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Pioneer CD-MC20 Microphone

Works with select Pioneer receivers with Auto-EQ

Item # 130CDMC20

Discontinued item
20 questions - 30 answers

Item # 130CDMC20

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About the Pioneer CD-MC20 Microphone

Jo Greene

This CD-MC20 microphone connects to select 2010-up Pioneer receivers with Auto-EQ, allowing you to measure your vehicle's acoustics and create the optimum EQ settings.

Product highlights:

    General features:

    What's in the box:

    • Auto-EQ microphone (with attached 6.5' cord terminated by a male 3.5mm connector)
    • Disposal note

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    Crutchfield response

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    More details on the Pioneer CD-MC20 Microphone

    Mark G.

    Product Research


    Compatibility: The Pioneer CD-MC20 is an Auto-EQ microphone for use with select 2010-up Pioneer DVD, digital media, & navigation in-dash receivers which feature an Aux input. Compatible Pioneer receivers include:

    • NEX series
    • AVH-X series
    • SPH-DA (AppRadio) series
    • AVIC-Z series
    • AVH-P series
    • MVH-P series

    Function: The CD-MC20 Auto-EQ microphone automatically measures your car's interior acoustic characteristics, and allows your compatible Pioneer DVD, digital media, or navigation receiver to create an auto-equalizer curve based on that information.

    Placement: The Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ microphone should be placed in the center of your vehicle's driver seat headrest facing forward.

    Connection: The Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ microphone features an attached 6.5' cable terminated by a male 3.5mm connector which plugs into an auxiliary input on your compatible Pioneer DVD, digital media, or navigation receiver.

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    Customer Q&A

    20 questions already asked

    Is this compatible with the AVH-W4500NEX? If so where is the input there are two possible inputs in the rear
    [ Brightonuk  Mar 24, 2022 ]
    1 answer
    Yes, this microphone is compatible with the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX which plugs into an auxiliary input. Page 7 of the owner's manual shows you how to find the auxiliary input
    [ ALLISON  Apr 01, 2022 ]  Staff
    My receiver is in an adjoining room to the room where listening is done (speakers location). Will a 3.5mm extension cable be okay to use with this?
    [ Greg  Mar 23, 2022 ]
    1 answer
    Max recommended length for 3.5 cable is 150'. I would place the receiver in the listening room to use the microphone just to be certain that there is no signal loss. Good luck ??
    [ JOHN  Mar 23, 2022 ]
    My head unit/amp is tuned to play as loud as possible, so i usually listen to music at a volume of 34 out of 40. Should i do the auto EQ with this volume or should i lower it? Thanks!:)
    [ Morten406  Dec 29, 2021 ]
    1 answer
    The mike is not for volume control but your rooms acoustic mass to give you the equalization for your room environment. Volume control is up to you.
    [ BRENDA  Dec 30, 2021 ]
    Would this work with the DMH-WT7600NEX? Can't find it in the manual. I know it's supposed to work with all NEX, but I only see the Bluetooth mic jack, is this where you plug this in?
    [ JORGE  May 30, 2021 ]
    1 answer
    The DMH-WT7600NEX receiver does not have Pioneer's Auto-EQ technology and will not work with this microphone. We offer other Pioneer receivers that have a touchscreen and the Auto-EQ tech so this microphone can be used with them. I recommend contacting an advisor by calling 1-800-324-9695 to get a recommendation on a receiver that will work
    [ JASON  Jul 31, 2021 ]  Staff
    [ Katdadi  Mar 15, 2021 ]
    1 answer
    We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
    [ Thomas  Mar 30, 2021 ]  Staff
    Will this work with pioneer VSX-LX103 receiver?
    [ DAVID  Oct 19, 2020 ]
    1 answer
    Hey David, it will if that receiver has auto eq. This microphone is for time alignment and proper power output for each speaker based on the placement and the number of speakers.
    [ MIKE  Oct 19, 2020 ]
    I have the Pioneer DMH-2660NEX which plugs into the back. Can I leave it plugged in permanently? Also, Can this be used to set and save the calibrations for left, right, and front positions? in other words, can I run it for all three positions and switch between the saved eq, distance, etc. settings saved for that position?
    [ JACK  Sep 11, 2020 ]
    1 answer
    We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
    [ Thomas  Sep 24, 2020 ]  Staff
    Will this work with the Pioneer MVH-210EX?
    [ STAN  Jan 27, 2020 ]
    2 answers
    I don't think it will
    [ RANDY  Mar 04, 2020 ]
    It will not work. The Pioneer MVH-210EX does not have that feature. The Pioneer CD-MC20 mic is for auto EQ and auto time alignment feature.
    [ CARLOS  Mar 04, 2020 ]
    Will this work with Pioneer Elite SC-81reciever?
    [ DANIEL  Oct 18, 2019 ]
    1 answer
    Hi Daniel, thank you for your question. The CD-MC20 is designed to work with in-dash Pioneer car stereos. We have not checked compatibility with any home theater receivers.
    [ JESSICA  Oct 25, 2019 ]  Staff
    Will this work for Pioneer Elite VSXLX503 MCACC calibration?
    [ HARSHAL  Oct 18, 2019 ]
    1 answer
    As long as you can plug in the 3.5mm connector I would think so.
    [ KENNETH L  Oct 18, 2019 ]
    Will this work for Pioneer SC-LX501?
    [ Skip  Jun 11, 2019 ]
    1 answer
    Yes! This will work for calibrating your speakers to your room acoustics!!
    [ Kevin  Jun 11, 2019 ]
    Does this replace the external hands free mic included with pioneer receivers? Where does it need to be mounted?
    [ Matthew  Jan 01, 2019 ]
    6 answers
    No. It is used for automatic calibration of the head unit to your specific vehicle's acoustics.
    [ Joseph  Jan 08, 2019 ]
    Matt, I have an AVH-4200NEX receiver. The microphone is used for the Auto EQ function. It plugs into a jack behind the faceplate below the cd/dvd slot and next to the SD card slot on the dashboard mounted portion. it doesn't replace the hands free mic.
    [ STANLEY  Jan 08, 2019 ]
    No this mic is used for tuning purposes
    [ DEVARIAN G  Jan 08, 2019 ]
    It does not replace the hands free mic and it doesn't need to be mounted. You plug it into the aux input and hang it over the headrest when you do the auto-EQ calibration. When you're done, disconnect it and store it in a safe place (you'll need to redo the auto-EQ process if your battery is ever disconnected). If your aux input is on the back of the head unit, you'll probably want to use an extension cable to make it easier to connect and disconnect.
    [ Brent  Jan 08, 2019 ]
    No, this does not replace the mike that comes with your head unit. This mike is used only to balance your speakers with your head unit and interior. It is temporarily placed in a central location in your vehicle, and the other end is plugged into your 1/8" auxiliary jack.Follow the instructions provided. When completed, remove the mike.
    [ Todd  Jan 07, 2019 ]
    No this microphone is for setting up the auto eq and time alignment of the speakers
    [ kerry  Jan 07, 2019 ]
    Will works with Alpine ILX 207 ?
    [ Rahadian  Aug 25, 2018 ]
    2 answers
    I'm afraid not. The Pioneer CD-MC20 is an Auto-EQ microphone which can only be used with select 2010-up Pioneer DVD, digital media, & navigation in-dash receivers. For more details or to discuss further, please contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat.
    [ DAVID  Aug 29, 2018 ]  Staff
    Don't know. Mine is connected to a Pioneer head unit. Works fine with it
    [ Hal  Aug 25, 2018 ]
    Will this work with a DEX-P99RS, using a 2.5mm to adapter?
    [ Mitch  Apr 26, 2018 ]
    1 answer
    It can work as long as you find an adapter to shrink that 3.5mm plug down to the 2.5mm needed to fit into the receiver. I hope you can find one! My Bio:
    [ JASON  May 07, 2018 ]  Staff
    Does this work with the Pioneer AVH-1330NEX?
    [ Jesse  Sep 29, 2017 ]
    2 answers
    Pioneer's own site essentially matches Crutchfield's description. Pioneer says "Auto-EQ microphone for use with 2010 and later Car DVD Receivers." The 1330 is newer than 2010, and the manual discusses Auto EQ, so my conclusion is that the microphone will work with the 1330.
    [ DAVID  Sep 29, 2017 ]
    Yes, in fact the Crutchfield product page for that head unit says so.
    [ jon  Sep 29, 2017 ]
    Does this work with the pioneer 6200 nex? Thanks.
    [ John  Jan 05, 2017 ]
    1 answer
    Yes it's works with all nex models. And it makes a huge difference in sound quality.
    [ Jamie  Jan 06, 2017 ]
    Can the external microphone for bluetooth enabled receivers (model cd-vm1) that comes with the receiver be used instead of this cd-mc20 for auto-EQ?
    [ dhalsim2  Feb 04, 2016 ]
    1 answer
    If I remember right the connectors are different and won't work through Bluetooth. I bought the auto eq but don't hear a big difference in sound quality.
    [ Travis  Feb 05, 2016 ]
    So, I have this thing on the way but am a major audiophile that is seldom pleased by anything but the best sound. Should I use it or just manually adjust the system until it sounds perfect? I am worried that it may not be worth the hassle. Also, what about installation? It says it should be installed into the headrest but I am not really wanting to bang my head against this thing or cut up my seats if it doesn't work much better than advertised. Any help is appreciated!!! :)
    [ ANTHONY R  Jul 18, 2014 ]
    4 answers
    In my opinion it gets a fair result but I always have to tweak from there. Apparently it is programmed to get a perfect flat curve or something that does not correspond with my hearing perception ( or my son who has a fairly talented ear). If you have a good ear you will likely end up tuning without it. After trying several times my son and I both have our own custom EQs which are slightly different from each other likely due to my older ears and slight mid-upper range loss. Also it is not permanently installed in the head rest, at least not when used with my headunit. In my headunit, the autoEQ is initiated, then the face plate is motorized down and the microphone is plugged into a plug exposed during the above. The microphone rests on the headrest while the program runs. The faceplate cannot be returned to the normal operating position until the microphone is unplugged at the completion of the Auto-EQ operation. Therefore even if you do like the results of the auto EQ there is no reason to permanently mount the microphone.
    [ RAYALND K  Jul 20, 2014 ]
    I've used this twice and really enjoy it. Not only does it adjust the 8 band eq, it also time delays the speakers and subs. The eq is set perfectly for a flat response to a microphone and computer but obviously it won't be completely flat to your ear and a audiophile will probably use the eq that the mic comes up with as a baseline and make small adjustments from there like I did. As for installation you just put it in the headrest to run the test. Once it's complete you unplug the microphone and store it in your glove box. The instructions have you run a AUX extention out the back on the unit and tuck it away somewhere so you have an easier time making future measurements without having to take the stereo out and plugging in the mic again. I feel like the time delay function alone was worth the 30 bucks. Plus if you don't get the mic to will probably always wonder if you music would sound better if you had. Christian
    [ CHRISTIAN  Jul 19, 2014 ]
    Yes you should definitely use it. Our ears can't hear the frequencies like a mic does. You don't leave it installed, you plug it in, place around where you usually sit in car, and let the auto eq run through the frequencies. You will hear a series of tones. That's it listening to the acoustics of your car, and about 5 mins later it's done. Unplug it and put it up until you change speakers, radio loses memory, etc. in other words once it runs the auto eq you are done. Don't have to leave the mic installed. Enjoy! I know you'll see the difference.
    [ JOSEPH  Jul 19, 2014 ]
    My system requires it to be plugged in to the front of the unit so I can't say much about installation. It does a great job as long as you have a full range of speakers. If you're say missing a sub it doesn't do any good. If you know how, tuning it by hand is a much better option IMO.
    [ BRONSON  Jul 19, 2014 ]

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