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AudioControl ACR-1

Wired remote for select AudioControl processors

Item # 161ACR1

Item # 161ACR1

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About the AudioControl ACR-1

Buck Pomerantz

You use this handy wired remote control with select AudioControl sound processors to change the level or bass output. Its 2-color LED glows brighter as you increase output, then dims as you dial it back. Mount it on your dash so you can make on-the-fly level adjustments. The package includes a 20-foot cable and a mounting plate.

Product highlights:

What's in the box:

  • Remote dash mount control
  • 20' RJ-14 cable. Mounting Instructions on packaging

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More details on the AudioControl ACR-1

Mark G.
The AudioControl ACR-1 replaces these items:

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Wired Remote Control: Using this wired remote (ACR-1) you can easily adjust the subwoofer output level of select AudioControl amplifiers and processors. The remote is designed to be dash mounted, within reach of the driver; it can be mounted under the dash with the supplied bracket, or the bracket can be removed and the knob and LED can be custom mounted through the dash.

Compatibility: The ACR-1 wired remote control is compatible with the following AudioControl processors and amplifiers.

  • LC2i / LC6i/ LC7i
  • Overdrive Plus
  • Matrix Plus
  • 6XS
  • The Epicenter
  • LC-4.800 / LC-6.1200
  • ACM-1.300

Mounting Options: The dash  control may be mounted under the dash using its own bracket or through a custom hold in the dash. It should be within reach of the driver and in a spot where the LED is plainly visible.

  • Bracket Installation: The dash control mounts with two screws, which attach to the underside of the dashboard. Slide under the dash and place the dash control in its mounting position, mark the two mounting holes, drill pilot holes, and secure with two screws.
  • Custom Installation: For that custom, finished look, the dash control can be flush mounted directly on the dash-board (or anywhere else). Disassemble the dash control from the mounting bracket. Start by pushing the LED from its holder followed by removing the circuit board and rotary control from the bracket. Drill a 9/32" hole in the dashboard for the control along with a 1/8" hole for the lock tab and a 13/54" hold for the LED holder. Reassemble the dash control components on the dashboard.

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Customer Q&A

8 questions already asked

Will this work on the LC-5.1300 amp?
[ JONATHAN  Apr 21, 2023 ]
1 answer
Hi Jonathan, thanks for your question. Yes, the ACR-1 wired remote is compatible with the LC-5.1300 amp!
[ ANDREA  Apr 22, 2023 ]  Staff
Why does the light on mine blink orange after the car is off?
[ Bobethemenace  Dec 02, 2020 ]
2 answers
AudioControl LC-5.1300 pushing Infinity Kappa 800W
[ CHUN  Jun 29, 2022 ]
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question.
[ Thomas  Dec 16, 2020 ]  Staff
Do this just attenuate the gain on LCi2? Meaning I would set the level of output on LCI2 and then when using the ACR 1 I would keep this at full and only back down if needed or does the ACR 1 when using the LCI2 bypass the level setting and you would sololy use this from zero to when you clip to set the output depending on song??
[ Todd  Mar 15, 2020 ]
6 answers
Yes it is essentially attenuating the gain. It gives you the ability to tweak those settings on the fly for different songs or sources.
[ CASEY  Apr 20, 2020 ]  Staff
Looks like it attenuates from the manual specs. The range goes from 0 to -19. I usually increase until I hear the bass and back off when it is too much. Depends on the content of the music. Normally, you turn the gains on then amp all the way down, the volume on your receiver to 3 quarters. I started with the levels down on the AC unit and raised the level until the red light flickers. The level control controls the voltage on the LC2 controls voltage. You probably don't want to raise all the way up, depends on the input voltage your amps can handle, then I raise the gain on my amps. I like to set it up so the sound is clean at 3/4 on your receiver.
[ Michael  Apr 17, 2020 ]
The LC2I is a sound processor, it's inputs can be hooked up to any sound output & it will not damage the system( even amplifier output wires, it will not affect your resistance values, loads or anything), I was skeptical..... My wife has a 16 Wrangler Sahara with factory NAV unit with factory alpine speakers, the factory amp with factory alpine subwoofer ( it is alpine 4 voice coil subwoofer), sounded fabulous but after half volume base got considerably weaker and crispness started going away. Watch the videos on YouTube, how to adjust & dial in, complete set up and follow the instructions. I also bought the ACR-1(for even more base control, it also takes and level the system to operators preferences.... 2 of the outputs from her factory subwoofer to 2 of the voice coils on the alpine subwoofer (spliced into & that took care of the sound input/actually its not sound input/ its signal input on the LC2I....I built my wife a had made wooden box subwoofer and installed a Lanzart 12 inch 1600 watt dual voice coil(4 ohms per voice coil) subwoofer, oh , outputs from LC2I go into a 3000 watt Blaupunkt mono amp, I wired it to make output watts at 1500 watts(sub rated at 1600 watts), anyways, I've never heard a factory stock system( that with the subwoofer unhooked) sound sooo good, plus, the accu base ACR-1, plus the other bass remote with the Blaupunkt amp, OMG!!!!!! Bass is incredible, totally adjustable at any volume level,plus the LC2I processes the outputs to the subwoofers (it will not let you blow them) , BEST $140(with the ACR-1) I've ever spent!!!! Numerous show car clubs/members have been blown away( some spent 10 grand and more and have nothing close to its sound quality & volume....
[ MILTON  Apr 16, 2020 ]
Hi Todd- My experience using the remote bass control (also per instruction manual) is that you set your amp up to your preferred listening volume and bass amount (use your favorite song as reference) and use the remote to fine tune your bass amount (up or down) as different songs require. It's an excellent unit and a smart purchase. I use it with the Alpine 10" truck sub box and it rocks my 350z hatchback (using stock stereo). Enjoy. -Bruce
[ BRUCE G  Apr 16, 2020 ]
I would call Crutchfield or Audio Control if the manual is not clear on this operation. I have only used the ACR-1 with the LC1.800. From what I understand the ACR-1 is turned up to full and then the gain is adjusted on the amplifier with a proper sine wave signal (important to do this with subs/speakers disconnected or you could blow them) up until the clipping or gain maximized indicator blinks.
[ Joseph  Apr 15, 2020 ]
I use the dial like a bass booster. I set the main unit then use the dial to raise or lower the bass as wanted
[ JONATHAN  Apr 15, 2020 ]
Can I run the wire for this along with my amp power wire, or should I separate them (in consideration of Noise)?
[ Brian  Mar 14, 2020 ]
5 answers
Hello, I ran the ACR-1 wire along side power wire in my F-150 and there is not any noise interference.
[ DUSTON  Apr 16, 2020 ]
Hi there, always try and separate speaker wires, rca wires and bass control boxes from power wires.
[ CALVIN  Apr 16, 2020 ]
yes you can run along with the amp power. I did that in my system and it is totally quiet
[ KELLY  Apr 15, 2020 ]
It has been a long standing view in car audio that any signal wires and or power wire should never be run parallel next to one another. I have never in 20 years experienced any bleed-over or radiated noise be introduced into a signal wire by amperage draw from a power cable and the DC voltage. Most if not all noise found in car audio systems is due to less than optimum or ideal grounding locations of the equipment that can cause ground loop issues such as whine or hum that varies with engine speed.
[ Joseph  Apr 15, 2020 ]
I ran mine rite with the power wires with no noise
[ brandon  Apr 15, 2020 ]
May be a silly question, but if I'm simply tapping a speaker output to a LOC, I still need this to control the bass leve, correctl? In other words, the factory HU will still control the subwoofer I'm tapping, but my new subwoofer won't respond since the LOC converts the signal?
[ ANDREW T  Dec 15, 2019 ]
2 answers
Cosmo is correct, the LC2I doesn't monitor sound levels, only the signal. Doesn't matter what volume receiver or factory amp is set at, it will not affect the amplifier the LC2I is controlling ( and yes, you will need a separate controller to adjust the add on amp/sound , processor on the fly), with the DSP , this is 1 of the BEST Sound processors I've ever used/seen (SIZE WISE, it is BY FAR THE BEST I've ever heard/used!!!!!
[ MILTON  Apr 16, 2020 ]
Not a silly question. Yes, you would need that new level control to be able to adjust the new sub levels on the fly. The factory controls won't work with the new sub.
[ CASEY  Jan 08, 2020 ]  Staff
How far can the ACR-1 turn DOWN the volume? Buying to lower bass for 5 year old kids.
[ Joshua  Aug 07, 2018 ]
3 answers
Your receiver controls the volume of your sound level, the LC2I only controls the bass, it is separately controlled, you will have to turn it down accordingly also
[ MILTON  Apr 16, 2020 ]
I don't think its designed to control the volume just the bass. It has what looks like a phone cord that plugs into it and the other end plugs into the amp.
[ Harold  Aug 08, 2018 ]
If turned all the way down the bass will be completely taken out. It does not adjust speaker "volume" it adjust subwoofer bass. IE if you have your car audio system on and your subwoofer turned up, you would simply turn the acr-1 all the way down which would keep the other speakers in the car on at the same level but you would have 0 bass coming out of your sub.
[ Dillian  Aug 08, 2018 ]
Can this be flush mounted? Like a jl audio knob or a PAC knob? Only the knob exposed.
[ A  Jun 10, 2017 ]
6 answers
Yes. You can take the knob apart from the bracket that it comes on.
[ AUSTIN  Jun 12, 2017 ]
I don't have mine flush, but it is possible to put it behind the lower dash and just have the knob exposed.
[ KERRICK  Jun 12, 2017 ]
[ LEROY L  Jun 10, 2017 ]
Yes, I drill a hole and flushed mounted on to my center console. It comes with the bolt and washer to secure tightly. 2015 Tacoma Access Cab
[ Tu  Jun 10, 2017 ]
Yes, the ARC-1 can flush mounted. It just requires you to take off the surface mount bracket and drill a hole and install.
[ BRETT  Jun 10, 2017 ]
Yes, it actually comes with instructions in the box with pictures showing how to.
[ AARON  Jun 10, 2017 ]
Could i install this to any amp or its has to be specific amp?
[ Omar  Aug 14, 2015 ]
6 answers
ANY amp will work as far as I know.
[ JASON  Aug 15, 2015 ]
No, this is for controlling the bass level on certain AudioControl units (crossovers, line output converter, OEM integration processors). I am using it with the LC2i Line output converter to control the bass level going from the LC2i to my subwoofer amplifier. In this sense it can be used to control any sub amp, but from the processor itself. If you don't have an AudioControl piece with this function, it will not control the bass level.
[ JUAN  Aug 15, 2015 ]
Any amp
[ MICHAEL B  Aug 14, 2015 ]
Ny amp
[ MICHAEL B  Aug 14, 2015 ]
The end is a telephone plug so unless your amp has the same connection then you probably can't use it without cutting and splicing a new connector on.
[ James  Aug 14, 2015 ]
I bought my knob to control my epicenter and you can connect an epicenter to any amp
[ shaun  Aug 14, 2015 ]

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