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Technics SL-1500C

Semi-automatic direct drive turntable with built-in phono preamp (Silver)

Item # 133SL1500S

This high-quality turntable uses signature Technics technology to bring out the best in your cherished records.

This high-quality turntable uses signature Technics technology to bring out the best in your cherished records.

Item # 133SL1500S

In stock

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About the Technics SL-1500C

A new turntable with an excellent pedigree

Technics introduced the first direct drive turntable to the market in 1970, and though they took a break for a while, they've returned with an excellent lineup. The SL-1500C is an audiophile-quality turntable that comes in at a very reasonable price, and doesn't skimp on technological goodies for the serious vinyl lover. At the heart of this turntable is Technics' signature coreless direct drive motor. It delivers high torque and rotational stability, and eliminates an audible effect called "cogging" that lesser motors may exhibit.

A new turntable with an excellent pedigree

Technics introduced the first direct drive turntable to the market in 1970, and though they took a break for a while, they've returned with an excellent lineup. The SL-1500C is an audiophile-quality turntable that comes in at a very reasonable price, and doesn't skimp on technological goodies for the serious vinyl lover. At the heart of this turntable is Technics' signature coreless direct drive motor. It delivers high torque and rotational stability, and eliminates an audible effect called "cogging" that lesser motors may exhibit.

Flexible connections

The SL-1500C has a built-in phono preamp, so you can hook up to a receiver or pair of powered speakers without going through an outboard preamp first. There's a dedicated RCA stereo line output for the preamp, which can be switched off when not in use to eliminate a potential source of performance-robbing noise.

An adaptable tonearm

When I was a kid, I had a cheap turntable, and one of my favorite records was slightly warped. Someone told me to put a penny on top of the cartridge, so the extra weight would keep the needle from skipping out of the hilly groove. Imagine my amazement when a Technics trainer intentionally played us a record with a very visible warped section. The turntable's static-balanced tonearm played the record perfectly, moving easily with the flaw in the vinyl — no loose change required.

A high-quality Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is pre-installed on a removable headshell, so you can easily upgrade or swap to a custom needle at any time. To help save unwanted wear and tear on the stylus, the SL-1500C is equipped with a defeatable auto-lift mechanism that will raise the needle when it reaches the lead-out groove at the end of a record side.

Rugged build quality

The SL-1500C's two-layer, die-cast aluminum chassis is integrated with a mixture of ABS and glass fiber to resist external vibrations. The dense platter — also made of die-cast aluminum — is backed by a sound-damping layer of rubber that helps ensure you hear nothing but the music contained on your records.


Product highlights:

  • coreless direct drive motor offers high torque performance
  • lightweight static-balance S-shaped aluminum tonearm reads grooves accurately
  • factory-installed Ortofon 2M red cartridge on removable headshell
  • die-cast aluminum platter
    • two-layer structure with anti-resonance rubber backing
  • defeatable auto lifter automatically raises the tonearm at the end of a record side
  • high-precision motor controller increases rotational stability
  • built-in phono preamp compatible with moving magnet cartridges
    • on/off switch
  • stereo RCA phono output with ground terminal
  • stereo RCA line-level output
  • 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speeds
    • 78 rpm playback of some older pressings requires Audio-Technica VM670SP or similar stylus (stylus not included)
  • wow and flutter: 0.025%
Dimensions and warranty:

What's in the box:

  • Turntable
  • Tone-arm (pre-installed)
  • Headshell (with catridge and stylus)
  • Balance weight
  • Auxiliary weight
  • Mat
  • Dust cover
  • 63" AC power cord
  • 58" Stereo RCA cable
  • 58" Ground wire
  • Owner's Manual
  • Sticker labels

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Technics SL-1500C

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Operation Semi Automatic
Speeds 33-1/3, 45, 78
Drive Type Direct
Pitch Control No
Cartridge Type MM
Phono Preamp Built-in
USB Output No
45 RPM Adapter Yes
Signal to Noise Ratio ---
Wow and Flutter 0.025
Weight 21.9 lbs.

Product Research


Coreless Direct Drive Motor: The Technics SL-1500C turntable utilizes a direct drive motor to achieve high precision, stable rotation and high reliability. Stable rotation is achieved by combining the coreless direct drive motor that reduces minute vibration during rotation with the motor control technology that switches the drive mode. The technologies acquired through the development of Technics' SL-1200 Series and the high-end SL-1000R model were inserted into the motor drive unit of the SL-1500C turntable. The motor exclusively tunes the single-rotor, coreless direct drive motor in order to read the high rotation accuracy and high-precision signals of the record. Optimal motor control is conducted for the inertial mass of the two-layer structure platter on which the vinyl record is placed with deadening rubber on the entire back surface to eliminate unwanted resonance in the aluminum die-cast platter to eliminate the rotation irregularity called cogging. In addition to providing superior performance, the direct drive motor requires no parts replacement or maintenance.

Built-in Phono Equalizer: The SL-1500C features a built-in phono equalizer, making it easy to connect with a wide range of integrated amplifiers and receivers. The shield structure of the built-in phono equalizer suppresses the effects of external noise and noise from the power supply. It is also equipped with a switch to turn the Line output off when it is not being used. The turntable has been designed to thoroughly shut-out adverse effects to the Phono output. The dedicated power supply for the Phono output terminal is isolated from the power supply of the Line output terminal, and has been designed to prioritize sound quality by minimizing the wiring of the Phono signal. The isolated terminals also prevent wiring mistakes.

Highly Sensitive Tone Arm: The tonearm is a static-balance universal S-shape tonearm, another Technics tradition. By adopting a high-precision bearing using the same gimbal suspension construction and machined housing as the SL-1200 Series, high initial sensitivity is achieved. The machine-cut, high precisions bearing used in the tone arm bearing with gimbal suspension allows for high initial response sensitivity and accurate record tracking.

Ortofon 2M Red MM Cartridge: An Ortofon 2M RED cartridge, which is highly acclaimed as an MM cartridge, has been selected for the Technics SL-1500C direct drive turntable. Combining this high-quality cartridge with the performance of the SL-1500C will maximize the sound quality of your vinyl record collection. The included cartridge must be installed. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge supports playback of 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records. A special cartridge/stylus assembly (sold separately) is recommended for playing 78 RPM records.

Auto Lifter Function: When the tonearm reaches the end of the record, the Auto Lifter function automatically raises the cartridge. This prevents unnecessary wear on your valuable vinyl records and stylus. By embedding the Auto Lifter function in the base portion of the tonearm, it eliminates impacts to the tonearm. Due to a simple design that doesn't use motor power, there is no electrical or vibrational impact and it will not prevent the movement of the tonearm. In response to requests from many users regarding the Auto Lifter function, a design that prioritizes sound quality was adopted. The functions required to playback records were kept to a bare minimum, achieving simple and easy-to-use operability.

Gold-Plated RCA Outputs: The Technics SL-1500C direct drive turntable is outfitted with dedicated, gold-plated RCA jacks for the Phono and Line output terminals for excellent signal transfer with less sound quality degradation. A 58" stereo RCA cable and ground wire are provided.

Anti-Resonance Rigid Chassis: The SL1-500C direct drive turntable's aluminum die-cast chassis is rigidly integrated with a special material consisting of ABS mixed with glass fiber to achieve a two-layer construction. The insulator feet are comprised of a spring and rubber to provide optimal vibration-damping characteristics.

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Customer Q&A

8 questions already asked

Is the headshell Titanium? Can additional headshells be purchased?
[ Daniel  Sep 18, 2020 ]
1 answer
Hi Daniel. The Technics headshell is probably not Titanium. Absolutely YES on buying additional head shells for the Technics SL-1500c. This type of headshell is used on Technics, Audio/Technica, Sony, Pioneer and other turntables.
[ Martin  Nov 01, 2020 ]
Is it 220v compatible?
[ Ryan  Aug 16, 2020 ]
1 answer
It does not appear so.
[ Bradley  Aug 16, 2020 ]
Is the stock cartridge pre-aligned?
[ Robert  Jun 17, 2020 ]
11 answers
The cartridge is fitted to the headshell and aligned; you just have to attach the headshell to the tonearm and tighten the O-ring. Now, I didn't personally check the alignment on my unit--maybe I'll get around to it someday, but there didn't appear to be any pressing need for me to fiddle with it, as the tracking is excellent, with no noticeable inner groove distortion. The owner's manual doesn't specifically state that the cartridge is pre-aligned, but before I purchased this turntable I found several reputable, independent reviews that reported the cartridge was indeed aligned. Makes sense, when you consider that Technics was already going to the trouble of mounting it in the headshell.
[ THEODORE J.  Jun 19, 2020 ]
Yes it is. Popped it into the arm and the only adjustment required was the counterweight.
[ Philip  Jun 18, 2020 ]
Mine was aligned.
[ Bradley  Jun 18, 2020 ]
Yes, it is.
[ Henry  Jun 18, 2020 ]
It is pre-aligned in the headshell.
[ DAVID  Jun 18, 2020 ]
Yes, it's pre-aligned. You'll still need to balance the tonearm and set the anti-skating, but it's about as close to plug-and-play as you can get.
[ BRIAN  Jun 18, 2020 ]
[ Martin  Jun 18, 2020 ]
I don't think so. Two things you have to adjust by yourself. The alignment of the cartridge and the vertical height adjustment of the tone arm.
[ Kam  Jun 18, 2020 ]
I'd assume it does since it does not come with alignment tools.
[ Chao-Chun  Jun 18, 2020 ]
Yes, it arrives pre-mounted to the head shell. Attach the head shell to the tone arm and off you go.
[ CRAIG N  Jun 18, 2020 ]
Hi Robert, Yes the cartridge is pre-aligned, it is mounted on a Technics headshelll. I bought this turntable earlier this year from Crutchfield. It's a great turntable. And the service from Crutchfield is great to. I received my turntable in a couple of days. Happy listening, Reggie
[ Reggie  Jun 18, 2020 ]
Photos indicate a hinged dust cover. I understood cover was not hinged. Maybe these are shots of an early prototype??
[ Mike  Apr 25, 2020 ]
10 answers
This turntable does have a hinged dust cover. It attaches easily, and you can play records with the cover raised, if your shelf has enough headroom.
[ THEODORE J.  May 27, 2020 ]
Hey Mike, The cover is hinged but is designed to be easily removable. In fact it recommends removing it completely during use, though I often use it with the cover on as I have pets and kids.
[ Dustin  May 06, 2020 ]
It is hinged but removable.
[ Chao-Chun  May 06, 2020 ]
It is hinged and is very high quality.
[ Bradley  May 05, 2020 ]
It is hinged but it easily lifts of of the unit as needed.
[ Julie  May 05, 2020 ]
Yes, the cover is hinged, though it probably wouldn't be much trouble to remove it entirely.
[ Philip  May 05, 2020 ]
Yes, it is hinged. And yes, contrary to the owner's manual, the hinge can be closed during playback.
[ CRAIG N  May 05, 2020 ]
The unit I bought in Dec2019 definitely has hinged cover
[ Mark  May 05, 2020 ]
I have the silver and black version and it is hinged. I am very happy with this turntable.
[ John  May 05, 2020 ]
I have this turntable and the cover is hinged.
[ Reggie  May 05, 2020 ]
can I get another cartridge preinstalled like the audio technica vm760slc ?
[ d  Feb 15, 2020 ]
2 answers
Mine came with the Ortofon Red installed on the head shell and that's direct from the factory. If you want a different one, install it yourself. It's not that difficult
[ Jeffrey Dean  Feb 16, 2020 ]
I think that this is a question for Crutchfield. Further questions will be - Do they install? And then at what price?
[ Kam  Feb 16, 2020 ]
Technics SL-1500C what is the country of origin?
[ Julie  Jan 13, 2020 ]
2 answers
AFAIK, it is made in Malaysia. The more expensive ones are made in Japan, I believe.
[ Henry  Jun 18, 2020 ]
[ Scott  Jan 16, 2020 ]
Hello Iâ??m looking to purchase a turntable as a present for my son. So far Iâ??ve arrived at a choice between these two Technics SL-1500CSemi-automatic direct drive turntable with built-in phono preamp (Silver) Or Technics SL-1210GRManual direct drive turntableI know nothing about turntables .. but having decided on one of these two I want to book either or in time for a birthday Questions Opening the turntable box .. What will he require to get either of these up and running immediately Ie Is an amplifier necessary? ( said I know nothing right !!!) If we do need an amplifier Is this one a good option. (I like the fact that it has blue tooth and quite cool looking .) Denon PMA-600NEStereo integrated amplifier with built-in Bluetooth®, DAC and phono preamplifierQuestions re Bluetooth option Will this one with blue tooth give ability to Bluetooth connect to most wireless speakers ..So far He has two Bang and Olsen speakers i imagine they will connect with cords .. What to ? The amplifier or the Turntable ?? Are you able to advise Thank you Marian ..,
[ Marian  Oct 16, 2020 ]
1 answer
Other equipment will be needed to play the audio from the records. Integrated amps like that Denon can be used with speakers and so can receivers. Also, some powered speakers can work. We have advisors that you can reach by calling 1-800-324-9695 who discuss your goals and his listening preferences to give you a personalized recommendation on a system
[ Paul  Nov 09, 2020 ]  Staff

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