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Sony MZ-NF810CK

Net MD™ Walkman® recorder with car kit

Item # 158MZNF810

Road warriors, rejoice!

Road warriors, rejoice!

Discontinued item

Item # 158MZNF810

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About the Sony MZ-NF810CK

Road warriors, rejoice! The MZ-NF810CK provides car cassette and power adapters, plus a handy dashboard remote, so you can listen to your MD mixes while you drive.

Road warriors, rejoice! The MZ-NF810CK provides car cassette and power adapters, plus a handy dashboard remote, so you can listen to your MD mixes while you drive.

The 'NF810CK connects to your computer via USB, enabling you to transfer your favorite PC tunes to MiniDisc at up to 32 times normal playback speed (audio is stored in ATRAC™ or ATRAC3™ format). The included Sonic Stage™ software is even compatible with the free RealOne™ application — so if you're a RealOne user, you won't have to switch.

Want to record from a source other than your PC? Go for it — the 'NF810CK's minijack input lets you record from a CD player or other audio source using an optional cable. The mic input lets you connect a compatible microphone, so you can record live performances, lectures, interviews … whatever you want!

You can also listen to the radio on the go: this Walkman includes an in-line remote with a built-in AM/FM/TV/weather band tuner. Enjoy up to 73 hours of playback with the included rechargeable battery and an optional "AA" in the supplied external case. When it comes time to charge the battery, just place the 'NF810CK on the included charging stand. You also get an AC adapter, a bookmark function for easy access to your favorite tracks, and G-Protection™, which virtually eliminates skipping.


  • converts MP3, WMA, and WAV files to ATRAC (or ATRAC3 in LP2 or LP4 mode) for MiniDisc playback
  • USB interface (cable included)
  • "Easy Skip" group/folder function
  • car cassette and power adapters
  • car remote with Velcro for mounting
  • in-line remote with built-in AM/FM/TV/weather band tuner
  • player can connect to only one remote at a time
  • 10 AM/30 FM/7 TV/4 weather band presets
  • minijack input (stereo analog and mini-optical digital)
  • minijack microphone input
  • 6-band graphic equalizer with 4 preset and 2 user-customizable settings
  • 4 acoustic sound presets (Studio, Live, Club, and Arena)
  • G-Protection skip recovery system
  • Automatic Volume Limiter System
  • stereo headphones
  • AC adapter
  • charging stand
  • Toslink-to-mini-optical cable
  • carrying case with Velcro for mounting to car interior
  • one 74-minute MiniDisc
  • playback time in LP4 mode: up to 73 hours with included rechargeable battery plus one "AA" in supplied external case
  • includes Simple Burner and Sonic Stage software CD-ROM
  • 3-1/4"W x 15/16"H x 3"D
  • weight: 3.8 oz. without battery
  • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

Requirements for PC use:

  • Windows® 98SE, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home, or XP Professional
  • USB port
  • For additional requirements, see Detailed Info.

What's in the box:

  • AM/FM/TV/Weather Band/Minidisc player/recorder
  • One 74-minute blank MiniDisc (MDW74PL)
  • MDR-027SP On-the-ear headphones (with 21" cord)
  • SonicStage Ver 1.5 CD-ROM software
  • In-line remote/display (RM-MC37LT) with attached 33" cord
  • RM-MC25C Wired remote control with attached 5' cord
  • DCC-E230 Cigarette lighter adapter (3Volt/1000mA output)
  • CPA-7 Car cassette adapter with attached 5' cord
  • AC adapter (AC-ET305K) with attached 82" cord and in-line noise filter (Output: 3VDC/500mA)
  • 33" Optical digital cable (with Toslink connector on one end and a mini-optical plug on the other end)
  • 5' USB cable (with full-size male USB connector on one end and a Mini-USB--Version 2.0--connector on the other end)
  • One NH-10WM "stick-type" rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery in plastic case
  • Battery case for one "AA" battery
  • BCA-MZN710 Battery charging stand
  • Vinyl case with a 3-1/2" x 2-1/4" Velcro strip
  • Two 2" x 1" pieces of Velcro with self-adhesive backing
  • Two 1" square pieces of Velcro with self-adhesive backing
  • MiniDisc Recorder Operating Instructions
  • Net MD Simple Burner Operating Instructions
  • Net MD Simple Burner Ver 1.1 How to Install instructions
  • RealOne Player promotional sheet
  • Moodlogic software promotional sheet
  • Headphone safety information sheet

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Crutchfield response

<< >>

More details on the Sony MZ-NF810CK

Research Team

Product Research

Supplied Software
System Requirements
Inputs and Outputs
Power Requirements


Radio Tuner/Remote Control: The MZ-NF810CK is equipped with an in-line remote with an LCD display. Not only does the in-line remote allow you to control most MD player functions, it also contains an AM/FM/TV/Weather band radio tuner with 51 presets (30 FM, 10 AM, 7 TV and 4 Weather band stations). The presets can be manually or automatically set.

G-Protection: G-Protection was developed to protect against sound skipping while jogging, providing a higher level of shock protection than traditional ESP. The G-Protection feature provides 15-times faster shock recovery compared to conventional shock protection systems, so it will easily outperform electronic shock protection (ESP) systems equipped with 40-second buffers. The memory buffer is refreshed so quickly, that it is virtually impossible to make an MD skip.

Recording Methods: You can record on the MZ-NF810CK using the following methods:

  • Digital:
    • USB: The supplied USB interface provides all-digital transfer of MP3, WMA, and WAV audio files from your PC to MiniDisc at up to 32 times faster than real-time. The title/track information you create in the jukebox automatically will be transferred to the Net MD Recorder.
    • Optical Line In: The unit has a mini-jack optical line input for digital recording (in real time) from an external device with optical digital output, such as a CD player, DVD player or another MiniDisc player. A Toslink-to-mini-optical cable is supplied for digital recording.
  • Analog:
    • Line In: The unit's optical line input that can accept an analog signal for recording (in real time) from an external component.
    • Microphone: The unit's microphone input allows you to record from a stereo microphone. You can set the recording sensitivity to "high" or "low".

Note: You cannot record a radio broadcast received by the remote control's built-in tuner. You can, however, record a radio broadcast from an external radio source using the analog line input.

Recording Modes: In addition to normal stereo recording, this unit has two long time recording modes (LP2 and LP4) and monaural (left/right channels are mixed). When recording in monaural or LP2 stereo mode, you can record two times the normal recording time. When recording in LP4 stereo mode, you can record four times the normal recording time. Note: Songs recorded (checked out) in LP2, or LP4 Stereo to an MD cannot be played back unless the MD player is compatible with MDLP. Songs recorded in monaural can only be played back on an MD player compatible with monaural playback.

Synchro Recording: This feature allows you to automatically have the player start recording when it receives sound from the source unit. This only works when using the digital (not analog) input.

Sampling Rate Converter: This unit has a built-in sampling rate converter that will accept digital inputs from 32kHz to 48kHz. This allows you to perform a digital recording from a non-44.1kHz digital source such as a DAT or DBS unit. The sampling rate converter turns on only when a non-44.1kHz source is detected.

LCD Display: On the remote control, you can check the track or disc name, the elapsed playing time of the current track, the number of tracks recorded on an MD, the group name, and the total number of tracks in a group. You can also display the sound mode and the record mode (SP, LP).

6-Band Equalizer: The MZ-NF810CK has a 6-band graphic equalizer featuring 4 preset and 2 custom EQ settings. The presets include Heavy, Pops, Jazz and Unique. The custom settings allow you to select six frequencies (100Hz, 250Hz, 630Hz, 1.6kHz, 4kHz, and 10kHz) and seven levels (-10dB, -6dB, -3dB, 0, +3dB, +6dB, and +10dB) and store them as Custom 1 or Custom 2 EQ settings.

Virtual Surround: The unit's Virtual Surround modes create different acoustic sound fields for your music. You can select from 4 Virtual Surround modes: Studio, Live, Club or Arena.

Recording Level Adjustment: The digital and analog recording levels may be set manually or automatically.

End Search: The Automatic End Search recording function informs you, with the touch of a button, how much unrecorded time remains on a disc, and begins additional recording from that point.

Labeling: You can label MDs and tracks you record. Each MiniDisc can accept up to 1,700 alphanumeric characters.

Editing Tracks: After recording, you can edit tracks in the following ways.

  • Erasing Tracks: erase a single track or the entire MiniDisc
  • Dividing Tracks: divide a recorded track at any point simply by adding a track mark at that point
  • Combining Tracks: combine two consecutive tracks into a single track by removing the track mark between them
  • Moving Tracks: change the order of the tracks

Playback Modes: This unit features multiple playback modes:

  • Normal: all repeat, 1 track, 1 track repeat, shuffle, shuffle repeat, program, program repeat, play disc from start to finish
  • Group: all repeat, 1 track, 1 track repeat, shuffle, shuffle repeat, program, program repeat

Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS): The AVLS function keeps down the maximum volume to protect your hearing.

Group Function: This function allows you to categorize consecutive tracks into a group for playback, recording, or editing. This is handy if you are recording multiple artists or CDs onto one MiniDisc. You can create a maximum of 99 groups on a disc.

"Easy Skip" Group/Folder Function: This function allows for easy navigation between multiple file folders transferred in a playlist.

Bookmarks: You can "bookmark" up to 20 tracks on the disc and play them only. The playback sequence starts with the smallest track number and can't be changed. If you open the lid, all bookmarks are cancelled.

Car Kit Accessories: This unit comes with a vinyl case (with Velcro strips to secure the player), a cigarette lighter adapter, a car cassette adapter and a Rotary Commander wired remote control. These accessories allow you to play the unit in your vehicle. Note: the car cassette adapter may not work with some car cassette decks. 

Headphones: The MZ-NF810CK is equipped with the MDR-027SP headphones. These on-the-ear headphones come with a 21" cord and a gold-plated stereo mini-plug, and can be plugged into the remote control or directly into the MD player/recorder.

Supplied Software

SonicStage: SonicStage Ver. 1.5 is a music management application which enables you to rip, import, and transfer digital music files to the NetMD recorder. With the software, you can manage and store MP3, WMA and WAV files and CDs, and make custom playlists.

Net MD Simple Burner: Net MD Simple Burner allows you to easily record audio CDs from your CD-ROM to the MD player, without the need of storing any information on your hard drive. It will also allow you to edit and perform playback functions of your MD player through your computer.

Music Drive: Music Drive is a music database for managing audio data on a computer. In Music Drive, audio files can be managed along with such information as artist names, track names and CD jacket images, or can be combined and categorized in different playlists.

OpenMG: OpenMG is a copyright protection technology used when importing and managing audio content from music distribution services or audio CDs. By using OpenMG compliant applications such as SonicStage, audio content can be encrypted before being stored on the hard disk of a computer so that the audio file cannot be played back on any computer other than the one it was created on. OpenMG is useful in preventing unauthorized distribution of audio content via the Internet.

Check In/Check Out: "Check out" is to transfer music files from a personal computer to an external device/media (such as a Network Walkman). Returning checked out music to the same computer is to "check in". You can check a music file in and out an infinite number of times. The SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) rules provide that up to four copies of a music file can be checked out at one time. Open MG employs a method whereby three copies of a song can be checked out simultaneously, while the fourth copy is maintained as a master on your PC.

RealOne Player Compatible: RealOne is a free music management system that lets you download, create playlists and transfer music to your Net MD recorder. Sonic Stage is compatible with RealOne.

System Requirements

System Requirements: The following hardware and software are required in order to use the supplied software:

Computer IBM PC/AT or Compatible
  • CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz or higher (Pentium III 450 MHz or higher is recommended.)

  • Hard disk drive space: 120 MB or more

  • RAM: 64 MB or higher (128 MB or higher is recommended)


  • CD-ROM drive (capable of digital playback by WDM)

  • Sound Board

  • USB port (supports USB (previously USB 1.1))

Operating System Factory installed: Windows XP Home Edition/Windows XP Professional/Windows Millennium Edition/
Windows 2000 Professional/Windows 98 Second Edition
Display High Color (16-bit) or greater, 800 x 480 dots or more (800 x 600 dots or more is recommended)
  • Internet access: for Web registration and EMD services

  • Windows Media Player (version 7.0 or higher) installed for playing WMA files

Inputs and Outputs

Right Side of Unit:

  • Headphone Out: stereo mini-jack output
  • Line Input: analog stereo or optical mini-jack input 
  • Microphone Input: stereo mini-jack input
  • Remote Input: proprietary input
  • USB: mini-USB Version 2.0 port

Bottom End of Unit:

  • DC input (3 Volts)
  • Dry Battery Case Contacts (2)

Power Requirements

DC/AC Operation: The MZ-NF810CK comes with one "stick-type" rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery. The dimensions of the Ni-MH battery are: L=2.62", W=0.675", H=0.23". You can also use an optional alkaline battery (not supplied) in the included external dry battery case, either alone or in conjunction with the rechargeable Ni-MH battery. For long recording or playback sessions, it is recommended that the supplied AC adapter be used.

Battery Meter: You can check the charge level of the battery on the LCD displays on both the unit and the remote control. The battery meter is a 4-segment battery icon and the level of charge ranges from 0-4 "segments".

Charging: The supplied NH-10WM battery can be charged in the unit using the supplied AC-ET305K AC adapter, with or without the charging stand. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully recharge a completely discharged battery. Note: It is not recommended that the rechargeable battery be charged using the car cigarette lighter adapter.

Battery Life (approximate): 

Battery Function SP Stereo LP2 Stereo LP4 Stereo
NC-10WM Ni-MH "stick-type"
Rechargeable battery (supplied)
Recording 7 hours 9 hours 12 hours
Continuous Playback 17 hours 21 hours 23.5 hours
"AA" Alkaline Battery
(optional) in supplied case
Recording 12 hours 15 hours 18.5 hours
Continuous Playback 38 hours 44 hours 50.5 hours
NC-10WM Ni-MH battery plus
"AA" alkaline battery (in supplied case)
Recording 22 hours 30 hours 35 hours
Continuous Playback 57 hours 66.5 hours 73.5 hours

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