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Autel Robotics EVO II Pro

Aerial quadcopter with 6K camera

Item # 1670002002

This is a fast, good-looking drone with a truly impressive Ultra HD camera on board.

This is a fast, good-looking drone with a truly impressive Ultra HD camera on board.

Discontinued item
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Item # 1670002002

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About the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro

A fun 'copter with an excellent camera

There are a few things I look for in a drone, and the Autel EVO II Pro checks all of the important boxes. It's fast — it flies up to 45 miles per hour — and good-looking. It folds into a compact package so it's easy to carry, and it's loaded with obstacle avoidance sensors so I can fly smart and safe. The camera is the greatest value in this 'copter, though: it shoots up to 6K video and 20-megapixel still photos, and it offers special modes and features that let you create cinematic aerial shots.

A fun 'copter with an excellent camera

There are a few things I look for in a drone, and the Autel EVO II Pro checks all of the important boxes. It's fast — it flies up to 45 miles per hour — and good-looking. It folds into a compact package so it's easy to carry, and it's loaded with obstacle avoidance sensors so I can fly smart and safe. The camera is the greatest value in this 'copter, though: it shoots up to 6K video and 20-megapixel still photos, and it offers special modes and features that let you create cinematic aerial shots.

Intelligent flight modes

Download the free Autel Explorer app, and you'll gain access to these intelligent flight modes:

  • Dynamic Track 2.0 allows the camera to track a moving object at high speed
  • Gesture Control offers hands-free flight and photography options
  • Hyper-light improves photos and video shot in low-light conditions
  • time-lapse video at Ultra HD resolution

You can also use the app to view telemetry data from each flight.

Compact remote control

The included remote features a bright 3.3-inch OLED screen that offers a 720p live view of your aerial adventures. You can always take direct control of the aircraft with the joysticks, but handy one-touch buttons take care of basic tasks like takeoff, landing, and taking photos.


Product highlights:

  • quadcopter with 6K Ultra HD camera, controller, and rechargeable battery
  • flight time: up to 40 minutes
  • maximum speed: 45 mph
  • range: 5.5 miles
  • 12 image sensors for 360° obstacle avoidance
  • records to 8GB internal storage or optional microSD memory card (up to 256GB, UHS-3 rating recommended)
  • smart controller included:
    • 3.3" OLED display built-in
    • 2.4Ghz antennas for extended range and better reception in urban areas
    • built-in rechargeable battery
  • 1" CMOS sensor
  • 20-megapixel still photos
  • records 6K video at 30 frames per second (4K at up to 60 fps)
  • 3-axis gimbal mount stabilizes camera in flight
  • up to 8X zoom (lossless up to 3X)
  • maximum ISO: 12,800
  • adjustable aperture: f/2.8-f/11
  • auto exposure bracketing and HDR recording for cinematic video quality
  • Autel Explorer app features:
    • Gesture Control offers hands-free flight and photography options
    • Hyper-light improves photos and video shot in low-light conditions
    • Dynamic Track 2.0 allows the camera to track a moving object at high speed
    • time-lapse video at Ultra HD resolution
General info:

What's in the box:

  • Aerial drone (w/ gimbal camera)
  • Controller
  • Battery (pre-installed)
  • 32GB microSD card (pre-installed)
  • 6 Propellers (4 pre-installed)
  • AC power adapter (attached 22" DC cord)
  • 40" AC power cord
  • 39" microUSB-USB cable
  • 11" USB-C to proprietary connector cable
  • 11" microUSB to proprietary connector cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Quick Guide
  • Battery Guide
  • Packing List
  • Disclaimer & Safety Instructions

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro

Stacey B.

Product Research


Smart Flight System: The EVO II Pro delivers stable and user-friendly flight control via its built-in Smart Flight System. The system enables a variety of advanced functions, including Omnidirection Binocular Sensing System, Starpoint Positioning System, Return-to-Home, and Precision Landing.

  • 360-Degree Obstacle Avoidance: The Autel EVO II Pro aerial drone offers 360-degree obstacle avoidance and is quipped with 19 groups of sensors including 12 visual sensors, the main camera, ultrasound, IMUs and other sensors that enable building of three-dimensional (3D) maps and path planning in real time. The EVO II Pro's front, rear, left, right, top, and bottom binocular vision sensing systems use image data to calculate the distance between the aircraft and potential obstacles. The system will halt the aircraft's forward progress when an obstacle is detected. The front, rear, and bottom binocular vision systems also feature the Starpoint Positioning System. This system uses ultrasonic sensors to calculate the current height of the aircraft, and uses the binocular cameras to obtain location information via image analysis.
  • Return-to-Home with Precision Landing: Built-in failsafe features like Return-to-Home call the aircraft back to its home point when the battery is low or the remote control signal is interrupted. You can also manually activate the Return-to-Home function and send the drone back to its starting position. Using the Precision Landing feature the cameras on the bottom of EVO II Pro will capture reference images and use them during the Return-to-Home providing pinpoint precision during the landing sequence. When the aircraft arrives above the return-to-home point location, it will detect ground conditions during the landing descent. It will scan and match the terrain and will land as close as possible to the take-off point once the current terrain matches take-off point terrain. The aircraft will land automatically if the terrain matches and looks safe; otherwise it will hover in-place to wait the next command. Hover Precision -

Note: An LED indicator is located on the end of each aircraft arm. The front LEDs will light up solid red to help you identify the direction of the aircraft's nose. The rear LEDs will display the current flight status of the aircraft.

3-Axis Gimbal: The Autel EVO II Pro contains a high-precision 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady while the aircraft is flying, ensuring image stability and clarity. It is specially designed to minimize camera vibration and provide smooth video recording and clear still photography. To operate properly, the gimbal temperature must be between 14°F and 122°F. You can use the remote control's gimbal pitch dial or the Autel Explorer app to adjust the pitch axis to any angle from -30° to 90°.  The gimbal is powered by the aircraft battery and offers two working modes -

  • Stabilized Mode: The gimbal's orientation will always remain constant with the aircraft's nose, but the gimbal will keep horizontal even when the aircraft tilts.
  • FPV Mode: The gimbal will be synchronized with the aircraft's movement including rotation and tilt to create a first-person view during the flight

Note: When the aircraft is powered on, the gimbal will automatically rotate to perform self-test and calibration. Ensure that there are no objects near the gimbal that could obstruct its motion.

Ultra-High Resolution Camera w/ Phase Detection: The EVO II Pro's camera uses Sony's latest generation supersensitive 1" CMOS sensor to achieve impressive low-light photography and HDR video. The camera's lens features a 28.6mm focal length, f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture, focal distance of 1m to any distance (with autofocus mode), and a digital zoom of 1-8x (Max 3x lossless). Phase detection is precision Auto Focus that enables the tracking of fast-moving subjects accurately.

UHD Resolution Video: The EVO II Pro supports the following video resolution - 6K (5472x3076 @ 30/25/24Hz), 4K (3840x2160 @ 60/50/48/30/25/24Hz), 2.7K (2720x1528 @ 120/60/50/48/30/25/48Hz), and 1080p (1920x1080 @ 120/60/50/48/30/25/24Hz). The EVO II Pro delivers

  • 6K Video: The EVO II records video resolutions up to 6K (75472x3076) with greater dynamic range, better noise reduction, and exceptional precision and sharpness.
  • 4K HDR: 4K HDR video with 16 Exposure Values (EV) control combines long-, medium- and short-term exposures into a single frame adding dynamic range. 10-bit color depth captures over 1 billion colors to provide greater flexibility in post production while still retaining rich details in the shadows and highlights.

20MP Photography: The EVO II can capture still images in 20MP (5472x3648: 3:2), 16MP (5472x3067; 16:9), or 8MP (3840x2160; 16:9). Photos are stored onto the aircraft's onboard memory or microSD card in JPEG or RAW/DNG. The EVO II offers a variety of shooting modes & parameter settings.

  • Shooting Modes: Shooting modes include Single Shot, Burst Shooting (3/5 frames), Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB), Long Exposure (Max 8s), Timelapse (2/5/7/10/20/30/60s), and HyperLight (under 4K).
  • Parameter Settings: Parameter settings include ISO (100 to 3200), Shutter (1/8000 to 8), and Exposure Value (-3 to +3), White Balance (Auto/Sunny/Cloud/Incan/Neon/Custom), Color (None/Log/B&W/Nostaligic), Style (Standard/Neutral/Landscape/Custom).

Storing & Transferring Images: Still images and videos can be stored in the aircraft’s onboard memory (8GB) or on a microSD card (up to 256GB). The cameras save photos in JPEG and RAW/DNG formats, plus records video in MOV or MP4 formats. To transfer photos and videos to your computer, connect the EVO II Pro to your computer using the EVO II Pro's USB-C Port (cable not included and sold separately). .

Remote Controller: The included remote controller supports live video downlink and aircraft remote control functions without the need of a mobile app. The video downlink system and aircraft remote control system operate at 2.4GHz. The controller and aircraft have an unobstructed  wireless range of up to 5.5 miles. The remote controller features a 3.3" OLED screen, joy-sticks, and push-button controls. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.

  • 3.3" OLED Screen: With the built-in 3.3" OLED screen, you'll be able to easily view a live 720p (HD) video feed or critical flight information without the need to connect to a mobile device. The flight information panel on the 3.3" OLED screen indicates altitude, distance, speed, GPS signal, battery life, and more.
  • Joy-Stick and Push-Button Control: Joy-Stick controllers are used to manually control the EVO drone's flight pattern. Push-button controls allow you to command EVO to return home, automatically take off or land and capture photos & video without taking your hands off the controller.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The remote controller is powered by a built-in, lithium-ion battery (5000mAh) that can last up to 3 hours on a single charge from the included battery charger. It also supports 2 hour fast charging.

Autel Explorer App: With the Autel Explorer App (for Apple iOS 11.0+ and Android OS 4.4+), it's easy to control the Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. The Autel Explorer app provides a 1080p live camera view, flight telemetry, access to advanced settings and powerful Intelligent Flight Modes. Your compatible Apple iOS or Android mobile device will act as the central monitor (HD Live View) for remote piloting control, aerial photographing and filming, and flight parameter tuning to achieve optimal flight performance. Monitor your aircraft data and use autopilot features such as Dynamic Track, 2.0, Viewpoint, Orbit, and Waypoint modes to make flying the EVO II Pro even easier.

  • Live Video Feed & Flight Data: Thanks to the Autel Explorer app, you can enjoy 1080p (FHD) live video feed from the EVO II Pro's 8K camera and get real-time monitoring of aircraft flight data and status.
  • Flight Controls: The Autel Explorer app lets you easily configure the aircraft's flight control settings. Select Intelligent Flight Modes (such as Dynamic Track 2.0, Viewpoint, Orbit, Waypoint modes, and more ), as well as upgrade flight safety with the Failsafe feature and Low-battery RTH Countdown.
  • Camera Settings: The Autel Explorer app acts as a professional camera setting assistant with support 8K video recording and 64MP still-image photography.

Intelligent Flight & Photo Modes: In addition to manual flight and camera operation through the included remote controller, the Autel EVO II Pro provides a variety of Intelligent Flight & Camera modes through the Autel Explorer App on your compatible Apple iOS or Android smartphone device that make flight & camera operation more intuitive, easier, and fun.

  • Dynamic Track 2.0: Dynamic Track 2.0 automatically tracks the target at a fixed distance. The EVO II Pro will try to maintain the flight behind the target. If the target stops moving, the aircraft hovers until the target starts moving again. Dynamic Track 2.0 allows you to highlight and mark moving objects using your mobile device. Once marked and the operation started, the aircraft will track the object as it moves. The aircraft will fly over and around objects automatically while maintaining track on the object. Tracking status is indicated using color and on-screen information. The tracking rectangle will change from green (tracking) to orange (partial loss of object) to red (target lost) indicating the current state of the tracking operation.
  • Parallel Track: The Parallel Track mode tracks the target from the side at a relative fixed distance. The flight trajectory of the aircraft will remain parallel to the target trajectory. If the aircraft starts tracking while on the side of the target, the aircraft will remain in the same position when tracking.
  • Tripod Track: Tripod Track allows the EVO II Pro to hover and continuously change its direction and gimbal pitch to keep the nose and camera pointing at the target. Tripod Track is similar to dynamic track, the only difference is that the aircraft will be in a stationary hovering state, whose position can only be set by the remote control, by adjusting the aircraft flight direction and gimbal angle. This function is applicable for a target reciprocating in a small range.
  • Viewpoint & Orbit: Viewpoint allows you to send the aircraft towards a selected destination using a touch of the screen. The aircraft will fly towards the selected target and will try to avoid obstacles. During the flight you can tap other points on the screen to change the flight direction. To change the flight speed, you can adjust the speed bar in the lower center of the screen. The Orbit mode lets you select a point-of-interest (POI) and EVO will fly a perfect circle making cinematic shots easy to capture.
  • Gesture: Gesture control allows an individual, located in front of the aircraft, to perform simple tasks using hand and arm motions. Gesture recognition requires a person to be locked before recognizing the person’s actions such as taking photos or videos. At the same time, when the person locked is moving, the aircraft will follow as well. During the gesture recognition, you may also use the remote control to adjust the distance and direction between the aircraft and the tracking target.
  • Precision Flight & Dual Stability: Precision flight limits the aircraft’s speed, vertical angle, and rotational speeds in order to provide a more stable platform for video recording at low altitudes and when shooting slow or non-moving objects. Dual Stability mode limits the aircraft’s speed and braking characteristics in order to achieve a more stable platform for video recording during flight.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) - Android Only: VR mode is a simulated experience that places you, the pilot, in the virtual drivers seat inside the aircraft. The mobile device, when paired with a high quality VR headset, can give the pilot a unique immersive experience; nearly identical to that if the pilot was physically sitting inside the aircraft.

Flight Control Settings: The Autel EVO II Pro offers a variety of Flight Control Settings that can be adjusted based on your experience level.

  • Novice or Ludicrous Mode: You can toggle the switch to enable or disable the Novice mode. If this mode is enabled, the maximum flight speed is fixed at 5 m/s, altitude at 30 m, and distance at 100 m. After being set to ludicrous mode, the aircraft will reach the fastest speed and acceleration; the maximum flight speed could reach 20m/s. Due to the distance limitations of the avoidance systems, the automatic obstacle avoidance function will be shut off. When using this mode fly cautiously
  • Go-Home Altitude Limits: This parameter restricts the maximum flight altitude of the aircraft when the Novice mode is disabled. The altitude limit protects the aircraft from flying out of sight or losing signals due to high altitude flying. The default altitude limit is 120 m (360 feet). A safe altitude can be set for your aircraft to go home automatically. If you set Go-Home Altitude to a certain value, the aircraft will automatically adjust its altitude to this value and then return to the home point. The default go-home altitude is 30 m (90 feet).
  • Speed & Distance Limits: This parameter restricts the maximum flight speed of the aircraft when the Novice mode is disabled. The default speed limit is 10 m/s. You can also enable or disable the default distance limit (800 m) when the Novice mode is disabled.

Rechargeable Battery: The EVO II Pro drone is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer with the capacity of 7100mAh. It can only be charged with the included battery charger. A fully charged battery can provide up to 40 minutes of continuous flight. Several smart functions added into the aircraft battery will protect and preserve battery life. 

  • Real-Time Battery Information: The aircraft is able to communicate with the battery to get real time battery information such as voltage, capacity, current, temperature, etc. This information is visible on the remote controller's OLED screen.
  • Protection Circuitry: The rechargeable battery features Balance Protection to balance the voltage of each battery cell to prevent overcharging or over-discharging. The battery will stop charging automatically when the battery reaches full charge or if the charging current exceeds 8A in order to prevent severe damage. The battery will also shut down if a short circuit is detected. If the battery is not in use, it will disconnect power output once the self-discharge cycle has completed.
  • Power Saving: The battery will cut off the power supply and enter power saving mode after 30 minutes of inactivity to retain the energy. To save power, the battery will enter the Ultra-Low Power Consumption Mode if it is idle for 7 days and the battery voltage is lower than 11.6V. In this situation, the battery can be used normally after being connected to the charger.

Mission Planner: The Autel Explorer Mission Planner is a full-featured, waypoint mission creation and editing tool. The planner includes many advanced capabilities useful for the professional pilot using the EVO II Pro aircraft to cover a variety of industrial applications - including photometry, crop and agriculture management (3rd party analysis tools required), construction project, site inspection, search and rescue operations, and more.

Flight Log Backup: When Flight Log Backup is enabled and the Autel Explorer app is paired with the EVO II Pro, flight log data (including flight telemetry) will be uploaded and maintained on Autel Robotics data servers. All telemetry and flight logs are stored on data servers located within the boundaries of the continental United States, and the data upload occurs automatically. Information, including still and motion imagery and data from the aircraft’s sensors, will be stored on the aircraft's internal drive.

Note: The Autel Robotics customer support team doesn't have access to flight log data except when explicitly granted permission by the user via the Autel Explorer app. When that permission is granted, only flight logs within the selected date range can be accessed.

Optional Accessories: Additional accessories are available for the EVO II Pro drone. Purchase a spare battery, replacement propellers, extra battery charger, and carrying case (all sold separately - see Accessories Tab).

FAA Rules & Regulations: Please familiarize yourself with the FAA's rules & regulations for unmanned aircraft systems before flying your drone. Click here  for more details.

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[ WILLIAM  Jan 14, 2021 ]
1 answer
This drone does not but do sometimes offer drones with thermal imaging and I recommend calling an advisor using 1-800-324-9695 to check our current inventory
[ Paul  Jan 30, 2021 ]  Staff

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