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Garmin Drive™ 50

Portable navigator with 5" screen

Item # 150DRIVE50

Garmin's Drive 50 portable GPS navigator packs a lot of helpful guidance into an value-priced device.

Garmin's Drive 50 portable GPS navigator packs a lot of helpful guidance into an value-priced device.

Discontinued item
2 questions - 2 answers

Item # 150DRIVE50

About the Garmin Drive™ 50

Hit the road with a dedicated Garmin portable navigator

Garmin's Drive 50 portable GPS navigator packs a lot of helpful guidance into an value-priced device. Whether you need something to help you run your errands more efficiently, or to find your way to the occasional far-off destination, you'll get Garmin's trademark door-to-door delivery without a bunch of bells and whistles you might not need.

Hit the road with a dedicated Garmin portable navigator

Garmin's Drive 50 portable GPS navigator packs a lot of helpful guidance into an value-priced device. Whether you need something to help you run your errands more efficiently, or to find your way to the occasional far-off destination, you'll get Garmin's trademark door-to-door delivery without a bunch of bells and whistles you might not need.

Garmin Drive 50 portable navigator

The Drive will prompt you to rest if you've been driving without a stop for a long time.

Built-in maps and more

The Drive 50's 5" color touch display works in horizontal and vertical orientations and it provides access to maps of the contiguous 48 United States and Hawaii, plus Puerto Rico and several Caribbean islands. You'll find millions of preloaded points of interest — including a helpful Foursquare database — at your service when you want to get off the road. The Drive 50 also lets you assign custom points of interest so you can find favorite stops that are a little off the beaten path.

Alerts for road warriors

Surprises can be nice, but not so much for drivers. The Drive 50 delivers GPS-based alerts for upcoming sharp curves, school zones, red-light and speed cameras, and more. Speed limit displays with visual warnings on major roads help keep you in check. The Drive 50 even activates a driver fatigue warning when it detects long periods of consecutive driving without any extended stops.

Versatile display

The generous 5" display makes the navigator's maps easy to see and follow. And you can manually adjust the screen orientation by 90 degrees, if you prefer a lengthwise view that's more in line with your smartphone display. The Drive 50's slim profile ensures it won't take up too much real estate, and the advanced rear mount will keep it firmly in place on your windshield.

Points of interest via Foursquare®

Foursquare's crowd-sourced POI database breathes new life into tired directories of where to stop for gas, food, lodging, or shopping. When you look for points of interest on the Drive 50, you'll see the most relevant Foursquare results at the top of the search bar, so you'll know every destination is verified by actual users.

As close as you can get

Most portable navigators leave you on your own once they've gotten you to the general vicinity of your destination, which can be a real hassle when you're trying to find a specific store in a mall or the correct gate at an airport. Garmin's Direct Access feature helps you find your way to specific points at select malls, airports, and universities, so you don't have to search helplessly once you've gotten to the general area. It'll even help you get through parking lots to get you as close to your exact destination as possible, giving business travelers an edge when it's time to rent a car.

Easy-to-follow directions

Real Directions voice prompts speak the instructions to you like a friend would, using easy-to-see landmarks, buildings and businesses, and traffic lights, rather than streets with tiny signs that you might not see in time. You'll also hear directions spoken in a personable, human-sounding voice that you'll comprehend readily.

Helpful in so many ways

This Garmin announces actual street names at turns, so you'll hear "turn left on Archer Drive" instead of "take the next left." Colored arrows pop up as you approach complicated interchanges and junctions, showing you the the proper lane for the next maneuver. To keep you oriented, you'll always have a text reminder of which street you're on.

Garmin's improved search function finds the right destination through addresses and points of interest quickly and accurately. Speed limit displays with visual warnings on major roads help keep you in check, and you'll even be notified of school zones with audible and visual cues. And with one tap of the screen, the Up Ahead display will pull up details for services that lie ahead, including restaurants, gas stations, and more — all without leaving the map screen. Garmin even includes milestones to help you keep track of how far you have to go.

More Garmin extras

This Garmin's compatible with the optional Garmin BC 30 wireless rear-view camera and Garmin babyCam, so you can add an extra layer of safety when you're backing out of your driveway or need to check on the kids. Garmin's trip computer lets you plan trips and record mileage, maximum speed, total time, and more.


Product highlights:

  • portable GPS navigator
  • 5" (480 x 272 pixels) dual-orientation display with touchscreen control
  • suction-cup windshield mount
  • car power adapter, micro-USB cable, and built-in rechargeable battery with up to 1 hour of life
Navigation Features:
  • millions of points of interest (allows custom points of interest)
  • includes Foursquare points of interest
  • preloaded with maps for the United States (except Alaska), Puerto Rico, and several Caribbean islands
  • text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual road names at turns
  • Direct Access provides door-to-door directions to destinations within select malls, airports, and universities
  • Real Directions gives instructions using landmarks, buildings, and traffic signals, with human-like voice announcements
  • Up Ahead feature informs of nearby services and milestones along route
  • lane assistance and junction view
  • current street display
  • speed limit and school zone indicators
  • driver alerts for upcoming sharp curves, red-light and speed cameras, and fatigue warnings
  • trip computer
  • multi-destination routing: route optimization
  • transport modes: auto
  • microSD™ card slot
  • compatible with optional Garmin BC 30 wireless camera and Garmin babyCam
Other Features and Specs:

What's in the box:

  • Portable GPS navigation device with 5" LCD screen
  • Mounting clip (with ball socket)
  • Suction cup mount
  • 68" Vehicle power cable with 12V power plug and right-angled Mini-B 2.0 USB connector
  • Welcome document
  • Important Safety and Product Information

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Garmin Drive™ 50

Mark G.

Features & specs

Maps Updates optional
Map Coverage USA (49)
Points of Interest Millions
Multiple Destination Routing Yes
Screen Size 5"
Widescreen Yes
Bluetooth Capable No
Photo Viewer No
Digital Audio Playback No
Text To Speech Yes
Voice Control No
Traffic Information No
Dynamic Content Services None
Removable Memory Type microSD card
Battery Life 1 Hour
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

General Features
Navigation Features

General Features

Overview: The Garmin Drive 50, part of the 2016 Garmin Drive series, is a portable GPS navigation device that provides automatic routing and turn-by-turn voice directions. The unit receives data from overhead global positioning satellites, not cellular signals, for reliable navigation directions. Garmin Drive devices include driver awareness alerts for upcoming hazards such as sharp curves, railroad crossings, school zones, and speed limit changes. It can also provide a fatigue warning after you drive a long period of time without a significant break.

5" Touchscreen LCD: The Drive 50 features a 5" (diagonal), dual-orientation, color TFT touchscreen LCD with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. The screen can be viewed in either landscape or portrait orientation, and can be switched in the Settings Menu.

Preloaded Maps: The Drive 50 contains NAVTEQ's City Navigator NT North America US Lower 49 with detailed road maps of the continental United States and Hawaii (excluding Alaska).

Note: Optional maps are available for this device via microSD card, download, or DVD directly from

nüMaps Guarantee: If you register your device on Garmin's website within 90 days of acquiring satellites while driving, you can check to see if a free map update is available. You must be able to connect your device via a high-speed internet connection in order to check the loaded map version and download the map update.

microSD Card Slot: The Drive 50 has a microSD card slot so you can store and use optional maps (available from Garmin), or download custom voices and vehicles from the Garmin Garage.

Universal Mount: The Drive 50 features a universal mount that holds the unit securely in place, but can be easily removed. The circular Universal Bracket mount clips into the socket on the back of the unit, and fits the ball mount found on Garmin windshield and dash mounts.

Power Requirements: The Garmin Drive 50 is powered by a built-in Lithium-Ion battery, which will provide up to 1 hour of use when fully charged. The unit comes with a 12-volt DC power adapter for powering and charging the unit while you travel. The unit can be powered by your computer when it is connected via an optional mini-B USB cable.

Compatibility: You can connect the unit to your computer with the supplied mini-B USB cable for downloading map updates, custom POIs, voices, and vehicles. The Drive 50 is compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Navigation Features

POIs: The built-in maps include millions of Points of Interest (POIs) such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, attractions, and ATMs. The POI database now includes additional search information sourced from Foresquare. In addition, you can download additional points of interest and add them to the unit's memory (Custom POIs). The free POI Loader software can be downloaded from the Garmin website to assist you in creating Custom POIs.

Map View Options: You can choose from a 3D map view or two 2D map views (Track Up or North Up) as you navigate to your destination.

Garmin Real Directions: The Drive 50 announces your upcoming maneuvers with a clear spoken voice. Using Garmin Real Directions, the spoken turn-by-turn directions utilize traffic lights and recognizable landmarks to guide you. For example, the unit uses phrases such as "Turn left at the traffic light" or "Turn right at the gas station."

Junction View: While navigating a route on a major roadway, a realistic image of an upcoming junction appears on the screen. Junction View with Lane Assist can help you select the proper lane with brightly colored arrows pointing the way.

Speed Limits: As you travel along a major road or street, the speed limit is displayed on the screen alongside of the vehicle's speed display. If you are exceeding the speed limit, the color of the vehicle speed indication changes to red. If the highway's posted speed limit has changed since the last map update, you can change the speed limit display on the unit.

Driver Alerts: The Drive 50 features audible and visual alerts to help you drive more safely and increase situation awareness. Warnings include alerts for Speed Limit Reduction, Speed Limit Exceeded, Slower Traffic, Animal Crossing, Railroad Crossing, School Zones, Red Light and Speed Cameras, and Sharp Curves. Each situation can be selected or deselected in the menu.

Where Am I?: The "Where Am I?" feature gives you instant access to important information in case of an emergency. When you touch the vehicle icon on the map screen, the "Where Am I?" feature provides the coordinates (including elevation) of your current position, plus the nearest address and intersections. There are also buttons to help you locate the nearest hospitals, police stations, and gas stations. You can also save the location for future reference.

Up Ahead: As you travel along your route, the Up Ahead feature constantly indicates the location of nearby businesses, including gas stations, restaurants, lodging, rest areas, parking, and banks/ATMs. The locations are shown as icons, some with brand logos, and when the icons are touched on the screen, details of the services are displayed, and you are given the opportunity to navigate to that address.

Last Spot: To assist you in finding your parked vehicle, the Garmin Locate feature saves your location to memory when you remove the device from the windshield mounting cradle while the device is on. You can search for your vehicle's location using the Last Spot button in the menu.

Destination Search: When the Where To? button is pressed, you can use the search tools to find your destination and plan your route. The search tools allow you to search for cities, addresses, intersections, or coordinates. The Search Bar lets you directly enter a category, brand name, address, or city name. The unit's memory stores the last 50 locations you have found so you can quickly find a previous destination.

Vehicle Icons: The unit offers your choice of nine standard icons, such as arrows, sports cars, trucks, and compact cars to represent your vehicle. The online Garmin Express offers dozens more vehicle icons that you can download for free. In addition, you can purchase icon and voice bundles that you can load to an optional microSD card.

Trip Planner: You can create and save a trip with multiple destinations using the Trip Planner. Once you have entered your destinations, you can manually set them in the order of your preference, or allow the device to calculate the most efficient route. Trip itineraries can be saved in memory for future use.

Trip Data: The Trip Data feature is a customizable tool to provide helpful statistics about your trip. Numerous data points can be selected, and three of them displayed on the main map screen. Selectable data points include: dual trip odometers (Trip A/Trip B), Direction, Current Speed, Maximum Speed, Moving Average Speed, Overall Average Speed, Stopped time, Moving Time, Total Time, Time of Day, Elevation, Location Coordinates, and GPS accuracy.

Where I've Been/Trip Log: The Where I've Been application allows you to view your previous routes and places you have stopped on the map. In addition, the device keeps a Trip Log, which is a record of the path you have traveled. The Travel History setting must be enabled in order for the Where I've Been and Trip Log features to function.

GPS Simulator: When indoors, you can activate the built-in GPS simulator and practice using the unit. This turns off the GPS receiver so it's not searching for satellites, saving battery power.

Optional Backup Camera/babyCam: You can add the optional Garmin BC30 wireless backup camera to the Drive 50, allowing you to view on the screen what's behind your vehicle when it is in reverse. In addition, the Garmin babyCam is an in-vehicle video baby monitor that lets you view your backseat passengers right on the display.

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
compatibility with BC30 backup camera [ Vignesh  May 16, 2016 ]

2 questions already asked

Does the commands speak back to you?
[ Katto  Mar 22, 2017 ]
1 answer
This GPS unit will sound the GPS prompts along with the names of the streets you are turning onto. Feel free to contact an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 for a personal recommendation on an portable GPS receiver. My Bio:
[ Paul  Apr 04, 2017 ]  Staff
do you have a mounting set up for a harley davidson mc?
[ dino  Feb 27, 2017 ]
1 answer
I don't have any mounts specifically for motorcycles. The idea I can think of for mounting this would be to get a mount and some screws to actually bolt down the mount instead of relying on an adhesive pad. If you go this route, then you might look at this mount: My Bio:
[ Paul  Mar 12, 2017 ]  Staff

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