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Sony CDX-M850MP

CD/MP3 Receiver with CD Changer Controls

Item # 158CDXM850

Jump in your car and you barely notice the featureless black panel in the dash.

Find what Fits your car

Jump in your car and you barely notice the featureless black panel in the dash.

Discontinued item

Item # 158CDXM850

About the Sony CDX-M850MP

Jump in your car and you barely notice the featureless black panel in the dash. Turn the key, and the Active Black Panel on Sony's CDX-M850MP CD receiver explodes into action. Without any buttons or controls to get in the way, the entire front panel becomes an exciting, full-motion fluorescent display with high-resolution graphics and screensavers! In this mode, you use the supplied wireless remote to make all basic system changes.

Jump in your car and you barely notice the featureless black panel in the dash. Turn the key, and the Active Black Panel on Sony's CDX-M850MP CD receiver explodes into action. Without any buttons or controls to get in the way, the entire front panel becomes an exciting, full-motion fluorescent display with high-resolution graphics and screensavers! In this mode, you use the supplied wireless remote to make all basic system changes.

Need to fine tune something? Push a button, and the faceplate motors down to reveal a smaller display and a full soft-touch control panel. Access the seven EQ presets and 7-band equalizer of Sony's EQ7 to adjust your sound to perfection. If your car has speakers mounted low in the door, the Dynamic Soundstage Organizer raises the stereo image up off the floor, making your music sound more immediate and exciting.

The CDX-M850 will play your CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and even your long-playing MP3-encoded discs, while the top-of-the-line SSIR-EXA tuner locks in on stations near and far. If you love radio, add Sony's optional XM tuner and go wild with the innovative, diverse programming of XM Satellite Radio (antenna and subscription also required). Whatever you listen to, the built-in 4-way high power amplifier will make it sing.

Need more entertainment? The CDX-M850 will also control a Sony 6- or 10-disc CD changer and you can hook up yet another source (video game, VCR, etc.) to the auxiliary input. Three sets of preamp outputs send a righteous 4-volt signal to any outboard amps in your system.

  • Active Black Panel motorized fold-down faceplate
  • full-motion fluorescent display
  • plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and MP3-encoded discs
  • CD/MD changer controls
  • EQ7 (7-band equalizer and 7 preset tone curves)
  • Dynamic Soundstage Organizer
  • SSIR-EXA tuner
  • 18 FM/12 AM presets
  • seek tuning
  • XM Satellite Radio controls (XM subscription, optional Sony XM tuner, and antenna required to receive the satellite radio signal) — service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
  • 4-volt front and rear preamp outputs
  • two 4-volt mono subwoofer outputs
  • high-pass and low-pass filters
  • CD text
  • displays 8 characters of XM Satellite Radio info
  • auxiliary input
  • wireless remote
  • clock
  • 23.2 watts RMS/52 peak x 4 channels
  • CD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ratio 90 dB
  • FM sensitivity 9 dBf
  • 1-year warranty

What's in the box:

  • AM/FM/CD/Changer controller receiver with a 10-amp fuse inserted into the chassis
  • Sleeve
  • Trim ring
  • 1 Plastic front panel cover
  • Wiring harness
  • Wireless remote control (RM-X110)
  • CR-2025 battery (installed in remote)
  • 2 Radio removal tools
  • 4 ISO-mount screws
  • Operating Instructions (English/French/Spanish)
  • Installation/Connections sheet (English/French/Spanish)
  • Warranty sheet

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Sony CDX-M850MP

Stacey B.

Features & specs

AUX Input Rear
Audio/video Input ---
USB Input ---
Backup Camera Input No
Second Camera Input No
CarPlay No
Android Auto No
Siri Control No
Alexa Voice Control
Android Control No
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready XM
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
iPhone ---
RMS Power (CTA-2006) 23.2 watts
RMS Power (Manufacturer) ---
Peak Output 52 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
Preamp Outputs 6-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs ---
Video Screen No
Navigation App Compatible (iOS)
Navigation App Compatible (Android)
Preamp Voltage 4 volts
Screen Size ---
Display Color Green/Blue
Key Button Color Red/Blue
EQ Bands 7
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
FM Sensitivity 9 dBf
European Tuning No
Seek/Scan Seek
Radio Data System No
File Playback
Music File Playback
High-res Playback

Product Research

Changer Controls


Active Black Panel: The CDX-M850MP features the Active Black Panel with fluorescent full-motion display. Since there are only two small buttons on the front, the display area is very large. When the unit is on, the bright fluorescent display offers numerous modes of full-motion graphics. When the unit is turned off, the entire face goes dark making it difficult to be spotted by a potential thief.

Fluorescent Full-Motion Display: The unit's two-color fluorescent display technology gives you better resolution than conventional LCDs, and lets data transition faster for smooth, clean, solid movement of graphics. The resolution of the display is 139(H) x 39(V). You can cycle through all of the motion displays with the face closed using the remote or a small button on the face. The motion displays include: surfing, snowboarding, Xplod, and five graphic motion displays. There are also 2 static displays (a pair of gauges and a car) and an information display (CD track/Tuner frequency).

Motorized Fold-Down Faceplate: This unit is equipped with a motorized fold-down faceplate. When you press the Open button, the faceplate flips down, revealing the CD slot, a smaller display and a full control panel. You can fully control the receiver with the face open or closed (using the supplied remote). The panel protrudes approximately 1.75" when the face is open, and just under 1" when the face is closed.

Dimmer Control: In the menu, you can select the Display Dimmer function to be "Off" (display is always bright when the unit is on), "Auto" (display dims only when vehicle's lights are on), or "On" (display is always dimmed). 

Note: In the "Auto" mode, the unit's illumination (orange/white) wire will need to be connected to the vehicle's headlamp circuit in order to operate properly.

Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSO): Sony's Dynamic Soundstage Organizer uses proprietary circuitry to induce subtle phase shifts, simulating a sound source that is placed higher than the actual speakers in the vehicle. For example, when the DSO function is used in a vehicle equipped with speakers mounted low in the front doors, it creates virtual speakers in the dash to raise the soundstage. This unit offers three levels of DSO, each with a larger and higher soundstage. You can store the DSO setting for each source.

Subwoofer Output With Low-Pass Filter: The CDX-M850MP has a mono subwoofer preamp output with level control and a built-in low-pass filter. You can select a 78Hz or 125Hz crossover frequency, or turn off the filter. 

Note: The subwoofer output has two female RCA jacks. 

High-Pass Filter: This unit has a built-in high-pass filter for the front and rear preamp outputs. You can select a 78Hz or 125Hz crossover frequency or turn off the filter.

EQ7: You may select one of the following EQ presets: Xplod, Vocal, Club, Jazz, New Age, Rock, or Custom. For each preset, you can adjust the following frequencies: 62Hz, 157Hz, 396Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.3kHz, and 16kHz. The level of each frequency can be adjusted from +10dB to -10dB in 1dB increments.

Source Tone Memory: You can store a different EQ7 level setting for each source.

Aux Lite Auxiliary Input: The CDX-M850MP has an auxiliary input on the rear panel, allowing you to connect a separate audio source, such as a portable MiniDisc or MP3 player, or the audio output from a mobile/portable DVD player. In the past, Sony receivers required a separate adapter, however, this unit's "Aux Lite" input allows you to directly connect the auxiliary unit to the receiver's stereo RCA input jacks. 

Note: If a CD/MD changer is connected to this receiver, you will not be able to connect an auxiliary source without an adapter (158XA300).

XM Satellite Radio Controls: This unit can control an optional Sony XM tuner (item 158XTXM1). The optional tuner, along with an antenna and subscription, will allow you to receive XM Satellite Radio. XM Satellite Radio programming features up to 100 channels of digital-quality music, news, talk, sports, entertainment, and children's programming.

SSIR-EXA Adaptive Reception: The SSIR-EXA tuner is equipped with "Adaptive Reception". The Adaptive Reception feature has two modes ("IF Auto" and "Wide") for optimizing FM reception. The "Wide" mode decreases the tuner's selectivity but results in better frequency response. The "IF Auto" mode automatically adjusts the tuner for a good balance between frequency response and minimum station-to-station interference. The Adaptive Reception feature cannot be turned off. You can also manually switch to local or monaural FM tuning to help improve signal reception.

Best Tuning Memory (BTM): This feature selects stations with the strongest signals within the selected band and stores them in order of their frequency.

Station Memo: You can assign a name of up to 8 characters to each radio station and store it in memory. The name of the station currently tuned will appear in the display. You can also locate a preset station by name by pressing the List button. When the desired station is located, you can press Enter to tune in the station. If a preset station has not been assigned a name, its frequency will be displayed.

Active Servo Control: To reduce the chances of CD skipping, the CDX-M850MP uses Active Servo Control (ASC). Sony's unique ASC provides real-time monitoring and adjustment of the laser servos, which control the laser's tracking and focus and the rotation speed of the disc. As the disc is read, the laser's reflection is analyzed and the data is evaluated for errors. If scratches or dirt reduce the reflection, the focus servo's gain is increased so the laser can read through the imperfections. If the tracking signal begins to show a large error percentage, the system increases the tracking servo's gain to maintain stable operation.

MP3 Playback: This unit can play MP3 files recorded on CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs in ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet, and Romeo formats.

CD Text/Disc Memo: If the CD played in this unit has CD Text, the information will appear in the display. Typical CD Text information includes artist name, disc title, and track name. If the unit's Auto Scroll function is set to "on", names exceeding 12 characters will be scrolled across the display. In addition, if you are using a CD/MD changer with CD Text/Custom File, you can enter a custom name of up to 8 characters for the disc (Disc Memo), which will override the CD Text information.

60-Degree Installation: For flexibility of installation, this unit can be mounted between 0 (horizontal) and 60 degrees.

Menu Functions: The Set Up and Display functions can be set or changed through the unit's menu system. The menu choices cycle through on the large ABP display or the smaller sub-display when the face is open.

Remote Control: The CDX-M850MP comes with a wireless, card-sized remote control (RM-X110). The dimensions of the remote are: W=2.052", H=0.478", L=4.931". The receiver is also compatible with the optional RM-X6S wireless rotary commander (item 158RMX6S) and the RM-X4S wired rotary commander (item 158RMX4S). These remotes allow full functionality of the receiver, even with the face closed.

Changer Controls

CD/MD Changer Control: In addition to playing a CD in the unit, the CDX-M850MP can control an external CD/MiniDisc changer, including a CD changer capable of playing CD-Rs and CD-RWs encoded with MP3 files. If the changer has CD Text capability, the CD Text information will appear in the head unit's display. This includes ID3 tags on MP3-encoded discs played in the changer. With an optional XA-C30 Multi-changer adapter, you can control 3 changers with this head unit; with a series of multi-changer adapters, a total of 7 changers can be connected.

Custom File: When the unit is connected to a CD/MD changer with Custom File capability, you can enter a custom name of up to 8 characters for discs and you can locate discs in the changer by title by using this unit's List-Up function. While a disc is playing in the CD changer, its name will be displayed. By pressing the List button, you can display the names of the other discs loaded in the changer while still playing the original disc. When the desired disc is found, you can press Enter, and the selected disc is loaded and played.


Display Illumination/Clock Display: Pressing the Off button once will turn off audio output, but the clock display and face/button illumination remain on. This makes the clock display and face/button illumination "Keyed" instead of "Unit On" only. To turn the unit off completely, you must press the Off button for two seconds.

Note: When installing in a vehicle without an accessory power wire at the radio location, you must turn the radio completely off (this defeats keyed operation), or you may wire the accessory power wire of this radio to an alternate source of accessory power to retain keyed clock and face/button illumination operation.

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