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Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

High-resolution portable digital music player

58 Reviews | 32 questions - 136 answers

Item # 158NWZA17S

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Our take on the Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

My first Sony Walkman cassette player was my most prized possession. No car trip was too short to drown my pre-teen angst in the music on my well-worn tapes. Those tapes have been replaced by a huge digital music collection, and Sony has reinvented the Walkman to play all of them. Their NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman is hardly the first portable digital music player. But it's the first we've seen that combines high-resolution playback, an incredibly compact design, and a very affordable price. Most smartphones and portable players can't compete with the 'A17's rich, robust sound quality, expandable storage, and versatile playback capability. Pair it with a great set of headphones, and you may discover new life in your favorite digital tunes.

Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

Get closer to your music with the high-resolution Sony NWZ-A17SLV Walkman.

Moving portable music another step forward

My first Sony Walkman cassette player was my most prized possession. No car trip was too short to drown my pre-teen angst in the music on my well-worn tapes. Those tapes have been replaced by a huge digital music collection, and Sony has reinvented the Walkman to play all of them. Their NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman is hardly the first portable digital music player. But it's the first we've seen that combines high-resolution playback, an incredibly compact design, and a very affordable price. Most smartphones and portable players can't compete with the 'A17's rich, robust sound quality, expandable storage, and versatile playback capability. Pair it with a great set of headphones, and you may discover new life in your favorite digital tunes.

High-resolution playback offers more detailed, engaging sound

If you've got high-resolution digital music sitting on your computer, wouldn't you like a way to play them on the go? The NWZ-A17 frees those files from your hard drive, so you can take them anywhere. This player's high-resolution digital-to-analog converter can play high-res files in their native resolution — up to 24-bit/192kHz — for better-than-CD sound that offers exquisite detail and spacious sound. (You can download high-res tunes from sites like HDtracks). The 'A17 is also compatible with FLAC, Apple Lossless, and other formats. If you've got lossy MP3s, Sony's Digital Sound Enhancement Engine can help them sound fuller.

Sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman

The ultra-compact NWZ-A17 Walkman offers expandable memory up to 192GB.

192GB of music in your pocket

To call the 'A17 Hi-Res Walkman "pocket-sized" may actually do it a disservice. This player is flat-out tiny, yet it can still hold lots of music. There's 64GB of built-in storage, plus a microSD card slot, which can accommodate up to a 128GB card. That gives you up to 192GB of storage — lots of room for high-resolution files as well as CD-quality files and compressed formats like MP3.

Intuitive, elegant interface

It's doubtful you'll ever need the manual to navigate the NWZ-A17's full-color interface. Transferring files on and off the player is just as easy, with drag-and-drop functionality that works without any special software. Another impressive feature is this player's extended battery life — up to 50 hours of playback! Good luck finding a smartphone or just about anything with such a powerful battery.

Bluetooth® compatible for wireless listening

If you want to listen to the NWZ-A17 wirelessly, it's easy thanks to built-in Bluetooth. Pick up a Bluetooth speaker and stream your music wirelessly from the 'A17. It's also great for use with Bluetooth headphones, for enjoying tunes without dangling cords. This player offers high-quality aptX® playback as well as one-touch NFC pairing with compatible devices.

From our Sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman review:

While [Miles Davis's “Freddie Freeloader”] sounded very good on the iPod, the high-res version on the Walkman elevated the performance. There was more air around the instruments – I could really hear the musicians in the spacious Columbia Records studio in which this legendary recording was made. The bass was clearer and the dynamics were better. The moment when John Coltrane's tenor sax bursts in after Davis's solo was much more dramatic in high-res... These may sound like subtle differences. But these nuances are where much of music's magic takes place. And it's what makes high-resolution music – and the Sony Hi-Res Walkman – so exciting.

— David Brown, Crutchfield A/V Writer

FM radio, pictures, and videos, too

The NW-A17HN has a built-in digital FM tuner, so you can catch the big game, or just enjoy your favorite music station. The player can also display JPEG and PNG images. Great for showing album art, of course, but you can also use it to display your own photos. And the 'A17 can also play common video formats, such as MPEG4 and WMV 9. Pop a microSD card with some video files into the player, and you've just expanded your entertainment options.

Hi-rez audio on the road

Interested in using this high-res player in your car or truck? You'll want to check out Sony's impressive RSX-GS9 high-res digital media receiver, part of their High Resolution Audio System – a series of incredibly advanced speakers, amps, and subs optimized for high-res performance.

Product Highlights:

  • plays MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, AIFF, WMA, and LPCM audio files
  • high-resolution playback up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • 64GB internal flash memory
  • microSD card slot allows up to 128GB additional storage (up to 192GB total memory)
  • 2.25" color display with photo and video playback capability
  • Bluetooth compatible with aptX encoding and NFC pairing for wireless playback with a compatible device
    • LDAC Hi-Fidelity music streaming with compatible Sony wireless headphones or speaker
  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores high-frequency signals to compressed digital formats like MP3 for more natural, expansive sound
  • S-Master® HX digital amplification offers accurate, detailed playback of high-resolution music files
  • drag-and-drop simplicity for easy transfer of files
  • miniplug headphone output (3.5mm)
  • side-panel volume buttons
  • five-band EQ
  • gapless playback for seamless transitions for live albums
  • FM tuner with 30 station presets
  • rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of playback
  • USB 2.0-compliant cable included for file transfer and battery charging
  • compact, aluminum casing
  • 1-3/4"W x 4-3/8"H x 3/8"D
  • weight: 2.4 oz.
  • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 64 GB Digital Media Player
  • 42" USB connecting cable (Type A USB on one end and proprietary WM-PORT plug on other end)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Limited Warranty sheet
  • MicroSD card sheet
  • Listening safety brochure

Compact, large capacity MP3 player. User friendly interface, clear attractive screens. Simple functionality but operates well. A step up from prior generations.

DB, Indianapolis, IN


Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(58 Reviews)

Good, not Great, not sure if its worth it

Mike from Highland Lakes, NJ on 1/23/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Long time iPod user. Decided to try the A17 after getting a pair of MDX1000 headphones so I could take advantage of the Hi-Res audio as these 2 devices are designed to work together for a superior listening experience. I can tell you honestly that the way the Walkman upscales regular mp3s, etc up to Hi-Res does make a difference and does provide a superior experience, bigger sound-stage, hear details in your music that you haven't heard before, etc. Great upside. Now the downsides...the A17 feels cheap, its plastic, including the display. The test is really really tiny on the display and no way to enlarge it. It is a bit slow to respond to anything, especially syncing music. For MAC use Sony provides a small app that you must load and then launch iTunes and drag and drop your songs/playlists/etc into the app for a sync to occur. Depending on the size of your library this could take all day. I mean it took about 12 hours to get 16,000 +/- songs onto the Walkman from my MacBook Pro. Plan on another 12 hours if you use the "SenseMe" feature on the Walkman where it analyzes each song and creates "Mood" playlists for you. If your computer goes into sleep/powersave mode it will interrupt the transfer (this makes sense however there should be a 2 way communication going on to keep the computer awake while the Walkman is syncing, like when you are syncing an iPod) and you will have to start the process from scratch. Not sure if I am keeping this yet, will use my 60 days to decide.

Pros: Upscale regular audio to Hi-res does make a difference, works with the MDX1000 headphones for a total superior listening experience

Cons: Feels cheap, tiny text, takes way too long to sync

Lots of Space for Great Sounding Music

B from Chicago, IL on 9/16/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this to supplement/replace a 16 GB E-series Walkman that I've been using for 7 years. The older Walkman was still working fine but it didn't have enough space for my large music collection. On the new Walkman I'm currently up to over 4600 songs, with 85 GB total still free in the system storage and a 128 GB SD card. The songs are a mix of flac, mp3, and wma files. My impression is that sound is better on the new Walkman. I'm not enough of an audiophile to explain why, but I am a bit picky regarding sound quality. -I've found the Media Go software a lot easier to use and faster than Windows Media Player which had occasional problems dealing with my large music collection. -A few minor issues: the FM radio is good but not as sensitive as some other radios I own, Media Go can't access both the system storage and SD card at the same time, and yet another proprietary USB cable to add to my collection. -I did consider several recently introduced Walkman models which add proprietary noise-cancelling earbuds but that's more money. The newer models didn't seem to have any advantage for someone using other headphones. -Overall, highly recommended if you have lots of music and appreciate good sound quality.



Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

Crutchfield customer from Lakeville, MN on 9/4/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The sound quality is great, but the bluetooth is very limited in distance. Around any corner and the music is very poor quality or drops out entirely.



Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

Crutchfield customer from Clarksville,Va. on 8/17/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this product to use at the beach. I paired it with a Bluetooth speaker and have had no real issues. I was unaware that Bluetooth will not work with the radio feature on the Walkman but I have downloaded thousands of songs. I received the Walkman in less than one day from Crutchfield which I thought was outstanding. Customer service was equally as good.



NWZ A17 review

jp209jp from Claymont, DE on 8/8/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

With 53 gigs of FLAC tunes on this unit, I barely get 8-10hrs of battery time...? Thought based what Sony says, and reviews, I would get closer to 25 hrs. Not happy about that. BLuetooth connection to my car, still hasn't made the connection, knew that would be iffy ! But part of the reason I purchased this was hoping that would work. Would rather not use aux cable to do that.

Pros: really easy to use with operating buttons. all makes sense, easy to get around to find what I want, even behind the wheel of the car. Was easy to put the music on the unit, didn't take long to load 50 gigs of tunes.

Cons: BLuetooth connection, battery ! that is a big issue for me. Wish it would charge while playing !

Crutchfield response on 8/9/2016 Once we saw this review, our Tech Support team reached out to help JP. We'll either help him get this Walkman working the way it should, or help him return it for an exchange or refund.

Great product producing equally impressive sound.

DRSmith from San Diego, CA on 7/21/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I decided I wanted to try this high resolution audio player, and I've not been disappointed. I have always been disappointed with mp3 playback - the sound is not as rich and clear as it should be. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this issue has disappeared. I often sit up and take notice of some element in the music playing that I hadn't heard before. 4 stars given because I don't know how this compares with the much more expensive alternate model from Sony.

Pros: Small, lightweight. Flash drive. Very fast transfer from my MacBook Pro via iTunes. Clearer, fuller sound quality. Great onboard storage - I have added about half of my 400+ CD collection of classical music, lots more storage available. Storage expandable by adding additional memory card up to 128 GB. Fast charging after initial charge. Long-lasting charge when using. Easy Bluetooth connection with MacBook Pro and B&W Zeppelin wireless. Intuitive controls, even for me - I'm 69.

Cons: Slow to scroll through music listings. Wish it could be recharged and play at the same time, but it can't.

Great compact high capacity player with excellent functionality

DB from Indianapolis, IN on 6/23/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Compact, large capacity MP3 player. User friendly interface, clear attractive screens. Simple functionality but operates well. A step up from prior generations.

Pros: Compact, large capacity, excellent battery life. Bluetooth connectivity also a plus. Video playback with AM/FM feature a bonus. SD card for significant added memory capability also a welcome addition.

Cons: No headphone or built-in speaker option included (a minor issue). No protective case included (another minor issue).

A Great Upgrade From Older MP3 Walkmans

Bill W. from Upland, CA on 4/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this new model of the Sony MP3 Walkman to replace my older 16GB Walkman. I had a lot of new CD's I wanted to load into my Walkman, so the huge memory available in the newer Walkman (up to 192GB!) was just what I needed. Loading MP3 files into the Walkman is quick and easy, using the drag & sync functions in my PC. I must confess that I only use my Walkman for the rather mundane purpose of listening to MP3 files when working out at the gym, doing yardwork, working on my car, relaxing out on the patio reading, etc. I used plug-in, wired earbuds with my old Walkman, but I'm now enjoying being able to use wireless Bluetooth earbuds with the new unit. I'm definitely not an audiophile, so I really won't put the HD capabilities of my Walkman to use. I just enjoy being able to store and playback huge numbers of MP3 files on this compact player. I don't expect to use the video, photo, FM radio, podcast and other functions available on the new Walkman. For my purposes, it's a fantastic little device that is easy to use. My only complaint about the new Walkman is a minor one. The font size of the letters on the display screen is much smaller than they were on my older Walkman. This makes it a little hard for my 61-year-old eyes to read things like song titles and artist names without resorting to putting on my reading glasses. Aside from that little gripe, I am very happy with the convenience, performance and storage capacity of my new MP3 Walkman. It's well worth the price!

Pros: Very large memory capacity in a small package. Has many functions besides just playing music files, including videos, photos, FM radio and podcasts. HD music capability useful for audiophiles. Bluetooth capability is a nice addition over older models of the Walkman. Music files are easy to load into the unit. The Walkman's controls are simple to use. The unit can go for a very impressive length of time before the battery needs to be recharged, especially when just playing MP3 files.

Cons: The font size of words on the display is much smaller than on previous versions of the Walkman, which can make it hard for baby boomers' aging eyes to read them without having to resort to putting on reading glasses. There are relatively few aftermarket cases available for this new Walkman, and almost none of those cases have clips that can attach the case over the waistband of a pair of gym shorts or pants. I had to improvise a bit in order to attach a belt clip from an old cell phone case.


Heather R. from Lock Haven, PA on 4/5/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding product, easy to use. My husband simply wanted a music player without all the other bells and whistles and apps that come on the other brands. I am jealous of the sound quality of this device! I wish it had been available a few years ago when I bought my i product - there is no comparison to this Sony product. Definitely going on my wish list!



Sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman

Dave S from louisville, KY on 3/1/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Replaced my 12 year old Apple IPOD. I have been a HI Fi fan for many years. When I saw the review on the Hi Res Walkman I became interested. After reading the reviews on the sound quality I decided to purchase the Sony Walkman over the Apple IPOD. I tried to sampled the sound at various retailers but most are not set up to do so. I talked to Crutchfield with some tech questions and then pulled the trigger. I have not been disappointed. The sound quality is definitely HI Res Quality and I am more than satisfied.

Pros: Great Sound. Easy to Use. Compact size is great. Storage with additional card can allow me to load all my CDs.

Cons: It took some time to transfer my music from I-tunes. Could use more detailed instructions for MediaGo. Drag and Drop transfer to Walkman is a great feature. However, it takes a long time to import a CD.

Wait!! Read This First

Prarieboy from Lafayette, LA on 12/28/2015

Great music player. Now For The Bad News: You Cannot buy a replacement battery for it after its One year warranty is up. Don't believe me? I don't blame you! Who could believe Sony would do such a thing, right? Call them. Ask them if you can buy a replacement battery when the original one wears out...After the one year warranty is up -- obviously. You will be told, "No."

Pros: Great Sound. Great Interface. Great battery life.

Cons: It is disposable. When the battery dies, you must throw it away.

Hi Res Walkman, I like it!

Don M from Georgia on 12/24/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a nice very compact unit, sounds great through blue tooth speakers and stereo system. I have 120 CDs on the max GB memory card at lossless resolution with a lot of room left. Have not utilized the onboard memory at all. The music management app that comes for Windows is not as intuitive as I would like but no more complex than iTunes. I purchased this mostly to replace a 200 disc CD player and was hoping to find a dock that would integrate it in a sleeker mode than an audio cable and power cable. No dock available yet but fortunately the player will charge while playing.

Pros: Charges while playing, sounds great and better interface than Pono Player and less costly.

Cons: No cradle

Another Happy Customer

MikeC from Tulsa, OK on 12/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this item to replace an iPod Touch. I was hoping for better sound quality and longer battery life. This player delivers. I have a library of a few thousand FLAC files, and using J River Media Player, transferring them to the NWZ A17 is very easy. I actually hear details in my music that I've never heard before. I highly recommend this device.

Pros: - Storage capacity - Battery life - Bluetooth connectivity - Sound quality

Cons: - Build quality could be better (size/weight) - Should include a case and/or screen protector - Would like to see an on/off switch (can turn on in your pocket, even on hold)

Great Sound

Musicman from Seattle. WA on 11/13/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced my iPod Nano (generation 2) with the Sony. Has really good sound (huge increase over the iPod) from standard CDs ripped to Apple Lossless. Can be easily operated while in a pocket. Long battery life. I like the fact the screen has 3 brightness options.

Pros: Great sound. Easily operated without viewing the screen.

Cons: Volume control could have slightly smaller steps, but not bad.

Fine Product from Sony

e rover from California on 10/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The NWZ-A17SLV is easy to use and has very good sound quality. It plays back my existing MP3s will an improved range and response. The accompanying software is easy to use for transferring files to the player. I have not tried the Blue Tooth. I have played it through headphones, my home audio systems, and my car stereo. Seems to do fine playing back to those devices.

Pros: Ease of use and overall sound quality.

Cons: Low volume output through higher quality headphones.


Raccoon from Illinois on 10/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Just wanted to write this review to warn people that although this carries the walkman brand and is a Sony, they have not put out a compelling product to justify the premium for this product. Specifically, when used with a SD card the unit will constantly freeze and the only way to get out is to reset. I don't know about you guys but I typically don't have a paper clip or small screwdriver just lying around in my pocket or my car for instances like these. The freezing happens very often and too all my SD cards. I even bought a new one to try out. A huge part of this product is the SD card because not many players offer that these days and with that not working, this player is equal to an ipad nano in price and functionality. I contacted Sony about this and they recommend to use a small pin to reset the device from the back......DUH! That can be said with any issue. I kept pressing the issue and then the customer service recommended doing a factory reset......again DUH! Due to the player not being dependable upon release and absolutely no real technical support, I cannot recommend you drop any money for this. Note: the firmware upgrade was the first thing I did but that did not fix the problem either

Pros: Sound quality on lower quality files.

Cons: constant freezing and inability to modify settings if using the feature that upscales lower quality music

Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

Crutchfield customer from California on 9/1/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This object is now sitting in a drawer, unused because the bluetooth does not work correctly with many devices. We contacted Sony, who admits that the device does not function correctly and they have no date for a fix. Rather pathetic, eh? Sony can't make bluetooth that works, I would never have guessed. It's useless to me.

Pros: Cheap, I lost good money buying it.

Cons: Does not work. Sony has no promises that it ever will.

Crutchfield response on 9/2/2015 Whenever you encounter a problem with anything you purchase from Crutchfield, especially a situation like this, please contact our Customer Support team. Purchases from Crutchfield can be returned or exchanged within 60 days of the purchase.

Great Sound

danbee46 from New York on 8/30/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am by no means an expert audiophile and know next to nothing about the technical aspects of hi-res music. However, I know what I like and what sounds good to me. The Sony A17 is very small and light. There is a learning curve with its operation but that was not difficult to get through. I first downloaded my iTunes music and was amazed that it sounded better than it ever had on my iPhone. When I added some hi-res tracks I was blown away. The sound is very clear with no hiss. the separation of the instruments was clearly evident. All in all the purchase has been worth every penny. My only disappointment had nothing to do with the Walkman. It's that there seem to be very few websites that allow the downloading of individual tracks instead of an entire album. Thinly two I have found are and the Pono music store.

Pros: beautiful, clear sound

Cons: none yet

Sony Walkman for the 21st Century!

Alex from West Virginia on 8/2/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for a portable music that could handle hi-res and FLAC files, and the Sony NWZ-A17 fit the bill perfectly! After researching all the available products (including Pono), this Sony Walkman model emerged as the best choice, and at a reasonable price point. After nearly two months of using the NWZ-A17, I am certain that I made the right choice, because this player is a jewel! The unit is smaller and lighter than I thought it would be, but its build is solid. Navigation takes a little getting used to, but is fairly intuitive and easily mastered. The sound is magnificent, I am hearing details in the music that I haven't heard since my turntable died. FLAC files ripped from CD's sound full, and even MP3 files sound really good, a clear improvement from other MP3 players. Live album playback is Gapless for FLAC, but not for MP3 format. And while it doesn't display time elapsed continuously, it does show a track's current and total time for about 5 seconds when you hit Play or Pause, or anytime you return to the Playback screen, which is sufficient for me. Besides, the screen dims completely after a short interval anyways, and I only have to hit the Option key to see where I am. Battery life has not been quite what I expected so far based on the specs, but it still lasts considerably longer than other players I have used. The best part is the unlimited storage on interchangeable micro-SD cards, which can be found cheap. In summary, this is a great little player!

Pros: Great sound, convenience, ease of use, essentially unlimited storage

Cons: The included MediaGo software is awkward and inflexible. When running, it presumes any micro-SD memory card in my computer is part of the player, and locks the card out from manual copying of music files like drag/drop. I would also recommend protecting the screen with a thin plastic film.

Love this MP3 Player

Sue from Iowa on 7/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I finally have an MP3 player that can hold all my songs and has room to spare and is not an Apple product. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is that it is supposed to be 64G but, when I upload songs from Windows Media Player, it says the TOTAL space (not remaining space) on the Walkman is 56.8G. Hmmmm . . .

Pros: Sound is great, with my Sony headphones. Small and easy to use.

Cons: Not really 64G?

Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

Jim J from Texas on 7/3/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The product works very well. My only criticism is the lack of volume.

Pros: Easy to use. Long battery life. Small size.

Cons: Limited volume

Great Product

G Ruhlman from Florida on 6/29/2015

I enjoy the ease of use of this product. The main reason I picked this over an I-Pod was the Extra memory I got with the SSD card. I was able to load my entire music library on to this device with room to spare. A friend of mine was bragging about the Hundreds of albums and CD's he had. I asked him How much space it took up. he said it was probably a whole wall and then some. I pulled out my Sony Player and told this I had his entire collection and them some on this device.

Pros: Easy to use, Large amount of storage.

Cons: Wish it came with a case

Great product

KE from Ohio on 6/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound quality. Love the player and plan on using it regularly. If it were between any I-product or this, this wins hands down.

Pros: Sleek, easy to use, intuitve

Cons: None so far.

So far I love it

Doug Murray from Missoula, MT on 6/14/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After my 5th defunct iPod I was more than ready for a high-capacity flash-based music player. This is half the size and far less weight compared to the hard-drive-based players I've been using. Battery life is stellar. Radio reception is amazingly good, especially considering that I work in rural SE Montana, far from cell coverage most 11-12 hour work days. I forgot it today and went through withdrawal for the first few hours... Sound quality is impressive; but since that's one of its major selling points I'm hardly surprised that Sony lives up to its reputation as usual.

Pros: Small, thin, light, great sound, wonderful battery life, clear user-friendly interface / operating system, tough enough for real world use, micro SD for expanded variety, PC software onboard seems highly functional, Bluetooth and NFC I'm sure I'll get around to using.

Cons: Radio stops when I return to menu screen, so I can't tweak sound settings while music is playing (eg NPR classical AM, jazz PM). Likewise, with playback it seems like I have to return to the display screen of the current song or podcast in order to pause. If this had capability to record audio from a mic or line in, it would be even closer to the ideal device. I don't think video player capability is really that functional on tiny screens. Yet another proprietary cable to wrangle.

Pretty great!

AndyNYC from New York, NY on 6/1/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this unit to replace a lost Zune 120GB. Unfortunately, there are few options these days for someone with a large MP3 collection, as most players commonly available have a much smaller capacity than 120GB. I have about 30K MP3 files in my collection. This Walkman seemed like a good option because of its support for a MicroSD card up to 128GB (I hope when 256GB cards come out, they will work, too!), plus 60GB of internal storage. And if you use both internal and external storage, you will still have a single library of music on the device (for a total of around 190GB). The device is much lighter and smaller than I assumed, even based on the photos provided. Build quality seems fine to me. It took me a few tried to get the device to sync the way I wanted it to with my PC library, but that was mostly due to the software I was trying to use. I ultimately settled on MusicBee which seems the most similar to the Zune software I was used to using before, has a great UI and is completely free. It took between 5 and 6 hours to get all 30K tracks onto the Walkman. Syncing thereafter (adding or removing some songs from the library and having that reflected on the device) is straight-forward and much quicker. Battery life seems to be fantastic. I love the sound setting options this offers. I'm not a high-res audio person (I have CDs for that), so I cannot comment on how this handles those. But I am very pleased, over all, and recommend this player highly.

Pros: Extremely small and compact Light weight Easy to use/Good UI Excellent sound quality with a lot of options to tweak to your liking Large internal memory capacity Supports large MicroSD card (up to 120GB) Library is cohesive, comprised of both internal memory and the optional/additional MicroSD storage You can use software other than Sony's MedioGo to manage the device (MediaMonkey, MusicBee, etc.)

Cons: Proprietary charging cable Don't care for the included MediaGo software No touch screen or "scroll wheel" (you hold down a button to scroll or click repeatedly to browse tracks)

Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

jonb from Yuma, AZ on 5/18/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I wanted a portable super audio CD player. There isn't one made that I know of, so, after reading the many reviews I decided on purchasing the Sony NWZ-A17SLV Walkman. I have no problem with the download program that came with the unit. I can't compare the NWZ-A17SLV with any other because this is my first walkman, but to me the sound is excellent. I listen to symphonic music of different time eras and the quality of the audio is important. This player does the job.

Pros: Large digital storage. Long battery playing time. Longer than my portable CD player

Cons: No continuous display of information of the playing track.

Great little HD portable at a great price

Avery from Illinois on 5/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

High quality, light weight and portable way to listen to HD audio / FLAC files. Adding memory was simple. Sound quality is awesome.

Pros: Simple, easy to use. Great sound quality.

Cons: Blue tooth not connecting very well with my car. Software has an issue with multi-disc sets. It orders the tracks as disc 1 song 1, disc 2 song 1, disc 1 song around is to set up a playlist so that each disc is a playlist in the correct order.

Sweet sound

JW from Michigan on 5/11/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It takes just a few minutes to learn the "Home" page. It also has an FM radio. My only wish is that it would have Wi-fi. I downloaded a Fairstairs recording application, and it makes CD quality all that much better. The rest of the music I transferred from my computer. Pricey, but worth it in quality of re-production.

Pros: Quality of music; FM radio.

Cons: No Wi-fi. I wish the volume would go a bit higher. I listen to it where I work, and it's noisy in there.

Better than Apple in a Big Way

Juke Shoe from NW IN on 5/11/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Everything about this player exudes awesomesomesauce. I don't know if the sound quality is *truly* as phenomenal as some make it out to be, but with that said, it's certainly as good as if not better than other DAPs out there. The player interface is very intuitive and much better than the touch screens on Ipods. I can change tracks with the player in my pocket, imagine that! Where this beauty really shines, however, is the bundled (on the player's internal memory so you don't need to download, say, itunes) MediaGo software. So damn easy to use. So flawlessly laid out, because they don't try to get it to do all kinds of crazy extra things other than put some damn music on my damn DAP and get it in my ears.

Pros: Hardware/software layouts. Major pluses and the main reason for purchase. Works flawlessly with Win XP, which is a bonus. Customize-able EQ settings is pretty good stuff.

Cons: Not too sure how HI-RES this thing music will always sound digitally. This isn't going to magically transform your CD quality tunes into vinyl or anything like that.


ADP from New Jersey on 5/8/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

my biggest concern before buying was the sound quality. I have a Wadia DAC purchased from Crutchfield and it sounds great. I wanted something to store my music and have a top sound processor so I can listen to hi quality sound in various locations. I've heard some DACs in the past that didn't improve the sound too much relative to listening through an iPod. After reading the reviews of the sound quality I figured to take a chance on the cheaper (This less expensive unit vs the really expensive one) unit. I'm absolutely thrilled with the sound. Clearly sounds better when played through high end speakers than the original CDs. Using this as opposed to an iPod is like going from fast food hamburger to a high end steak or a fried fish sandwich to lobster.

Pros: Fantastic sound at a reasonable price.

Cons: Figuring out how to get the music onto the Walkman (using the internal memory and a SD chip) is problematic. Making playlists isn't easy either. As of now, if I make a playlist, I need to load the music for it a second time - very inefficient. Might be a way around this, but I haven't figured it out yet. Way harder than using iTunes. Normally I'd knock off a star or two, but I'm so happy with the sound quality I will stick with 5 Stars. Also, I suggest using an online video site with instructions before starting.


J Ramey from Bright, Indiana on 5/8/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have used Sony MP3 players for the past 6 years and have been very happy with them. The NWZ-A17SLV has taken it to the next level. The sound quality is phenomenal. I have Bose and Sony headphones and this is a definite upgrade. What I do love about the Sony is the ease of transferring Music to the player. Windows drag and drop versus fussing with iTunes and the restrictions inherent with it. I am not anti-Apple, but when it comes to making folders of songs I want together and to keep things filed the way I want, this allows you to do it with ease. Transferring CD's you own to MP3 and then to simply drag and drop is simple. The video playback is excellent. The screen is a bit small but the quality is sharp and vivid. The battery life is amazing. Having 64 GB storage to start with and then the ability to add 128 GB more gives me access to thousands and thousands of items. I like to listen to Old Time Radio Broadcasts, I have over 10,000 of them on a 128 GB card that I can take with me. From high quality music, old and new movies and more this is the most versatile player with storage that is enormous that you will find.

Pros: The physical quality of the unit is good. While not a touch screen the controls are crisp and responsive. I thought that I would be a bit disappointed but, I am glad that this is not a touch screen now. Expandable storage. Really long battery life. Bluetooth works well.

Cons: FM Radio is average. There is nothing wrong with it, just nothing to brag about. I wish it was a bit bigger.

The New Sony Walkman

pj'z review from Mt. Laurel, NJ on 5/5/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I recently received my Sony device and it was a lot smaller than I envisioned and also made of a light weight plastic and feels fragile. The verdict is still out to see if the APTX technology is what I've read about...sounds great on my Sony Bluetooth speaker. I'm still not sold on the sound of this device versus the smart phone...I can't really tell be fair, I haven't had the time to do a thorough evaluation. I found & ordered an after-market case for the device online and until the case came in I placed a protective film over the display to protect the screen. The file transfer software is user friendly and efficient. I've noticed the volume control is limited and I guess possibly dependent on the technology used during recording or what type of music file your recording is in.

Pros: Good sound and has Bluetooth technology Has capacity to hold large files with a purchase of micro sd card Long battery life Free up your cell phone and save battery

Cons: No touch screen technology No WIFI capability Lightweight fragile construction Volume control limited Price point

Sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman

Roy from Florida on 4/30/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I spoke with an agent at Crutchfield and he helped answer my questions before making the purchase of this product.

Pros: The buying experience and the product itself. Very happy with the product as a whole.

Cons: That I could not see in person or hold the product before purchasing.

Great player with lots of features

BobbyE from Northern Arizona on 4/14/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This player will play your compressed and uncompressed music flawlessly. Great sound quality and easy to use.

Pros: Easy to use menus, high capacity with optional micro SD card. Medio Go software for windows comes with player and is one of the best interfaces I have seen. Great sound quality.

Cons: Not much to dislike here but I wish it was slightly larger.

Walkman is back and better than ever.

KDChau from Harvey on 4/7/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Hesitate at first,but I am glad to read all other reviews before decided to go with sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman.All I have to said,music so sweet to your ears,try for yourself to find out what is missing to music compares to other devices.

Pros: Small and user friendly,easy import all types of music songs.

Cons: Plastic case for back cover.

A potentially transformational device strikes a blow against MP3 cultu

Nick Beat from Buffalo on 4/3/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Connected to my system, the NWZ-A17, with FLAC files burned from CDs, revealed sounds I never knew were encoded on my CDs. This made me realize the shortcomings of my cd deck and why I mistakenly gave up on CDs as sounding flat. The NWZ-A17 opens the door for me to take advantage of cheap CDs. I added a 128GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC card which works fine, though, as others note, file management is clunky. Yes, once loaded, the NWZ-A17 recognizes music from both the card and its system memory seamlessly as being one device. But when loading the device or removing files, it's like working with two separate devices that can't link for file transfer. It was easy to use set the NWZ-A17 to default to the SDHC card and use Media Go to burn cds and drag files to the Walkman. But once dragged to the Walkman's SDHC card, in order to remove the MP3 files from system memory, I needed to "eject" the Walkman, allow it to update it's library, set the Walkman to system memory, reconnect to my computer, allowing me to see the system memory rather then the SDHC memory, then delete the MP3 copies of the music I just burned to the SDHC card, then eject and let the Walkman again update its library. This isn't as difficult as it seems, since I only do this after every 20 or 30 CDs (keep a list of what needs to be deleted). Once I rid myself of MP3s, I was done, and my Walkman operateed with the two card architecture being invisible.

Pros: There's nothing else quite like it on the market - especially at this price point. I don't normally right long reviews, as it's time consuming and I'm normally paid for my writing. But I despise what MP3s have done to music and music culture, and I see devices like this as a potential antidote both to MP3s, and to the flattening of music by smart phone-based audio. I really like this device.

Cons: As for the slow burns, I'd like it if the Walkman was USB3 compatible, but it's not. Also slowing down the uploading of music are Gracenote and Sony. Gracenote seems to have outages whereby album art is not available for hours at a time. And the acquisition of Senseme data from Sony is sometimes a slow process. The aforementioned clunky file handling, which is just an issue when setting up or cleaning up your files, and the slow loading, certainly aren't deal breakers. The NWZ-A17 is awesom

Sony Walkman

Pack Rat from Kansas on 4/3/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am very pleased with the Sony Walkman. I bought it because I wanted a large capacity player, that also allowed me to use Micro SD cards to expand the memory. I have a lot of music and like to be able to switch cards, when I want a different type. I like that I don't have to use Sony's software to transfer the music. I can just copy the files over to the player directly. It would be nice if it supported USB 3. I do like the shuffle, it appears to do a good mix. I have used it via USB, direct line and bluetooth, in my car. I like the bluetooth connection the best, as I get the information about the artist and the song title. Using USB or direct line out, does not give me that information. The battery charge lasts a long time many hours on a charge. My only complaint is that it doesn't keep my place when I stop it, so I have to select a song to start playing. I'd like it to remember what I was last listening too and resume from that point.

Pros: Large Capacity Great Battery life Removable media Great sound Supports many formats

Cons: Doesn't keep track of the last song played.

Very good Product

lew from Washington on 3/29/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Lightweight, easy to mange and plenty of stiorage

Pros: works as advertised

Cons: none

Sound Great* Software Poor

Old Georgia Fox from Georgia on 3/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The sound: Very, very good with two problems: 1. There is not enough power to drive some recordings at life size, especially large group recordings recorded at a lower sound level. Hence, a headphone amp and cable are needed. 2. The sound can be a tiny bit cold and metallic. Part of this is the DAC and part is the amp. When played through a tube amp, most of the coldness and metal sound go away. The software has many horrible problems. Here are two: 1. When ripping a CD you don't get a choice of available options like you do with iTunes. This results in wrong artwork, wrong language, wrong album, etc. 2. When ripping a CD or moving a file from elsewhere on your computer, the software at times puts the music into "Unknown Album" resulting in all songs from sevearl albums loading into this file. The resulting mess takes a great deal of skill and time to resolve. Microsoft reports that this is intrusive software. It uploads loads some public and shared information from your computer. The device: Not as easy to use as the iPod, and at times exasperating.

Pros: Very good sound. Compact.

Cons: Terrible software. Device cumbersome to use at times.


Sergey the Russian from Florida on 3/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Fantastic sound, Blue Tooth connectivity, versatility. The jewel from Sony has better sound than anything I've ever heard so far, and I did hear a lot of sound equipment, trust me. Over the last 15 years I've spent way too many thousand of the green on top quality audio equipment from most reputable brand names. I've got lots of expensive audio toys, but this tiny thing made me very impressed which is hard to do lately. Obviously, in order to hear what makes this toy so outstanding, you must employ the built-in equalizer, maximize both bass and treble, maximize the turbo bass setting (no high res), use Flac or other lossless format, and most importantly, hook up high quality head phones. In order to hear what this thing can do, you've got to use top cans: your cheap cell phone Chinese ear plugs can't reproduce it. I use Denon AH-D600, which used to cost $500, and now goes for $295 (should have waited), and such combination makes you fall in love with your old music collection all over again! You hear what you had never heard before. I am not Sony fan by all means: in fact I am the Opposite of it. But I am impressed with this one for sure. Good job for a change, Sony!

Pros: Sound quality, Blue Tooth, wide format selection. Did I mention sound quality? Sound quality over anything else again and again.

Cons: No way to delete tracks on the unit: have got to use computer software. No digital out. Equalizer and turbo bass does not work on high res: you have to down sample.

Great Sound, Sleek Design!

Pburr from Ohio on 3/21/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love music and have been looking for another portable player for my hi-res files. The Sony Walkman looked like the perfect combo of price and features. I loved the Bluetooth feature so I could stream to my Bluetooth speakers at home and in my vehicle. I can't believe how sleek and light this Walkman is! The screen looks great and the sound is FANTASTIC. The software did a great job of picking up all the music on my laptop and I was impressed at how it categorized all of my hi-res files separately from the other music files. The battery life seems pretty good so far. Obviously the Bluetooth drains the batter faster but I still get a few days worth of pretty consistent streaming before recharging. The only frustration was the initial syncing of the music took several hours. I don't think this will be an issue in the future as I will just be adding or changing the music and not syncing such a large amount of files. Once you figure out the navigation on the Walkman itself, it is pretty easy to move through all the music. I think for the price, this is the best portable hi-rez player on the market. You can certainly spend upwards of $400-$1000 for another hi-res player but I think this will fit most music lovers needs. Again, I love the built in Bluetooth feature! I would like to see some changes to the Bluetooth syncing feature as it is a little cumbersome but the sound is great and it is a fantastic option. Buy one and enjoy!

Pros: Screen, battery life, Bluetooth streaming, sound, light and sleek, software pretty good, FM radio is nice little extra.

Cons: Bluetooth connection feature is a little cumbersome, initial syncing of music took several hours.

Newest High Definition Walkman

AlanJS from Coral Springs,Fl on 3/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After previous Walkmans that barely held 16g of music, it was enlightening to load 64 gig into this new one. Easy to operate with straight forward controls and perfect clarity. Added scan disc for extra memory which made sense. Not sure why dumb program called MediaGo is even necessary as music loads perfectly from Internet Explorer as before. Comes with multiple equalizer choices and great bass sound. The ClearAudio from Sony is incredible. No static at all and library appears quickly. Rather expensive at $299 but much better than Pono. I do not listen to Bluetooth and only play hidef sources such as Flac.Battery lasts forever. This is a great little player at only 2 oz.shipped quickly from Crutchfield.

Pros: Sound, size, memory, controls

Cons: MediaGo


Marianne from Vermont on 3/9/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Has a really nice screen and the sound is very good

Pros: light weight

Cons: not enough instructions and over priced


bobaloo from Denver, CO on 3/6/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Finally a portable player for the audiophile/ music lover. I am an audiophile but due to an active lifestyle end up enjoying music on the go and up until now there haven't been any players designed specifically for this niche market. After using iPods, and trying out players from other companies I have been using Sony Walkman MP-3 players and found them to be very reliable, good sound for MP-3, and immune from the drops but limited to lossy files only. The A17 is very well built, sounds great and will play back my lossless files in fine form. The only drawback is the slow file transfer both on a PC and a Mac which is the only reason for my four star rating. Price wise it is a bargain when you consider that the clunky Pono cost more and offers less features while the Astell & Kern is way too expensive for a portable. I tried some hi-rez files and as expected they sound super although I won't be using hi-rez due to a desire to own what I pay for rather than rent files but my FLAC and ALAC files sound great on this player.

Pros: Price, build quality,micro sd expansion slot, useful audio features, and SOUNDS GREAT! Designed for audiophiles with none of the non-audiophile junk i.e. no camera, no apps, no touch screen, no social media, no cheap ear buds, no fluff-just a player for those who know the difference between mass market gadgets and good sounding no nonsense players. Also would like to give a shout out to Crutchfield for no shipping charges and fast delivery along with great customer service.

Cons: File transfer is slow and the proprietary Sony software needs some fine tuning.


Svose from Denver, CO on 3/2/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had an iPod classic, shuffle and iPhone prior to this. I loved the capacity of the iPod classic but scrolling through 1600 albums or 1400 artists was less than appealing. The shuffle capacity was too small and the iPhone just recently got the capacity I wanted. They all suffered the same lackluster audio quality. The walkman's layout of the screen is a far better solution than the iPod's scrolling. The built in Bluetooth is great for the car and transferring files. I personally wouldn't want to watch a movie on such a small screen but I didn't buy it for that feature. Audio is superb. However, do yourself a favor and get decent headphones. I went with the klipsche x11 abd couldn't be more pleased. The onboard 64gb storage is adequate for my staple music items but the memory card for another 128gb is even better. After months of searching, I couldn't be happier. It's about the size of the iPod nano with much better battery life and simple features to get you going.

Pros: Battery life Bluetooth Simple navigation MicroSD expansion

Cons: USB 2.0 cable for transferring data. Not a huge problem since I rarely update but the initial loading was slow.

Hi-Fidelity in your pocket

Ms_Ajm from Redmond, WA on 2/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Got this player for hi-res loss-less audio files to be used in conjunction with high-end ear buds. Expecting great sound and got EXCEPTIONALLY great sound. I've never had a home stereo that sounded better than this portable player. If you are looking for a true hi-fidelity music player, look no further. If you are looking for an all-in-one that includes good video, wireless or player that plays standard music files (Mp3, AAC or other compressed file), then this may not be the one. Would rate 4 1/2 stars if that were an option.

Pros: Incredible sound quality. All features you would expect including FM radio. Sound enhancement features not found on other players. Super easy to use menu. Excellent expandable storage and battery life.

Cons: Lack of accessories in the marketplace. "Feels" like average quality. Limited internal storage for hi-res files (external card storage a must).

Great sound, needs software update

Bob A. from Kansas on 2/26/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The form factor, sound and build quality is excellent. My complaints are that the Media Pro software is average in functionality and they should have uses a standard USB 2.0 or preferably USB 3.0 plug on the device. Loading the files takes a while with the USB 2.0 speeds. I have not fully exercised the software, mostly because if find the manual, which is HTML, is basic. I have been directly copying the file which is a bit cumbersome, but works. I think this is a good value and plays FLAC files flawlessly.

Pros: Sound Quality Build Quality

Cons: Software

Great HD music player

DC from Atlanta on 2/25/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is s great player -- in my ears using AKG 3003 earbuds it smacks the iPod and the Pono hands down (yes I own them all). Small, simple logical interface, easy file management, great sound and tons of listening EQ configuration possibilities. Battery lasts me to West Coast & back. Highly Recommend.

Pros: Simple, highly configurable, intuitive controls and interfaces (I never looked at instructions or a manual). Great sound -- with standard Apple lossless or FLAC files. Awesome battery life. Bluetooths for in car stereo use. What's not to love here!

Cons: So new that cases not readily available.

I'm 2 weeks in

Chris G from Texas on 1/28/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm just going to cut to the chase here. I love listening to HD audio on this long as I don't need to use BlueTooth, I'm happy. Getting this to sync with my ride is frustrating. I hope the folks at Sony have an update or something that will fix this issue. Another issue is that MP3s do not playback continuously. There is a noticeable 'blip' between tracks. There is no such issue with HD content, only MP3. Since the purpose of my purchase was so I could hear HD wherever I wanted, the Walkman does the job. However, these issues keep me from giving anything more than 3 stars.

Pros: Great HD sound. Love the portability.

Cons: BlueTooth is maddening.

Sony is back!

gindoman from New Jersey on 1/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

When I say Sony is back, I mean that they've gone full circle from producing high quality, high end, a little high priced, equipment that we all trusted, dropped into the bang out junk for cheap cycle, and back. I've owned a zillion portables over the years, from cassette, digital tape, minidisc, Zune, and all of the iPhone, Samsung phones with all of the "best" apps for playing music. Let's say I'm a audiophile on a beer budget. I'll say the latest Samsung stuff is amazing and I've been totally satisfied with them. This thing added a huge amount of dynamics to the sound. I pumped it through a pair of Sennheiser MM 550x and because they have a built in amp, it sounds fantastic. It's a little short of amp power so it needs an external headphone amp for the bigger headphones. I doesn't need any help for buds and I do have a pair of Klipsch buds and it sounds great. I just splurged on the new Sony headphones MDR-1A. No amp needed. At half volume on the NWZ-A17 I've never in my life heard a such an amazing range of sound. I'm very lucky in life and I'm still able to hear frequencies in the 15~17,000+ high range. Being a male and "older" that is extremely lucky. The bass is incredible and even at higher volumes when it is almost annoying, all of the mid range and highs are perfectly reproduced. As perfect as digital can be that is. The NWZ-A17 coupled with the MDR-1A headphones is by far the best portable sound on a (fairly expensive) beer budget out there. For now...

Pros: Sound Ease of use interface Battery lasts almost exactly what is advertised. Keep one thing in mind. It will NOT charge with Samsung wall chargers. I have no idea why. It will charge on PCs, iPhone wall chargers, 12 volt car USB chargers etc. But I ain't got no idea why it doesn't work with Samsung chargers.

Cons: Doesn't play wma lossless, however the Sony Media Go app does convert wma lossless to FLAC fairly quickly on upload to the unit. My entire library of 1300 ripped CDs is wma lossless. Doesn't play DSD, that's a whole other discussion that will be fixed in the launch of the Sony ZX2 $1,200 Walkman. Once again the Media Go app does convert DSD to FLAC on the fly transferring to the unit. However, it did not, in my case, convert it perfectly. I wound up with drop outs. Not a big deal at this point.

Is it worth this price?

Crutchfield customer from Salinas, CA on 1/20/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

In short NO. "Well it can play pretty much any file format". Power Amp app does that for $5 (with the exception of 192khz/24bit) and sounds just as good. Im not saying that this is not a quality product because it is, but its just that the UI and things in the software that makes this device feel very outdated. For example connecting to the computer only allows you to transfer music to either the SD or the device (select which before connect), also it does a full rescan after you unplug even if you only deleted 1 song. It might take a minute or two but it is annoying. Will it get the job done? Yes and in a very compact and size friendly package. Would i buy it again? NO. I would just rather buy a 128gb sd and use my phone to play music. For a lower price i wouldn't feel as bad for it but for the price now you can get an itouch that does a million things this player doesn't.

Pros: >Small in size and weight >Very good sound if EQd right >SD slot

Cons: >screen will get scratches first week if no protection >Software feels outdated >can't create Playlists >can't delete songs


Manuel from Florida on 1/3/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Exelent quality sound. Tiene una exelente calidad de sonido. Lo uso para escuchar files de alta resolucion (24/92 y 24/192 ) y es exelente. It has an excellent quality of sound. I use it to listen to a lot of high resolution files (24/92 and 24/192) and it's excellent.

Pros: Quiality sound, battery life, memory and price

Cons: It need cover

Crutchfield response on 1/6/2015 Translation provided by Crutchfield's Spanish Sales & Support team. Visit our new Spanish-language site at

This one grew on me

jg_meyer from Georgia on 12/30/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this as my Christmas present. I need a player that does more than MP3s, which just do not do music justice. This one does all the formats I can think of with ease. I have used it for a few weeks now including plane trips out West. It works well and I really like the battery life. Some of the functions take some getting used to, like getting back to the screen once it goes to power save mode. The sound - the most important aspect of it opened up after some initial "burn-in". I find that this unit requires matching with just the right headphones to sound best. I am still working on this combo.

Pros: Very portable, easy to use, compatibility with all major formats

Cons: Lack of case - I am using an eye glass case for protection; very limited manual; burn-in period required to sound best

I don't think the wife will hear us today

ThomasW from Arizona on 12/25/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Gave this as a Christmas present and the wife has not heard us since. I think this was a hit.

Pros: Works great with her schure 846 earbuds awesomely

Cons: So new not enough aftermarket support.

Sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman

phil w from Pennsylvania on 12/21/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This was an upgrade from a Sony NWZ F806. I purchased this from Crutchfield the first week of Dec, so have been using it for 3 weeks. I let it play overnight for a week to burn in the DAC, and the sound is sensational (B&W P5's). I play HD tracks mostly 96/24, and my own library of WAV 44/16 ripped from my own CD's (Blu ray drive, dBpoweramp). I haven't heard a PONO yet, but this Sony is a great value.

Pros: Sound with High Resolution music, Portability, Battery life

Cons: On/Off switch design could be better

Great for my uses

Mack from Massachusetts on 12/12/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I wanted a dedicated Bluetooth MP3 player for music and listening to "talking" CDs of workshops/lectures and book narrations and this fills the bill perfectly. I've been using Sony MP3 Walkmans for years - my wife and I still own and regularly use three NWZ-E345s, two NWZ-E475s and one NWZ-E465. They've all been used extensively and have never failed. But I wanted a Bluetooth MP3 player that wasn't part of a phone and didn't want to go with an iPod and have to convert all my Windows playlists that have a combo of .wma and .mp3 files. The NWZ-A17 is not cheap but decided to take a chance (not such a chance since it would have been easy to return!). I love this player. It paired easily and quickly to the car's audio system and with our Creative Sound Blaster Roar and Anker M141 bluetooth speakers. It comes with Media Go software on the device, but I downloaded it from Sony's website. You do have to use this software to sync your existing playlists to this player, but the Media Go software allowed me to import all of my playlists, as is, that were created with Windows Media Player quickly and easiy. And then syncing to the device with their software was actually quicker than when I use Win Media Player (that could be because the device itself is quicker). For music the sound is excellent. I'm listening to the same versions of songs that I've listened to on the other devices and hear elements that I hadn't heard before. I'm not an audiophile, but I can hear the difference.

Pros: Media Go software can easily import Windows Media Player (.wpl) playlists, huge amount of storage, quick & easy bluetooth pairing & connecting, fast sync speeds with included Media Go software, excellent sound quality, don't have to convert to iPod

Cons: Price

Sony NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman

Crutchfield customer from New Hampshire on 12/12/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this product to listen to music and not waste battery on my phone. Works great! Was easy to transfer files, navigate the menu for how I want to listen to my music Bluetooth works good and radio reception is not bad. Wish for the price sony had put a metal back cover instead of plastic as the unit is a bit flexible

Pros: Easy to use, expandable storage, Bluetooth,

Cons: price, lack of full manual..comes with quick start manual with more info online. case is a bit flexible

Sony NWZ-A17SLV Hi-Res Walkman

Len C from Boston, MA on 11/26/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Originally bought because of flac files and quality music in the car, house and travel. It is hooked up to Bose blue tooth speaker most of the time and it sounds great. Bought an additional Mini SD card (128 GB) and I am never at a loss for music and photos. Can't add on to Apple products! It is easy to navigate and connect to different blue tooth devices. Highly recommend if you want music no matter where you go.

Pros: Easy to Use. Price. Flawless bluetooth connectivity. Size - Fits in any pocket

Cons: Haven't found one yet.


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Overview: The Sony NWZ-A17 is a Hi-Res Walkman digital music player, capable of playing high-resolution audio files, video files, and photographs. It also has Bluetooth Audio Streaming with NFC technology and aptX codec support. The unit features a 2.2" LCD screen with 320 x 240 pixels, and an internal 64GB flash memory. You can add even more memory by inserting a microSD card up to 128GB. It also has a built-in FM tuner.

Supported Audio Formats: The NWZ-A17 Hi-Res Walkman can support multiple digital audio formats, from CD-quality (16-bit/44kHz) through sound that is 6 times the resolution of CDs (24-bit/192kHz):

MP3 32-320 kbps (incl. VBR) at 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
WMA 32-192 kbps (incl. VBR) at 44.1 kHz
AAC 16-320 kbps (incl. VBR) at 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
HE-AAC at 32-144 kbps at 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
FLAC at 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz
Linear-PCM at 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz
ALAC (Apple Lossless) 16-24 bit at 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz
AIFF 16-24 bit at 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz
Notes: Copyright-protected AAC-LC and WMA files cannot be played back. MP3 128kbps files and FLAC 192kHz/24-bit can only be played back when Bluetooth is off.

Supported Video and Photo Formats: The unit can playback videos as well as still photos in the following formats:

  • AVCHD (H.264/AVC):
    • Video: 10 Mbps bit rate, 30 fps frame rate, 720 x 480 max
    • Audio: AAC-LC 2-channel, Max bit rate 288 kbps/channel at 24, 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
  • MPEG4:
    • Video: 6 Mbps bit rate, 30 fps rate, 720 x 480 max
    • Audio: AAC-LC 2-channel, Max bit rate 288 kbps per channel at 24, 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz
  • WMV9:
    • Video: 6 Mbps bit rate, 30 fps rate, 720 x 480 max
    • Audio: WMA 32-192 kbps at 44.1 kHz
  • JPEG: Photos up to 4096 x 4096 pixels (16,000,000 pixels)

Built-in Technology: The NWZ-A17 features an aluminum die-cast chassis with internal circuitry borrowed from the advanced ES home audio products. The low-impedance circuit board uses Sony high-purity lead-free solder for efficient, spacious, and natural sound. S-Master HX digital amplification, which is optimized for high-resolution audio playback, delivers a wide 20Hz-to-40kHz frequency range. DSEE HX technology puts back the high frequencies that are lost due to audio compression, and expands the audio signal's bit depth to give you clear, open sound quality.

Memory: The NWZ-A17 has a 64 GB internal memory, which is enough for about 200 high-resolution tracks (24-bit/192kHz FLAC). The unit's memory card slot will accept microSD cards up to 128 GB, giving you a total memory of 192 GB (enough for approx. 600 hi-res music files).

Bluetooth Audio Streaming: With built-in Bluetooth (version 2.1 + EDR 2.4 GHz), you can listen to your music files wirelessly on compatible devices up to 30 feet away. You can also wirelessly transfer content to and from another Bluetooth device. Devices that have the NFC (Near-Field Communication) function, can be automatically turned on, and paired with the Walkman, by simply touching the back of the Walkman to the device on the NFC logo. In the menu, you can set the wireless playback quality to prioritize either the sound quality (with aptX codec support) or the connection quality (without aptX).

FM Tuner: The NWZ-A17 has a built-in FM tuner with 30 station presets. The tuner's frequency range is 87.5 - 108.0 MHz, and the scan sensitivity can be set to High or Low. You can manually set the FM reception to Mono to improve reception. When the Auto setting is chosen, the tuner automatically selects stereo or mono reception automatically, depending upon reception conditions. You can only listen to FM radio with headphones, because the headphones serve as the antenna. The preset stations can be set automatically or manually.

Rechargeable Battery: The Walkman has a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (960 mAh). After a 4-hour full recharging time, the unit's estimated battery life is as follows:

File Type/Activity Bluetooth Off Bluetooth On
MP3 (128 kbps) 50 hours 23 hours
L-PCM (1411 kbps) 51 hours 23 hours
FLAC (96 kHz/24-bit) 40 hours 16 hours
FLAC (192 kHz/24-bit) 30 hours 11 hours
MPEG-4 (384 kbps) 14 hours 10 hours
FM Radio 22 hours N/A

File Playback Modes: The NWZ-A17 has the following playback modes: Normal, Repeat, Shuffle, Shuffle and Repeat, Repeat 1 Song, and SensMe Channels. The SensMe Channels function automatically groups songs by theme, and plays them according to your mood, current activity, time of day, or other criteria. The songs must first be analyzed through the on-board 12 Tone Analysis, or other third party software.

Connections/System Requirements: The Walkman has two connections on the bottom of the unit: a 3.5mm stereo headphone output, and a 22-pin WM-PORT for connecting the unit to a computer using the supplied USB cable. The NWZ-A17 is compatible with computers with the following operating systems: Windows Vista SP2 (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate), Windows 7 SP1 (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate), Windows 8 (8 and 8 Pro), Windows 8.1 (8.1 and 8.1 Pro), and Mac OS X v10.6 or later.

Home Menu: The Home Menu appears when you first turn on the unit. Through the Home Menu, you can select from the following actions: SensMe Channels, Music, Photos, Bookmark, Settings, FM Radio, Playlists, Videos, Podcasts, Bluetooth, SD Card Settings, and Go To Song Playback Screen.

AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System): You can activate the AVLS to limit the maximum volume to prevent auditory disturbance or distraction. When the AVLS is set to "On", you can listen to music at a comfortable volume level.

Hold: The Hold button allows you to lock and disable the controls on the player to prevent accidental commands.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I wanted a Hi-Res music player that would last for at least 12 hours on battery power, and after still having my Sony cassette Walkman (still working), that went to Desert Storm with me, I had to stay loyal to the brand. I've had the new Walkman for the last almost 2 years, no issues, sounds great. [ Timothy Jordan  Mar 28, 2017 ]
Great!!! I use it every day at the gym and my walks with my dogs. I recommend it. [ Federico  Mar 22, 2017 ]
Replacing iPod Classic: wanted to add radio as well as lots of storage. This seems to fit the bill. Cannot wait to try it [ Diane  Feb 18, 2017 ]
hi res music [ Lawrence  Nov 13, 2016 ]
Better audio than MP3. Large size built in memory. Available memory expansion. Rechargeable Li-ion battery. [ Scott  Aug 23, 2016 ]
The plan is to use the Walkman with my stereo. I think I will be able to select music anywhere in my house and hear it on my home stereo system. I'll bluetooth it to a Roxa bluetooth receiver. I hope it works! [ William  Aug 21, 2016 ]
Wanted to replace my old MP-3 player. Had used Crutchfield before with good results. Called to get some questions about this item answered and "Maverick" was very helpful and patient with providing all the info I was seeking. Maverick's Bio: [ Eric  Jul 06, 2016 ]
Returned this player for the Sony high-end player. [ Aaron  Jun 09, 2016 ]
Massive storage with expansion [ sean  Jun 09, 2016 ]
Gift for brother. HiRes audio is a lot better than standard MP3s! [ John C  May 04, 2016 ]
Great advice from the Crutchfield advisor [ kent  Apr 23, 2016 ]
Hi-Fi Sound and Mem Capacity [ UBALDO  Mar 26, 2016 ]
equivalent newer device has less storage [ Sunny  Mar 25, 2016 ]
This product gives me the sound quality of my old LP collection with the convenience of MP3 players that doesn't take up any phone memory space and has a MUCH longer batter life! [ Michael  Mar 21, 2016 ]
High Quality [ ROSS  Feb 25, 2016 ]
With Crutchfield, I know I'm getting the REAL product. I read a ton positive of reviews about this hi-res player. I have a older Sony Walkman mp3 player that is still going strong so I decided to treat myself to an upgrade. [ michael  Feb 23, 2016 ]
This device supports hi-rez files and is much cheaper that competing devices. [ Michael  Feb 14, 2016 ]
This sony Walkman is new to me. I read some reviews before I bought it. The reviews were very helpful for me! [ JACK  Feb 14, 2016 ]
I have an older Sony MP3 Walkman that is about 5 years old now. I use it to listen to music while working out or doing projects around the house. It still works flawlessly. I decided to get this newer Walkman for two reasons. First, the 16GB memory of my current Walkman is full, and I have a lot more music I want to be able to listen to. Second, this newer version has Bluetooth capability, which will allow me to dispense with the annoying earbuds cord when I'm listening to my favorite tunes. [ Willard  Feb 09, 2016 ]
I am replacing a 12 year old IPOD. I like the idea of being able to have 192GB memory plus the option of using a memory card. The price was very competitive to the gen 6 IPOD. Plus I like to deal with a trusted source like Crutchfield instead of a who knows where IPOD source. I feel confident I made the right decision. [ David  Feb 04, 2016 ]
It stores Hi-res files as well as all others and has a real good interface . [ RONNIE S  Jan 31, 2016 ]
Because it broadcast Bluetooth for my new Bose Soundlink. [ CARLOS  Jan 08, 2016 ]
Pono not a good fit for me. Screen is too sensitive and changes songs accidentally. [ A  Dec 11, 2015 ]
I love music and its natural sounds. I like to hear each instrument clearly! Specially in live music. [ Thomas  Dec 10, 2015 ]
Sony Walkman,features and reputation. [ KHUONG  Dec 09, 2015 ]
reviews/price [ Theresa  Dec 08, 2015 ]
I did a lot of research on hi-res. I wanted a player that has great sound but not too expensive [ Ken  Dec 03, 2015 ]

32 questions already asked

I can't find that setting in any of the menus. I don't believe it does as it is not a communication device. I have used mine on an airplane with no problems. [ MIKE H  Jan 24, 2017 ]
There's no airplane mode, probably because there's no WiFi, only Bluetooth. [ GEORGE  Jan 24, 2017 ]
It doesn't have WiFi so it's always in airplane mode [ carl  Jan 22, 2017 ]
It would have to be a thin strap. On the bottom left of the back, there is a 2mmX3.3mm opening. Swinging left 90deg there is a 2.5mmX2mm opening on the bottom left side. The two openings tunnel to each other. [ Jon  Dec 06, 2016 ]
Yes. It has an opening on the corner for a wrist or neck strap to be attached. Sorry i don't remember if the strap is included. [ Jon  Dec 06, 2016 ]
On the bottom right hand corner actually. I use a lanyard that has a string loop on the end of it that works great. [ DOUGLAS G  Dec 06, 2016 ]
There is a opening on the side that goes to the bottom a that allows for a strap to be inserted and tied on. [ Trevor  Dec 06, 2016 ]
The player does not have any provision to attach a neck strap. [ Sunny  Dec 06, 2016 ]
According to Sony's website, it does not. However it does handle FLAC which is a lossless format that Wav can be converted to. [ MIKE H  Dec 06, 2016 ]
I do believe so. It is a great investment if you listen to high def audio. [ William  Dec 06, 2016 ]
Actually if you use the import feature with media go the playlist will transfer over just fine. No need to reorganize. It will create a new playlist file in a different format and leave the windows media one intact. [ Trevor  Dec 06, 2016 ]
I am pretty sure you will have to sort them again however, I did not use windows media player [ kristy  Dec 01, 2016 ]
I can confirm that the Walkman NWZ-A17 model recognizes a Samsung 256GB EVO Plus microSDXC UHS-I card (class 10). Even though the specs of the device state that it supports up to 120GB microSD cards only, the one I have works fine, shows the full card capacity in the device, and I had no issues transferring my files to it or subsequently playing them! So yes, the device actually does support a 256GB card (at least the make/model of the microSD I card I tried). [ Andrew  Oct 01, 2016 ]
The Sony NWZ-A17 unit's memory card slot will accept microSD/SDHC/SDXC cards up to 128 GB; so it wouldn't be able to support a 256 GB card. I hope that helps. My Bio: [ Larry  Aug 07, 2016 ]  Staff
Doesn't matter. Any quality receiver will work just fine, [ Robert  Mar 15, 2016 ]
I can't answer your question about a Sony receiver. I have mine paired with a Onkyo and it sounds just fine. I would venture a guess that the Sony walkman would sync well with a Sony receiver. After all it is just bluetooth connection. [ Leonard  Mar 15, 2016 ]
This item is an MP3 player and is a stand alone device that does not need to pair with a reciever. It can be paired with any compatible bluetooth device for better sound. This walkman is a great device with great storage and ease of use. [ wolif51  Mar 15, 2016 ]
It does not matter [ Daniel  Mar 15, 2016 ]
Yes, there is a cable you can use. Google Fiio Sony cable. Should be less than 10 bucks. [ Roger  Jan 18, 2016 ]
No. Not sure DAC would do much to improve the Sony. [ William  Jan 18, 2016 ]
Yes you can but they are not as pure of sound as from a high definition record or CDs store site on the Internet those are the purest highest quality but they are worth it [ Neil  Dec 20, 2015 ]
I don't know about eMusic but I tell you that it does work with ripped CD files. [ Larry  Dec 20, 2015 ]
Yes it does [ MIKE H  Dec 20, 2015 ]
Hello, Yes, that is what it is for - ripping cd's to storing file on device. Can be flac, aiff, alac, AAC, files ect.. [ AARON  Dec 19, 2015 ]
Don't know about eMusic files but it will accept files ripped from CDs. [ donald  Dec 19, 2015 ]
It is made out of aluminum. I have mine for over a year now and no issues. I ended up buying a leatherette case for it to keep dirt out and keep the screen scratch free. I travel a lot and it is nice and small, sounds great, easy to use and holds lots of music. I'd buy it again. [ GERRET  Dec 16, 2015 ]
High grade plastic- its a solid unit overall with good build quality. [ Victor de  Dec 15, 2015 ]
The out housing is plastic, I'm not sure how strong or durable. The player is very light in weight and may break if dropped on hard surface. I ordered a iGadgitz Black Silicone Skin Case Cover from Amazon for protection. [ RICHARD  Dec 15, 2015 ]
Is some kind of metal, yes durable...I have dropped it a couple of times. [ DAYRO  Dec 15, 2015 ]
It's made of aluminum that feels good in your hand but I don't believe it would handle being dropped from standing very well. [ Mary  Dec 15, 2015 ]
The front face is aluminum, the back side is plastic. I have had it 1 year, use it every day, and it is durable. [ Christopher  Dec 15, 2015 ]
If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer. You can also post your question in our forums: Or try our online support center: [ Krissy  Nov 25, 2015 ]  Staff
Yes that should work. There is an icon for SD Card settings on the main menu. Should click on that and then click on Insert/Remove SD card, Should work seamlessly. [ Donn  Nov 24, 2015 ]
Yes, you can definitely have multiple micro SD cards. Just use the menu setting to eject one card and insert the new one. I would recommend using the player to format each card (Fat32) to insure compatibility. [ Robert  Nov 21, 2015 ]
I would say yes. I note that after I add new music to my SD card, when I power up the player it rebuilds the library and the new tunes are added too the library. I'm considering doing much the same myself. [ DOUGLAS G  Nov 20, 2015 ]
I think this is a question for Sony. I have two separate micro SD cards and swap them in and out depending what I want to listen to. If you have multiple and the information is all listed in the Artists, Songs or Albums it could become a space issue. Maybe it could handle the increased volume. I never noticed if only the songs on the internal drive and the songs on the SD card in the slot are accounted for or if all songs regardless of how many individual SD cards you have. I do love the player. [ Leonard  Nov 20, 2015 ]
This is possible. The device is not tethered to a single removable SD card. [ Andy  Nov 20, 2015 ]
It does not appear as a valid source on itunes. However ipods and other devices such as phones and mp3's will connect with the sony go program. Personally as a consumer I prefer the sony go program in favor of itunes due to the ease of use and lack of glitches make for a much smoother process. [ Stephen  Jul 16, 2015 ]
Didn't work for me. But I am not tech savvy- gave up and sent it back [ MARTIN  Jul 13, 2015 ]
It will not appear on itunes like an ipod does, it will not appear on itunes period. Good luck on transferring music on itunes to the Sony music software. Mostly the music will not transfer over to the Sony database. [ JACK  Jul 13, 2015 ]
You have to use sony software. It won't appear in iTunes. The other option is to draw and drop option. [ Amir  Jul 13, 2015 ]
I Just drag and drop music where I want it, no special software [ Josh  Jul 13, 2015 ]
The storage should be able to accept the files but I have no idea as to how you would do playback. CD music file formats are not supported as far as I recall. [ DOUGLAS G  Jul 15, 2015 ]
No you cannot. [ susan  Jul 12, 2015 ]
Songs from the CD must be "ripped" using widely available software to a file format readable by the Sony. Ripping the songs to the flac format will yield an exact copy of the music but with the added benefit of smaller file size. The files on the CD are essentially .wav files and can be played by the Sony but at the expense of larger file size. Everyone has their own favorite ripping software but the software is widely available. [ Robert  Jul 12, 2015 ]
I don't know. I copy cd to audio files and then sync with Sony App. [ EPR  Jul 12, 2015 ]
That's not how I load music onto the device. So I can't really answer for sure. If you have ripping software all you need to do is rip the cd then copy the music onto the device. You can check out the Sony manual that comes with the device. It is a very cool device. I use it when running, walking and in the car all the time. [ Leonard  Jul 12, 2015 ]
Yes - you can either use a cable with 3.5mm on one end and 2 RCA's on the other(mind is an Audioquest) or buy a bluetooth DAC like the ARCAM Mini Blink. In both cases, plug the two RCA ends into an input on AVR. [ Donn  Jun 06, 2015 ]
Yes - easy to do. The cheapest way is to buy a cable with 3.5mm on one end and two RCA connectors on other - mine is Audioquest. Or buy a DAC/Bluetooth like the Arcam Mini Blink and stream to receiver by Bluetooth. In either case, connect the RCA's to one of the AVR' s inputs. [ Donn  May 31, 2015 ]
I don't see why not. I use mine in my car all the time. My car stereo has an Auxiliary input and I use a 1/8" male x 1/8" male phono cord to connect it to the earphone output of my Walkman. Works great! [ DOUGLAS G  May 25, 2015 ]
Yes. Get a cable with one 3.5 plug for the Sony out to 2 RCA jacks and plug into one of your inputs on the receiver. [ William  May 25, 2015 ]
With the proper cable matching the NWZ-A17 earphone 3.5mm female connector to any cable connector adapter to fit whatever A/V device your desire to attach, . . . . YES [ Ronald  May 25, 2015 ]
I am answering this question partially in response to the first answer. All of my comments are my opinions on digital music. If one wants to save file space, then FLAC is probably the best way to capture CD quality sound in a computer related file (playable on this Walkman and any other DAC equipped device). FLAC is better for metadata. However, I am firmly convinced of the following, having spent months doing comparisons and running A/B tests with friends who are also into this playback format. I only use WAV. I rip my CD's at 96/24 WAV. This is the only way to come close to HD tracks ( I have over 100 albums, all WAV, a few at 192/24 or 88/24). I have this Sony (I think I did one of the first reviews of it here), but I also have a PONO, Oppo 105 (bought here), Pioneer N50, and a new Cambridge Audio 851N (Wow, best sound I have ever heard). I would further add that I have found almost no benefit for 192/24. I have resampled the Neil Young albums I bought from PONO from 192/24 FLAC to 96/24 WAV, giving me a better sounding smaller file. FLAC may be "lossless", but it is not "process less". As to ripping CD's at their original 44/16, do some listening tests and see if you can hear a difference over time. My ears have become conditioned to the much smoother playback of 96/24, to the point that I can't listen to 44/16 anymore. [ Phil  May 21, 2015 ]
The best format for ripping CD's is the .flac format. Ripping to .flac will create a lossless version of the CD retaining full sound quality at a reduced file size. CD's are not "Hi-Res" by definition, the term "Hi-Res" refers to recordings made at higher bit rate and sampling rates. Hi-res recordings are available from several sources such as HD Tracks. Hope this helps. [ Robert  May 18, 2015 ]
Sony has developed a new codec (LDAC) that will send up to 3x more data via bluetooth. [ BRUCE K  Apr 24, 2015 ]
You're correct that it is not capable of Hi-Res (24 bit/ 192kHz) playback over bluetooth. What the device does is it down samples it to 16 bit (which is CD quality). So normal FLAC and WAV files that you download or rip from CDs will play over bluetooth without being converted, it is only the 24 bit HD files that get down sampled. So, this device will still be able to play lossless audio over Bluetooth, and sounds absolutely great. I use the bluetooth to connect it to my car stereo system. aptX is an audio compression codec, which is essentially what downsamples your audio when it is streamed over bluetooth so that it can the bluetooth connection can handle the bandwidth. DSEE is a sound effect that is supposed to "Up-scale the original compressed or CD quality audio to the equivalent of Hi-Res Audio". I cannot comment on how good this is since, I have never used it. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This is just another way for devices to communicate with each other that works similarly to bluetooth. Lastly, S-Master HX is a type of amplifier that this device uses. I have copied this following information about it from the Sony sight: "S-Master® HX digital amplification, uniquely developed for high resolution audio playback, delivers faithful, detailedwide-frequency audio reproduction. DSEE HX works in two ways to delivers natural, spacious sound. First, it restores the high frequency signals stripped by the audio compression process. Second, it can accurately expand audio signal bit-depth, in real-time, to near hi-resolution sound quality. " However, when streaming over bluetooth the audio never reaches the amplifier. The amplifier only works when connected to a headset. That's because the connected device is suppose to amplify the signal. Overall, the device sounds superb over bluetooth and suffers virtually no loss in sound quality. [ susan  Apr 23, 2015 ]
I am not 100% sure, but I would say "no'. [ William  Apr 22, 2015 ]
aptX is a higher quality Bluetooth streaming but it's not hi res [ Allan  Apr 22, 2015 ]
It uses the headset as an antenna. The longer the cord, the better the antenna. No physical headset, no signal. [ Andy  Apr 19, 2016 ]
Definitely needs the headphone wire to act as the antenna. [ Robert  Mar 30, 2015 ]
Yes William you need the wire. You cannot use the FM radio on a bluetooth device. Thanks [ Yasser Abdel  Mar 30, 2015 ]
This unit cannot be used with the USB of a car stereo or any other device, you have to use it as analogue out only. I use it on my Pioneer car stereo and it really sounds magnificent. All because this is actually a high rez player and is intended to be used that way mostly. I don't quite understand the second half of the question. Thanks [ Yasser Abdel  Mar 30, 2015 ]
I have a car stereo that has both a Bluetooth option and an "auxiliary" 1/8" phono jack input. Either one will work with my Sony Walkman. [ DOUGLAS G  Mar 21, 2015 ]
Haven't used mine in a car. [ William  Mar 21, 2015 ]
It seamlessly plays from both. I have a couple 128gb that I switch in and out depending on the genre. A wonderful little player [ William  Dec 06, 2016 ]
when you transfer music onto the device you have to chose storage or sd card but it is all one library when you play music. so yes it does play from both. i haven't used the sd card yet but i saw this from another reviewer. hope this answer your question. [ marianne  Mar 10, 2015 ]
When you download Media Go on your PC it will automatically find and show what is already in your music files. Then you connect the player and check all the songs/albums that you want to put on the player. You don't have to re-buy anything. [ Sunny  Dec 06, 2016 ]
you can import your music to media go and you are suppose to be able to drag and drop. i used the media go so not sure about the drag and drop [ marianne  Mar 10, 2015 ]
Yes, I converted all my ITunes library [ DAYRO  Mar 02, 2015 ]
No, it does not. It's like a hard drive that works with a standard file system and then there's a FM radio but no on line streaming capabilities. Good ol' walkman where you can pack nearly 200GB of audio files and the sound that is better than anything I ever heard in a portable format. [ Aleksandar  Mar 03, 2015 ]
No streaming [ Stephen  Mar 03, 2015 ]
No, there is no wifi built into the device to connect to the Internet. The Bluetooth can send/receive a file or stream audio from the device to a player. [ Seth  Mar 02, 2015 ]
This player does not come with WiFi but does have Bluetooth and supports NFC connectivity. So, you should be able to connect to your smart phone and stream, or connect with a bluetooth device for streaming. [ BYRON  Mar 02, 2015 ]
yes [ DAVID D  Mar 02, 2015 ]
No it does not. But it does have FM radio. [ Matthew  Mar 02, 2015 ]
Hi Sue, I haven't tried that yet. I'll check and let you know [ DAYRO  Mar 02, 2015 ]
Yes, it does connect to Mac and you don't have to use iTunes. Front is metal, back is plastic. Screen is some sort of glass, but it is not touch screen. [ Saul  Mar 01, 2015 ]
I am a PC user, so I can't answer about MAC. The case is metal. I believe the screen is glass, but I am actually not sure. It was not a consideration when i decided to purchase. I have no complaints about the screen. [ Christopher  Feb 27, 2015 ]
It should work with Mac . I just can't tell you because I do not own Any Apple products anymore. I use to own the iPod but this player is superior to the iPod . The case is a combo of metal and plastic. The screen seems 've be lie a plastic material. The device is small Which I preferred if it was a little bigger. The unit works with or with it the go music software, which is a little slow with tranfering songs but I'm sure future updates will take care of that . Its overall a great unit , decent amount of storage up to 192gb. The dislikes I have about it is the firmware and UI seem outdated , the overall size of the Unit(to small ) and the software used to transfer songs is to slow. But regardless it's supior to the iPod . Recommended this for its price and sound but I'd I had the money is go with the new Sony walkman or a astell and kern unit . [ Joy  Feb 26, 2015 ]
Hello David, First of all, i don't have a Mac, so answering this question is more of a guess. As long as Mac OS supports the SONY media software you should be good, also this device is read like any flash drive, so again, i see no reason why it should give you any problems. [ Azael  Feb 26, 2015 ]
I have no trouble syncing my NWZ-A17 with my MacBook Air, or Win 8.1 computers. My principal way to update media content, however, is via expansion card, which is one of the most compelling reasons to own this player. I'll never go back to other media players I have used in the past. [ Thomas  Feb 26, 2015 ]
I don't own any Apple products. The front of the case is metal. The back of the case is plastic, the screen appears to be plastic. It is not a touch screen. The functions are button controlled. An all metal case and glass screen would have been nice. Hope this helps. [ Douglas  Feb 26, 2015 ]
Sorry- I can tell you that the case is metal and the screen is glass. [ JEFFREY M  Feb 26, 2015 ]
Sorry- I use a PC and can't answer this question. It is a very nice sounding unit for the money! [ JEFFREY M  Feb 26, 2015 ]
Yes -- plugs right into your Mac -- use file folders and desktop to drag and drop folders onto the Sony -- just like moving files and folders to any memory stick or sd card. And yes its metal. Buy it you'll love it :) [ doug  Feb 26, 2015 ]
Hi Jay, Yes the Sony supports gapeless playback on FLAC, l don't know about mp3 because l didn't place mp3 files on it, but l gues it does as well. Bye [ Yasser Abdel  Feb 25, 2015 ]
Sorry, don't listen to mp3. But CD's and higher res downloads play and sound terrific. Much better then ipod. And the battery stays alive for hours and hours and hours. Hope this helps some. Jack [ JACK  Feb 25, 2015 ]
Sorry but what is the answer - if I load flac files are they gapless??? if I load MP3 files are they gapless??? [ Jay  Feb 25, 2015 ]
It is not gap less on live albums. FLAC is hapless. [ Fernando  Feb 25, 2015 ]
I've had no problems to speak of to date, I love it [ Josh  Feb 25, 2015 ]
I only loaded ALAC or better files. Only issue I had was upon inserting a full 64gb chip the Sony reformatted it for me and the would only display error messages. Crutchfield sent me a new one. Not able to load anything. Sent it back for refund and gave up. My iPod works fine. Wish you luck. [ MARTIN  Feb 25, 2015 ]
I believe you are correct in your assessment, but I bought it because its the cheapest mp3 at 64g with 128 micro ~$100 for total of 192gigs. I mainly purchased for capacity and drop and drag structure into folders. ITunes drives me crazy. [ Daniel  Feb 16, 2015 ]
I have found that I get a smoother sound out of my NWZ. I don't use what I consider "high res" ear buds, I use ifrogz ear pollution plugz. I get good base and clear high notes. Plus it has the highest storage capabilities I could find A major plus in my book. [ DOUGLAS G  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Yes sir you are correct. [ Egward  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Good question Eric. Here's a few reasons why I purchased the NWZ-A17, and why I have been very happy with it. 1. Interface: Physical buttons vs. a touch screen is a major plus for me. The Sony UI is really second to none. 2. Form. This thing is tiny, and easily slips into a shirt pocket. 3. Capacity: 64Gb on board, and expandable via microSD. 4. FLAC support: I agree that lossless is overkill for a portable player. Where FLAC is important is with respect to gapless playback. I would have been equally happy with native OGG support if it was available. That being said, here's another plus for FLAC: At home, all my CDs are ripped to FLAC for two-channel playback (Vortexbox/Squeezebox). Transcoding for portable use is now a thing of the past. Less time futzing and more time listening! [ David  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Size + capacity + UI + battery life = a phenomenal little player that's good enough for high quality CIEMs on the go. Being able to carry around ~180+ GB of music with me when traveling and have it last through 26+ hours of flights and layovers without needing a charge is pretty amazing. [ Ravi  Feb 11, 2015 ]
I use my Sony on a regular basis in the car, to and from work. I use it at work with headphones and on my walks at lunchtime. I like that I can play flac and mp3 files and you can take it anywhere. If you are an audiophile these players aren't for you. If you want a player that is easy to use and is well built you may want to look into this unit. I wonder how you feel about some players that cost $1000? The player fits my needs plain and simple. [ Leonard  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Eric, if you have the answer why ask? I Like It ,Sounds as good as it gets to me. [ Sharon  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Sometimes people buy things for different reasons that you might think, while I dont buy into the snake oil of all the promises and technical specs this unit offers, it does have one feature that I really like, it provides for a 128GB Memory card, which NOT many other portables do, plus it supports bluetooth which my car stereo supports for playback. That, and the fact that it plays FLAC files Which I do prefer to low rate MP3's, so yeah, its hardly a waste of money, and besides I wasnt and wont ever be stupid enough to purchase sony's $1000.00 walkman, :P, this thing ran about 50.00 more than the last Ipod Classic did, with better features and better quality of playback. Plus like I said, it plays FLAC files.... [ Kenneth  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Yes, my car loves it. [ William  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Well, actually, all of your scientifical, mathematical, physical properties both of the human ear, and the current state of design engineering of speaker cones can do are probably correct. But, me using this little old thing is far above any other music player I ever used and I have used most all of the U.S. manufacturers music players made over the last twenty years. So I say "this player's technical guts is reaching your specifications. Whatever the trickery it has ... IT MAKES HEARING MUSIC FANTASTIC! ... using any poor headphones. Try one. [ Ronald  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Just go to local retailer and experience it yourself. Only yourself could answer this question. [ Vinh  Feb 11, 2015 ]
You can upsample iTunes 256Kb files to higher sample rates but you can not recreate the missing musical information that was lost in the original creation of the lossy AAC file. Any improvement in the upsampled file would not be worth the dramatic increase in the size of the upsampled file. The Sony NWZ-A17SW will play the iTunes file to it's maximum potential due to its superior audio electronics. Enjoy the music! [ Robert  Dec 23, 2014 ]
Thanks Bushra, can I use an Audioquest USB cable with this unit. I have not opened the box yet . It's a Christmas gift [ Michael  Dec 23, 2014 ]
Hi Michael, Actually l don't know any software that converts to high rez format. The Xact software transforms any format to any format but always 16/44.1. Don't forget that tracks you buy from itunes have a very low bitrate, they are the lowest quality, apart from those "made for itumes". So bottom line you can download the xact software for Mac and change from m4a to flac and vice versa but not high rez. If you need anything more you can ask anytime if l was able to help. Thanks Yasser [ Yasser Abdel  Dec 22, 2014 ]
I do not know the answer to this question because it was purchased as a Christmas gift and therefore not even opened by the intended user as yet. Sorry can't help here. [ Margaret  Dec 22, 2014 ]
You cannot convert ITunes to high res files. You also cannot convert cd files to high res files. If you want high res files, you need to download them from a site like HDTracks or Pono. Google high resolution files to learn more. [ Glenn  Dec 22, 2014 ]
You can't convert files from ITunes to Hi-res audio. If you have CD, you can convert to lossless (FLAC). For instance, MP3 song (iTunes) = 128 - 320 Kbps about 3.5 MB to 8.7 MB. Lossless (hi-res audio) 25 - 40 MB. So, you have to buy or download loseless. [ Vinh  Dec 22, 2014 ]
No you can not. Hi-rez files can only be purchased as Hi-rez. As a rule you can only convert downward from Hi-rez to Lossless (CD) to compressed (iTunes) [ STAN  Dec 22, 2014 ]
ITunes files from the ITunes store are low resolution files. You can't turn them into high resolution files. That would be like turning a low resolution photo into a high resolution photo. Although if you have Apple Lossless files those are high resolution files and should play on this device. You can also use XLD (a Mac based program) to convert amongst most any file type. But it can't take a low resolution file and make it a high resolution file. The info in a low resolution file that is lost when it is compressed can't be regained by any mechanism. If it could, there wouldn't be a reason to have high resolution files in the first place. [ Edward Nathan  Dec 21, 2014 ]
I use dbPoweramp to rip lossless files (ALAC) directly from CDs. iTunes will rip them into ALAC as well but may contain occasional errors. Once they are in AAC or MP3 format (lossy) they cannot be up converted to lossless...."you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear" :) [ John  Dec 21, 2014 ]
You cannot convert low resolution audio into hi-rez audio. You can take the low resolution file and convert it into a 24 by 96khz file but the data is still low resolution in a bigger box(file size). What you can do is convert your CD's into 16 by 44.1khz files which will allow your player to play real CD quality music. Only a few other players all costing more than $300 can do this. To get real hi-rez audio you need to purchase audio that was actually recorder at 24 by 96khz or higher. Most music available at hi-rez down load sites are actually up converted CD quality audio which is no better than the original CD or is up converted from the master tapes which is no better than the tape itself. Much of this music sounds really good but is not real hi-rez audio. Most legacy music that is up converted to 24 by 96khz is mislabeled as hi-rez when it is no more than CD quality in a bigger file. If you can get a true hi-rez music file (one that was recorded with a mike capable of recording to 40khz and recorded on a 24 by 96khz digital recorder then you will then and only then hear the potential of your player. [ Michael  Dec 21, 2014 ]
I can only offer you a partial answer, as I have never used iTunes. At this time it appears that iTunes does not offer high res downloads. If you are trying to up convert an mp3 or AAC or such, the answer is not to bother. Once compressed, you can't go back. You might be able to create a file that is higher res, but it will still sound like an mp3. I have over 40 HD tracks downloads and a library of 44/16 WAV files I ripped from my own CD's using dBpoweramp. Both sound fantastic on this Sony Walkman (B&W P5's). I would not spend the extra money to listen to mp3's. [ Phil  Dec 21, 2014 ]
The Sony nwz a17 walkman play almost any audio files ,you wouldn't need to convert your file to high resolution because the file you would try to convert wouldn't sound any difference from being compressed also if you do convert the file it would just be a waste of space cause it's not the original file (hopefully this help I tried to explain as Best to my knowledge) [ jonathan  Dec 21, 2014 ]
You can't convert iTunes files into high resolution or any other files. You can only buy high resolution songs from certain websites. [ Amir  Dec 21, 2014 ]
I don't have the answer [ david  Dec 21, 2014 ]
Yes it does have playlist capability, however it doesn't happen through windows media player anymore like previous Walkman versions. I had to download Sony's GO Software and build the playlist within that in order to update the Device with it. Very pleased overall. I feel like a trillion dollars carrying around so much music in the palm of my hand. also the lossless formatted songs do in fact sound even better. [ Raymond  Dec 02, 2014 ]
Yes, you create them when you are connected to your computer via USB and using the "Media Go" program that comes with the Sony NWZ. Good Luck. [ Ronald  Dec 02, 2014 ]
Yes. You can create a playlist with this MP3 player. [ Leonard  Dec 02, 2014 ]
I am not sure. I don't think so. You might be able to use the micro sd card for playlists. It is a great player soundwise, but leaves a lot to be desired if you have used iPods. [ William  Dec 02, 2014 ]
Yes. [ Paul  Dec 02, 2014 ]
Just put some flac files I didnt get a chance to play with it, just bought it for my friend, sorry couldnt help you out... [ Jerome  Dec 02, 2014 ]
Yes. You create it with Sony media go. I did a playlist of over 200 songs. You can do multiple lists also. [ EPR  Dec 02, 2014 ]
The supplied cord does not work as a usb out. Only the headphone plug or Bluetooth will work. [ GERRET  Dec 16, 2015 ]
I'm not sure about the USB port. I have an aftermarket stereo in my car and it will accept iPods USB sticks, etc. I use my WALMAN through the AUX input 1/8" phono plug. Works great. [ DOUGLAS G  Jul 15, 2015 ]
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question. [ Jeff  Dec 04, 2014 ]  Staff
This is not a specific answer to this question, but an fyi for this or any other high end DAC: PLAY IT FOR AT LEAST 50 HOURS before evaluating it. I let mine run overnight at low volume for a week. Just like my experience with the Cambridge Audio 752, the sound improved significantly. [ Phil  Dec 21, 2014 ]
Good question, Nowhere in the literature or other websites could I find an answer.all I know is this unit sounds fantastic with whatever codec I put on it. [ Penny  Nov 20, 2014 ]
Sony S-master DAC-amp chip [ STAN  Nov 20, 2014 ]
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: We don't have the full specs of this yet just preliminary information, though computer type shouldn't matter but operating system will. If using Windows XP or above; it will be compatible. It's just drag-and-drop style simplicity for easy transfer of files from your computer. Looking at Sony's website, they list the following operating systems as being compatible. Windows® XP2 (Service Pack 3 or later) Windows Vista® (Service Pack 2 or later) Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1 or later) Windows® 8 Mac OS X v10.6 or later We should have more information available on the finer details of this product in the coming weeks. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Nov 14, 2014 ]  Staff