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Panasonic DMR-E85H

DVD recorder + 120GB digital video recorder with TV Guide On Screen free program guide

Item # 133DMRE85H

The next generation of digital video recorders starts with Panasonic's DMR-E85H.

The next generation of digital video recorders starts with Panasonic's DMR-E85H.

Discontinued item

Item # 133DMRE85H

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About the Panasonic DMR-E85H

The next generation of digital video recorders starts with Panasonic's DMR-E85H. It combines a full-featured DVD recorder and a DVR (digital video recorder) with extraordinary capacity — it can hold over 200 hours of video on its hard drive! And for easy, goof-proof recording of your favorite TV shows, the real must-have feature is the free TV Guide® On Screen program guide.

The next generation of digital video recorders starts with Panasonic's DMR-E85H. It combines a full-featured DVD recorder and a DVR (digital video recorder) with extraordinary capacity — it can hold over 200 hours of video on its hard drive! And for easy, goof-proof recording of your favorite TV shows, the real must-have feature is the free TV Guide® On Screen program guide.

TV Guide On Screen's polished, colorful on-screen listings show you what's on at a glance. You can sort through up to 8 full days of over-the-air broadcast or cable TV listings using the handy search tools. The on-screen display includes channel logos and TV Guide's brief program descriptions for easy browsing (click on "More Photos" above, for a screen shot). When you find a show you want to watch or record, just highlight the listing and press a button on the remote! The best news is that all of this convenience comes with no monthly fee, and requires no phone line connection! (TV Guide On Screen information is embedded in the TV signal.)

The versatile DMR-E85H lets you record from the hard drive to a recordable DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc, or from DVD-RAM to the hard drive. Many people like to use the hard drive or erasable DVD-RAM discs for recording weekly shows, while saving "keeper" material to write-once DVD-R discs. By using the Play List function you can rearrange the sequence of video segments on the hard drive before recording to disc. That makes preserving family videos and personal movie libraries a lot easier. Think of the possibilities!

DVD-RAM is the smartest type of recordable DVD — you can jump directly to any spot on a DVD-RAM disc and begin playing or recording immediately. Time Slip® playback lets you watch the beginning of a recorded program while the same show is finishing recording! You can also record one program while watching another that you've previously recorded. A handy control on the remote lets you search through recorded segments quickly and precisely. (Movie fans, take note: DVD-RAM is the only recordable DVD format that lets you record in the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.)

Consumer Alert: This component has only an analog broadcast tuner and will require a converter box after February 17, 2009, to receive over-the-air broadcasts with an antenna because of the Nation's transition to digital broadcasting. Analog-only TVs should continue to work as before with cable and satellite TV services, gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players, and similar products. For more information, call the Federal Communications Commission at 1-888-225-5322 (TTY: 1-888-835-5322) or visit the Commission's digital television website at:


Product highlights:

  • TV Guide On Screen 8-day program guide (listings for local broadcast and cable TV)
  • built-in 120GB hard drive for recording/playback
  • records to DVD-RAM and DVD-R
  • plays DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and Video CD
  • plays DVD-Audio (stereo only), CD, audio CD-R & CD-RW, and MP3 CD-R & CD-RW
  • 54MHz/10-bit video DAC
  • selectable component video output (progressive scan for HD-compatible TVs or interlaced for regular TVs)
  • de-interlacer with 3-2 pulldown processing
  • 181-channel NTSC tuner
  • timer recording and manual recording
  • IR blaster for timer recordings with a cable box
  • two stereo audio recording modes: Dolby® Digital 2.0 and PCM
  • optical digital output for Dolby Digital/DTS®/PCM
  • 3 sets of A/V inputs (composite and S-video), including 1 front-panel set
  • 2 sets of A/V outputs (2 composite, 2 S-video, and 1 480i/480p component video)
  • RF input/output
  • remote control (multibrand for TVs)
  • 16-7/8"W x 3-3/16"H x 11-7/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Internal dubbing of copy-protected DVDs is not possible
  • Designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs
  • MFR # DMR-E85HS

What's in the box:

  • Silver DVD recorder with built-in 120GB hard drive
  • Wireless remote control (EUR7721KG0)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 70.5" AC cord
  • 58" A/V patch cord (with stereo RCA audio and RCA composite video plugs on both ends)
  • 58" RF coax patch cord
  • IR blaster with attached 59" cord (has 1/8" mini-plug on the end)
  • Dual-sided tape (for attaching IR blaster)
  • Operating Instructions
  • "Getting Started" sheet
  • Product Registration card
  • Customer Care Plan (extended warranty) card
  • Note on using non-cartridge discs
  • Note on Units with internal Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
  • Note on HDD to DVD-R transfer
  • Panasonic blank DVD promotional sheet

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Panasonic DMR-E85H

Research Team

Product Research

Recording Features
Playback Features

Remote Control

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Recording Features

Product Overview: The Panasonic DMR-E85H can record video and audio to blank DVD discs, using DVD-RAM (rewritable) and DVD-R (record once) discs, or onto its built-in 120 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Audio and Video can then be edited and copied to or from a recordable DVD onto (or from) the Hard Disk Drive as desired. The unit has three line inputs (two on the rear and one on the front), and two line outputs. The built-in TV tuner lets you record TV shows, just like on a VCR. The unit also features TV Guide on Screen, a 7-day program guide, to assist you in your viewing and recording.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD): The unit's built-in 120 GB Hard Disk Drive lets you record up to 213 hours (in EP-8H mode). Continuous recordings of long duration are divided into titles every 8 hours. The HDD is designed as a temporary storage device for recorded content for viewing once, editing, or saving to a DVD disc.

Multiple Recording Speeds: This unit can record in four different speeds; SP is standard picture quality, LP is long play with slightly lesser picture quality, EP is extra long play with the lowest picture quality, and XP is the highest picture quality. In the Setup Menu, you can choose to set the recorder to record either 6 or 8 hours of programming in the EP mode. When the 8-hour recording option is chosen, the sound quality is lowered compared to other recording modes.

Recording Mode Recording Times (approximate)
Built-in Hard Disk Drive (120GB) Single-sided 4.7 GB Discs (DVD-R, DVD-RAM) Double-sided 9.4 GB Discs (DVD-RAM)
XP (High Quality) 26 hours 1 hour 2 hours
SP (Standard) 52 hours 2 hours 4 hours
LP (Long) 104 hours 4 hours 8 hours
EP-6H (Extra Long) 160 hours 6 hours 12 hours
EP-8H (Extra Long) 213 hours 8 hours 16 hours
FR (Flexible) 26-213 hours 1-8 hours (4.7 GB)

Flexible Recording Mode (FR): Flexible Recording Mode automatically adjusts the recording speed so the programmed recording fits on the disc using the best possible recording quality. This is used with timer recording or dubbing.

Title Capacity: You can record up to 500 titles on the HDD and up to 99 titles on one disc. You cannot record the same program on the HDD and disc at the same time.

TV Guide On Screen: TV Guide On Screen, a free, interactive TV program guide from Gemstar, is built into the DMR-E85H, allowing you to easily select programs to record or watch. The guide provides a full seven days of programming information, and gives you handy search tools to easily find the program you're looking for. Once you have entered your zip code and indicated whether and how you are connected to cable TV, the program list is downloaded through your antenna/cable connection. The initial download takes about a day to complete, and the unit downloads further programming information while the unit is turned off.

VCR Plus+: In addition to TV Guide on Screen the DMR-E85H also features VCR Plus+. Entering the VCR Plus+ code from your local newspaper or TV Guide can be used as an easy way to program the unit to record. You can enter Plus Codes up to 8 days in advance.

Rapid Random Access: Rapid Random Access allows you to jump directly to any spot on a disc and begin recording or playback. Unlike a VCR, you do not need to search for a blank spot before recording, nor do you need sequential area of empty space available. The DVD recorder will record onto any blank space throughout the disc.

One-Touch Recording: You can begin recording with a single press of the record button. Each subsequent press of the button adds time to the recording in the following sequence: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours.

Direct Navigator: A list of programs is created as you record them. Using the Direct Navigator, you can select programs from the list to watch. Direct Navigator provides information about each program, including title, channel information, time/date and those programs that are write-protected, copy-protected, unable to play or currently recording.

Dubbing: You can dub programs from DVD to the HDD, or from the HDD to DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs. Dubbing can be done at any recording speed (XP, SP, LP, EP, FR) or High Speed Dubbing, which records up to 32x normal speed (or up to 24x on DVD-RAM) when using a high-speed recording compatible disc. Important Note: You cannot dub any commercially available DVDs that are copy protected.

TV Tuner: The DVD recorder has a built-in 181-channel TV tuner. Like a VCR records to a VHS cassette, TV shows can be recorded to HDD, DVD-RAM or DVD-R with this unit. During the initial start-up, after the antenna has been connected, the recorder will automatically tune in the available stations and set the clock.

TV Aspect Ratios: When recording onto a DVD-RAM disc or HDD, picture aspect ratios (4:3 or 16:9) are recorded as they are received. When recording onto a DVD-R disc, the video is recorded in 4:3, regardless of the video signal input.

Copy Protection: Some TV programs have encoded copy protection, (using CPRM--Content Protection for Recordable Media) allowing them to be recorded only once. When a "record one time" program has been recorded on DVD-RAM or HDD, you can "transfer" the program from one drive to the other (ex. from HDD to DVD-RAM) with the recorded content deleted from the source drive. "Record one time" programs cannot be recorded to DVD-R discs. Note: Most pre-recorded DVDs have copy protection that prevents them from being recorded at all.

Relief Recording: When the recording drive is set to DVD for timer recording, the unit will automatically evaluate if the program will fit onto the disc before beginning recording. If the program will not fit, then the recording drive will be automatically switched to HDD. If the time remaining on the HDD is insufficient, as much of the recording as possible will be recorded onto the HDD. Also, if there is no disc in the disc tray, or if the disc cannot be recorded on, the recording drive will be switched to HDD. Any relief-recorded program will be indicated in the Direct Navigator.

Time Slip: While recording on a DVD-RAM disc or HDD, you can simultaneously check the accuracy of the recording using Time Slip. This feature displays the recorded information 30 seconds or more behind the current recording. You can increase the amount of time behind the current recording in one-minute or ten-minute increments. The recorded image appears as a picture-in-picture on top of the current recording. During playback of any type of disc, Time Slip allows you to skip ahead of the present position in one-minute or ten-minute increments.

Chasing Play: While recording on a DVD-RAM disc or HDD, you can start watching the same program being recorded from the beginning, while the unit records a later part of the same program.

Simultaneous Record and Play: While recording on a DVD-RAM disc or HDD, you can watch one show on the disc while the unit is recording another. Editing programs during Simultaneous Record and Play is not possible.

Entering Titles: The programs recorded on this unit can be given titles with the following maximum characters:

  • Disc Titles: DVD-RAM=64, DVD-R=40
  • Program Titles: HDD & DVD-RAM=64 (44 from the timer recording menu), DVD-R=44
  • Play List: HDD & DVD-RAM=64

Editing: Once a program is recorded, it can be erased, or parts of it can be erased. Operations that can be performed with titles include: erase, list properties, enter name, set up and cancel protection from erasure, shorten, and create and change thumbnail image. Within each title, you can erase, divide or combine chapters.

Playlists: You can arrange chapters in any order to create a playlist. Once a playlist is created, you can name, copy, erase, list properties, and change thumbnails. Within each playlist, you can add, move, divide, combine or erase chapters. You can create a total of 99 play lists and 999 scenes.

Disc Settings: Once you have recorded a disc, you can name the disc, protect the disc from erasure, and select first play (whether or not to show the top menu after finalizing).

Finalizing Discs: Like a CD recorder, this unit can finalize a DVD-R after recording so it can be played on another DVD player (finalizing a DVD-R effectively converts it into a DVD Video). The process takes up to 15 minutes. DVD-RAM discs recorded with this unit are not finalized and cannot be played in a standard DVD player.

Playback Features

Disc Compatibility: In addition to recording and playing back DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, the DMR-E85H can playback DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, Video CD, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 files (on CD-R and CD-RW).

DVD-Audio: Although this unit is capable of playing DVD-Audio discs, the output is in 2 channel stereo only. There is no built-in multi-channel decoder or multi-channel output on this unit.

MP3 Playback: This unit can playback files recorded onto a CD-R or CD-RW disc with a computer. Discs must conform to ISO9660 Level 1 or 2 (except for extended formats). The compatible sampling rates include 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1 and 48kHz and the compatible compression rates range from 32 to 320kbps. This unit is not compatible with ID3 tags.

Audio D/A Converter: This unit includes an audio digital-to-analog converter capable of providing 96kHz/24-bit resolution. The 96kHz/24-bit capabilities of this unit allow it to play DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs with 96kHz/24-bit audio tracks.

PCM Down Conversion: You can select whether you want the player to down-convert a high-resolution audio signal (96kHz or 88.2kHz sampling frequency) to 48kHz/16-bit before passing it through the digital output. If the equipment connected to this unit is capable of processing a 96kHz or 88.2kHz signal, you should choose to turn PCM Down Conversion off. If the equipment is not capable of processing the high sampling frequency signal, you should choose to turn on down-conversion. Note: Signals are converted to 48kHz or 44.1kHz despite the settings if the signals have a sampling frequency of over 96kHz or 88.2kHz, or if the disc has copy protection.

Progressive Scan Output: This DVD player may be set to output a progressive scan (480p) or interlaced (480i) video signal from the component video output. Progressive-scan viewing requires a TV with a progressive scan compatible component video input.

Dialogue Enhancer: This feature makes dialogue easier to hear by raising the volume of the center channel. Note: Dialogue Enhancer only works with Dolby Digital-encoded DVDs that have at least three channels of recorded audio, where the dialogue information is recorded in the center channel.

Video D/A Converter: This unit includes a 54MHz/10-bit video digital-to-analog converter.

Picture Detail Adjustments: You can make the following picture quality adjustments through the Video Menu:

  • Normal: default setting
  • Soft: softens picture with fewer video artifacts
  • Fine: sharpens details
  • Cinema: mellows movies, enhances detail in dark scenes
  • User: lets you make the following further adjustments:
    • Contrast: increases/decreases differences between dark and light parts of the picture
    • Brightness: increases/decreases the brightness of the picture
    • Sharpness: adjusts the sharpness of the edges of the horizontal lines
    • Color: adjusts the shade of the picture's color
    • Gamma: increases the brightness of the center ranges to improve detail and contrast in dark scenes
    • 3D NR: reduces overall noise
    • Integrated DNR: reduces mosaic noise and character smudging

Virtual Surround Sound (V.S.S.): If you are only using two front speakers in your system, this feature simulates a surround-sound environment. If you are playing a disc with surround effects recorded on it, the effects are broadened and the sound seems to come from virtual speakers on either side. Note: For use with Dolby Digital DVDs only.

Resume Function: When the Stop button is pressed, that position is stored in the memory. When the Play button is pressed after pressing the Stop button, playback resumes from the position where the disc was stopped. The resume function is canceled if the disc tray is opened or the Stop button is pressed a second time.

Multi-Angle Function: This function allows you to choose the viewing angle of scenes that were shot from a number of different angles. Note: This function is limited to DVDs recorded with multiple camera angles.

Playback Operations: The DMR-E85H features the following playback operations:

  • Repeat Play:
    • Title: HDD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-Video
    • Chapter: HDD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-Video
    • Track: DVD-Audio, Video CD, Audio CD
    • Group: DVD-Audio, MP3
    • Playlist: HDD, DVD-RAM
    • All: Video CD, Audio CD (except for MP3)
  • Slow Motion/Frame-by-Frame: While paused, you can activate slow-motion play in either direction in up to 5 steps or advance one frame-at-a-time. (DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio [motion picture parts only], and VCD [forward only]).
  • CM (Commercial) Skip: When playing back a TV program recorded on HDD, DVD-RAM or DVD-R, the CM Skip button will advance forward one minute of recorded information and resume playback.
  • Quick View: When playing a DVD-RAM disc or from the HDD, you can increase the speed of play without disrupting the soundtrack. This feature increases the speed by 1/3 and the audio output is in stereo.

Auto Power-Off: The unit can be set to turn off automatically if left in stop mode for approximately 2 hours or 6 hours. This feature can also be turned off.

Parental Control: You can select a parental control rating from 0-8, which is protected by a 4-digit password.

Still Mode: You can specify the type of picture shown when the player is paused. You can select Automatic, Field, or Frame. When Field is selected, still pictures are displayed without blur. Field should be chosen if jittering occurs when Automatic is selected. When Frame is selected, even sharper still pictures are displayed. Frame should be chosen if small text or fine patterns cannot be seen clearly when Automatic is selected.

Black Level Control: You can adjust the black level of the input signal by selecting "lighter" or "darker." For the output signal, you can select one of two choices of black level when using composite or S-Video outputs: "Lighter" or "Darker," or one of three choices when using the component video outputs: "Lighter," "Normal," or "Darker."

Dynamic Range Compression: When playing a Dolby Digital-encoded DVD, you can turn the Dynamic Range Compression On for late night viewing. This is often referred to as a "Midnight Mode" or "Late Night Mode."

Remote Control

Remote Control: The supplied remote (EUR7721KG0) is pre-coded to operate the basic functions of several different brands of TVs, so you can control the DVD player and the basic functions of your television with one remote. The remote control code can be set to one of three codes so this remote doesn't interfere with other Panasonic DVD equipment in the same system.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Front Panel Inputs: The unit has a set of inputs on the front panel under a fold-down door. The inputs include stereo audio RCA jacks, RCA composite video jack, and an S-video jack. Unlike the rear panel inputs, if you are connecting a mono source to the front panel inputs, you can use the left channel audio jack and both channels will be recorded onto the disc--no "Y" adapter is necessary.

Optical Digital Output: In addition to the stereo analog audio outputs, this unit has an optical digital output, compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS. To enjoy multi-channel surround sound, you will need to connect a receiver/amplifier with a built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoder.

Component Video Output: In addition to the composite video outputs and the S-video outputs, this unit is equipped with a set of component video outputs on the rear panel. The component video output can be set for interlaced or progressive scanning depending upon the compatibility of the connected TV.

RF Input/Output: The RF Out connection is a pass-through output for the antenna or cable signal fed to the RF In connector. When a DVD is played, the DVD audio/video signal is not output through the RF Out connection.

G-Link: This unit features a 1/8" female mini-jack on the rear panel for connecting the supplied IR blaster. This jack allows you to simultaneously switch the channels on a cable TV box as you switch the channels on the DVD recorder.

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