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Sony SVR-2000

Hard disk video recorder

Item # 158SVR2000

Imagine a VCR that doesn't use tapes, but does know your favorite show is on — even when you don't.

Imagine a VCR that doesn't use tapes, but does know your favorite show is on — even when you don't.

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Contact our Virginia-based experts.
Discontinued item

Item # 158SVR2000

Need help?
Contact our Virginia-based experts.

About the Sony SVR-2000

Imagine a VCR that doesn't use tapes, but does know your favorite show is on — even when you don't. Imagine creating an instant replay during a live TV broadcast to catch that play you just missed. You're imagining life with Sony's hard disk recorder.

Imagine a VCR that doesn't use tapes, but does know your favorite show is on — even when you don't. Imagine creating an instant replay during a live TV broadcast to catch that play you just missed. You're imagining life with Sony's hard disk recorder.

The SVR-2000 recorder teams with the TiVo Service™ to give you total control over television, capturing and storing your favorite programs as you watch them. So when the phone rings in the middle of the big game, just press Pause — you can get back to it when you're done, and you won't miss a second of the action!

The SVR-2000 can also record programming you're not watching, just like a VCR. But unlike most VCRs, the SVR-2000 records shows without complicated timer set-up. A smart program guide and Season Pass™ feature can find and record your favorite shows whenever they're on! And playback is as easy as recording. Just press the List button on the remote to see your recorded shows organized by title and date for quick, easy searching.

Essentially a huge hard drive, the SVR-2000 has over 27 gigabytes of memory. Sony helps you get your gigs' worth with 4 levels of MPEG2 recording (from "Basic" to "Best"), giving you anywhere from 9 to 30 hours of capacity. Use Basic quality for day-to-day recording, and save Best quality for specials, concerts and premiere movies.

Once a day, the SVR-2000's built-in modem automatically dials into the TiVo service to update the 2 weeks of program info in the TV Live Guide and also upgrade its software; the daily call takes place at low-traffic times, like 3 a.m. (Note: Long distance charges may apply.) A TiVo subscription is only $12.95/month, or a one-time $299 product lifetime payment.


  • record, play, slow motion, rewind, fast forward, pause (both live and pre-recorded television)
  • one-touch menu access and selection
  • TiVo organizes your recorded programs — press a button and your selection begins to play
  • Program Search (by show name, channel, or time)
  • Season Pass™ feature automatically finds and records all episodes of your favorite shows
  • use the Thumbs Up™ and Thumbs Down™ buttons to rate programs; TiVo Suggestions™ will recommend other programs you might like
  • Auto VCR Transfer for dubbing recorded programs to a Sony VCR; infrared "blaster" controls VCR
  • remote control
  • NTSC tuner
  • 2 A/V outputs (2 composite, 1 S-video)
  • 1 A/V input (composite and S-video)
  • 17-1/8"W x 4"H x 15-1/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
  • Note: Tivo recorders make a daily call for programming updates; long distance charges may apply.
  • TiVo service not available in Puerto Rico or Canada

What's in the box:

  • Silver colored hard disc recorder
  • RMT-V303 wireless remote control
  • 2-"AA" batteries
  • 2-5.6' gold-plated stereo RCA audio and composite video cables
  • 6' AC cord
  • 50' gray RG-14 telephone cord
  • RG14 phone splitter
  • 5.8' S-video cable
  • 5.6' RF coax cable
  • 9.5' RCA home control cable (used to control some RCA DBS systems)
  • 9.5' stereo minijack to male RS-232 serial port (9-pin) cable (used to connect to some DBS systems)
  • Serial adapter (9-pin female to 15-pin male - used to connect to some DBS systems)
  • IR blaster (9.6' cable with a mono minijack on one end and two IR emitters on the other end)
  • 4 self-adhesive pieces of double sided tape (to secure IR blasters)
  • Easy set up guide sheet
  • Setup Guide manual
  • Tivo Viewer's guide manual
  • warranty card
  • Owner registration/Survey card
  • Safeguard
MFR #SVR-2000

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Sony SVR-2000

Stacey B.

Product Research

Special Features
Inputs and Outputs
Remote Control

Special Features

Overview: This unit is a hard-drive video and stereo audio recorder which can be used to record over the air NTSC television broadcast, satellite broadcasts, and cable TV.  It can not be used to record DTV or other non-NTSC signals or Dolby Digital and, due to Macrovision support, can not be used to record copy-protected DVDs or video tapes.  MPEG-II compression is used.  Total recording time depends on the speed you select (the higher the speed the higher the quality and the less total recording time you will have).  Recorded programs can be archived by recording from the unit to a standard VCR.  Note that unlike a standard VCR you can not record a show while simultaneously watching another channel of live television, although you can watch a pre-recorded show while you record another show.  Watching a live show while another channel is being recorded requires the use of an optional A-B switch (not supplied).

TiVo Service: Although this service is not required, without it, the unit will have extremely limited functionality.  Without the TiVo service, you will be able to pause live TV, record current shows, and record future shows by manually programming the unit, but you will not have program data, program search, software updates or many other features of this unit.  The current cost for TiVo service is $9.95 a month, or you may pay a one time fee of $249 to receive service for the life of the unit; charges must be paid by credit card.  Note that these prices are subject to change, and a life time subscription is for the life of the unit.  If you buy a new model, you must re-subscribe.  You can maintain your lifetime subscription if you move somewhere else within the continental US or if you repair or service the unit.  The subscription transfers with the unit, so if you sell it to someone, they'll be able to use the subscription.  Each unit requires a unique subscription, and there are no discounts if you have multiple subscriptions.  If you subscribe to the service, you should connect the unit to a phone line, so it can automatically access TiVo guide and software updates; updates are done at night, and the unit will automatically disconnect and call later if you use the phone.  In most areas, there is a local access number for updates; in areas where there is not a local access number, a long distance call is required for each update, and you will be billed for long distance calling. If needed, you do not have to connect the unit continuously to a phone line; instead, you may connect it once or twice a week for updates. The TiVo Service is available in the U.S. ONLY; service is not available in Puerto Rico.  The typical daily call to TiVo Service takes about 5 - 10 minutes, however, when new software is being downloaded, or if you only connect to the phone line occasionally, an update may take an hour or more.

TiVo Menus: Most of the functions of this unit are accessed through on-screen menus.  After you select the local channels (based on your zip code) the unit will store information on each program you can receive for up to 13 days in advance.  You can deselect any channel that you either do not watch or do not receive (such as premium channels that you do not receive). These menus allow you to surf through listings with information on each program and to record or watch a program.

  • TiVo Central: Allows you to access sub menus
  • Now Playing List: Shows all shows that have been recorded.  This allows you to watch a show, erase a show (to regain recording time) or to save a show to a VCR.
  • TiVolution Magazine: Updated every day showing a list of suggested shows and information on the world of Television
  • Network Showcases: Shows events and programs coming up from various networks
  • Pick Programs to Record: Allows you to search for programs by name or category, browse by channel or time, manually record (allows you to select a future date, channel, start and stop time and record quality).
  • Messages & Setup:  Allows you to view any messages sent by the TiVo Service and to change your set up parameters (in case you move, get a new service provider or components, or if you want to change recording speeds.

TiVo Suggestions: TiVo will suggest shows that you may like based on prior viewing habits.  By using the thumbs up and down buttons on the remote you can personalize the suggestions by teaching the unit your likes and dislikes.

Play features: While watching live TV or a prerecorded program you can  pause the show (on live TV the maximum pause time is 30 minutes), rewind or fast forward (one of three speeds) frame forward or back, instant replay (plays the last 8 seconds of the current program) or advance (which, if you're watching live TV forwards you to the current point of the broadcast).

Program Banner and Status Bar: Whenever you watch a live or pre-recorded show a banner will display the program's title, running time and rating for about 5 seconds and when you use play functions such as pause a status bar appears giving information about the feature being used.  

Season Passes: Season passes automatically record each episode of a show you select that is broadcast on a particular channel.

Capacities and Conflicts: You can select one of 4 recording speeds.  Basic gives you 30 hours; Medium 18 hours, High 14 hours and Best 9 hours to total recording time.  The faster the recording time the better the picture quality and shorter the recording time.  The unit normally will keep shows as long as it can and only delete shows to make room for other shows you request.  When a show can not be recorded without deleting a recorded show the unit will ask you if you want to delete it or not record the new show.  Note that once a program is deleted it can NOT be recovered.

Favorite Channels: Allows you to create a subset of channels you like most.  This allows you to browse all channels or, if desired, browse only your favorite channels.

Inputs and Outputs

Front Panel: 

  • The only "controls" on the front panel are two LEDs.  The receiving LED illuminates in green when the unit is turned on, in amber when a remote control signal is being received, and in yellow-green when the unit is on and receiving a remote control signal.  The recording LED illuminates in red when the unit is recording a program, in yellow when the unit is calling the TiVo Service and orange if the unit is using the phone line and recording.

Rear panel:

  • AC jack for supplied AC cord
  • Phone jack: Used to connect to an analog phone jack to access the TiVo Service
  • Serial Control out (minijack): Used to connect the unit to DirecTv receivers allowing the unit to change channels and control the receiver.  If your receiver does not have a serial port you can use this unit's IR blaster to control the receiver.
  • IR Control out (minijack): Used to connect the supplied IR blaster to either or both a satellite set-top box or a cable box that doesn't have a serial control input. This can also be used to control a Sony VCR only so that the unit can automatically save programs to the VCR.
  • Input: Stereo audio RCA, composite video and S-video input.  Used to connect a cable box or satellite receiver to the unit.
  • Outputs: Two pairs of RCA stereo audio and composite video and 1 S-video output to connect the unit to a TV, VCR, audio receiver, etc.
  • RF input and output: Threaded coax jacks for use with televisions, cable boxes, etc. that don't have A/V jacks.
  • Channel 3/4 switch: When using the RF jacks.

Remote Control

Remote Control: The supplied remote controls this unit, a television (power, muting and volume), your receiver (if you are using a receiver for the audio), a cable box and a satellite receiver.  It will also control a SONY VCR for automatic downloading of a program (if you don't have a Sony VCR you can still download to the VCR, but the VCR must be turned on and off and set to record manually).  The unit is precoded for most brands and is also a learning remote for Television and receivers, so if your brand is not listed you can teach the remote the codes using your original TV or receiver remote.  The remote buttons do not illuminate, but the buttons are various shapes, sizes and colors to help make the remote easy to use.



  • Power consumption: 40 watts
  • Operating Temperature: 70 to 113 degrees F
  • Operating Humidity: 5 to 80 percent
  • Hard Drive Size: 30 GB


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