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Niles RCA-SM2

Infrared repeater system

Item # 190RCASM2

Item # 190RCASM2

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About the Niles RCA-SM2

The RCA-SM2 kit from Niles gives you easy control over your audio/video system, even if your gear is placed out of sight in a cabinet or closet. It includes everything you need to set up a complete IR (infrared) repeater system and control up to three A/V components:

  • MS220 IR sensor — Mount this small sensor in a convenient spot, like next to your TV. It sends the IR commands from your remote control to the IR hub.
  • MSU140 IR hub — Accepts incoming IR signals and passes them on to your A/V components.
  • three MF1 flashers — Infrared light-emitting devices that carry IR commands from the MSU140 to your A/V gear.
  • 50 feet of CAT-5 cable to connect the IR sensor to the IR hub.

Product highlights:

  • complete IR repeater system
  • controls up to 3 A/V components with included IR flashers
  • MSU140 hub can accommodate an additional IR flasher or dual flashers for controlling as many as 8 components
  • LCD- and plasma-proof wall-mountable sensor design — works near flat-panel TVs
  • UL-listed, regulated in-line power supply with universal voltage capability
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # FG01585

What's in the box:

  • MSU140 IR Main System Unit
  • 4-Pin "screwless" sensor connector for category 5 cable
  • Black MS220 with attached 10' IR cable
  • AC power adapter with attached 74" DC output cord (DC output: 12V/250mA)
  • US 2-pronged AC plug insert (for AC power adapter)
  • 3 MF1 Microflashers with attached 10' cable (3.5mm miniplug terminal)
  • 3 Self-adhesive IR blocking covers
  • 6 Self-adhesive Microflasher pads
  • 50' CAT-5 cable
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Installation Guide

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Crutchfield response

More details on the Niles RCA-SM2

Stacey B.

Product Research

MSU140 Main System Unit Features
MS220 IR Sensor Features
MF1 MicroFlasher Features


IR System Overview: An infrared (IR) extender system enables you to control your IR remote controlled A/V equipment from a remote location. This enables you to place your A/V components out of sight (behind cabinet doors, in the rear of a room, or in a different room) and still conveniently control your equipment.

IR System Components: This infrared extender system includes the following items:

  • IR Main System Unit: The MSU140 IR Main System Unit provides a connection hub for the IR sensor or keypads and up to four IR flashers, and it is generally located near the A/V components. The Main System Unit is the heart of an IR extender system.
  • IR Sensors: IR Sensors, like the included MS220 surface mount model, are the eyes of the system, receiving IR commands from hand-held remote controls and relaying the commands to the Main System Unit via a CAT-5 or a 4-conductor shielded cable. Generally, sensors are placed so that you can easily and naturally point your remote control directly at them. Sensors are also available in wall-mount, ceiling-mount and tabletop models.
  • IR Flashers: These IR MicroFlashers re-transmit the infrared signals from the IR Main System Unit to your A/V components. Flashers are the voice of an IR extender system that speaks to your components.

MSU140 Main System Unit Features

Universal Compatibility: With the necessary accessories, an IR remote control extender system using the MSU140 is compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls using carrier frequencies between 26 kHz and 105 kHz.

Wiring: If the distance from the IR sensor to the MSU140 is longer than the attached 10' cable, it can be extended with the included 50' Category 5 (Cat 5) cable. The Cat 5 cable should be terminated with the supplied quick connect sensor plugs. The IR flashers connect to the hub via 3.5mm (1/8") mini-plugs.

Status Input: The MSU140 features a 3-30-volt AC/DC status input jack which provides system status to sensors and keypads when connected to a switched AC or DC output on an audio receiver or preamp. An optional 12-Volt adapter may be necessary.

MS220 IR Sensor Features

Universal Compatibility: When used in a complete system, this IR sensor is compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls using carrier frequencies of between 25kHz and 90kHz. The MS220 is also compatible with the recently introduced Philips RCMM codes.

Universal Noise Suppression: The sensor has a patent-pending Universal Noise Suppression design that effectively eliminates IR interference from plasma and LCD TVs, CFL (fluorescent) lighting, and direct sunlight. This two-stage technology combines an optical noise filter with a smart electronic circuit to provide consistent, reliable control.

IR Receiving Range: You get 20' to 35' of remote control range, depending upon the strength of your handheld remote. The IR pickup angle is 30° off-axis (horizontal and vertical) at 25'.

Bi-colored LED: The LED glows green when the system is on and flashes blue to confirm reception of IR commands.

Mounting: The MS220 is designed to surface-mount almost anywhere using its adhesive back. Convenient mounting locations for the MS220 include: on the front panel of a television set, on the front surface of a wall, a cabinet, an appliance, or a speaker grille.

MF1 MicroFlasher Features

Universal Compatibility: When used in a complete system, this IR MicroFlasher is compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls using carrier frequencies between 20kHz and 455 kHz.

Mounting: The MF1 is designed for pin-point relaying of IR commands, so it is typically mounted to the infrared remote sensor window of an audio/video component using the self-adhesive backing. The flasher hoods can be used to block any ambient light or other remote signals. The MF1 has a transmitting range of up to approximately 4'.


  Width Height Depth
MSU140 Main System Unit 4.75" 2" 0.813"
MS220 IR Sensor 2.047" 0.685" 0.466"
MF1 MicroFlashers 0.330" 0.559" 0.235"

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
The Best IR repeater on the market. [ Mike  Jan 09, 2019 ]
Highly recommended [ Carla  Nov 22, 2017 ]
Used these several times now, they're usually problem-free and the few issues that have arisen have been easily resolved. Fine product, very reliable. [ Graham  Jun 20, 2017 ]

3 questions already asked

How do you extend the range of this item with the supplied cat5 wire?
[ jhart  Oct 21, 2015 ]
4 answers
I used this in my office waiting room. I did not want the Cable Box to be hung from the wall or sitting on top of furniture. I was fortunate to run the cat5 wire from the cable box which sits at the front desk, above the drop ceiling to the waiting room, then dropped it down from the drop ceiling. It was fairly easy.
[ Bike for fun  Oct 22, 2015 ]
I couldn't figure it out either and wound up soldering the two wires together. Worked well for me.
[ Travis  Oct 22, 2015 ]
We ended up not needing this product for our set up, so I'm sorry I can't help.
[ Marcea  Oct 21, 2015 ]
Can't help you because I set up the remote receiver very close to the devices I was operating
[ Scott  Oct 21, 2015 ]
Will it control an AT&T U-Verse box?
[ Matthew  Aug 04, 2014 ]
5 answers
Does the AT&T U-Verse box have an infra-red remote and can you find the "IR eye" on the box? If so, then this unit will work.
[ CAROLYN  Aug 05, 2014 ]
No! I spoke to Niles' customer support and they referred me to another of their brands, Xantech, whose model DL85K Plasma/LCD/LED/CFL Proof Designer Dinky Link IR Receiver Kit, works perfectly for me.
[ Anne  Aug 04, 2014 ]
I'm sorry. I have no idea
[ PETER  Aug 04, 2014 ]
Not sure about AT&T but works great with comcast x-1 platform also use it to control a sony bluray and sony home theater reciver
[ ROBERT  Aug 04, 2014 ]
Hi Matthew. I hooked it up on a Verizon control box without any problems. As long it can communicate with the device there shouldn't be any issues.
[ Eyes  Aug 04, 2014 ]
Does this system work with Verizon FIOS?
[ Kathy  May 26, 2014 ]
5 answers
Yes it does
[ PAUL  May 27, 2014 ]
Dear Kathy R, Since I don't have Verizon fios, I can't answer the question, but I don't see any reason that it wouldn't work. All I can say is that I use it for my receiver and CD, and it works beautifully. Good luck, Peter
[ PETER  May 27, 2014 ]
Kathy, I do not have Verizon FIOS, so I don't know the answer to your question. It works well with my TimesWarner Cable remote and Yamaha Reciever
[ Timothy  May 27, 2014 ]
Yes it does, and works very well.
[ DREW  May 27, 2014 ]
Yes it works with verizon fios
[ JEFF  May 26, 2014 ]

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