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Sony HAP-S1

High-resolution network music player and integrated amplifier (Black)

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Our take on the Sony HAP-S1

If you're looking to integrate high-resolution music into a stereo system but aren't sure where to begin, Sony has made it easy for you. Their HAP-S1 does it all. It's an integrated amplifier, a high-resolution digital music player, a 500GB storage device, and a high-performance DAC. All of that is packed into one compact, sturdy component that's easy to set up and use. All you need to add are speakers and your digital music collection.

High-resolution digital audio doesn't get any easier

If you're looking to integrate high-resolution music into a stereo system but aren't sure where to begin, Sony has made it easy for you. Their HAP-S1 does it all. It's an integrated amplifier, a high-resolution digital music player, a 500GB storage device, and a high-performance DAC. All of that is packed into one compact, sturdy component that's easy to set up and use. All you need to add are speakers and your digital music collection.

Discover the beauty of high-res music

Sony HAP-S1 high-resolution network music player

The HAP-S1 offers 500GB of on-board storage for storing and playing back high-resolution digital music files (shown in Silver).

Digital music has come a long way from the early days of iTunes and Napster. Low bitrate MP3s evolved into lossless formats with 16-bit/44.1 kHz resolution that are on an equal sonic footing with CDs. Even better, there's been an explosion of high-resolution files available for download on sites like HDtracks and others. These files, with resolution up to 24-bit/192 kHz, exceed the sonic limitations of CDs. High-res tunes can make familiar songs sound new again while also showing off your equipment's potential. Not only does the HAP-S1 deliver high-res files in their native resolution, it also uses Sony's Digital Sound Enhancement Engine to fill out the sound of MP3s and other low-res files.

DSD capability takes digital music even higher

The HAP-S1 takes digital music a step further, with support for Direct Stream Digital, or DSD, a Sony-developed format first used in Super Audio CD. These high-resolution files offer sound that, for many listeners, is closer to analog than digital has ever come. DSD capability makes the HAP-S1 a unique, one-box solution for storing, playing, and decoding DSD files, at a price that's more than competitive. With more record labels, including Sony Music, rolling out DSD downloads, this player is a great option for diving into this exciting format.

500GB of built-in storage

Computer audio is very simple — as long as your computer is situated right next to your stereo. But that setup doesn't work for everyone. That's why Sony built a 500GB hard disk drive into the HAP-S1. Worried you'll need more space? You can expand the memory by adding an external hard drive and connecting it to this player's rear-panel USB port. Once you're ready to start moving your music to the player's hard drive, connect the player to your home network via Ethernet and download the free music transfer software to your computer. It's the easiest way to get large digital music collections onto the HAP-S1. With your digital music library on board, you can enjoy all your tunes without connecting your computer or configuring a wireless streaming system.

Built-in amplification — just connect your speakers

The HAP-S1 is not just a digital music player. It's also an integrated amplifier. That means it not only powers your speakers, but it can accept other sources as well. Connect a CD player, turntable and preamp, and other components just like you would with any other integrated amp. Analog and digital sources will sound great thanks to Sony's dual-mono circuit configuration, which delivers clean stereo sound with a high signal-to-noise ratio. Already have a great-sounding integrated amp? The fixed-level line output lets you use this component simply as a digital player and DAC.

Easy to get started

The HAP-S1 is very easy to set up and use, especially compared to configuring a computer-based music server. One of this player's best features is the 4.3-inch LCD monitor on the front panel. Not only does it make it easy to navigate menu options, it also displays album art and song info for your stored music files. A free app for Apple and Android devices lets you control the player via Wi-Fi with your smartphone or tablet. Need help walking through setup and operation? Visit Sony's online help guide for detailed settings options and troubleshooting tips:

Product Highlights:

  • 32 watts x 2 into 4 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 10% THD
  • 500GB built-in hard drive for storing digital music files (expandable via USB port)
  • built-in Wi-Fi enables app remote control and lets you transfer music files wirelessly
  • 4.3" LCD display with on-screen guide
  • plays high-resolution digital music files, including DSD (up to 5.6448 MHz) and FLAC (up to 24-bit/192 kHz)
  • compatible file formats: DSD (.dsf, .diff), WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), MP3, AAC, WMA, ATRAC, (unprotected, 2-channel files for all formats)
  • stream thousands of free Internet radio stations through TuneIn
  • frequency response: 10-100,000 Hz
  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores high-frequency signals to compressed digital formats like MP3 for more natural, expansive sound (settings: On, Off, and Auto)
  • free music transfer software (click here for download link) allows easy transfer of digital music files from a computer to the player's internal hard drive (compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, and Mac OS 10.6 and higher)
  • supports gapless playback
  • adds artist, album, and song info to files without ID3 tags by automatically accessing Gracenote® (Internet connection required)
  • free HDD Audio Remote app for iOS and Android lets you control the player with your smartphone or tablet
  • tone controls (bass and treble) with optional bypass
Connections and Dimensions:
  • 2 pairs of stereo RCA inputs
  • digital inputs: 1 optical, 1 coaxial
  • rear-panel USB port (Type A) for connecting an external hard drive
  • 1 pair of fixed-level analog stereo outputs for connection to a separate amplifier (amp must have volume control)
  • binding-post speaker terminals
  • Ethernet port
  • full-sized (1/4") headphone jack
  • detachable power cord
  • remote control
  • 10-7/16"W x 3-1/2"H x 12-13/16"D
  • weight: 12.8 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • HDD Audio Amplifier
  • 6.5' AC power cord
  • Remote control (RM-ANU183)
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 8' Ethernet cable
  • Reference Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Information
  • Online Product Registration

Very good player, works great I love it.

Volodymyr, Mount Pocono, PA


Sony HAP-S1 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(15 Reviews)

Full control over my Music

Axel from Laurel, MD on 2/1/2019

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had mine for almost 4 years and I love it. If you have a separate cdrom drive from a computer you can rip CDs directly to the HAP-S1, no computer needed. The 30 or so watts is perfect for my desktop setup. and I connect my mac via the optical port. My favorite part about this unit is the user interface, it has a click knob that lets you scroll through the menus and music very quickly, much better than a touch screen. Only thing I wish is the that it had more streaming music services, Currently only spotify and tune-in and spotify requires a paid account.

Pros: Looks, excellent controls build quality. Storage. size. Excellent sound quality. Ability to import cd.

Cons: could use a USB on the front to connect a cell phone. No Bluetooth. only 2 streaming services.

Only partial gapless playback

Crutchfield customer from Sarasota, FL on 11/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I really hate to give this a two star review since I was loving it so much. When I first unboxed and loaded all of music onto the Hap-s1 I loved it. I had no issues with transferring my music and was extremely happy with the sound quality. I am currently using the Hap-s1 for all of my music and using a NAD C388 as my amp. Everything was going great until I starting playing, what I thought to be a gapless mp3 albums. The Hap-s1 will not play gapless mp3 albums, there will be a pause between songs and this, for me, is a huge issue. My 10 year old ipod that I used to use plays the same albums seamlessly with no pause and after doing more research I read the bluesound vault 2i supports all files for gapless. I contacted Sony asking if they plan on updating firmware, since their last update added DSD gapless files, to allow mp3 gapless albums and their response was to reset and unplug my system. I've compared the Hap-s1 to my ipod/dock set up and the sound quality is far superior with the hap-s1. The hap-s1 is easy to use and navigate. I love it, but the lack of gapless playback and sony's horrible technical support when trying to find out information is highly making me consider returning it for a bluesound vault 2i. Crutchfield has been nothing but helpful when I've asked them about products, I also bought an NAD C38 from them, but when you read "supports gapless playback" that is only partially true. It will not play your mp3 files gapless.

Pros: Sound quality. Easy to set up. Great interface. Well built.

Cons: MP3 albums will not play gapless. Sony support is useless.

Right choice!

Yakov from Salt Lake City, UT on 9/17/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After extensive research for the good audio media player I found that Sony HAP-S1 would be an excellent choice. Purchasing from Crutchfield was a breeze, fast free shipping. As many users mentioned it is built like a tank, great design. Music transfer can take a while (I was transferring my ripped CDs from MacBook Pro) but once it is done it is done. And I really like that I can use HAP-S1 in an old school manner without a need of a remote app. You just come to your equipment, look at it, appreciate what you are seeing, turn it on and start enjoying absolutely astonishing quality music! Music detailing is amazing, Sony's software is doing excellent job restoring sound quality of the old CDs you were not aware of before.



Excellent Solution for Storing, Organizing, and Playing CD Tracks

Alexander from Henrico, VA on 9/9/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I used to listen to music on vinyl LPs with a turntable, amplifier, speakers, etc. In recent years I drifted into downloading songs from iTunes to my computer and other devices, and ripping my modest collection of CDs into iTunes. That system worked okay, but I missed having high-quality equipment to play music from high-quality sources, such as LPs. So, when I found references online to the Sony HAP-S1, it seemed as if this device could let me play my music from equipment that provides excellent audio quality and also organizes the songs nicely. I have been very happy with it. It was easy to set up, and it was easy to find online the necessary software for transferring the ripped CD tracks to the HAP-S1. (I ripped the songs to the FLAC format, using a program called dBPoweramp Music Converter.) The transfer software worked well, though it is a little buggy on my iMac. I eventually learned that I have to quit the program and restart it each time I use it, or else one of the dialog boxes will not be fully visible. With that adjustment, it works fine. I installed the required HDD Audio Remote app on a Samsung tablet, and the app works fine. I found it was necessary to tap an icon at the top of the app to cause the newly transferred files to sync with the database, so the app could find the files and play them. The sound quality is excellent through speakers, and I am in the process of looking for headphones.



Sony HAP-S1

Volodymyr from Mount Pocono, PA on 10/25/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very good player, works great I love it.



Sony HAP-S1

Crutchfield customer from San Francisco, CA on 9/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm liking it so far. It works great with my receiver and speakers. I'm happy with my purchase.

Pros: Great build quality. Sound reproduction is excellent. Nice front panel user interface. Works well with my other audio equipment. Good mobile app for controlling the HAP-S1. I don't know how someone can operated it without the mobile app unless your hands are on the HAP itself.

Cons: Slow file transfer, even with Ethernet (1 GB). The remote is pretty much worthless since you can't do much with it (thank god for the mobile app).

Excellent music server

Bob from Winter Haven, FL on 5/10/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wanted to update my Olive 3HD to something easier to use and access. Incredibly happy with my Sony HAP-S1. The screen is easy to read and easy to access the albums I want. Loaded about 800 FLAC albums and a variety of of others and it handles it easily. Sound quality very good. The transfer program was not very good but ignored it and dragged and dropped most of them while wired to my router. Nice piece of equipment for powering my pool/outdoor speakers as well as family room sound. A very good product.

Pros: Easy to load Great screen - easy to read Good remote program for tablet

Cons: transfer software not great , but easy to bypass

Finally got all music in one place

Mark from Tampa, FL on 4/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wow. What a great piece of equipment if you're looking to consolidate your music library regardless of format. This thing plays everything you can throw at it. High res Audio is just amazing and even compressed Mp3's sound their best when run through Sony's DAC. Downloading music onto the unit is tedious and fairly slow but remember you only have to do that once. I have loaded approximately 250 CDs using a high quality DVD drive plugged into the USB port in the back of the HAP. At approx 15 min per CD, it's time consuming. The app to control the unit puts my library at my finger tips. Every now and then the app will lose connectivity with the unit, but usually reconnects on its own within 30 seconds or so . The actual remote that comes with the unit is very basic and not useful. Expect to use the app or the very nice selection wheel on the units face. I'm also not a huge fan of Internet radio, but the very large selection and diversity of stations available was really unexpected and most stream at higher bit rates providing much better than expected quality. My only downsides are 1) you can't connect an external hard drive to play music directly from ( all files must be loaded onto unit using its software) 2) if you do connect an external all hard drive, the unit will force you to format it for use only with the HAPS-1 3) the remote is useless 4) Sony should provide a unit without built-in amplification as I assume most people are going to run this through a

Pros: Built like a tank, plays all formats, internet stations are great, screen looks amazing, app is very intuitive, DAC provides neutral sound not overly bright or boomy

Cons: Remote, can't play directly from ext hard drive, a labor of love to get everything loaded onto it, app connectivity can be glitchy

Sony to the Rescue!

PeterM from New York on 12/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've finally found a great solution for enjoying my fairly large music collection: over the last few years I was using a Squeezebox with a dedicated DAC to feed my high-end Stereo system. Although the sound quality wasn't bad, I eventually grew tired of relying on the capricious nature of the computer/ WiFi setup and began searching for a more reliable alternative. I've included the YouTube link to a video that helped greatly with my decision to purchase the HAP-1. The HAP-S1 is a solid unit that's able to store all of my uncompressed music files on its internal HDD. The sound quality is fantastic, especially with hi-res files. And, as an added bonus, the HAP-1 does an incredible job with standard MP-3 files, thanks to Sony's digital enhancement engine. I truly found Nirvana when I downloaded the Sony App to my IPad, which gives me full control of my music collection from the couch. The signal from the IPad works through the WI-Fi network which makes it much more responsive than an IR remote. I'm really enjoying my music collection all over again. PS: some people complain about the length of time it takes to download a large music collection. These people should only know what it was like to transfer a record collection to tape. :) I simply walked away from the HAP-1 and let it do its own thing for a few hours. Now that my music collection is loaded, I can listen to music whenever I'm adding new music files to the HAP-1.

Pros: A solidly built unit that does what it claims.

Cons: None as of yet.

Almost Perfect

TomH from California on 12/3/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After quite a time period of frustration in trying to stream lossless files to my Denon receiver via iTunes and Airplay, I decided to pull the trigger on the Sony HAP S-1. I was not looking for an improvement to sound quality only the elimination of drop outs and cranky interfaces. I'm delighted with the way the Sony meets those needs. It's obviously a quality piece of gear. Heavy, nice looking and operates flawlessly. My four star rating is based upon some quirks in operation and set up that add up to a less than a perfect product. These issues may be resolved in future firmware and software upgrades. The recommended software to transfer music files did not work. It would move about a dozen music files then stop. After a call to Crutchfield (worthless) I called Sony and after talking to two reps and a 30 minute hold I was finally transferred to somebody who knew the unit well. He recommended skipping the software and dragging and dropping individual files. This worked but it was pretty time consuming. There are also several deficiencies in the iPhone control software that make the operation less flexible than utilizing iTunes. The knowledgeable Sony rep told me to expect some future upgrades that may address these issues. The sound and basic operation is very good and I'm happy I made the purchase but be prepared for some frustration and gaps in interface.

Pros: great sound, huge improvement over streaming

Cons: some operational issues appear to be still in development

A Fun Player

Radio_Randy from Colville, WA on 2/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm only giving this product 4 stars due to it's having to go in for warranty repair (defective display), after only 3 months. I was also unhappy in having to spend the money to ship it clear across the country. In addition, I received 2 phone calls, from Sony representatives, offering to replace the player with a new unit, but never received follow up calls so that I could give them my shipping address. On the other hand, the company that did the repairs was very professional and kept in contact with me while my player was being repaired. Gripes aside, I'm happy with the player as a whole (I just wish I had bigger speakers). On a whim, I checked the frequency response of the output jacks by playing files with ultrasonic frequency content and everything came through, just as it should. I haven't yet checked the frequency response of the onboard amp, but I'm sure its performance would be just as Sony specifies. There have been comments about loading music onto the player, such as album mislabeling and such. I, too, experienced this, but it was not a hassle to correct these issues. All in all, I am not disappointed in what I paid for the unit, regardless of the comments of others. It is a fine player that contains everything you need...just add speakers.

Pros: Contains nearly everything you need for a compact music system.

Cons: Sony warranty support could use some work.

Sony Comes Through Again

bajahombre from Coquille, Oregon on 7/27/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have been a long time Sony fan and once again Sony comes through. I am now able to access and easily control my vast library of uncompressed files. I had been using my laptop with an external DAC connected to a Sony amp. The sound quality was far better than listening to compressed files to say the least. But, the procedure was a bit cumbersome and included too many variables that have now been eliminated. The HAP S-1 has a much better DAC than what I was using. I enjoy listening to my music via 5 channels and a sub woofer. At first glance I was hesitant to purchase the HAP S-1 due to it having only two channels. But, upon discovering that I could easily connect it to my current Sony amp and enjoy listening the way I prefer...enough said. I was also at first disappointed upon discovering that you could not create your own playlists. This was important to me. I soon discovered that once again Sony has that covered through the use of a separate device and the HDD Audio Remote feature. Vocals, such as Tim Buckley's "Buzzin' Fly" from the Dream Letter concert, come through in the finest detail. That same intricate detail is there in the guitar work of Peter Green's "Apostle." I am retired and the price of the HAP S-1 made me hesitate. But, I really wanted to take this next step towards High Resolution listening pleasure and my past experiences with Sony equipment was the deciding factor. I am very happy with this purchase.

Pros: Beautiful piece of equipment. Beautiful sound. Excellent display window. Easy to use.

Cons: Having to use a separate device to improve library controls such as making playlists.

Finally ... I found something I love!

KammyW from Andover, KS on 7/13/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

To make a very long story short, my last CD player died over a year ago. It's been a long journey trying to find the right equipment to bring my music library fully into the 21st century. (I used iPods several years ago, but eventually went back to cds -- another long story.) What I knew I wanted over a year ago, essentially, was a giant iPod, something that would not use up much-needed bandwidth. It didn't exist at that point (at least not within my price bracket -- a-hem -- so I spent a long time trying different setups. Thanks to a glowing review in one of the AV mags, I learned about the HAP-S1. Thank GOODNESS. I love it! This has the best sound quality and construction of anything I've purchased before. The mids, lows and highs are all impressively well balanced (which is not what I heard with previous components). The DAC is by far the best I've had the pleasure of experiencing, though if you're listening to newer recordings that were not mastered well, you will hear it clearly. But if the music *is* properly mastered? AMAZING. I hear incredible details and textures, particularly in vocals -- wow. As a major plus, the HAP-S1 can be fully controlled from the device itself, which is a rare and wonderful thing, and particularly nice because the app tends to shut itself down, and can have trouble syncing. My one complaint is that I wish Sony had designed a model without an amp. But I'm really happy. My HAP-S1 is connected to an NAD amp and Dali Zensor 3s. Heaven!

Pros: *Great* sound. All controls can be accessed from the device itself. SensMe channels! Fantastic for diverse collections.

Cons: Sony could have designed a model without a built-in amplifier. The app for this device is temperamental.

Compact size, Big Sound

FNSNYC from Jersey City, NJ on 7/3/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great for users not familiar with computer stuff for playing DSF (DSD music).



Sony HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player

Jim from Augusta, GA on 6/7/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

What a fantastic piece of equipment from Sony. As soon as you pick it up you know you have a quality product. I choose not to use the Sony Software for downloading files to the player. Instead I just dragged and dropped my audio files from my PC to the player. I downloaded my Apple Lossless (ALAC) files from iTunes and a couple of DSD files. Everything played and sounded great using the internal amp, even the DSD 128 file. The Sony DSEE mode for making mp3 files sound better, also worked on the ALAC files from iTunes. The player really shines when it is playing a High Rez file like DSD. The HAP-S1 is a keeper.

Pros: Can store and play just about any audio mode files there is. It also has a WiFi radio built in for stations all over the world. If you have a better amp that you would like to use, there is an output for that purpose.

Cons: I had a lot of trouble trying to use WiFi to connect to my PC. I finely used the supplied cable to connect to my router/modem.. No more problems and the download speed increased substantially.


Hands-on research

Product Research

Music Sources
Audio Section
Convenience Features

Music Sources

500GB Hard Disc Drive (HDD): The Sony HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System features a built-in 500GB Hard Disc Drive (HDD) which allows you to transfer and store high-resolution audio files (such as DSD) and various other formats of music files (such as MP3 and FLAC) from your computer to the Sony HAP-S1, as well as CD ripping from an external USB disk drive. The HDD Audio Player System can handle up to 20,000 music files. You can also connect an external hard disk drive via USB to the EXT port on the rear-panel of the HAP-S1 for additional storage space. The music files transferred from your computer to the external hard disk drive can be played in the same way as music files stored in the internal hard disk drive of the unit. You are able to view the status of the internal or external HDD.

  • Capacity: The total capacity of the hard disk drive is displayed.
  • Used: The used space of the hard disk drive is displayed. The used space in the hard disk drive will not be 0GB even when you have not transferred any files, because the pre-installed sample tracks and the system use some space in the hard disk drive.
  • Free: The free space of the hard disk drive is displayed.
Note: You can only connect one external HDD at a time to the system's EXT port. A connected external hard disk drive that has been formatted by the HAP-S1 cannot be recognized by a computer. Always keep backup music files on your computer.

Network Connectivity: You can transfer music files from your computer to the Sony HAP-S1 by connecting both to the same home network, either by a wired or wireless connection. The HAP-S1 is fitted with a Ethernet (RJ-45) port for a wired connection and features built-in WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) for wireless connectivity. By connecting the unit to your home network you are able to transfer music files from your computer to the HAP-S1. The following system environment is required to use the network function of this receiver.

  • Broadband Line Connection: A Broadband line connection to the Internet is required in order to listen to select online music services.
  • Modem: This is the device that is connected to the broadband line to communicate with the Internet. Some of these devices are integrated with the router.
  • Router: Use a router compatible with 100 Mbps or greater transmission speed to enjoy content on your home network. 802.11 b/g/n compatible wireless router for WiFi connection (2.4GHz only).
  • LAN Cable (CAT5): A LAN cable (CAT5) is required for hardwired connection.
  • WiFi Security: None, WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK (AES), or WPA/WPA2-PSK (TKIP).
Note: Sony recommends using a wired LAN connection when you transfer a large number of music files from your computer to the HAP-S1, such as when you transfer music files for the first time.

HAP Music Transfer: HAP Music Transfer is a free downloadable application that transfers music files stored in your Windows or Mac computer to the Sony HDD Audio Player System. In addition to widely used file formats (such as MP3), HAP Music Transfer allows you to transfer non-compressed and High-Resolution Audio files such as 192kHz/24-bit and DSD (Direct Stream Digital) file formats. You can select multiple folders (up to 100) in which music files are saved on your computer, and then transfer them in a batch to the HAP-S1. If you turn on the automatic transfer function, your computer will automatically start transferring music files to the HAP-S1 when new music files are added to the designated folder on your computer; this can also be done manually. You can also use this application to delete music files from the device.

Note: The HAP Music Transfer application is supported by Windows XP (32-bit/SP3+), Vista (SP2+), 7 (SP1+), and 8. It is also compatible Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. The Sony HAP-S1 must be connected to the same network as your Windows or Mac computer.

Supported Audio Formats: The Sony HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System supports the transfer and storage of the following high-definition and standard-definition music files (2ch only) that are stored and managed on your Windows or Mac computer.

File Type Extension Sampling Frequency Bit-Rate
DSD (DSF, DSDIFF) .dsf, .diff 2.8224, 5.6448 MHz N/A
LPCM (WAV, AIFF) .wav, .aif, .aiff 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz 16-/24-bit (WAV 32-bit w/ firmware update)
FLAC .flac, .fla 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz 16-/24-bit
ALAC .m4a 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz 16-/24-bit
MP3(MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3) .mp3 44.1, 48 kHz 64-320 kbps, 16-bit
AAC (MPEG-4 AAC-LC, HE-AAC) .m4a, .mp4, .3gp 44.1, 48 kHz 64-320 kbps, 16-bit
WMA (WMA, WMAPRO, WMA Lossless) .wma, .asf 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz 32-320 kbps, 16-/24-bit
ATRAC (ACTRAC3, ATRAC3plus, ATRAC Advanced Lossless) .oma, .aa3 44.1 kHz 48-352 kbps, 16-bit
Note: When the Sony HAP-S1 is connected to a computer through a wired LAN, file transfers will take the following time (approximately) - 10 FLAC (44.1 kHz/16 bits) files in approximately 5 minutes / 3,000 FLAC (44.1 kHz/16 bits) files in approximately one day.

Multipurpose USB Port: The Sony HAP-S1 is equipped with a rear-panel USB-A port the can be used for a number things. It allows you to connect an external HDD, a USB disk drive, or a USB DAC. You can even connect all three with a USB hub.

  • External HDD: You can also connect an external hard disk drive to the HAP-S1's rear-panel USB-A port for additional storage space.
  • CD Ripping: Via a firmware update, the Sony HAP-S1 now supports CD ripping from an external USB disk drive. Simply connect your USB disk drive to the unit's rear-panel USB-A port.
  • USB DAC: Connect an external USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter), using the HAP-S1's rear-panel USB-A port.
Note: Make sure your HAP-S-1 has the latest firmware update.

Registered Music File Information: The Sony HAP-S1 analyzes the ID3 tag information, a type of music information metadata contained in music files, and registers the files to specific categories (Genres, Artists, Albums, and, Tracks). If music files do not contain ID3 tags or if any of the information is missing, the HAP-S1 automatically accesses the Gracenote server on the Internet and obtains music information. WAV files do not contain ID3 tag information. These files are registered in the following categories (Unknown Genre, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album, and Tracks) with their file names.

Automatic Playlists + Favorites: The Sony HDD Audio Player System automatically creates the following playlists - Newly Add Tracks, Most Played Tracks, and Least Played Tracks. You can also create, edit, and play playlists using Sony's HDD Audio Remote app on your compatible Apple iOS or Android device. You can create up to 100 playlists with 1,000 tracks each. You can also identify specific music files as "Favorites", so all your favorite music is in in one location.

SensMe Channels: "SensMe Channels" is a function of the HAP-S1 that analyzes and automatically categorizes music tracks according to their mood and tempo using the 12 Tone Analysis technology developed by Sony. You can enjoy channels that suit your mood or the time of the day. You can select from the following channels - Morning, Daytime, Evening, Night, Midnight, Energetic, Relax, Upbeat, Mellow, Lounge, Emotional, Dance, and Extreme.

Note: The HAP-S1 must be connected to the Internet to categorize music files using SensMe channels, as SensMe channels analyzes music files and accesses the Gracenote server to obtain music information.

Random/Repeat Playback Modes: You can play tracks in a random order (shuffle play). You can select a setting of Off, Tracks, or Albums. If you select Albums, the order of the albums will be shuffled but the order of the tracks in each album will not. You can also play tracks repeatedly (repeat play). You can select a setting of Off, 1 Track, or All tracks.

Play Queue Screen: The "Play Queue" screen is a list of all tracks currently selected to be played, such as all tracks by a certain artist or in a certain album.

Gapless Playback: When the Gapless Playback function is set to "Auto", the HDD Audio Player System plays tracks without the silent part between tracks. This is useful for playing albums of concerts or other live music. The Gapless Playback function works with WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, and WMA Lossless music file formats. The unit also offers Gapless playback for DSD music files (requires firmware update).

Online Music Sources: The Sony HDD Audio Player provides access to TuneIn internet radio & Spotify Connect online music service (Spotify Connect requires firmware update).

  • TuneIn: TuneIn enables you to discover, follow and listen to a variety of content - from sports, to news, to music, to talk. TuneIn provides listeners access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent.
  • Spotify Connect (firmware update will be available the summer of 2016): The HAP-S1 supports Spotify Connect. If you subscribe to Spotify Premium and have the Spotify App on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone, you can stream the Spotify online music service to the Sony HDD Audio Player. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you on-demand access to one of the largest music libraries in the world (over 15 million tracks and counting). Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage, and share music with your friends. You can browse music by artist, album, track, or most popular; and create your own music library with customized playlists.

Media Server: Via the latest firmware update, the Sony HDD Audio Player can act as a DLNA media server so you can stream music out to other DLNA-compliant devices and players.

Audio Section

High Quality Construction: The Sony HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System features solid aluminum (3mm thick) construction. The HPA-S1 employs an acoustically tuned, custom block capacitor and concentrates all its audio signal paths into a single ground point to eliminate fluctuation of left- and right-channels, and contributes to dynamic sound.

Analog FIR Filters: The HAP-S1's digital-to-analog converter effectively reduces high-frequency noise in DSD signals. It features independent right and left channels, with four analog FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters per channel producing a combined one-clock delay. FIR filters are ideal for D/A conversion of DSD signals.

Two-Channel Class AB Amplifier: This analog 32W x 2Ch (in 4ohm) Class AB amplifier utilizes an EBT (emitter balance transistor) with a cutoff frequency of over 300MHz for the final transistor. The amp device features minimal phase variation up to the high range and excellent transient response. Its twin mono format with separate left and right channels eliminates left-right sound interference and ensures clear, high-quality sound reproduction. The resilient high range reproduces sound with rich musicality and a high degree of faithfulness.

Note: You will need to transfer music files stored in your computer to the hard disk drive of the HAP-S1 or a connected USB external device before you can listen to them through the Sony HDD Audio Player System.

Binding Post Speaker Terminals: The HDD Audio Player System is equipped with a set of binding post speaker terminals to connect a pair of loudspeakers. The binding post speaker terminals will accept bare wire (up to 12-gauge), banana plugs (single/dual), or pin-connectors. The amplifier can accept 4-ohm to 16-ohm speakers.

Note: Switch the unit's rear-panel Equalizer switch to "Bypass" when you use speakers other than Sony's SSHA3 speakers (sold separately).

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE): When the DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) function is set to "Auto" (factory default setting), the HDD Audio Player System offers natural and expansive sound by restoring both high-frequency signals and fine fade-out sound that is likely to be lost by compression in compressed audio sources, or restoring fine fade-out sound that is likely to be lost by quantization in PCM audio sources with lossless compression.

Volume Normalization: If you set the Volume Normalization function to "Auto", the recording level of tracks or albums is analyzed when the music files are transferred and registered to the HAP-S1, and the volume level is adjusted to minimize the difference in volume between each track or album during playback. Even if you play tracks from multiple albums with different volume levels in random order (shuffle play), this function stops the volume from increasing or decreasing for different tracks, allowing natural change in volume during playback.

Tone Controls: You can adjust bass and treble to your desired preference using the Tone Control function. Bass and treble can each be adjusted between levels -10 and +10. You can also choose to bypass the unit's tone control (Precision Mode) for original sound.

Digital Input: The Sony HAP-S1 is also equipped with one optical (toslink) and one coaxial (RCA) digital input for connection of a CD player, SACD player, DVD player, or Blu-ray player. The digital inputs only support 2ch PCM and do not decode 5.1ch (Dolby Digital/DTS). The coaxial digital input supports sampling frequencies up to 192khz, while the optical digital input only supports sampling frequencies up to 96kHz.

Analog Inputs: The HAP-S1 features two stereo analog RCA inputs to connect external analog audio sources.

D/A Direct Line Output: You can use the HAP-S1 as a D/A converter by connecting it to an external integrated amplifier, using the unit's fixed level D/A Direct Line Outputs (stereo RCA). These D/A Direct Line Output jacks directly output analog signals through the unit's D/A converter without using any internal connectors or signal switchers. This eliminates as many elements that reduce the sound quality as possible. You can connect a digital audio device to the Optical Input or Coaxial Input of the HDD Audio Player System and output the signal from these inputs through the unit's D/A Direct Line Output jacks. The D/A Direct Line Output jacks do not output analog signals input through the system's analog inputs.

Headphone Output: When headphones are plugged into the full-size 1/4" jack on the front-panel, the speaker outputs are automatically muted.

Convenience Features

IR Remote: The Sony HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System includes a simple IR remote control for basic wireless operation of the system. Basic remote functions include - Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Previous/Next Track, Volume Up/Down, and Mute. Advanced music navigation is done through the unit's front-panel LCD and front-panel controls, or from the HDD Audio Remote App on your compatible smartphone.

HDD Audio Remote App: The HDD Audio Remote App is a mobile application that allows you to operate the Sony HAP-S1 using your Apple iOS (6.0+) or Android (4.0+) device. You can download the application from the Apple App Store or GooglePlay for free. From your mobile device, you can remotely select and play tracks, change playback volume, stop playback, and more. You can even create and edit playlists with your favorite tracks, as well as edit music information of your tracks. You'll be able to view a list of available music in select categories such as Genres, Artists, Album, or Tracks on the same screen and select the track you want to play. Album art, track name, artist name, and album name are all displayed on the app. Via the latest firmware update, you can now copy stored music content on your Android device, FAT32-formatted thumbdrive, or FAT320-formatted HDD to the Sony HAP-S1's 500GB Hard Disc Drive (HDD)

Note: Your Apple iOS or Android device must be connected to the same network as the Sony HAP-S1.

Front-Panel LCD: The unit's front-panel LCD displays the album art, track name, artist name, and album name of your current music file. This information is also displayed on the HDD Audio Remote app for your Apple iOS and Android device. The LCD also displays information such as the file format, sampling frequency, bit-width, and bit-rate. The brightness of the backlit display can be set to Max, High, Mid, Low, or Off.

Sleep Timer: When a specific time you set has elapsed, the Sony HAP-S1 is automatically turned off. The Sleep Timer can be set for 30, 60, 90, or 120minutes.

Auto Standby: When you are not using the HAP-S1 or there is no audio signal input to the unit for 20 minutes, the device will automatically turn off and enter standby mode to reduce the power consumption.

Protection Circuitry: If the HAP-S1 detects an abnormality inside the unit, one of the following messages appears for about 5 seconds and then the system automatically enters the standby mode.

  • Amp Protector: The internal temperature of the HAP-S1 is too high. Turn the power off, remove any objects covering the ventilation holes and then turn the power on again.
  • HDD Protector: The internal temperature of the HAP-S1 is too high. Turn the power off and remove any objects covering the unit. Wait until the system cools down sufficiently and then turn the power on again.
  • USB Protector: An abnormal current is being output to the EXT port on the rear of the HAP-S1. Turn the power off, confirm the connection and then turn the power on again.
  • CPU Protector: The internal temperature of the HAP-S1 is too high. Turn the power off and remove any objects covering the unit. Wait until the system cools down and then turn the power on again.

Software Update: You can update the software of the Sony HAP-S1 HDD Audio Player System via its wired or wireless network connection.

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At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Staff Reviews

Product reviews from the Crutchfield Labs

Consider rethinking the conventional stereo system

Written by Chris, Advisor, on 4/15/2014 10:28:00 AM

The two-channel audio world has been in a steady state of change for decades but historically, practicality took a back burner to audio quality. Just think — wouldn't it be cool to have one small box and a pair of bookshelf speakers, then call it a day?

I get it. To some, that's not enough, and there are certainly plenty of choices out there for building big component style systems. Personally, I like simplicity.

We had an opportunity to audition the HAP-S1 and with pair of Polk Audio RTi6 bookshelf speakers. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use this exact setup in my living room as my primary audio system. The sound was rich, full, and the imaging was everything I'd expect from much larger and complex systems. This player can play virtually any file you want to use and in our demos we listened primarily to DSD files.

The RTi6 speakers are older, but if you want to have a nice system for less than $1,500, pair this player with some newer RTi A3 speakers and you won't be disappointed.

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Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I need to transfer and store my cds + I want to download some high res stuff as well. You guys give it great reviews, and I still might buy a new more powerful stereo receiver and upgrade my speakers, just using this Sony as a player. [ Brooks  Oct 02, 2018 ]
It looks like a good choice for organizing and playing the tracks from my CD collection [ Alexander  Aug 15, 2018 ]
We are migrating our CD collection to a music server. I don't need the 1TB hard drive of the more expensive units; the specifications appear to be virtually the same, but at half the price. [ DAVID  Dec 18, 2017 ]
For easy access to CD collection with features that are most close to traditional CD player directly to my AVR and because it has excellent ratings on reviews at both here and Amazon including great quality sound and the display is a nice touch. This is almost exactly what I was looking for, but a lower price would have been nice, but comparable devices are either thousands more or a few hundred dollars less but don't have all the features and excellent reviews of this item. [ Paul  Aug 24, 2017 ]
Complement my new receiver. I need it to play my music which I keep on a NAS server. [ William  Aug 01, 2017 ]
Need better option than old Olive 2 HD music server. Seemed best priced newer alternative. Your reviews were helpful. [ Robert  Apr 26, 2017 ]
It is the best option in the market for storing up to 20,000 songs without a headache. Plus this option has a database for easy playing back the music. [ FRANKLIN URENA  Apr 14, 2016 ]
condense contents of music library to digital storage to eliminate many other pieces of equipment [ William Robert  Jan 19, 2016 ]

19 questions already asked

Three considerations: A. Size of drive B. Format of stored audio files. C. Time to import the CD. I have 340 CDs imported from ITunes where they were originally ripped using Apple llossless (ALAC). This process into the Mac proceeded at least 4X+ rate depending on drive error correction. I then transferred tthe lossless contents directly into the Sony using the transfer utility. They are stored as lossless files and occupy 150G. A. & B If you import directly into the Sony there are a couple of choices, WAV and lossless ( FLAC). Generally ALAC and FLAC will compress files at similar rate. WAV is actual file. An audio CD under WAV (uncompressed data) can completely utilize 700MB. Your import choice will determine if you require an external HD. With 1500 CDs, you likely will require an external drive either way. C. Import into the Sony direct from CD may be more real time than not. I would suggest building a lossless drive in a supported format Windows (FLAC) Apple (ALAC) and then import using the utility if you want to use the Sony. Still takes a decent amount of time but does allow you to put the CDs in storage. Regarding audio quality, the Sony is excellent. [ IowaFlyer  Jan 16, 2019 ]
I think it depends on what quality you convert them at. I have a mix of 320kbps all the way down to 128kbps. 15 years or so ago when I converted my stuff I didn't know much about bit rates so I converted at the lowest. I have roughly 20k songs at around maybe 200gb. I'd have to look for exact numbers. I think if everything I had was 320kbps I'd be around maybe 300gb. Give me take. I moved over about 20k songs (200gbish) over the course of two/three-days. All in all it maybe took 10 hours then the player will search for the music info and populate. You can listen to music while it does that, it took a while for it to do that. All in all it took on and off maybe four days to have everything moved and updated. It's easiet when you connect the device to your network/computer to open the actual drive via your computer and upload music that way. I didn't use their transfer utility. Just note that if you convert 320, you will not have gapless play back which sucks. Blusoubd has a cd ripped and 1tb storage device audio player. Only downfall to that is you have to control it through a phone. Hope this helps. [ Nigel  Jan 15, 2019 ]
Probably going to be close on the memory. I have about 1100 CD's, but I only transferred about 325 to the HAP-S1. Consumed about 85 GB of memory. So you're probably looking at near capacity. I did not put a lot of music there just because I have some I don't listen to that often, or my guests are probably not going to want to hear. I could never get the Sony Music Transfer system to work correctly, so I just dumped them into a directory using Sony's Music Center for PC(free), then picked the ones to transfer, drag and dropped. Set it up before I went to bed, and it was done in the morning. Think it only took 4-5 hours from what I can tell. Hope that helps. I like the Sony- used to have an Olive and find this one much easier to use. [ Robert  Jan 15, 2019 ]
They should fit without any problem. I ripped my CD's lossless and it did take time. I did it on the computer while doing other stuff and it did not seem so bad. In the end, it was well worth it. The unit sounds great. [ Robert  Jan 15, 2019 ]
Hi. 1 CD in ALAC (what I used) is about 130 -150 MB. So you should be fine. External drive can be used if needed. Transfer time can be optimized if you use separate CD drive connected to HAP. Using usual method for 1500 CD will definitely take time. But once you done the new sound of your old collection will be a real bonus. [ Jacob  Jan 15, 2019 ]
Greetings. I bought the Sony HAP-S1 over a year ago, and am ripping my 500+ CD collection one-by-one in FLAC format. Each CD takes 300-400 MB, so the 500 GB HAP drive will hold, in theory, over 1200 CDs. I also have started buying and downloading music from HDTracks, and a full album/CD is a little bigger -- 400-500 MB. I researched CD rippers and picked Exact Audio Copy, and each CD takes well over an hour to rip to FLAC format, so if you've found a high quality ripper that takes only 15 minutes, consider yourself lucky. I'm viewing the ripping process as a labor of love, and am about 250 CDs in. [ ANDREW  Jan 15, 2019 ]
The capacity of the unit will be determined by how you save the files: mp3s will be no problem; flac or other compressed lossless files should be ok but pushing it; wav files (non-compressed) and you might exceed the 500 gigs. Fortunately, the transfer issue can be solved with lan cables. You plug the music source and the Sony device into your modem/router, and it will be quicker. Still a project for 1,500 cds, but manageable (a weekend). [ Brooks  Jan 15, 2019 ]
It depends on a couple things. One, what file type are you using - mp3, FLAC, WAV. Mp3 will generate the smallest file size, but much lower quality sound than the cd itself, so more will fit on the S1. Two are you transferring by wifi or ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is far faster and more reliable than wifi. I have 6400 songs in FLAC file format on my S1 and I've used 234Gb. A 5 minute FLAC file is 51Mb. I hope this helps. [ Brian  Jan 15, 2019 ]
If you rip them to FLAC or Apple Lossless they should fit with about 50GB free space. It is fairly easy to swap out the 500GB drive for a 2TB which is what I did. I would not use the Sony to rip the CDs. I would purchase a CD ripper and rip all the CDs on a computer then transfer them via Ethernet to the Sony. That's how I did it. Still took about 5 days 24/7 but at least you don't have to sit there. If you have the skills to remove the drive (there is a you tube video that shows how to do it, it is a linux drive so you can copy to it directly from your computer if you take it out of the unit. I realize these are not elegant solutions but they will work. I'm very happy with mine which now has a 2TB drive. [ JOHN C.  Jan 15, 2019 ]
It is a robust amp and is stable down to 4 Ohms but it would depend on the specific speaker models and their power requirements. For additional assistance and personalized recommendations, feel free to contact us directly by phone or through our online chat service: [ Ryan  Sep 19, 2018 ]  Staff
Hello. I connected it to my separate amplifier, so sorry I cannot give you an answer [ Jacob  Sep 18, 2018 ]
No. Look carefully at the THD value for the built in amplifier. It is rated @ 10% THD. Workable for a small set of desktop speakers with non-critical listening. The streaming and HD side of the unit is excellent! Pair this with a mid-power decent amp and you will be happy. [ IowaFlyer  Sep 11, 2018 ]
Patrick - My Sony HAP-S1 powered a pair of Klipsch Heresy II's and the sound was very good...even when cranked in my medium-sized room. Hope this helps. [ JEFFREY  Sep 10, 2018 ]
Sorry. I just don't know. I've got some Klipsch RP-150's on this unit and seems fine for "family" listening levels. I've got some Magnaplanar MMX on main stereo and it will not drive them but they are kind of power hoggy. If I had to guess I'd say maybe on the KEF,s but probably not on the ESL's. But its just a guess. [ Robert  Sep 10, 2018 ]
The Sony HAP-S is not a CD player. If your compatible music files do not contain ID3 tags or if any of the information is missing, the HAP-S1 automatically accesses the Gracenote server on the Internet and obtains music information. You will find this information, and more, by clicking the "Details" tab on the Sony's man webpage. [ Ryan  Jan 10, 2018 ]  Staff
I used Gracenote to load info on my computer before I made the transfer. Most it the album artwork and other info was there. Sometimes incorrect artwork was shown but overall very accurate. [ William Robert  Jan 08, 2018 ]
If you entered from a cd player or phone not sure. I rip CD's into my computer using an intermediate software such as Sony Media Go or WinAmp or dB Poweramp because I want to convert to a lossless codec such as FLAC . When I rip them in the Album Art populates automatically (Not sure what Sony uses but the others seem to use Gracenote). When I send it wirelessly from my computer to the HAP, the album art goes with it. [ Robert  Jan 08, 2018 ]
The track info appears to come from the CD itself, cover art from an online database with an opportunity for you to confirm. Flawless thru 100 ripped CDs so far. [ ANDREW  Jan 07, 2018 ]
You can connect an external CD drive to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER for importing music directly from your CD's or you can transfer music from your computer. It doesn't matter the music source, the HDD AUDIO PLAYER utilizes the music information metadata about the album name, album artist name, album art image, track name, track artist name, track number and track genre from each music file. If such information is not available in the music file then the HDD AUDIO PLAYER will automatically access the "Gracenote server" on the Web for obtaining such music information. Later, if you want you can edit the information, using the free App available in Google Play Store for mobile devices. [ FRANKLIN URENA  Jan 07, 2018 ]
The Sony STR-ZA5000ES is a 9.2-channel home theater receiver with an output of 120 watts per channel with two channels driven. This is a powerful receiver. The Sony HAP-S1 is a music player with an integrated amplifier for an output of 32 watts only for the 2 speakers. It can't be used as a preamplifier. I have plugged a HAP-S1 to a Sony receiver only like any other sound source; with the advantage of the Data Base. I have transferred to the Sony HAP-S1 more than seven thousands tracks. [ FRANKLIN URENA  Jul 25, 2017 ]
Yes quite easily. This is an awesome component, I have been happy with the purchase. [ John  Jul 25, 2017 ]
I have not tried to make a playlist on the unit itself. The limited keys may make what you say true. But I use the HDD remote app on my tablet and name and create a playlist and load it it without playing each song. [ Robert  May 18, 2017 ]
If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer, or try our online support center: [ Krissy  May 17, 2017 ]  Staff
as soon as i plugged HAP-S1 into my router in updated firmware and I was able to then transfer my digital music files over to unit with no problems [ SEAN C  Dec 08, 2016 ]
I'm not sure what problem you are referring to but in my experience I have not had any problems with the full functionality of the unit. It works flawlessly and I think I had updates the firmware once or twice already. [ Cliff  Dec 07, 2016 ]
I have NOT experienced any difficulties with software updates. There have been significant performance improvements and new features added in the 1year + I have owned the player. [ Preston  Dec 07, 2016 ]
there is no listed capacity limitation for the external HDD; just that it will be able to recognize up to 20,000 compatible files types from the connected storage. I hope that helps. My Bio: [ Ryan  Nov 02, 2016 ]  Staff
Absolutely. While it has a small amp built-in, it's really meant to shine as one of your stereo's components, much like a CD player. Naturally this means its volume control will be disconnected as you'll be relying on your Marantz to control the volume. [ Alan  Mar 16, 2016 ]
I have a Denon S710W and I am running my HAP S-1 thru that. Works great! I had the same question before I purchased mine. Just make sure you have an available RCA input because that is the only output on the HAP. Hope this helps. [ R. Scott  Mar 16, 2016 ]
Yes it can. I have a Denon 5.1 channel AV receiver (model AVR 2809CI). I connected the HAP S-1 left and right D/A Direct Line Out jacks to the Denon RCA left and right stereo line in jacks (which I previously used for my CD player) using conventional RCA audio cords, and it sounds great, especially when using the 5 channel stereo mode setting on the Denon receiver. [ James  Mar 15, 2016 ]
Yes, this I what I do. There are many output connectors on the rear of the audio player, but you want the one at the lower left, labeled "line out." These are the non-amplified plugs. Connect to one of the analog stereo audio inputs on the back of your receiver. You can use surround settings to expand the sound. [ Jason  Mar 15, 2016 ]
Yes, you can. We have our HAP-S1 connected to our Marantz amp/receiver. It serves as a music storage and media server device. [ Dennis  Mar 15, 2016 ]
D/A DIRECT?LINE OUT (analog output) L/R jacks The D/A DIRECT?LINE OUT jacks directly output analog signals through the D/A converter without using any internal connectors or signal switchers. This eliminates as many elements that reduce the sound quality as possible. You can use the HDD AUDIO PLAYER as a D/A converter by connecting it to an external amplifier. [ Bruce  Mar 15, 2016 ]
Yes that's the way I have mine hooked up. It will be analog out input to your receiver [ Thomas  Mar 15, 2016 ]
Thanks for your question. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget. [ Krissy  Nov 13, 2015 ]  Staff
HI, I have no idea regarding this issue, sorry. B Sebastian. [ Baiju  Jun 03, 2015 ]
Hi Simon: I do not know this. You can pull up the user guide for the unit by doing a Google Search on "HAP-S1" and you might be able to find the answer to this. Some of Sony's products come standard with multiple languages, and some do not. My guess, if I had to make one, is that this one can indeed read those characters. You can also do a live chat with Crutchfield and ask this question. They may be able to answer it. It's a great unit, and I highly recommend it. There's really nothing quite like it on the market right now. -- Ray [ Ray  Jun 02, 2015 ]
Sorry, can't help. [ STEVE  Aug 25, 2014 ]
The Sony IS a headphone amp. No seperate headphone amp is required. I use fairly inefficient Sandheiser HD650s without a hitch on the Sony. The same cans need an amp with ipads. [ Dennis  Aug 25, 2014 ]
Yes it will. There are analog line-level outputs on the back. [ STEVE  Aug 25, 2014 ]
Thanks for your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine if it will work and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget. [ Krissy  Apr 25, 2014 ]  Staff
It doesn't have an HDMI output. It does have digital audio output. Most receivers have digital audio inputs. There's no real need for an HDMI output since HAP only "plays" music/audio. [ William  Jul 27, 2018 ]
Thanks Joe. Good info and good luck. maybe an improved model will surface. A good idea but should be more versatile. [ Clint  Apr 07, 2014 ]
NO HDMI on the unit, in or out! NONE! And, I'm sending this back. The app that controls EVERYTHING is flawed. You can't delete any music you put on the hard drive....the app does not have that feature yet! Crazy. And, making a playlist takes hours....and the app crashes...alot! Too many bugs....I'm going back to my Mac mini, and DAC, and will have to wait till something better comes alone [ JOE  Apr 07, 2014 ]
The HAP-S1 is not a music streamer. It will not play music off of your NAS. As it is connected to your home network you can copy your music files off of your NAS directly to this device's hard drive. The HAP-S1 can only play music off of its hard drive or a drive that is directly plugged into it. The idea here is that the HAP-S1 is designed to play large, high-res music files like WAV, FLAC, or DSD (SACD); ie, files too large to stream effectively. Streaming does not provide for the best audiophile experience. [ Alan  Mar 16, 2016 ]
I can't answer for any external device, but you definitely can for the onboard drive. In the tablet or smartphone control app, select "tracks" from the grid. At the top of the list, tap "all tracks." To the right of the play/pause and skip buttons are two selectable symbols. The one on the left is the shuffle selector. [ Jason  Jan 06, 2015 ]
No, it is not a recorder, it is a music server. It stores digital music files for playback through speakers or through a stereo. [ STEVE  Apr 24, 2014 ]
There is an iOS app that you can use to control it. [ STEVE  Aug 25, 2014 ]
Depending on what kind of android or apple device you have, you could probably mirror your device's screen onto the TV. [ jonathan  Apr 24, 2014 ]
Thanks, Jeff, for clarifying. Would be a nice feature for Sony to add. [ Del  Apr 04, 2014 ]
The HAP-S1 does not have a video output, so there is not a way to get the display onto your TV. [ Jeff  Apr 03, 2014 ]  Staff
The set up was very easy. The download program enclosed was a little balky so I just dragged and dropped. The sound was better than I expected. I am using it for pool/entertainment area and it sounds great. It does not sound as good as my audiophile level equipment in my music room but it probably would if I ran the output through it. . The speaker question depends on the speakers. I am driving some small Klipsch speakers and it works fine. It wouldn't drive my Magnapans without more amplification [ Robert  May 18, 2017 ]
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question. [ Jeff  Feb 08, 2014 ]  Staff

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