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JL Audio HO112-W6v3

High Output Enclosure with single 12" subwoofer

Item # 13693315

JL Audio built their High Output Enclosures to give you a great combination of high sound quality and powerful output.

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About the JL Audio HO112-W6v3

JL Audio Built In USAPowerful output, beautiful bass

JL Audio built their High Output Enclosures to give you a great combination of high sound quality and powerful output. Engineers at JL Audio used a patented chamber-coupled port design to maximize bass production, and this unique enclosure is assembled by hand to exacting standards by the craftsmen at their Florida plant.

JL Audio Built In USA Powerful output, beautiful bass

JL Audio built their High Output Enclosures to give you a great combination of high sound quality and powerful output. Engineers at JL Audio used a patented chamber-coupled port design to maximize bass production, and this unique enclosure is assembled by hand to exacting standards by the craftsmen at their Florida plant.

Tough 12" sub

The HO112-W6v3 is built around the 12" W6v3 subwoofer, which uses its rigid polypropylene cone to push plenty of air for some serious bass output. Extensive venting helps prevent thermal breakdown in the voice coil, so you'll get lasting, consistent performance. The enclosure is wired for 2-ohm total impedance and will handle up to 600 watts RMS.

Patented ported enclosure

JL Audio makes this enclosure from CNC-cut, industrial-grade 5/8" medium density fiberboard, covered by thick gray carpeting, The recessed mount for the speaker offers protection for the driver; a grille is also available separately for additional protection.


Product highlights:

  • 12" subwoofer in ported enclosure
  • 12" 12W6v3 speaker with dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • 5/8" medium density fiberboard sealed enclosure with carpet covering
  • enclosure's patented chamber-coupled port design maximizes bass performance
  • maximum power handling: 600 watts RMS
  • 2-ohm total impedance
  • assembled in the U.S.A.
  • dimensions: 14-3/8"W x 16-1/4" H x 23-7/8"D
  • weight: 60.7 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years (limited)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # 93315

What's in the box:

  • Ported high output enclosure with one 12" 12W6v3 subwoofer installed
  • Warranty information

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Crutchfield response

More details on the JL Audio HO112-W6v3

Features & specs

Woofer Size (inches) 12
Speakers Per Box 1
Woofer Material Mineral-fill IMPP
Enclosure Type Ported
Color Gray
Pieces in System 1
Width (inches) 14-3/8
Height (inches) 16-1/4
Depth (inches) 23-7/8
Second Depth (inches) N/A
Connector Type 5-way post
Frequency Response 20-200 Hz
Power Range (Watts RMS) 600
Maximum Wattage 1200
Sensitivity 85 dB
Impedance 2 ohms
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research


H.O. Wedge Enclosure: The HO112-W6v3 enclosure is designed around JL Audio's 12W6v3 subwoofer, using V-groove MDF construction with internal bracing to ensure structural integrity. The patented, chamber-coupled port design wraps around the inner enclosure boundary and terminates just above the woofer, coupling the port output to the woofer's direct output. This also provides the necessary surface area and port length to maximize the performance of the driver. The woofer's dual 4Ω voice coils are internally wired in parallel to present a 2Ω load.

Terminal: The enclosure features one pair of 5-way binding posts on the right side. They will accept pin connectors, spade connectors, single banana plugs, dual banana plugs (standard 3/4" width), and bare wire up to 10 gauge.

Enclosure Dimensions:

  • Width: 14-3/8"
  • Height: 16-1/4"
  • Depth: 23-7/8"

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Have xd10005v2 amp and two sets of C5-650 speakers. [ Eugene  Mar 03, 2019 ]
JL Audio products are the best! I've had a W7 12" sub in the past, was ultra responsive to different types of bass. This product is more tailor made to the type of bass the music I listen to produces. [ Pardeep  May 26, 2018 ]
Wanted more bass & positive online reviews. [ JOHNNY  Jul 25, 2017 ]
best sounding sub. [ MARK W  Jun 09, 2017 ]
I've read so many great reviews about it. Had to give it a try. I have a 2014 Buick Regal with a nice size trunk, roughly 14.3 cubic feet. [ K  Apr 26, 2017 ]
Underground Sounds and Tint [ Victor  Apr 05, 2017 ]
Because the other Sound Ordnance Sealed Box with a JL W6v3 that was recommended absolutely sounded horrible. Sub bottomed out at low volumes due to not enough air space. [ ross  Feb 02, 2017 ]
"Upgrade for my system" [ Scott  Jul 18, 2016 ]
GREAT REVIEWS [ eric  Jan 28, 2016 ]

9 questions already asked

Wil this box fit in a 2018 Honda civic ex?
[ Rudy  Jan 28, 2019 ]
1 answer
I'm not sure how big the back of your car is but I have it in the back of a mini Cooper right now and although it takes up my whole "trunk" it fits and it rocks the little thing. Powered by a 500w Rockford fosgate
[ Nick  Jan 28, 2019 ]
How does this sub pair up with the JX500/1D?
[ Sam R.  Aug 21, 2018 ]
1 answer
Hi. I would think it will be under power because optimum watts for the w6 12 inch is 750 Watts and you will do a disservice to this amazing sub in my opinion. I am using the jl hd750 amp with this sub and it is fantastic. If you want a 500 Watts amp the w3 12 inch sub would be a great choice.
[ Simon  Aug 21, 2018 ]
My trunk is not big enough but it will fit if I lay it on it's side where the plug and wires are facing up. Is that ok?
[ Wujams  May 05, 2018 ]
2 answers
No problem. Be sure to secure the wire so it can't get pulled out.
[ MARK W  May 07, 2018 ]
Yes, it shouldn't hurt it to lay it on it's side.
[ D  May 07, 2018 ]
which direction must it face? Would like to turn side ways for trunk space
[ david  Feb 27, 2018 ]
2 answers
I have mine turned sideways in my 2008 Honda Civic for the same reason (maximizing trunk space) and it sounds/works great.
[ Kelvin  Feb 28, 2018 ]
It does not matter. Bass is Omni directional..... you can point it anywhere. Tweeters are unidirectional and have to point directly to the listener.
[ MARK W  Feb 27, 2018 ]
What frequency is this HO box tuned to? I will be powering it with a JL 500/1 and wanted to dial in the bass EQ built in, but wanted to match the boosted freq with the tuning of the box output. Thanks.
[ Jake  Aug 22, 2017 ]
1 answer
While that information is not specified from JL for the High Output enclosure, the recommended ported box specs for the 12" W6v3 subwoofer yields a tuning frequency of 33 Hz and a -3dB point of 31 Hz. Since the enclosure is built by JL Audio specifically for the 12W6v3 subwoofer, there's a high likelihood they designed it to meet those specifications. For more details or to discuss further, please feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks! My bio:
[ Larry  Aug 25, 2017 ]  Staff
Should I buy this or just the woofer and have a custom box made?
[ Calvin  Apr 27, 2017 ]
4 answers
The box is perfect for the speaker. Unless you have a sound lab and a program that matches speaker to enclosure cubic feet air space and have time to experiment with different size boxes, I would just buy it and be done. I love my JL box.
[ MARK W  May 07, 2018 ]
That's up to you bubba, I can tell you I bought this ho112 and I've been very satisfied, just depends on the sound you want and if you want ported or non
[ TRAVIS  Apr 29, 2017 ]
I have had the w6 in a generic box ported and sealed as well as in this box. No comparison. What ever space age technology went into designing the sound from this box is impressive. Very clean, thick and powerful bass. I would definitely recommend going with the JL box.
[ Alexander  Apr 28, 2017 ]
Usually JL has more bass with a concealed box, but I was surprised by the sound quality and bass with this ported box. I guess it just depends on what your looking for
[ Robert  Apr 28, 2017 ]
[ Steve  Nov 22, 2016 ]
1 answer
Dimensions are 14-3/8"W x 16-1/4" H x 23-7/8"D. You can find this information on the product page under "Product Highlights". Hope that helps.
[ Kenny  Nov 22, 2016 ]  Staff
Does the cs212gw6-v3 come with mounting brackets?
[ Tony L  Jan 22, 2016 ]
1 answer
It does not look like there mounting brackets included in the box.
[ Jeff  Jan 22, 2016 ]  Staff
Compared to the cs212gw6-v3 (2 12 w6 sealed) is the bass worth putting out another $500 bucks?
[ Tony L  Jan 22, 2016 ]
4 answers
I did many sound comparisons and sound is something that you hear and not see. When I get overwhelmed with a sound, I go for it. 100% satisfies with mine.
[ MARK W  May 07, 2018 ]
Not sure exactly what you're trying to compare this to but this sub hits harder than anything I've ever had before
[ Doug  Jan 23, 2016 ]
Oh yeah it's worth the money.
[ MOISES  Jan 22, 2016 ]
Quick answer, yes. I would double the amplifier output to get full benefit. Run at least 1200 rms total for both drivers. I originally had the single sealed hooked up to an alpine mrx110 1100 watts rms, then moved it into a ported box. Definitely louder but not lower. 2 drivers would definitely do the trick as far as spl goes (still a compact package) and in hindsight thats what i shouldve done. Im always wanting more bass.
[ EDWIN  Jan 22, 2016 ]

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