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JL Audio ZR800-CW

Evolution™ ZR Series 8" component woofer (midbass driver)

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Item # 136ZR800CW

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Our take on the JL Audio ZR800-CW

JL Audio's Evolution™ ZR series component speakers will make your music sound its very best, whether you like rap, rock, reggae, or classical. JL Audio obsessed over every little detail of their ZR series components, so these speakers will reproduce the most complex musical passages with lifelike accuracy, even in the unforgiving mobile environment.

JL Audio Built In USA JL Audio's Evolution™ ZR series component speakers will make your music sound its very best, whether you like rap, rock, reggae, or classical. JL Audio obsessed over every little detail of their ZR series components, so these speakers will reproduce the most complex musical passages with lifelike accuracy, even in the unforgiving mobile environment.

The ZR800-CW 8" component woofer can perform one of two roles in your car's audio system — you can use it as a powerful midbass driver in a 4-way component system with bass, midbass, midrange, and high frequencies amplified separately, or employ it as a subwoofer for tight, accurate deep notes. The ZR800-CW works in both sealed and vented enclosures, as well in free-air applications as a rear deck or door speaker. JL Audio designed this versatile speaker to deliver the best sound reproduction possible, with plenty of detail within its supple low tones.

The ZR800-CW features a cast aluminum woofer basket that incorporates JL Audio's advanced cooling technologies to keep the heat out during heavy play. The sub's mineral-filled polypropylene cone and Santoprene™ surround work to deliver sonically neutral performance without sacrificing strength. The optimized motor structure ensures reliable linearity for pristine sound, and high-temperature voice coils allow this speaker to plumb great depths without melting down or introducing distortion. JL Audio includes a stylish grille to protect the driver and give your system a classy look.

To drive this single subwoofer, we recommend a mono amplifier rated between 120 and 225 watts RMS at 4 ohms. For more information, please refer to our article on How to Match Subwoofers and Amplifiers.

Priced per speaker

Product Highlights:

  • 8" 4-ohm component woofer
  • mineral-filled polypropylene cone with Santoprene surround
  • cast aluminum basket with Elevated Frame Cooling
  • mesh grille included
  • power handling: 75-150 watts RMS (225 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 50-500 Hz
  • sensitivity: 87 dB
  • top-mount depth: 3-3/8"
  • sealed box volume: 0.75 cubic feet
  • ported box volume: 1.125 cubic feet
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • One 8" Woofer
  • Trim ring (installed)
  • Grille
  • 8 Self-tapping screws
  • 8 Speed-clips
  • 2 Female quick-slides
  • Dum-dum
  • Owner's Manual

Gives great Mid-bass- it fit perfectly into my explorer 2010.

Hussein, stafford tx


JL Audio ZR800-CW Reviews

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JL Audio ZR800-CW

Hussein from stafford tx on 7/16/2017

2010 Ford Explorer
Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Gives great Mid-bass- it fit perfectly into my explorer 2010.




D from California on 9/4/2015

IF you know real sound quality car audio then these are just as good or better then hybrid audios 8Lv1 or L8V2. I compete in MECA and IASCA. A lot of the best sounding cars run these driver.

Pros: They are JL Audio I have a 600/4 bridge 300 watts to each driver and they are set up perfect and ran active off a mosconi 6to8 processor

Cons: They could have used a smaller magnet but then cost would be more like my hybrid audio L8v2

JL Audio ZR800-CW

Crutchfield customer from Joliet, IL on 5/30/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Upgrading the factory subwoofer in the rear deck in my 300c and this fits and sounds awesome.

Pros: Free air for easy install in the rear

Cons: Kinda pricey

This is a midbass driver, not a sub folks

sirbOOm from Atlanta, GA on 8/27/2014

I'm posting to note that the not so great reviews below seem to be comparing this 8" MIDBASS driver to a SUBWOOFER. It is suited to play about 63 hz to maybe 350 tops - that's where it rolls like a champ. People say the woofer is clipping. Clipping is a term associated with the signal. If the woofer is bottoming out, that means it is being fed either a clipped signal (a not clean signal) or its crossovers are set free range or allowing it to do sub 63Hz duty, which means it may attempt to operate beyond its mechanical limits - or "bottom out" as they say. Clipping would mean your amplifier gains are not set right and you're sending a dirty signal.

Pros: Excellent midbass driver for a 3-way system, NOT a 2-way system.

Cons: Equally as good drivers for less money but usually have a deeper mounting depth or other better/comparable drivers have a larger mounting depth.

Good in 3-way

si from jax on 5/30/2013

Have two running off a slash 300v2/2. Very clean sound. Running IB. Work well paired with c5 6.5's. Note theyre not full range. Some people don't seem to understand that



Expected Better

DB from Schenectady NY on 2/9/2013

I've had a pair of these in my '07 Trailblazer for almost a year now and have really mixed feelings of them. One blew within a month and had to have it warrantied. I was ticked because I was only feeding them 1/2 their rated power (60-70 watts checked with meter) for break-in. I am a proffesional quality installer and the doors are modified correctly with a solid plate (1") w/sound deadner both mat and spray. I even had the local stereo shop (JL dealer) help me to eliminate any flaws in the installation that may have caused the failure and they could not (checked signals with ocilloscope even!). These drivers should blow me away for the $$ I spent on them but they fall far shy of my expectations. I like to keep all my systems matched and this one is all JL (W3V3 sub, C5 61/2" components up front (kicks and dash) with the 8's in the doors, HD 600/4 powering them, and an XD 600/1 on sub duty rounded out by a pair of 61/2's in the rear door-deck powered for a little rear fill) sourced by a Kenwood DNX-9990. The other reviewer is correct. ...They clip really easy (when playing rock/metal especially), but do have a nice sweet spot for classical and Santana style music. I listen to a wide variety of music and this is the biggest negative for these drivers; There inability to dynamicly handle a wide range of conditions. This spring I will be replacing them with a set of Rockford PPS4-8's (for 1/2 the price!) and will update the review with the results.

Pros: Sound warm and powerful when the right music is played Look cool, but looks ain't everything

Cons: Clip easily, Over rated power handling (I feed them 95 watts now peak at 90hz 24db cutoff-130 hz 12db cutoff; they should be able to drive at 125 peak) OVERPRICED and causes me to be unconfident of their other equiptment even though the rest of the gear help to produce sonic nirvana

Not Bad for an 8" mid-driver setup free-aired

Rich from PA on 1/2/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It sounds good for an 8", but I wish it could handle a higher wattage. The bass is just okay. Its not comparable to even a poor quality 10" or 12" when it comes to bass. But I guess for a free-air setup, its pretty good. It clips easily. I find myself adjusting the subwoofer level on my OEM headunit often so as to not clip the driver. (I listen to a wide variety of music, some with deep bass). It's was way too expensive for what it is, but it is a JL Audio speaker so it should last me a long time.

Pros: - The sound from the driver is good. - It's JL Audio

Cons: - Expensive! Not worth the money for a free-air setup. - Bass is lacking, but okay to good for an 8 mid driver. - Clips easily, even following Crutchfield's way to setup a subwoofer.


Hands-on research

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Overview: The JL Audio ZR800-CW is a powerful 8-inch component woofer designed to operate in automotive sound systems reproducing the frequency range between 30Hz and 400Hz. It can be used in infinite-baffle or enclosed applications as a dedicated mid-bass speaker or as a subwoofer.

Polypropylene Cone: The cone and suspension elements were designed and manufactured by the world-famous Dr. Kurt Müller & Co of Germany. The speaker features a low-mass, mineral-filled polypropylene cone woofer with a santoprene surround. The cone and surround are inherently well damped to deliver an uncolored, neutral midbass without any coloration. The woofer is also equipped with a progressive roll spider.

DMA-Optimized Motor System: Within the DMA (Dynamic Motor Analysis) optimized motor structure, the CNC-machined back plate, pole piece, and top plate elements offer a degree of precision not possible with conventional forged or stamped parts. The ultra-thin gauge voice coil (1.75") is treated with proprietary, high-temperature adhesives and wound on an aluminum former to further improve thermal transfer, reliability, and linearity at high power levels.

Cast Alloy Basket: The ZR800-CW features a proprietary cast alloy woofer basket, designed to provide maximum rear open area while also incorporating JL Audio's patented "Elevated Frame" cooling system. This cooling technology, also found on W7 and W6v2 subwoofers, allows air to flow directly across the top plate and onto the voice coil windings to greatly improve linearity at all listening levels.

Mounting Ring and Grille: The JL Audio ZR800-CW comes supplied with an ABS mounting ring and metal mesh grille.

Enclosure Compatibility

Infinite Baffle: The JL Audio ZR800-CW can be installed as a free-air driver in a infinite baffle application. As a dedicated mid-bass speaker operating above 50Hz (with active filtering), the ZR800-CW can be safely operate at power levels momentarily exceeding 200 watts. When operating below 50Hz as a subwoofer, power should be limited to no more than 125 watts per woofer in infinite baffle applications.

Enclosed Operation: The ZR800-CW can also be used in a sealed or ported enclosure. Power should be limited to no more than 125 watts if being played below 50Hz. More power can be used if appropriate active high-pass filtering is applied.

  • Recommended Sealed Box Volume: JL Audio recommends mounting this woofer in a sealed enclosure made out of 3/4" MDF with an internal volume of 0.75 cu/ft.
  • Recommended Ported Box Volume: JL Audio recommends a ported enclosure made out of 3/4" MDF with an internal volume of 1.125 cu/ft using a 2" diameter x 5" long port.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

The are the best speakers and I have them in my truck so I thought I would add them to my car. [ RODNEY  Oct 25, 2016 ]

5 questions already asked

Yes, they will. However, it is a little deeper than the stock speaker, so you will want to space it approx 1/4-inch from the door. You will also want to use a cross over, so you can remove the real low and high frequencies. When properly tuned, they sound amazing! [ Jeremy  Apr 10, 2017 ]
It is not a sub it is a mid bass woofer and shouldn't be used as a sub if you want a sub look at the w3 or the w0 [ Chris  Nov 18, 2016 ]
No. This speaker is a mid range speaker [ Manvel  Nov 11, 2016 ]
You can check to see if this will fit your vehicle by using our Outfit My Car tool: For additional details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Jul 31, 2016 ]  Staff
Sold individually. But the speaker needs at least 10x its own size in airspace. Its an infinite baffle speaker. Would not sound good in a small enclosure. An actual 8in subwoofer would be better [ Manvel  Jun 29, 2016 ]
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: That amplifier would be over powering the subwoofer quite a bit. It's putting out 500 watts while the sub is only rated at 150. If you're looking for Mid-range drive, this Rockford would be a better fit. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Apr 16, 2014 ]  Staff
The ZR800 can be used in Free-Air (without a box) applications. [ Jeff  Feb 27, 2014 ]  Staff