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JL Audio CL441dsp CleanSweep®

Sound processor for use when adding amps and speakers to a factory system

Item # 136441DSP

You can keep the look and functionality of your factory stereo, and still get outstanding audiophile sound with JL...

You can keep the look and functionality of your factory stereo, and still get outstanding audiophile sound with JL...

Discontinued item
4 questions - 14 answers

Item # 136441DSP

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About the JL Audio CL441dsp CleanSweep®

You can keep the look and functionality of your factory stereo, and still get outstanding audiophile sound with JL Audio's CleanSweep sound processor. It connects to your factory stereo's speaker lines and cleans up the stereo's output by sweeping away any processing from the stereo that could diminish the sound quality.

You can keep the look and functionality of your factory stereo, and still get outstanding audiophile sound with JL Audio's CleanSweep sound processor. It connects to your factory stereo's speaker lines and cleans up the stereo's output by sweeping away any processing from the stereo that could diminish the sound quality.

Many factory stereos use built-in equalization designed to make cheap factory speakers sound better, but this dressed-up signal can prevent aftermarket speakers from living up to their potential. The CleanSweep uses a 32-bit digital signal processor to remove the factory adjustments, then sends your external amplifiers a perfectly clean signal.

The CleanSweep connects to your factory radio's speaker wires, then takes the output of your factory radio and eliminates the peaks and valleys of the preset equalization, leaving a pure, unadulterated signal for your aftermarket amplifiers, speakers, and subs to work with. Your music will spring to life, with resonant lows, sparkling highs, and a realistic sense of depth and presence.

Keep all your factory radio functions
Since the CleanSweep attaches to the speaker wire outputs of your factory radio, it doesn't interfere with any factory radio functions like OnStar® or hands-free calling. Use the two sets of preamp outputs to connect your new amplifiers, and build your system from there. Best of all, you can take the CleanSweep with you when you purchase or lease a new vehicle.

Once you've connected the CleanSweep, pop the included CD into your stereo, and the CleanSweep corrects the equalization in as little as 20 seconds. You don't have to adjust anything — the CleanSweep utilizes its built-in 120-band digital equalizer automatically, without the need for external control devices. The equalizer settings are saved in the CleanSweep's memory, even if you disconnect the car battery.

Adds an auxiliary input
The CleanSweep not only improves your sound, it adds extra functionality to your system. The built-in auxiliary input lets you connect an extra source, like an iPod® or a plug-and-play satellite radio to your system, and enjoy the superior sound quality of a direct audio connection. A remote-mount volume knob lets you adjust system volume and select your auxiliary source. If you choose, you can still use the factory radio's volume, treble, and bass controls as well.

The optional CL-SES source switch lets you expand the CleanSweep to accommodate up to three auxiliary sources. Some factory systems use more than just front and rear speaker outputs — if you have a system like this, you'll need to purchase the CL-SSI Signal Summing Interface to merge the different signals so they can be processed by the CleanSweep. Please call an Advisor at 1-888-955-6000 if you have questions about integrating the CleanSweep into your factory system.


Product highlights:

  • system integration sound processor with automatic digital EQ
  • automatically equalizes output of factory stereo
  • speaker-level inputs (front and rear)
  • two sets of preamp outputs (front and rear) for connection to external amplifiers
  • 120-band digital equalizer
  • auxiliary input
  • dash-mountable volume knob and source selector
  • 8-1/4"W x 1-1/2"H x 4-3/8"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # 98110

What's in the box:

  • OEM Audio Interface with Automatic Digital EQ
  • Black volume control knob with attached 4' cable and LED with attached 46" cord
  • 18' Volume control extension cable
  • 36" Power connection harness
  • 38" OEM input connection harness
  • Silver metallic knob
  • 2 Nuts
  • 2 Washers
  • Plastic mounting grommet for LED
  • CleanSweep Calibration CD version 1.0
  • CL441dsp Owner's Manual
  • In a separate box:
  • CL-LSA Load-Sensing Adapter with an attached 3.75" harness on one end and an attached 7" harness on other end
  • CL-LSA Installation Instructions

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the JL Audio CL441dsp CleanSweep®

Russ B.

Product Research



Overview: The JL Audio CleanSweep CL441dsp OEM Audio Interface with Automatic Digital EQ is a DSP-based solution that permits almost any factory-installed audio system to serve as the source for a high-performance aftermarket sound system while also providing input for an additional source of your choice.

OEM Integration: The CL441dsp provides you with the following OEM integration features.

  • Simple Installation: CleanSweep connects to your factory-installed system as if it were a speaker so the possibility of creating faults or diagnostic issues when the vehicle is serviced is virtually eliminated. CleanSweep's installation is fully reversible because there is no permanent modification of the factory system, and because CleanSweep is not a vehicle specific interface, it can be easily integrated into your next vehicle.
  • Existing Factory Component Compatibility: CleanSweep allows you to retain your car's interior cosmetics and the full functionality of factory-installed vehicle functions, including navigation, OnStar, steering wheel controls, climate controls, etc. You can also use CleanSweep's master volume knob/source selector switch instead of the factory volume control.
  • Auxiliary Source: With the CL441dsp, you gain the ability to add an aftermarket source of your choice (iPod, satellite radio tuner, DVD player, etc.) via direct line input, as opposed to inferior sounding FM-modulator approaches. Since these signals are free of equalization, CleanSweep will pass them without applying any correction. The master volume control knob, when pressed, selects between the factory source and the additional source unit. You can add more than one device with the addition of the optional source selector switch (136CLSES, sold separately).

Automatic Digital EQ: The CleanSweep OEM Interface with Automatic Digital EQ is a sophisticated digital audio processor that performs the following functions.

  • Audio Signal Compatibility: CleanSweep accepts virtually any analog audio signal, from low-voltage line-level to high-power, amplified speaker-level, via its four differential-balanced inputs. With totally automatic level compensation, CleanSweep then converts the two or four connected analog signals to digital audio with 24 bit effective resolution.
  • 32-Bit SHARC DSP Processor: CleanSweep applies the power of its state-of-the-art, 32-bit SHARC DSP processor to automatically equalize each of the four channels with 30 bands of equalization (120 bands total), effectively correcting the response of almost any factory-equalized, full-range signal. These digital-domain corrections will range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the degree of equalization engineered into the factory audio system. To accomplish this, you simply load the supplied CleanSweep calibration CD into the factory-installed CD player, set its volume control between 1/2 and 3/4 volume, play the designated calibration track and then press the "Calibrate" button on the top of the CleanSweep processor. Approximately 20 seconds later, the CleanSweep is finished analyzing and equalizing the factory-installed source's response and stores the corrections in non-volatile flash memory.
  • Analog-to-Digital-to-Analog Conversion: CleanSweep then converts the digitally corrected signals back to analog audio and sends them out to your aftermarket amplifiers through two pairs of low-distortion, 8 volt (RMS) line-level outputs.
  • Master Volume Control: CleanSweep includes an intuitive rotary user interface (a knob with stops at both ends) to control the master system volume at the outputs of the processor unit for both the OEM (factory) and auxiliary sources. The master volume eliminates the effects of any equalization that is dependent on the OEM volume control position and allows a high signal-to-noise ratio to be maintained in the system. When pressed, the master volume knob also selects between the OEM and Auxiliary source. A dash-mountable status LED changes color to indicate OEM or AUX input modes. These controls can be easily mounted within reach of your driver's seat. The unit features either a black or silver volume control knob to choose from to match your vehicle's interior.
  • Turn-On Control: CleanSweep can be deployed in signal-sensing mode, powering up and providing a 12-volt turn-on signal for your aftermarket equipment whenever signal is detected. It can also be activated by a conventional 12-volt trigger, if your OEM system provides one.

CL-LSA Loading Sensing Adapter: Included with the CleanSweep OEM Audio Interface is JL Audio's CL-LSA Load-Sensing Adapter. The JL Audio CL-LSA Load-Sensing Adapter is designed to present an appropriate impedance load to OEM headunit or amplifier outputs that employ "load-sensing startup protection" when used with JL Audio's CL441dsp CleanSweep OEM Audio Interface. When an OEM amplifier or headunit employs this type of protection, it checks the impedance of the connected load when the unit is powered up (expecting a speaker) and mutes its amplifier outputs if a load outside of a predicted range is detected. The CL441dsp's input impedance is outside of the range expected by some of these types of systems and can cause the OEM headunit or amplifier to mute. When the CL-LSA is inserted inline with the CleanSweep OEM Audio Interface's inputs, it presents a safe and appropriate load to your OEM component and corrects the muting behavior.


Left Side Of Interface Module:

  • Power Connector: 4-pin connector used to connect the supplied Power Connector harness which supplies Constant +12V, Switched +12V, Remote Turn-On +12V and Chassis Ground. This Constant and Switched leads are hardwired into your vehicle's electrical system while the Ground lead is grounded to the chassis of your vehicle. The Remote Turn-On lead connects to your aftermarket amplifier.
  • Front And Rear Outputs: Four RCA-type jacks provide four-channels of analog audio output to feed your aftermarket car audio system using RCA cables (not provided).

Right Side Of Interface Module:

  • OEM Input Connector: The CL441dsp accepts up to four channels of input from your OEM audio source via this 8-pin differential balanced plug using the supplied OEM Input harness. OEM audio signals connect to this connector must be close to full-range (20-20kHz). Otherwise, you will need to connect the optional CL-SS1 (sold separately) to sum multiple filtered OEM signals to full-range.
  • Control Connector: The module features a 6-pin port used to connect the supplied wired remote volume control knob which allows you to control the system's volume as well as select between your vehicle's OEM inputs and the module auxiliary input.
  • AUX Input: The unit features a set of left/right RCA jacks for connecting an external audio source to your factory audio system via RCA cables (not supplied).
  • Signal Sense Switch: With this switch in the "On" position, it allows the CL441dsp to act as a turn-on and turn-off controller fro your aftermarket components in your system. You can also turn this feature "Off".

Top Panel Of Interface Module:

  • Aux Input Level Trim Controls: The interface is equipped with a pair of level trim potentiometers that will permit you to level-match the AUX source to the OEM level of your vehicle's audio system.
  • Calibrate Button: This button activates the calibration process of the CleanSweep Interface once you have installed the unit,  inserted the supplied Calibration Disc into your factory CD player and set the appropriate volume level and audio settings on your factory headunit.
  • EQ Defeat Button: This button defeats the unit's calibration settings to allow you to listen to the difference in your factory system with and without the digital audio processing of the CleanSweep.
  • Channel Status Indicators: The interface module features six LEDs along the top panel which indicate the status and operation of the CleanSweep unit.


Electrical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 9-16V DC
  • Standby Mode Current Draw: <2mA
  • Operating Current Draw: 0.5 A at 13.8V
  • Recommended Fuse: 1 A (Fast Blow AGC)

OEM Input Section:

  • Input Type: Differential-balanced with multi-pin jack/plug
  • Input Range: 100mV-30V RMS

AUX Input Section:

  • Input Type: Differential-balanced with dual RCA jacks
  • Input Range: 250mV-4V RMS

Digital Specifications:

  • Processor: 32 bit SHARC floating point DSP
  • Audio Resolution: 24 bit
  • EQ Bands: 120 (30 x 4 channels)
  • EQ Resolution: 1/3 octave from 25-20kHz

Output Section:

  • Output Type: Unbalanced RCA jacks
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 8V RMS (per output)
  • Output Impedance: 470 ohms
  • Signal-To-Noise-Ratio: >120 dB
  • THD: <0.01% at 20-20kHz

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Customer Q&A

4 questions already asked

i have a 2007 navigator w/nav and thx-will this unit work to add a 5 channel amp tp power all my speakers?
[ sean  Jun 01, 2015 ]
5 answers
I have 2007 Acura TL and hooked up to my CleanSweep is the factory amp and 4 channel amp used to power my subwoofer
[ REGINALD  Jun 02, 2015 ]
If your amp has a built-in crossover to accept 4 channels and then distribute to 5 channels you are fine. However, if your amp does not have that capability - you will need to purchase a crossover like the 6xs from AudioControl.
[ Daniel  Jun 02, 2015 ]
I will depend on if your amplifier sums the inputs or not. I am using the JL Audio XD700/5v2 which is a five channel amp with the cleansweep.
[ Aaron  Jun 01, 2015 ]
Yes, for a 2015 Super Duty (Ford and Lincoln have the same basic audio setups), but it's complicated. You need a CL-SSI to sum the front woofer and tweeter into a single front signal, and a CL-LSA to keep the factory amp from turning off. Do *not* sum the factory sub signal in to your system, it is a mess. The full sub signal is already available on the other inputs. I'm assuming the fifth channel you are speaking of is the subwoofer, not the dash center channel, you will lose that one.
[ WAYNE  Jun 01, 2015 ]
I have this on my 12 f250 and it works great with the factory head unit to add amplifiers.
[ BRENT  Jun 01, 2015 ]
I am very cautious to install anything new in my 2015 Dodge Ram with the Uconnect stereo system. Have any of you Uconnect owners found problems with installation or use of this sound pocessor? Have you needed to make additional installation(s) or buy additional parts other than this processor to get hooked up to the factory unit?
[ Nicholas  Mar 21, 2015 ]
3 answers
It works well in my 2007 Acura TL, but I also purchased the JL Audio CL-SSI
[ REGINALD  Mar 23, 2015 ]
The system in the dodge and ram vehicles is computer based. It's not like any other normal system. I would be cautious to install any aftermarket equipment into a Chrysler vehicle. At least check with the local dodge shop first.
[ ALEX  Mar 23, 2015 ]
I can't speak to the uconnect system. I can tell you that with this system you're basically putting this processor in place of your speakers then you get a clean RCA output. You'll probably want a 4-5 channel amp to take the clean RCA output, amp it, and output it to your speakers. My current setup is this JL audio cleansweep, a JL audio 4 channel up that go to my aftermarket speakers, and a bazooka subwoofer. I like my setup because if I go to sell it I can put it back to factory easily and since it's a factory head unit it doesn't attract thiefs (I also keep my volume lower when I'm closer to my destination.).
[ Benjamin  Mar 23, 2015 ]
Because of limited space I want to use a five channel amplifier for my system. The CleanSweep only has outputs for the left and right, front and rear speakers how do you add a subwoofer?
[ Gary  Jan 28, 2014 ]
5 answers
The unit has a function that eliminates the stock equalizer settings in your factory system. So installing a set of subwoofers is as easy as running from the rear preouts. The JL unit allows you to tune each line individually through the amplifiers without the interruption of the factory radio settings.
[ ALEX  Jan 29, 2014 ]
You need to use a five channel amp that has a subwoofer output such as the JL700/5. It automatically creates the sub channel (with adjustable cutoff freq and gain) - two or four inputs (F/R) and six outputs (F/R/S) depending on how you configure it.
[ ANDREW  Jan 28, 2014 ]
Gary - In order for you to add a subwoofer through the CleanSweep, you will need to split the signal from the rear channel. Crutchfield carries an RCA Y-Adapter that will do the trick - - you will need 2 to make it work. Split the left and right rear outputs using the Y-adapters, and how you have an extra set of outs for the sub. If you are going to retain the factory head, and the head does not have it's own pre-outs, this is the best and only way to run a sub using the CleanSweep. The sound is ok if you tune the sub appropriately, but you are splitting a channel vs. having a dedicated channel out to the sub. I opted to return the CleanSweep and purchased a head unit that gave me dedicated RCA outs built in. Cleaner install and better sound, but significantly more $$.
[ ROBERT  Jan 28, 2014 ]
When shopping for a 5 channel amp, purchase one that is supplied with or you have the option to buy an optional subwoofer level controller that would be installed in the dash. As far as the 4 channels of pre-amp output being compatible with a 5 channel amp, most amps have a selector switch on the side if the amp that enables you to have the signal from the front and rear channels to feed the subwoofer input channels.
[ JOHN  Jan 28, 2014 ]
You will have to buy the JL Audio CL-RLC Remote Level Control. This will split the rear channel of the Cleansweep into two channels. One channel will be a pass through and the other channel will have a volume control. Hook the sub RCA into the volume control so it will control subwoofer level only and use the pass through for the rear speakers.
[ CLINTON D  Jan 28, 2014 ]

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