No Complaints. I bought a refurbished unit in which is something I rarely and almost never do. I asked the sales rep a number of questions regarding the complete refurbished device process and I was more then happy with the responses I received. The KNA-G510 was purchased to use with the KVT-614 DVD Receiver I had recently ordered a few weeks prior. The installation and setup went flawless. This unit does pretty much everything needed. I mounted the Main Unit in the Center Console using velcro so that I had easy/close access to the optional SD Card Slot. I just ordered the GXM 30 optional Antenna



1st time buying from Crutchfield--I will buy again

Bill from Atlanta, Ga on 1/20/2010

I bought this unit after buying the DDX512 at a local shop. I had been shoping for this unit several weeks and found that there are alot of "grey marketeers" out selling the refurb units with older maps. I was also shocked to find that the local shop owner wanted me to pay more for the GPS unit than I did for the head unit. Well, after calling Crutchfield I spoke with a a friendly sales representative that explained that he had brand new units for a great price. How could that be, the shop owner stated that i would have to pay over five hundred smacks to get the GPS functionality. Still warey, I decided to go ahead and purchase the unit knowing that the sales guy was going to sale me a refurb. NOPE, latest software version and the roads are up to date! Congrats to Crutchfield for making another customer for any audio and video needs. I will use the shop to install the equipment...Oh and the GPS unit works perfectly fine too, I love the 3d Map functionality, the unit also has road preview (meaning that it will tell you he upcomming roads before you get the standard audible "ding dong there goes your road.....please make a legal u-turn at next intersection"). This is a great GPS unit for a even better price. Thanks Again Bill



Extra cost for updated maps

Brendan from Murfreesboro, TN on 5/4/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought the refurb unit...performs fine and works flawlessly with the refurb Kenwood receiver; HOWEVER, the unit comes with pre-installed 2008 NT Garmin maps and unlike the nuvi or zumo Garmin maps, the update to the 2010 NT maps will cost you another $100. Depending on where you are, the updated maps may/may not be worth the extra cost...for me they are and I was not pleased to discover that there was this additional expense (unlike the Garmin nuvi I also own which allows you at least one free upgrade after purchase). For what it is worth, I have also found that loading custom POIs into this unit is also more effort than with the nuvi. Updates to maps and POIs involves insertion of an SD card into the unit; firmware/software is with a disc that you burn on your computer. With the added cost, I would suggest also shopping for a stand-alone GPS unit since you can get a pretty nice one in this price range. If you're like me though you were seduced by the possibility of having the GPS integrated with your aftermarket Kenwood stereo.



All the bells, no whistles

Brad from Scottsbluff, Ne on 2/23/2009

I am very pleased with this product! it was very easy to install and had no trouble finding a signal even in my garage! I love the tools options which show everything from elevation to speed and direction of travel The Voice prompts for directions are very clear and can be customized from a male or female voice. I already have the Sirius sat system so I wasn't to pleased to find out if i wanted the weather and traffic options I would have to change to XM service or purchase another subscription. My Navigation came with the latest updates so I couldn't tell you bout the ease of updating the maps.



Kenwood KNA-G510

Omar from Kansas City MO on 2/22/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After getting the module correctly installed it picked up the satillite and the signal was fine. I had some getting volume straighted out so when the giving the XM radio volume would lower so I could hear the instructions being given.



Again...Great Nav...It's a Garmin

Heath from Outside Charlotte N.C. on 2/20/2009

I hooked this up to my KVT-514 DVD recever and WOW!! 6.95" of directions that is easy to read and the voice promps are great. I have the GXM-30 Weather Satellite stuff too, but I havent hooked it up yet. I also have the KCA-iP301V iPhone/iPod Audio Video High Speed USB Direct Cable that I connect my iPhone up. now.. I doint have the Bluetooth yet, but when you are looking up a place of business(Restaurant) You can press on the phone number and it will dial the place. This makes full use of technology...Sweet...




Bennyboy from New Jersey on 4/7/2008

Great Nav. for my Kenwood DDX-6019. It work's great. I use too have the Tom Tom, and loved it, Now love this one better. Only because the screen is much bigger than before with the Tom Tom. Garmin does it agian. A winner, a all ariound Navagation, that works!



So far, so good

Christopher from Norwood, MA on 3/31/2008

1999 Ford Mustang
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I used this Garmin 'G510' Nav system ONCE (When I drove my Mustang GT Convertible from the installer back to my car's storage unit) but one short ride was all it took to know that I made an excellent buying decision. I paired this nav unit with a Kenwood KVT-617DVD multimedia receiver thanks to a great deal from Crutchfield. My installer configured the basic settings & confirmed GPS connectivity was established so it took only a few minutes to become comfortable navigating the menus. The drive from Walpole to Foxboro (6.6 miles according to the G510's Trip computer - Nice!) was very informative thanks to the "View Map" functionality. Each upcoming street is displayed in BIG text above an extremely colorful & easy to read map. The 'G510' gives you a choice of a 3D or two 2D viewing modes as well as a useful zoom feature. I'm looking forward to using the G510's "Where To?", voice command, & Favorites functionality when the weather gets warmer except my destinations will more challenging & farther away.



Best unit for the money!!

Paul from Detroit, MI on 2/15/2008

Easy to install, accurate with a few feet. Can't ask for more. Is actually a garmin unit and is flawless.



Kenwood KNA-G510

LdExOrCiSt from Detroit, MI on 1/30/2008

This unit is great. I have had it for a year now and not one problem yet. this unit came with the kvt-819dvd package. It has everything you could want in a nav. Turn by turn is right on the money! If this unit tells you to turn in 300 feet, it means it. I would say it is accurate to within 10 feet or less. Great accuracy I.M.O. If you miss a turn or see that there is heavy traffic etc. Just keep going and it will instantly re-calculate your position and get you back on track, not to mention it constantly updates the exact time you will arrive at your destination. The only Con I give this unit is the map updates. Not sure about other products, but the MAP UPDATES are expensive. Firmware/Software updates are free!



Kenwood KNA-G510

george from hollywood,California on 6/7/2007

very good unit, does a great job imo i have used stand alone units and a eclipse navigation before and this one is a bit better than those, i recommend this unit



Great Addition

J from IL on 3/7/2007

I have had the Kenwood DDX-6019 for about a year now and really liked it. My truck was rear ended in November and had to be replaced. I recently began installing it in my new truck and decided to give this Nav unit a try. Previously I had been using Delorme Streets and Trips on my laptop and either plugging it into the video input on my Kenwood or running it on the laptop. The Kenwood unit is much simpler to use in a vehicle. The maps are also more up to date (to be fair I was using Street Atlas 2005). I have only had the unit installed for a week, playing with it while driving around town but I am very pleased so far. I look forward to using it on a long trip. For those of you with a compatible head unit I would definitely consider purchasing this unit. The only feature that is missing is the ability for you to give it voice commands which would be useful when driving alone (some stand alones or computer programs have this). However, I have never used the voice commands before on my laptop so I don't really miss it.<BR><BR>As another reviewer mentioned, you will probably have to find the setting in your dash unit to turn the navigation screen on, I believe mine was in the general setup section.



Extension Cable CA-C2EX

Adrian from NJ on 2/19/2007

Used extension cable CA-C2EX for my Kenwood KNA-G510 GPS to run it into the trunk and it worked like a charm. <BR><BR>The cable says it's only for the CD/MD function, but it seems to work for anything that uses the same fitting.



Highly Recommended, Waiting for a few more bells and whistles

Lawrence from South Florida on 4/21/2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I own a Kenwood DDX8017 and patiently waited for the release of the unit. I was not disappointed and neither will you. Installation was a breeze, but understanding the interface to the head unit was by luck. On the Kenwood there is a Source SRC button allowing the user to select one or more functions (Tuner, DVD, AUX, Standby,Sirius etc). Upon hooking up the unit the Navagation Touch screen item is black, not allowing one to select Navagation. Navagation manual is complete, the interface to the head unit and its operation are missing since the head unit was manufactured before the new Garwin Nav system. <BR><BR>I called Crutchfield Tech support and we both figured the Nav unit was defective. WRONG ! by pure luck, I started driving and was greeted by a sexy voice. After discovering that I did not have a new passenger (rats), It was the Navagation unit asking setup questions.<BR><BR>Bottom line. The Navagation unit is always available on-line at all times. It can be brought up with the F-Function key or V-SEL depending on what you are listening to or watching. You can have the Navagation in the background and the Tuner in the foreground (for example). I really like having the 3D map running at all times while I listen to my favorite MP3's. Plenty of user controlled options on this unit. I would like to see a Sirius traffic interface available (Anyone know if Sirius traffic alerts are any good?) If your sitting on the fence get this unit. It plugs into its own NAV input so you do not have to Daisy Chain from the Exteral Satellite, Changer, or IPOD. Since the pass through from the Sirius to IPOD has issues.




Hands-on research

Product Research

FM Traffic Information
Inputs and Outputs


Software: The KNA-G510 comes with routing software and mapping information by Garmin, customized for Kenwood controllers. The maps cover the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada, they are pre-loaded and include more than 5 million points of interest. There is also an SD memory card slot used for future updates.

Touchscreen (or Remote) Control: The KNA-G510 is designed to be used with Kenwood touchscreen monitors, and their corresponding remote controls.

Routing Options: Once you have entered a destination, the unit will calculate the route and give you a choice of three options; Fastest time, Shortest distance, or Off road. If you prefer, set one of these as the default and you won't be asked each time.

Voice Guidance: In addition to graphic directions, the KNA-G510 provides voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions through the connected A/V receiver. The volume can be adjusted to match the other sources. The voice guidance and on screen text can be changed from English to French or Spanish. The Speech Rate, or pace, of the voice prompts can also be adjusted. There is an Attention Tone (sounds before voice prompts), a Touch Screen Tone (sounds when you touch a function of the screen), and a Keypress Tone (sounds when you press a button on the monitor's remote) that can be turned off.

Speed Adjust Volume: The volume of the voice prompts can be increased with increases in speed to overcome road noise.

Map Orientation: You can choose to orient the map in one of two ways. You can select to show North at the top of the screen, or show the direction in which you are heading at the top.

Map Display: The zoom in/out commands allow you to change scale of the map display. There is also an auto zoom you can engage that will adjust the screen for optimal viewing. The maximum auto zoom distance can be set between 120 feet and 300 miles. The color of your route line can be changed and the amount of map detail is adjustable (with more detail, the map loads more slowly).

Destination Input: The Destination Entry Menu gives you many different ways to choose your destination or insert a point in your current route. An on-screen keyboard appears to allow you to enter your destination from one of the following categories:

  • Address: input your destination address by house number, street, and city
  • Home: store one home location to allow you to calculate a route home from any current location
  • My Locations: store a destination as a Favorite in advance, then easily select it as your new destination or insert it as point along your route
  • Point of Interest (POI): select a destination from a database of nearly 6-million locations, select by name or category, POIs can be selected as a waypoint or a destination
  • Recent Finds: choose from one of your 50 most recent destinations or waypoints
  • Select from Map: find a location icon on the map and make it your destination

Custom Point of Interest: POI databases can be downloaded from other companies

Current Location: regardless of your proximity to a POI, your current location can be easily saved as a Favorite.

Editing Favorites: There are several ways to customize your favorite locations; each can be renamed, the location of a favorite can be changed, the elevation can be added, they can be assigned to a category, and an icon can be placed on the map in their location.

Route Guidance:

  • Map View: the direction for the next turn is shown as a turn arrow, as you approach an upcoming turn, an enlarged view of the intersection can automatically appear in a second box, making route guidance even clearer, voice guidance informs you of distances and turning directions as you approach turning points, waypoints, or your destination
  • Turn List: a list of turns can be displayed instead of the map, you can scroll through all the turns along your route if you like, voice guidance informs you of distances and turning directions as you approach turning points, waypoints, or your destination, touch a turn to see it on the map

Auto Reroute: Should you miss a turn or make a wrong turn, the system will recalculate your route automatically. You can silence the "off-route, recalculating" message if you like.

Trip Computer: The trip computer shows current speed, current direction, distance to destination, total distance traveled, average speed (including stopped time), average speed while moving, maximum speed, total trip time, total moving time, and stopped time. You can reset just the maximum speed or reset the entire trip computer at once.

GPS Info Page: The GPS info page shows your current longitude and latitude, which satellite signals you're receiving and how strong each is, your current elevation, and the date and time.

WAAS: WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) is a system of ground reference stations across the US that correct for GPS inaccuracies caused by orbit and clock drift, as well as signal delays due to atmosphere and ionosphere conditions. With WAAS engaged, the GPS positioning accuracy is improved to within approximately 10 feet. WAAS can be turned off if you prefer.

EGNOS: The KNA-G510 also features EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service), which is the European answer to WAAS. EGNOS is turned on and off along with WAAS.

Midpoints: You can add midpoints to a route when you create it of afterwards.

Detour: You can detour from your current route, routing off the current road for 1/2, 2, or 5 miles. You can also select a road on your current route to detour around.

Avoid: You can specify particular roads or types of roads for the route calculator to avoid. You can also avoid certain areas.

Track Log: The track log creates a bread crumb trail (track log) of your movement. At any time the entire track log can be displayed on the map. You can also reset the track log whenever you like.

Mileage Log: There are four different mileage logs, each can be named, individually activated/deactivated, and reset at any time.

Mounting: For best operation the unit should be mounted parallel to the ground.


NavTraffic: With the addition of an XM Smart Antenna (item number 113GXM30T) and a NavTraffic subscription, the KNA-G510 can display real time traffic information to help you avoid delays. Available information includes traffic flow (with speed), accident reports, disabled vehicle reports, scheduled construction and road closures, and weather related delays.

Note: Because the reporting of information on traffic accidents, disabled vehicles, etc relies on human interaction, the time span from when an incident occurs and when it is displayed by XM NavTraffic will vary.

Detour: When a traffic delay is detected, you can detour around the area with one touch of a button.

NAVTEQ: NAVTEQ Traffic provides the traffic flow and incident information for the XM NavTraffic service. This data is collected from multiple sources across the country, including leading commercial traffic data providers, government departments of transportation, police and emergency services, road sensors, cameras, and real-time aircraft reports. NAVTEQ Traffic frequently performs extensive data quality processing to provide the most complete and accurate nationwide traffic information feed.

Market Coverage: As of April 2006, the NavTraffic service is available in the following 22 metropolitan areas:

Atlanta, GA Baltimore, MD Boston, MA Chicago, IL
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX Detroit, MI Houston, TX Los Angeles, CA
Miami/Ft Lauderdale, FL Minneapolis/St Paul, MN New York, NY Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ Pittsburgh, PA San Diego, CA
San Francisco/Oakland, CA San Jose, CA Seattle, WA St Louis, MO
Tampa, FL Washington, DC    

Weather: You can also get current and forecasted weather conditions, city by city throughout the contiguous 48 states.

FM Traffic Information

Optional FM Traffic Receiver: Using an optional FM Traffic Receiver (113GTM10, sold separately) the Kenwood navigation unit can receive and use traffic information. When a traffic message is received, you can see the event on the map and change your route to avoid the traffic incident.

Real-Time Traffic Data:  In most area, depending on the service provider, TMC traffic broadcasts are continuous - there's no waiting for scheduled traffic news updates or random alerts. With the TMC receiver, you see traffic developments in real-time, as they happen, so you make the right decision sooner. The system alerts you when a traffic problem is on your route and proposes an alternate route to avoid the incident.

Note: Because traffic broadcasts are received via a "silent" FM data channel, you can still listen to music or news programming on your car radio without interference from incoming FM traffic data transmissions.

Avoid Traffic Tie Ups:  TMC data is available in a fast-growing number of cities throughout North America and Europe (see table below) and gives prompt, accurate notification of accidents, road construction, police, or emergency action, etc. - so you can visually monitor traffic flow and, if necessary, avoid traffic tie-ups. 

Subscription Information: Traffic services are available only in select cities where coverage exists. A subscription may be required to enable traffic capability.

  • Throughout most of Western Europe, basic TMC data is a free public service, accessible through a number of providers.
  • In France and the UK, premium service provide by TrafficMaster requires a subscription. 
  • In the U.S., a subscription to Total Traffic Network is required.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and Outputs: The following inputs and outputs are located on the unit's side panel:

  • Power/System Harness: opposite end of the included cable has:
    • Monitor I/F: male 13-pin interface for monitor
    • Ground: chassis ground
    • Ignition: switched 12 volts, 2 amp fuse in-line
    • Battery: constant 12 volts, 2 amp fuse in-line
    • Parking brake: parking brake detection lead
  • Mini B: USB mini B version 2.0 jack for optional FM traffic or XM NavTraffic receiver
  • GPS ANT: square connector for supplied GPS antenna plug
  • SD Card: SD memory card slot for future software updates


Main Unit:

  • Width: 4.564"
  • Height: 1.212"
  • Depth: 5.515"

GPS Antenna:

  • Width: 2.042"
  • Height: 0.592"
  • Depth: 1.774"

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