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Sennheiser SET 840 TV

Wireless TV listening system with in-ear headphones

Item # 143SET840

Sennheiser's SET 840 TV system lets you wirelessly listen to your movies, TV shows, and music around the house or yard.

Sennheiser's SET 840 TV system lets you wirelessly listen to your movies, TV shows, and music around the house or yard.

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Item # 143SET840

About the Sennheiser SET 840 TV

Hear your movies and TV shows clearly

Sennheiser's SET 840 TV system lets you wirelessly listen to your movies, TV shows, and music around the house or yard. Connect the included transmitter to your TV or audio system. It sends audio signals to the headphones, covering a range of up to 100 feet.

The lightweight headset sports in-ear headphones and an easy-to-use volume dial.

Hear your movies and TV shows clearly

Sennheiser's SET 840 TV system lets you wirelessly listen to your movies, TV shows, and music around the house or yard. Connect the included transmitter to your TV or audio system. It sends audio signals to the headphones, covering a range of up to 100 feet.

A comfortable pair of earbuds

The lightweight receiver includes flexible in-ear headphones that rest just inside your ears for hours of comfortable listening. A single charge of the receiver's battery provides up to nine hours of use. The transmitter automatically turns off when not in use.

Makes speech easier to understand

This system is dialed-in to improve the sound of speech. It makes the dialogue in shows, movies, or the news clearer and easier to hear. At the push of a button, you can also set the transmitter to suit your listening preference — like boosting treble. Use the balance control to fine tune the amount of volume in the left or right ear.


Product highlights:

  • included headphones feature a comfortable, in-ear design
  • RF wireless transmitter range: up to 100 feet
  • selectable hearing settings include optimized speech intelligibility and treble emphasis
  • receiver includes volume and balance controls, and automatically turns on/off with wear
  • automatic tuning
  • frequency response: 50-16,000 Hz
  • rechargeable battery (included) provides up to 9 hours of operation
  • transmitter connects to TV via headphone jack or RCA stereo inputs
  • includes 3 pairs of ear tips:
    • 2 pairs of silicone ear tips (black and white)
    • 1 pair of foam ear tips
  • includes AC adapters for the EU and UK, and full sized headphone adapter
  • weight: 2.4 oz. for headphones/receiver; 8.8 oz. for transmitter
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # 502013

What's in the box:

  • Wireless headphones
  • Transmitter/charging base
  • Microphone (with attached 48" cable terminated by a 3.5mm connector)
  • AC power supply (with attached 6.5' DC cord)
  • Two-prong AC plug
  • 2 Pair of Silicon ear-inserts (black/white)
  • 1 Pair of foam ear-inserts
  • 7' Stereo minijack cable
  • 11" Minijack-to-RCA adapter (with female 3.5mm connector on one end and male stereo RCA connectors on other end)
  • 1/8" to 1/4" adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Installation diagram

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Sennheiser SET 840 TV

Mark G.

Product Research



Overview: The Sennheiser Set 840-TV is an RF stereo TV listening system that is ideally suited for wireless listening in your house or in your yard. Whether you are watching a TV program or listening to music, the Set 840-TV RF stereo system provides excellent sound. It can be connected directly to your TV, hi-fi system, or radio. The Sennheiser Set 840-TV includes an RF transmitter/charging station, RF wireless headphones, microphone, and all the necessary cables needed to connect the system to your TV or audio system.

RF Wireless Range: The Sennheiser Set 840-TV provides a wireless mobility range of up to 100 feet. It can transmit through walls, so you don't have to be in the same room as your TV or audio system.

RF Wireless Headphones: The RF wireless headphones features a stethoscope design. The lightweight RF wireless headphones are comfortable to wear because of the flexible earpads that fit inside the ear.

RF Transmitter/Charging Station: The RF transmitter/charging station connects to your television and then wirelessly transmits a stereo audio signal to the stethoscope-style wireless headphones. The RF transmitter/charging station also recharges the integrated battery inside the wireless headphone when they are placed on the base.

System Connections: The included RF transmitter/charging station features a 3.5mm input to connect to your television's audio or headphone output using the supplied stereo minijack cable, minijack-to-RCA cable, or 1/4" adapter.

Microphone: The Sennheiser Set 840-TV comes supplied with an external microphone which picks up the television's audio from the TV's built-in speaker. The microphone plugs into the 3.5mm audio input on the back of the RF transmitter/charging base and then is placed near the speaker of the television.

Auto Tuning: The wireless headphones automatically search for one of the 3 channels (925.95, 926.8, 927.5 MHz) of the transmitter to tune in your television's audio.

Ergonomic Controls: Ergonomic controls and visual feedback of certain operations make the Set 840-TV easy to use. There is a large, ergonomic volume control on the stethoscope-style headphones to adjust volume level. There is also a balance control on the headset to adjust the balance so that you hear equally well with both ears.

Three Selectable Hearing Settings: The Sennheiser Set 840-TV offers 3 selectable hearing settings on the transmitter. These settings optimize speech intelligibility due to switchable compression and treble emphasis.

Auto Power: The RF wireless headphones automatically turn-on when you place them on your ears and automatically turn-off when you take them out (after 30 seconds). If you are not within the range of the transmitter, the headphones automatically switch off after 3 minutes.

Power Supply: The RF wireless headphones feature an integrated lithium-polymer battery to ensure a long operating time of up to 9 hours. The headphones charge when they are rested on the transmitter/charging station (up to 3 hours). They can be placed in the transmitter's charging compartment facing in either direction. The transmitter/charging station operates off of standard AC household current using the supplied AC power adapter.


Modulation: FM, stereo

Carrier Frequency: 925.95, 926.8, 927.5 MHz

Range: up to 100'

Frequency Response: 50-16,000 Hz

THD: <1% (1kHz)

SPL: 125 dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70 dB (A)

Operating Time: up to 9 hours

Charging Time: approximately 3 hours

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Bought a set a few years ago, and was very pleased. Need to add to an additional TV now. [ JESSE T  Jan 16, 2019 ]
Much less bulky than traditional headset. [ Dru  Dec 07, 2018 ]
Recommended by relative. [ Aimee  Sep 04, 2018 ]
It looked as if it was suitable to my husbands needs. [ Mary A.  Apr 17, 2018 ]
Recommendation from friend. Discussion several weeks ago with Jac, one of your technical staff. Product reputation. Lousy hearing. [ Karl  Mar 07, 2018 ]
This item was suggested for my 90 year old father who is very hard of hearing. We hope this will work to help him hear his TV. [ Beverly  Mar 01, 2018 ]
Quality [ REX S  Dec 21, 2017 ]
Getting a divorce. My wife got the set we already had. One of the few things I can't do without! [ Charles  Nov 19, 2017 ]
This has been purchased for my husband. He has used the original one so much that it needs to be replaced. Quite satisfied. [ Lucinda  Aug 03, 2017 ]
I have a hard time hearing actor's voices while watching TV. These wireless headsets work awesome helping me hear the voices. I've had them for over two years and only had to replace the rechargeable batteries once. We use them about 8 hours a day. As an added bonus, I can watch TV without disturbing anyone...even in the middle of the night! [ Charles  Mar 11, 2017 ]
Does your spouse go to bed before you do? I have to turn the volume down to a point that I strain to hear some of the dialog. Screw that! Now i can continue to watch and HEAR tv till my bedtime. Hooray! [ O  Feb 01, 2017 ]
These are high quality for those that need the direct hearing of this type of device. Don't waste your money on the less expensive ones, they won't last. These are high quality, easy to connect and easy to operate. [ Julius  Dec 13, 2016 ]
My aunt is 99 years old and has trouble hearing tv. [ Elizabeth  Sep 04, 2016 ]
Already have one set. They are an incredible item. Thanks Guys [ Frank  May 29, 2016 ]
We had purchased a pair of TV ears that lasted 4 months until the side piece broke. We thought we should purchase a better quality set. The video shows the flexibility of the side pieces; and when placed in the base, it looks as if the unit will stay in place better while charging. Although more expensive, this set looks more sturdy. [ Jonelle  Apr 28, 2016 ]
Sennheiser quality. [ Paul  Jan 18, 2016 ]
Major hearing issue. This is a tremendous help. [ David  Dec 21, 2015 ]
Reviews and primarily having the volume control on the headset [ Russell  Dec 20, 2015 ]
Based on the reviews I've seen. Hopefully I will be pleased with the product! [ Charles  Dec 19, 2015 ]

4 questions already asked

Is this unit compatible with Digital Dolby? I've upgraded my sound system to digital dolby & find the 'TV Ears' are no longer compatible.
[ Timothy  Mar 01, 2015 ]
3 answers
Tim, The only info I can offer is that we use comcast Xfinity and connect through their "box". The "TV EARS" work excellent. My wife loves them! Thanks Crutchfield
[ Gary  Mar 10, 2015 ]
I have mine plugged into my audio out (head set) jack on the TV and they work fine. Even when I hit the mute button on the TV my TV ears still work which is great if my wife wants to read while I'm watching a show.
[ John  Mar 04, 2015 ]
You are correct--my amp allows only analog inputs to work with Set 840 TV. I have found that I can plug into a remote speaker non amplified output without influencing the main speakers performance. My Amp is made by Yahoo several years ago.
[ DALE A  Mar 03, 2015 ]
Thinking about this for my dad who is hard of hearing. My question is this. If he is using the earplugs and listening to a tv show, can others in the room listen to the same show in regular fashion (from TV speakers)? Steve
[ Steve  May 16, 2014 ]
13 answers
Steve, Yes you can listen as well. With the seperate volume control on the headset, he could adjust the volume to his liking, while you can listen from the tv speakers to your liking. Also, the seperate volume controls do not interefere with each other. I bought these for my Fiancee, she likes watching tv in bed at night, while I am sleeping. Unfortunately, it kept me awake. These are perfect, we turn the tv volume all the way down, and she has volume control on the headset. The reason we don't mute, is that the mute icon jumps around on the tv screen.
[ Gregory  May 18, 2014 ]
It may depend on how you connect the unit. Mine I connect to my DirecTV receiver through a dual plug adapter and the TV speakers still work normally with this set up. The sound from the headphones is excellent and the unit has been reliable for a couple of years.
[ JEFFERY  May 17, 2014 ]
Yes Steve. The headphones have an independent volume control, so the rest of the family can watch the tv at regular volume levels and the person listening with the Sennheiser headphones can turn it up as loud as they need them. These headphones have great sound quality. We bought them for our parents when they visit, but I have grow to use and love them also when I wish to watch the tv late at night when others are sleeping without disturbing anyone. Simply put the tv on mute and use the volume control on the headphones. You can also walk around the house listening to your program while in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, etc.
[ Alex  May 17, 2014 ]
yes you can-- it is connected to jack in back of tv--you can mute tv sound and listen through ear plugs--also go in other room and listen -radio frequency
[ HERMAN L  May 17, 2014 ]
We purchased this item for my dad who is hard of hearing - and for my mom who was tired of hearing the TV at full volume. Yes, my father can (and does - every day) listen to the tv via his headset. And yes, my mother can now listen to the tv - through its sound system at a level that is comfortable for her. Another feature - my dad can walk around the house - and yard - listening to whatever program he is tuned in to.
[ MARK  May 17, 2014 ]
Yes they can.
[ RICHARD  May 17, 2014 ]
We use the front panel plug for the Sennheiser. When we use the Sennheiser in this way, the sound through the speakers is off. This is what we wanted. If your receiver allows multiple outputs simultaneously, it should be possible to get the two audio zones working at the same time. We have a Yamaha 1010 receiver. I tried to install it on the rear panel at first and could not quiet the speakers. So we could make your approach work.
[ JOSEF  May 17, 2014 ]
No Problem I have my plugged into the cable box , the volume at the head set is controlled by the wearer, others in the room can set the volume as they normally would.
[ RICK  May 17, 2014 ]
Yes, at least on my tv. You may need to test the different ways to connect, but it works very well. On my inexpensive Samsung, the first connection method muted the internal speakers so the only sound came through the headphones. I moved to method number two, and now sound comes through both internal speakers and headphones. To use only headphones, we just use the mute on the remote. The sound quality through the head set is far superior to the tv speakers.
[ JESSE T  May 17, 2014 ]
Yes they can. The volume control on the TV works as normal. The person wearing the headphones can adjust the headphones to the level they like. I have listened to Formula 1 races on the headset with the TV volume so low my wife could not hear it from nearby and also listened to a normal program when my wife was seated on the couch next to me with the volume set to the level she preferred. They are a great headphone system. Especially if you are watching a British TV program where the actors barely speak English. You can hear it all.
[ ROBERT  May 17, 2014 ]
Mother in-law. Very Hard of hearing. The regular cheap TV ears did not work....too tight in the ears. This product is well worth the money. The answer to your question is YES. The ear plug set up has no effect on how the others are listening. She has her own dial to up the sound and the regular remote can be changed up or down and does not affect the other. Only downside is it has to be charged up about every 8 hours or so. She can be on TV 12-15 hrs. at a time..
[ RALPH E  May 17, 2014 ]
Yes they can. They are a little heavy, but when in a recliner it seems to rest better in ear. Really is easier to hear dialogue
[ Robin  May 17, 2014 ]
It's worked great for me. I wish it were a bit lighter, but I'm using it "as we speak" to watch an old Cheers broadcast and enjoying the whole experience.
[ DONALD  May 17, 2014 ]
extra headphones? I'm interested in running 2-4 headphones from a single base station.
[ blake  Dec 29, 2013 ]
10 answers
I bought only one Set 840-TV so I am speculating a bit by going through the documentation. One base station can transmit to multiple receivers all on the same frequency (stated in the doc). The headphones charge in the transmitter base cradle but you can also pop the battery out of the headphones and slide it into the side of the cradle to charge. So I am hoping the base unit could charge 2 headphone units at the same time. Otherwise, you would need to charge the headphones one a time (yuk!) or have multiple base stations plugged in (each to any AC outlet) and each would charge one set of headphones.
[ Gary  Dec 31, 2013 ]
Hi Blake; I'm not sure if that will work. I don't see why not but you can only charge one headset at a time.
[ John  Dec 30, 2013 ]
can only charge one at a time
[ HERMAN L  Dec 30, 2013 ]
You can find the extra headphones on our website here:
[ Jeff  Dec 30, 2013 ]  Staff
Yes- You can run more than one from the base-station. Just buy an extra Sennheiser head-set by itself. Crutchfield sells them.
[ RICHARD  Dec 30, 2013 ]
I have two complete sets. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. The base stations will pair with either headset automatically. If my battery dies in one, I just go and get the other headset. If your asking about running two or more headsets at the same time from the same base station, then I can't verify, as I'm by myself here and can't test this. I'm guessing this will work because the headsets are receivers picking up RF from the base station and operate independently, whether another headset is in operation or not.
[ JEFFERY  Dec 30, 2013 ]
There should be no limit on the number of headphones that can be used simultaneously. We routinely use two; but, since this is a radio transmitter there should be no limit. PhD in engineering
[ DALE A  Dec 30, 2013 ]
We have no experience with multiple headsets,but there should be no problem since the signal is available and each set hasits own receiver. My wife loves th understandability of this headset, but remember it is designed for speech rather than music.
[ JOSEF  Dec 30, 2013 ]
Christmas present for husband since he has a hearing problem, went to hook up to TV but not enough plugs on TV to have this and our speaker both attached- so we need to see if it can be split. If that works and he likes I may buy the 2nd headphone for me- not sure that you can have more than the two
[ Robin  Dec 30, 2013 ]
I know you can buy extra headphones - I intend to purchase one additional set to run off the same base station. I'll just have to remember to charge each appropriately.
[ MARK  Dec 30, 2013 ]
where does one order extra batteries and new ear cushions?
[ charles  Dec 03, 2013 ]
1 answer
Replacement parts would need to be ordered through Sennheiser directly. You can find contact details for them here:
[ Jeff  Dec 03, 2013 ]  Staff

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